Expert NFL Picks: Washington Redskins vs San Diego Chargers

These are the guys I don’t think will be playing any longer than one quarter for the Chargers this weekend…. Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Kris Dielman, Nick Hardwick, Marcus McNeil, Shaun Phillips, Shawne Merriman, Stephen Cooper, Luis Castillo, Antonio Cromartie, Eric Weddle, and more… That’s right, I basically just listed about every single starter the Chargers have, and the guys I missed, I only missed out of love. Or I couldn’t think of them. Sorry fellas.

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What do all those names listed together actually add up to? Well, I’m thinking they add up to Jim Zorn’s last win as a head coach of an NFL football team. I hope the guy gets another gig somewhere else, but he doesn’t strike me as the head coach type, and he already got his chance and didn’t make the most of an expensive roster. But what matters here is I’m predicting a Redskins win.

Washington will feed the ball to Quentin Ganther a lot, and I think he’ll have a big day against a Chargers defense that is getting ready for their bye week – you have to rest before a bye week, it’s important don’t you know. The Chargers are definitely the better team, but you just can’t care about that kind of stuff in the final week of the season. An entire team of #2 seeded Chargers are going to be doing more cheer leading than playing on Sunday in San Diego, and the Redskins will get the W.

Washington Redskins (+4) @ San Diego Chargers

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Sunday Night Football: Wow. It’s been a tough year for the Redskins. For their fans, for the team, and especially for the coaches. Just this week, one of the teams best players, one of the highest paid guys in the league, flat out said the defensive coordinator ran a system that doesn’t work. Perfect. And I was taking the Cowboys way before any of that business came out. This game has moved 3 or 4 points in just about every book, as most sites post the game at -7 for the road Cowboys.

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It’s crazy, and not my style, but I still like the Cowboys. I think Dallas finally got over that big “late season swoon” crap when they beat the Saints on Saturday Night Football last week – ending the Saints’ run at undefeated, and allowing the Cowboys to start their own streak for the playoffs. The only thing in their way from 10 wins are the Washington Redskins, and what better an opportunity could there be?

Washington had been playing very well until reality hit. I predicted they’d get back to playing some bad football, and that’s exactly what they did. And I think they continue on that downward facing dog yoga pose. The team seems lost, finally gone, and with this coaching staff headed out the minute after the season finishes, I think the team has finally checked out as well. One team’s going up, the other right down, easy enough for me!

Dallas Cowboys (-4) @ Washington Redskins

New York Giants vs Washington Redskins: Monday Night Football Preview

I like what the Redskins have been doing lately. It seems as if it’s too late for Coach Zorn, but it shows what Jason Campbell might be able to do if you open up the offense for him and let him take chances down the field. I don’t know why it took so long, or why coaches insist on limiting struggling quarterbacks to fewer plays, less responsibility, and fewer options – because everybody should realize that if you go into the game knowing you can’t do certain things, either physically or mentally, you have likely already fallen too far behind to win at all. If you question that, check the film from earlier in the season. But just because I like the Redskins forward motion doesn’t mean I’m picking them here.

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In fact, I’m taking the road favorite New York Football Giants to cover in Washington. Like the Redskins, I think the Giants are playing better football as well. Their offense has a rushing attack that is finally playing well after expectations were met earlier in the season. Their passing attack is getting back to the success they had earlier in the year.

The Redskins might be playing well, but sports are all about winning battles, and I don’t know where the Redskins are better than the Giants. I know New York has struggled in the secondary, but will Jason Campbell have enough time to take advantage? I’m saying no. I’ll take the Football Giants.

New York Giants (-3) @ Washington Redskins:

Washington Redskins vs Oakland Raiders Week 14 NFL Picks

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Washington Redskins vs Oakland Raiders Week 14 NFL Picks: The Redskins are better than the Raiders. There it is. The Raiders have more wins that Washington, but that has rarely meant anything to me when judging a team’s worth. Maybe I’m wrong for that, maybe I’m not, but the bottom line is, this is my freaking picks section, I write it every week, I have a pretty damn good record, especially when you consider the fact that I pick every single game every single week – and guess what, I happen to think I’m a pretty good judge of which teams are better than others. The Redskins, at 3-9, are better than the 4-8 Oakland Raiders, and I feel pretty confident about that statement.

Now just because one team is better than the other doesn’t mean I’m betting on them for sure, sometimes a lesser team is just a tough match-up for a better team, and sometimes the spread burden is just too much to bear, but this week, I like the better team, I’m taking the Redskins.

