Oakland Raiders

Founded in 1960 as an original member of the AFL. Joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL/NFL merger. Relocated as the Los Angeles Raiders in 1982. Moved back to Oakland in 1995.

League Championships: 4 – 1967 (AFL), 1976 (Super Bowl), 1980 (Super Bowl), 1983 (Super Bowl)

Conference Championships: 4 – 1976 (AFC), 1980 (AFC), 1983 (AFC), 2002 (AFC)

Division Championships: 15 – 1967 (AFL West), 1968 (AFL West), 1969 (AFL West), 1970 (AFC West), 1972 (AFC West), 1973 (AFC West), 1974 (AFC West), 1975 (AFC West), 1976 (AFC West), 1983 (AFC West), 1985 (AFC West), 1990 (AFC West), 2000 (AFC West), 2001 (AFC West), 2002 (AFC West)

Playoff Appearances: 21 – 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993, 2000, 2001, 2002

2005 Finish: 4-12, 4 th Place AFC West

Recent Records:

2004: 5-11 2005: 4-12 2006: 2-14

2011 Draft Grade

Oakland Raiders (F)
48: Stefen Wisniewski (146, 71 = 109) -61
81: Demarcus Van Dyke (115, 134 = 125) -44
92: Jospeh Barksdale (139, 122 = 131) -39
113: Chimdi Chekwa (126, 65 = 96) +17
125: Taiwan Jones (88, 99 = 94) +31
148: Denarius Moore (211, 117 = 164) – 16
181: Richard Gordon (255, 255 = 255) -74
241: David Ausberry (255, 255 = 255) -14

Al Davis obviously hates to draft anyone that everyone else thinks is good, therefore it’s almost a guarantee that he isn’t going to rank out highly on the value-meter. It starts early with Al, as he comes right out and reaches a little for the nephew of a former Oakland Raider. Awesome. I always picked my friends first at recess as well, but in the NFL? Seems a little ridiculous… Then he reached a little for a developmental corner with outstanding speed – sound familiar? One more reach on OT Barksdale, then a couple value picks for Big Al. Chekwa’s upside comes from his elite speed and athleticism, yet another developmental guy, but at the right time in the draft. Sub Division running stud, Taiwan Jones brings an impressive speed weapon to the Raiders’ offense – wait – that’s right, they are loaded with speed. Anyway, A couple reaches to go, and it all adds up to -200 for the Raiders. Stunner. F.

Draft Pick Total: 1029– Player Rankings Total: 1229 —- TOTAL RANKING: -200


Oakland Raiders: C-

I give the raiders a bad grade because they didn’t do much in their draft and they really blew in over the off-season. This is a dumb team in the highest of places.

Almost anytime you have the chance to grab a player of McFadden’s explosiveness you just go for it and worry about needs later. This was one of the times they should have gone in another direction. I love McFadden’s game, and think it will translate to the NFL, but they just signed a RB to a 12 million dollar deal, and the could definitely have used a guy like Glenn Dorsey, just as explosive but better value and more of a need than McFadden. But that’s just from a football perspective. From a PR and a business perspective, there was no better choice than McFadden. Right away, this kid will bring fans and revenue in for the Raiders, just like Reggie Bush did for the Saints, and I think he’s definitely a better NFL RB than Reggie, so you can’t hate on them that much.

Tyvon Branch was a good player, and just like Al Davis loves to select, an absolute workout super hero. There are scouts out there that say this Connecticut player will be a pro bowler within the next 4 years, if so, Davis made a great pick here.

Arman Shields ran a 4.37 40-yard dash, and that is humming. He had a bad senior season for a small school, and I would love to think that combination is not a good one to select in the 4th round where there is lots of help to be had. Shields is a playmaker, but I’m not sure his game translates.

Trevor Scott is a small college school guy, but once again had great workout numbers. He’s tall and skinny and may have all the great times one needs, but he wasn’t much of a football player on the field – and he played at Buffalo for God’s sake. No offense to the kid, but you’d have to think this isn’t the best addition.

Chaz Schilens is yet another workout hero. 6’4″ with great speed – what more could Al Davis want? Apparently nothing, as he took a plethora of guys with speed and size on a resume that didn’t boast much else.

Is it just me or does Al Davis pick his draft picks like one would pick models out of a playboy? Good, I didn’t think so.

2007 Oakland Raiders

The Raiders won 11 games… In the last three years combined. It seems like just yesterday the Raiders had a 5 win season, but actually they haven’t exceeded that mark since 2003. Yikes. And many people didn’t think it could get worse than 2005, hahaha. The Raiders cut their ’05 win total in half by barely sneaking out 2 W’s in ’06. And while you wouldn’t think this 2-14 team had any bright spots last season, the Raider defense played very well. It’s hard to play 2 twice as many snaps as most defenses and still get the job done, but the Raiders D did all they could to keep their pathetic offense in the game. In fact NFL.com has the Raiders ranked 3rd in total defense. Like I said, there was a bright spot. Unfortunately, you can’t win football games when your defense consistently outscores your offense. Al Davis must have been trying to make Art Shell’s life miserable when he hired him to coach the team last season. Shell never got the respect he deserved and the coaching staff he elected to bring with him was terrible at calling plays, and often seemed too distant from today’s game to warrant any success. Randy Moss had another dismal season for the Raiders, and Aaron Brooks couldn’t stay healthy behind one of the worst offensive lines of all time. When he was healthy, he didn’t have a chance to succeed. All in all, last season was quite possible a prolonged and painful uphill climb toward this season’s #1 Draft pick. Nice work Silver and Black!

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Raiders had many a hole going in to the off-season, and naturally, they haven’t gotten anything done to fix their dilemmas. No offense to Tony Stewart and Fred Wakefield, but two athletically limited tight ends aren’t the flashy signings the Raiders need. Jeremy Newberry will be an upgrade, that is about all I can guarantee. Dominic Rhodes seems to fit perfectly into the system Lane Kiffin plans on installing in Oakland, as he’ll use Lamont Jordan for the majority of the rushing load and Rhodes as the Reggie Bush type pass catcher/runner out of the backfield. Rhodes = Bush is a stretch, but the thought is there, and I like it. Justin Griffith is a very good fullback, but I have yet to see where he fits in as far as the backfield goes in Oakland. The Raiders overpaid for Griffith, but then again, Oakland is going to have to do a lot of overpaying to get good guys to join their “winning” organization. The Draft should find help for Oakland. Either the best player in the Draft, Calvin Johnson, or the best quarterback prospect, JaMarcus Russell, will find themselves in an Oakland jersey unless Al Davis makes the smart move and trades down. God knows the Raiders need more than a quarterback to improve. However, I like Russell, and think he will it the Raiders’ needs perfectly. It will be interesting to see how Kiffin, a 31 year old college offensive coordinator, will be able to coach a group of guys the often are older and quite volatile (Randy Moss and Warren Sapp). I can’t wait!

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