Houston Texans

Founded as an NFL expansion franchise in 2002 and has never relocated.

League Championships: None

Conference Championships: None

Division Championships: None

Playoff Appearances: None

2005 Finish: 2-14, 4th Place AFC South

Recent Records:

2004: 7-9 2005: 2-14 2006: 6-11 2007: 8-8 2008: 8-8 2009: 9-7 2010: 6-10

2011 Draft Grade

Houston Texans (C-)
11: J.J. Watt (16, 14 = 15) -4
42: Brooks Reed (27, 41 = 34) +8
60: Brandon Harris (42, 35 = 39) +21
127: Rashad Carmichael (149, 151 = 150) -23
144: Shiloh Keo (121, 218 = 170) -26
152: Taylor Yates (209, 201 = 205) -53
214: Derek Newton (194, 183 = 189) +25
254: Cheta Ozougwu (255, 255 = 255) -1

The Houston Texans didn’t really have any huge reaches during the draft. They picked J.J. Watt ahead of some guys that might very well be more talented than him, but he was a safe selection for a team that has done an admirable job of missing on 1st round picks of late. (That’s not a good thing). The Texans are making a switch to the 3-4 defense, and Watt will be a perfect fit for one of the DE positions. Brooks Reed will be a great fit as an OLB opposite Mario Williams, one of the best pass rushing specialists in the draft. For a secondary that was terrible, they got awesome value taking Harris at 60, then got some solid players in Carmichael and Keo. Derek Newton proved a solid value at pick #214 as well. Houston made some picks they really needed, even if the value wasn’t off the chart.

Draft Pick Total: 1004 – Player Rankings Total: 1057—- TOTAL RANKING: -53

2011 Mock Draft

Houston Texans 6-10 – Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado: The Texans need some secondary help like Tara Reid needs somebody to throw a bone her way – only they’re not frothing at the mouth. Jimmy Smith turned in great amazing times at the combine, especially for his 6’2” – 211lb frame, and that has only helped his spaceship rise up the draft board. Smith has been talked about as a great player on a bad defense at Colorado, a kid that opposing quarterbacks were told to stay far away from. He may be a little bit of a reach here, but the Texans are in a position to reach a little bit for a guy that could possibly get them over the hump. Mediocre has been the Texans’ spot in the NFL for too long, and if Smith is the type of player many think he can be, the Texans defense could get just the boost they need.

2009 Fantasy Football Notes

Matt Schaub, Rex Grossman, Chris Brown, Steve Slaton, Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels

The Texans might not be loaded with depth, but they have some great options for you on draft day. Matt Schaub, Steve Slaton, and Andre Johnson all project as Top 10 players in 2009. Well, I project them that way. Rex Grossman might not even win the #2 spot, but he is still talented, he is playing behind an injury prone QB, and he has great weapons to throw to. Chris Brown is supposedly as healthy as he’s been in years, which means he should only miss a handful of games. Still, this O-line is getting better, and he has always put up nice numbers when healthy and given carries. Kevin Walter is the best of the options after Andre Johnson at receiver. He may be white, but he can do work against single coverage opposite AJ. He is always underrated, but he is white. Jacoby Jones has lots of talent, but injuries and a tough 2nd year dropped him out of the picture in 2008. But this is a new year, and he’s a guy to keep an eye on. Owen Daniels is the best TE that nobody knows about. Some people know him, sure, the guys that owned him in fantasy leagues last year, but he doesn’t get proper recognition for his semi-elite status. He’ll always be involved, as coaches and Schaub love to get the sure-handed TE the ball often.


Houston Texans: B+

If the Texans thought they could trade down and then pick up a 3rd and a 6th and still get their favorite athletic lineman left on the board, Duane Brown, later in Round 1 – this was closer to an A than a B-. I’m not sure Brown is a 1st round talent, so I drop their grade a bit, but you have to like what they did. They gained value in a 3rd round pick, and still got the next best lineman 9 picks later. Yes I think Brown is a better prospect than Sam Baker. Brown is a former TE with the agility to block in the Bronco-run scheme the Texans use. So there you go.