Washington hasn’t won on the road yet, but there’s a first time for everything, and it’s not like the Raiders make Oakland a tough place to play. Oakland is just 2-4 at home this season. 56% of the public likes Washington, and I think for good reason. While the Raiders have played well under Bruce Gradkowski (beating Cincinnati and Pittsburgh while winning 2 of their last 3), I can’t imagine they win 3 of their last 4. Washington has had tough luck this year, or no luck, however you want to put it, they’ve lost 6 games by less than a touchdown, and during their current 3 game losing streak against the Cowboys, Eagles, and Saints, they’ve lost by a total of 7 points. They’ve been ahead in both going into the 4th quarter. At some point the luck has to turn in their favor – like this week for example.

Washington Redskins (pk) @ Oakland Raiders:

New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins Pick & Preview

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New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins Pick & Preview: I hate going against the Redskins as a big dog, but this week puts me to the test, what can I say? Big favorites late in the season really aren’t my style, especially on the road and playing against a pretty talented defense that has brought their Sunday’s best against good teams so far this season. But I have to go with the big road favorite in this one, my blasted feelings are just pushing me toward the Saints – and no, it has nothing to do with blasting the Patriots last Sunday Night…

The Saints have torched good secondary’s all year long. I don’t see what will stop them from doing the same thing against the talented Redskins. Washington can’t key in on a couple receivers, the Saints just have too many weapons. And if the Redskins drop 8 into coverage every down, the run-game in New Orleans is also very good, and they can certainly win with that – they have before. 10 points to the Saints is barely anything at all, that’s a couple plays in the 3rd quarter.

Defensively, the Saints are opportunistic as well – they’re basically a big favorite bet’s dream. The Defense can score, can set up a great offense on a short field, and can make a play deep in their zone to prevent points. This is a very complete team, a team more complete than Washington has seen all year – and I think the Saints continue to make a mockery of the league despite the possibility of this being a trap game. Trap shmap.

New Orleans Saints (-8.5) @ Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles NFL Free Pick

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Washington Redskins (+9.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles NFL Free Pick: The Redskins just aren’t as bad as you think. They are pretty useless offensively, no doubt, everything looks difficult for them when they move the ball – but a couple gamebreaking plays here and there, and what do you know, points are on the board. But that’s not why they are keeping themselves in games – not at all – they are in games because their defense is stout. The can stop the run okay (their numbers aren’t great, but that’s because they are always on the field and always playing from behind) but the can defend the pass with the best of them. They have a talented secondary, and since all the Eagles do is throw, I think Washington has a very good chance of staying close in this one.

This line has gone down a bit, it started at 10 and it’s down to 9, all this despite 60% of the public liking the home favorites. As you know, that makes me like my pick a little more – not because I care what Vegas thinks, but because it’s nice to think they see what I see.

Philadelphia beat Washington 27-17 earlier this year, and while the Eagles didn’t look that good in the process, the score actually wasn’t really that close. Jason Campbell threw a late touchdown with 1:38 left in the 4th quarter to make it a 10 point game.

The Eagles offense didn’t put up good numbers, and defensively they allowed some yards – the Redskins won time of possession (slightly) but the game got away because of 4 turnovers, 3 fumbles lost and one interception – the Eagles didn’t turn the ball over once. If Washington holds onto the ball, this game stays close in Philly.

Papas Picks: Week 11 NFL Underdogs! Jets, Raiders, Rams

I’m buying what the dogs are selling. That’s right, I believe last week’s winners weren’t a fluke. I’m going back to them and the big points they are getting!

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Tennessee Titans (+4.5) @ Houston Texans: Vince is back baby! Okay, maybe Chris Johnson is the guy flourishing, but the Titans continue to win when Vince is at the helm, undefeated since his return to the top spot, and I think that continues. They were good last year, they’ve been good lately! I’m buying in for +4.5! You bet!

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams (+10): Yeah, I know, the Rams didn’t win last week you say, well they did in my book, and every other sports book. As you well know, the winners don’t always win in this game. The Rams have been awesome on the ground, running on everyone lately – that has to continue for them to have a chance, but the Cardinals are known to throw up a stinker form time to time – and Steven Jackson can keep the Rams close.

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+11.5): What do all the Saints recent struggles have in common? Well, they’ve won them all, but they’ve lost ATS or struggled in games Sedrick Ellis has missed. He’s out again, and with no dominant run stuffer to clog the middle, the Saints D just ins’t the same. Plus, Tampa has played well of late, giving many a team hell. The rookie QB, Josh Freeman, has been plenty good to cover them spreads.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs (+11.5): I can’t believe I’m getting 11.5 for the Chiefs in KC. That’s awesome. The Steelers have blown two teams out this year, and the Chiefs (while only winning two of their last 5) have covered 4 games in their last 5 chances. The short passing game of the Chiefs should cut down on the Steelers explosive blitzes, I think the Chiefs cover their 5th in 6 games.

