New York Jets

Founded as the New York Titans in 1960 as an original member of the AFL. Changed name to New york Jets in 1963. Joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL/nfl merger, and has never relocated.

League Championships: 1 – 1968 (AFL)

Conference Championships: None

Division Championships: 4 – 1968 (AFL East), 1969 (AFL East), 1998 (AFC East), 2002 (AFC East)

Playoff Appearances: 11 – 1968, 1969, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2009, 2010

2005 Finish: 4-12, 4th Place AFC East

Recent Records:

2004: 10-6 2005: 4-12 2006: 10-6 2007: 4-12 2008: 9-7 2009: 9-7 2010: 11-5

2011 Draft Grade

New York Jets (C+)
30: Muhammad Wilkerson (24, 29 = 27) +3
94: Kenrick Ellis (119, 78 = 99) -5
126: Bilal Powell (144, 114 = 129) -3
153: Jeremy Kerley (140, 166 = 153) +0
208: Greg McElroy (196, 165 = 181) +27
227: Scotty McKnight (255, 255 = 255) -28

The Jets hit just about right on the dot of the value-meter throughout their draft. They were single digits, one way or another, for their first 4 selections before gaining some value depth with pick 208 in Alabama quarterback, Greg McElroy. They quickly kyboshed that when they reached for Colorado speedster, Scotty McKnight (rated off the draft board by both ESPN and CBS). They ended up at -6 for overall value, but the day went well enough for the Jets, especially at the top of the board. Getting Wilkerson, a perfect fit at DE in their 3-4, and then picking up Kenrick Ellis, a perfect nose tack for them, the Jets acquired two huge needs at decent value.

Draft Pick Total: 838– Player Rankings Total: 844 —- TOTAL RANKING: -6

2011 Mock Draft

New York Jets 11-5 – Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor: With Kris Jenkins getting his walking papers, and the Jets trying to save money in other areas to sign some key position players and possibly another cornerback, New York should be looking to fill their need for defensive line help at this point in the draft. Not only is defense the strongest side of this draft, but defensive lineman have especially shown their stars in the pre-draft process. There will be talented options here but Taylor might fit exactly what the Jets are looking for, an enormous space eater in the middle of that 3-4 defense.


New York Jets: B

I think the Jets did well. They grabbed two playmakers at the top of their draft, and both should help them turn things around from last year’s struggles. After that, they didn’t do a lot, but they didn’t have a lot. This was a solid draft.

Gholston was a hot prospect coming into draft weekend. As it turned out, all the admiration ended up turning into some criticism of his ability to play ever down. Let me tell you something, this is a college kid with all the speed and ability in the world, and sometimes he struggled with consistency. What’s freaking new?!? This was a good pick, and he will help rush the quarterback from day 1.

Dustin Keller was the 2nd Jets selection, and he definitely adds something to this offense. A wide receiver talent at TE, Keller is in the mold of a Greg Olsen or Kellen Winslow. Keller was very productive in college and has the speed to really give defenses trouble. He’ll help open things up for receivers and the running game. Right away, defenses will have to account for him.

Dwight Lowery has good height at corner, and while he’s not known as a great cover guy, he’s smart and his ball skills get him to where he needs to be. He’s got great hands (led the nation in picks his junior season) and knows when to take a chance. He can help the Jets secondary.

Erik Ainge is a kid that I liked. I may be the only one, but hey, I like him. I don’t like his dad, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Ainge has nice athleticism for a big kid and very good size. His arm is decent. He never really had that stud receiver last year, and he struggled from time to time. He’s worth a shot this late, that’s for sure.

Marcus Henry was a damn good pick. He hasn’t always been a football player but his great size and big plays made him a late round target for a couple teams. He will need time to grown, but I think he’ll be a player in this league.

Nate Garner is huge but doesn’t have much ability to move. He’s been running the OT position for 5 years at Nebraska and has had success. He’s as strong as an ox, and if the Jets can keep his weight down, he could be a nice backup sooner rather than later.

2007 New York Jets

Unlike their cross-town rival, the Jets actually out performed where everyone had predicted they would finish in 2006. Even I had the Jets ranked as one of the worst teams in football. But Eric Mangini came in and put the Jets in the right places, giving them a chance in every game. Well, that chance turned to gold more than a couple times, putting New York in the playoffs. Something that surprised even Jet fans. Without a sure thing at running back, New York went with Leon Washington, Kevan Barlow, and Cedric Houston. The Jets willingness to draft lineman with their two first round picks in the ’06 draft proved to be brilliant as both Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson proved to be solid players. Even the average three headed rushing group played very well at times, while Chad Pennington stayed relatively hit-free in his first full season in some time. Chad played well, finding Laveranues Coles and Jericho Cotchery over 80 times each. While the Jets couldn’t make it past the Patriots in the first round of the playoffs, it is obvious to me that they are on the fast track to success under a very good head coach.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

New York plunged into the preseason, making some huge moves that will undoubtedly improve their team in many areas. First and foremost, the resigned a few key players; Anthony Clement, Bobby Hamilton, and Wade Smith. Often times, teams that find success forget about the players that got them there, deciding not to pay to keep key contributors. The Jets were smart, and signed guys they needed back. Kenyon Coleman, from Dallas, should help a Jets team that was terrible against the run last season. But speaking of run, the Jets finally got the stud back they haven’t had since Curtis Martin went down with injury a couple years back. Thomas Jones, traded for a swap of second round picks, will give the Jets a very good starting running back that has proven himself over the last few years in Chicago. The Jets got what they wanted/needed and Jonesy gets the kind of carries he wanted, and no longer has to look over his shoulder to see Cedric Benson trying to take his spot. He’s a much better runner than people give him credit for. Look for the Jets to continue building their defense on day 1 of the draft. A few players I really like going to New York are DT DeMarcus Tyler or DE Adam Carricker, both have solid value here. I also like secondary help for the Jets in the form of Darelle Revis, Justin Blalock, Chris Houston, or even Leon Hall, though I think the latter will be gone much earlier. The Jets need run stopping help like I need hair, so my best bet is Tyler, though I do like a dark horse, Greg Olsen going to the Jets. It would make sense, as Mangini was around during the Patriots TE building years.

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