With their 1st 3rd rounder; the Texans grabbed a raw corner from small school Eastern Kentucky. He has good size and sub 4.4 speed, so his upside is there. The Texans needed immediate help at corner and I’m not sure Antwaun Molden is that guy, but we shall see.

Steve Slaton lost a lot of value staying in school for another season at West Virginia, but the Texans were the smart team that realized he’s still the same guy that was a stud last year. He struggled a bit this season, but he’s still very fast with good vision and great quickness. He’s not big enough to be a full time guy, but don’t be confused, he’s a game changer and will be used in Houston.

Xavier Adibi was GREAT value in Round 4. I thought Adibi was one of the better all around linebackers, and he should have gotten a boost coming into the NFL where pass coverage is even more important. Adibi could add some weight, and he doesn’t have great timed speed -but watch him play and you’ll see why I loved this pick.

Frank Okam is a huge defensive tackle from Texas who might make the switch and become an offensive guard in the NFL. Many question his passion for the game, and a lot of that has to do with his superior intelligence. Okam has the upside of a great NFL player with the downside of a kid that decides he doesn’t need to beat up his body anymore.

Domique Barber is Marion Barber’s younger brother, and also played at Minnesota. He may not have Marion’s explosion, but he’s still a very smart and powerful player. Barber played in Minnesota where there wasn’t much of a defense, but he could be a steal this late.

Alex Brink is smallish, but throws from a high release and actually produced well with limited help on offense. I like this kid, and he could stick as a 3rd stringer.

2007 Houston Texans

Will Houston ever live down not selecting Reggie Bush? I think not. Even with the obvious collective thinking that running backs aren’t worth more than a 3rd round pick in trade these days, the Texans still can’t stay off the NFL Comedy Central billboards. But, I must say, in this fantasy sports world fans live in, its easy to see why the Texans will be hard-pressed to prove Marion Williams’ worth. Personally, I still like the move they made, though obviously houston didn’t have good luck with Dominick Davis-Williams’ knee problems, and thus the Texans signed the speedy Ahman Green to a new deal. The league has proven over the last few years, stud defensive linemen are worth more than running backs, even studs. It will be interesting to see how the speedy back fits into that Denver Bronco system. I really think, despite the Texans continued failure to produce a winning season, that this houston team is on the rise. I don’t know if David Carr will ever be the guy Gary Kubiak wants him to be, but I do think Carr can be a solid player if the Texans ever get an offensive line that gives him a second to think before he throws. We’ll see. He might not get another chance in houston, but as of this article, David remains in houston. Williams could find his way back to the team, but the signing of Ahman Green, and back ups like Wali Lundy and Samkon Gado, might make Williams expendable, especially with his remaining knee troubles. Overall, I think the Texans took a step forward in 2006, but that doesn’t always mean good things, as houston fell off the map after nearly hitting .500 in 2004.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Texans have cut more players than they’ve added this free agency season, but that’s not a bad thing. Especially for a young team looking to build their future stock. Every good program knows you’re supposed to build a winner through the draft, and then add a couple key free agents to push you over the top. Seeing as though the top is stories and stories from the floor Houston currently operates from, a slow free agency period is a smart move. Adding a proven back like Ahman Green to a solid contract is a smart move though, as at least they have a veteran to show their young kids the ropes in 2007. Green may be aging, but I think his running style is a perfect fit in Houston, now if they can only get their lineman healthy and ready to block. Houston will have plenty of options with their first round pick in the ’07 Draft. Adding another defensive lineman might not make the fans smile from ear to ear, but it could do wonders for their record next season, and everyone knows, that’s how you get butts in seats. If Brady Quinn falls to the Texans, don’t expect him to tumble any further, as surely Quinn’s accuracy and ability to run a pro scheme is something Kubiak is going crazy for. However, I think their will be better moves for the Texans, like adding a star defensive back (LaRon Landry), or defensive end (Gaines Adams), or tackle. Also, Houston could move down if they don’t get the man they covet, as more picks is more better for a Texans teams that could improve anywhere. Don’t put it past the Texans to shuffle up or down on draft day, as they’re looking for any way to improve.

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