Washington Redskins (+11) @ Dallas Cowboys: I like the Redskins here. What can I say, their defense is too good to get 11 from Dallas, and this is a big rivalry game. The Redskins may be 3-6, 2-6-1 ATS, but they’ve had some close games against good teams, and they won last week, beating up on the Broncos. I believe!

Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Football Pick

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Washington Redskins (+12) @ Dallas Cowboys Football Pick: Wow, you know a line is off when 53% of the public is taking everyone’s most disappointing team of the season to cover against the Dallas Cowboys – America’s team – winners of 4 of their last 5 including big Ws over Philadelphia and Atlanta. Right? I wasn’t sure where this line would go when I picked it up earlier in the week, but I sure saw a lot of value in the Washington Redskins, and that’s not something I catch myself seeing too often.

Despite all the Redskins’ failures, they’ve played in their fair share of close games this season. Sure, everyone has thrown someone in Redskin garb under the bus at some point this season, and nobody has more tire marks, foot prints, and ripped threads than head coach, Jim Zorn, but the Skins haven’t been as terrible as many think. They’ve lost by more than 10 points once all year. Once. And they haven’t played a tomato-can exclusive schedule (the Giants, Panthers, Eagles, Falcons, and Broncos are all on there), and only the Falcons beat the Skins by more than 10. Besides the Eagles and Falcons, nobody else has beaten Washington by double digits.

Six times so far this season, the Redskins have allowed 20 points or less, and the offense hasn’t done the defense any favors. Just imagine how good the Redskins D really is considering how much they have to be on the field. With the Cowboys line dinged up and Dallas coming off a stinker, I like this game to stay with-in double digits.

Denver Broncos vs Washington Redskins Free Pick & Preview

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Denver Broncos (-4.5) @ Washington Redskins Free Pick & Preview: I picked the spread in this game before the line opened at any books, and while it is down to 3 at most books right now, I have to stand by my pick at -4.5 – I’m not too worried about it, it would be amazing if that one point difference, especially between those two numbers, makes much of a difference in this game. I still don’t see what or why this spread is as small as it is. Obviously some people a lot sharper than me like the Redskins in this one, because it’s not the public, 73% of the public like what they see in the Broncos. That’s another scary number.

But the Broncos have shelled bad teams this year. I’m not sure Washington’s defense is anywhere near as bad as Cleveland, and I don’t think the Redskins are as bad as the Raiders, but Denver made both of those teams look silly. Sure, the Broncos have been blasted (on the score board) two games in a row, but Baltimore and Pittsburgh are no joke, it’s not like they came out and lost to Tampa Bay or anything.

This Broncos team may be struggling running the ball, but the last two weeks they’ve faced arguably two of the better run defenses in the league. They’ll get back on track against the Redskins. I truly believe that. Washington has actually played very well defensively this year, but that offense doesn’t have the firepower to score many points, and I think Josh McDaniels and the Broncos will put up some points in D.C.

Washington Redskins vs Atlanta Falcons Football Pick

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Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons (-10): Here’s the deal, and I want to be very clear on this, I wouldn’t bet much on this game, and I won’t, if I do at all. Why you might ask? Anyone can see that the Redskins are struggling mightily with more things than anyone can count.

Offensively they just can’t score points, and defensively they give up big plays and despite playing pretty stout during stretches, they are consistently put in a bad place by their bad offense. Then there’s the coaching troubles, the questions in the organization, and how just recently the owner of the team publicly discussed his disappointment with the players, saying that they have “let everybody down” and I’m sure even more will come out about team-dysfunctional before the game kicks off in Atlanta – but this is a trap game for the Falcons if I’ve ever seen one, and defensively the Redskins have the talent to shut down the run and make some big plays if the Falcons aren’t focused.

The Falcons just came off a game against the Saints on Monday Night where they played very well against one of the league’s best teams, and if they walked away from that game feeling like they can play and compete against the best, a moral victory of sorts, then they might be in for a battle against the Redskins. A week off for Washington might have been enough to get their offense on the right page with the new play-caller.

Listen, I know what I see, and I see a beat and battered Redskins team flying into Atlanta this Sunday. But this one worries me a bit, just an eerie feeling I guess, one that will keep my risking just a little if any. With my Falcons pick, I’m warning you.