San Diego Chargers

Founded as the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960 as an original member of the AFL. Relocated to San Diego in 1963. Joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL/NFL merger.

League Championships: 1 – 1963 (AFL)

Conference Championships: 1 – 1994 (AFC)

Division Championships: 10 – 1960 (AFL West), 196 (AFL West), 1963 (AFL West), 1964 (AFL West), 1979 (AFC West), 1980 (AFC West), 1981 (AFC West), 1992 (AFC West), 1994 (AFC West), 2004 (AFC West), 2007

Playoff Appearances: 13 – 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009

2005 Finish: 9-7, 3 rd Place AFC West

Recent Records:

2004: 12-4 2005: 9-7 2006: 14-2 2007: 11-5 2008: 8-8 2009: 13-3 2010: 9-7

2011 Draft Grade

San Diego Chargers (D)
18: Corey Liuget (13, 18 = 16) +2
50: Marcus Gilchrist (75, 66 = 71) -21
61: Jonas Mouton (165, 169 = 168) -107
82: Vincent Brown (92, 133 = 113) -31
89: Shareece Wright (81, 89 = 85) +4
183: Jordan Todman (128, 108 = 119) +64
201: Steve Schilling (255, 132 = 194) +7
234: Andrew Gachkar (255, 255 = 255) -21

The Chargers made some nice picks throughout their draft, but couldn’t get over their value-hole created by their selections at 50, 61, and 82… Getting value at 4 spots, including a possible replacement for Darren Sproles in speedy running back, Jordan Todman, got them out of the F range for the draft. I really think Liuget will be a nice addition for a team needing some bulk up front, but this draft wasn’t amazing by any means, and Jonas Mouton better play well from the get go, the Chargers really reached for him.

Draft Pick Total: 918– Player Rankings Total: 1021 —- TOTAL RANKING: -103

2011 Mock Draft

San Diego Chargers 9-7 – Cameron Jordan, DE, California: If Jordan gets past the Patriots, it’s only because New England sees a plethora of defensive line options, and has another pick 11 spots down the line –because this kid looks like a perfect 3-4 defensive end. The Patriots’ patience might just end up being the Chargers’ treasure as Jordan would be a great fit for a defensive line that could use some youth. This kid had great numbers and even better film, as he played the role that a big bad 3-4 defensive end should play, he ate up blocks, kept lineman off his linebackers, and still made plays. Despite offenses keying in on Jordan, the big end finished with career highs in tackles and tackles for loss, finishing just a half sack off his 2009 best. I seriously doubt Jordan slips past pick #18.


San Diego Chargers: B

Antoine Cason will try to replace Drayton Florence, and I think he has a good chance to fill in admirably. Cason is a guy that can help right now, works his tail off, and knows how to make a play on the football. He was kind of under the radar at Arizona, but don’t forget this kids name, he’ll be making plays right off the bat.

Jacob Hester is a do it all type guy that I don’t like all that much. I sure appreciate his toughness but see him more of a college player than an NFL guy. He does everything, can catch, run, block, and should be a great special teams guy, but in Round 3 I don’t see much of a future for him in the “difference making” category. We’ll see – he sure works hard.

Marcus Thomas is a guy that I think has more upside than Hester as a running back. Thomas attacks a hole immediately even though his speed doesn’t suggest that he’s real fast. I like this kid, and think he’s a steal here.

DeJaun Tribble may be short, but I think this kid can really cover. He was placed on his opponent’s best guy, and often was the reason that guy couldn’t get the ball. Tribble has impressive cover skills, very good quickness, and has better game speed than 40 times suggest.

Corey Clark started for a couple years at A&M and might have his best football ahead of him. He’ll have a tough time making the team, but with just 4 fellow draft picks, he’ll probably stick as a practice squad player at the very least.

2007 San Diego Chargers

It was a great “regular season” for the Charges, but since that has become the norm for coach Marty Schottenheimer, the Chargers decided to go in another direction. After Marty led the Chargers to their best regular season ever, and coached LaDainian Tomlinson to quite possible the most amazing year for a running back ever, Cam Cameron (OC), Wade Phillips (DC) and Marty himself will all be gone in 2007. Wade and Cam will be head coaches, Cowboys and Dolphins, while Marty will be doing, well Marty things. As for the year, Phillip Rivers played very well in his first 12 games, but struggled down the stretch. All in all, he looked very good in his first season. LT speaks for himself, an MVP, record TD holder, and all around stud. Vincent Jackson came on at the end of the season, taking over the #1 spot at receiver, allowing the Chargers to let Keenan McCardell go and rebuild at that spot, with Jackson leading the way. Antonio Gates had another super season, finishing as the top TE in the league. The Chargers defense was amazing, led by next years’ defensive MVP front runner, Shawne Merriman. Young kid is a beast, and gets in zones where he’s absolutely unblockable. But after a super year all around, the young Charger nucleus will have a new coaching staff, led by Norv Turner.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

Most notably, the Chargers have replaced both coordinators and their head coach, with a new staff led by Norv Turner. Should be interesting to see how this young group of loyal players reacts to Tuner’s offensive knowledge and calm coaching style. Like I said above, Keenan McCardell has been let go. Recently, Michael Turner is getting attention from a couple teams, meaning the Chargers could definitely add some more draft picks for an already stacked young Charger squad. Donnie Edwards has finally moved on, and Terrence Kiel is also searching for a new team. Singing Kris Dielman to a new contract was a huge deal for a Chargers team that relies heavily on the run. The last thing they wanted was a Steve Hutchinson situation. Luckily for them Deilman turned down less money from the Seahawks to stay in Southern California. In fact, the Chargers haven’t signed any new players in free agency, as they seem very happy resigning their own players, as the group of youngsters in San Diego has done them well. The Chargers will be looking to add depth at many positions in the draft, most notably in the secondary, and offensively at receiver, and possibly a solid back up rusher later on day 1, or quite possibly the first couple rounds of day 2. The draft should bet SD some solid playmakers, as they have the talent to select the best player on their board throughout the weekend. The Chargers pick as well as any team in the league, so expect them to make the most of their chances. I have the Chargers taking Steve Smith in Round 1, and that’s mainly because A- I think Smith will be a very solid pro, and B- The Chargers make smart picks. They could go secondary first and wait and see if Smith will last, but I’m not sure he’ll last that long.

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