Free NCAA Football Picks Week 14 – 2006

The Regular season is nearly over, and I’ve got to get some big wins to pad the stats for next year. How abouts will I do that? Check it out in my NCAA Week 14 Free Picks….

TOP 5 Bets

  1. USC
  2. Wake Forest
  3. Navy
  4. Nebraska
  5. Florida

Army @ Navy (-19.5):
Navy has won the last 4 contests, never by less than 19 points. Army has lost games by 19 or more points 3 times this season, and haven’t covered the spread in any of their last 7 games. Navy has been solid all year, something I’m sure they won’t let get to their heads in this huge rivalry game. Rivalries are tough to play, but Navy has the team to dominate.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+3) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets:
GT’s inability to score points will kill them against the Demon Deacons. Everyone was betting on Wake to fold all year long, but now they have a chance to take the ACC Title and swim into a BCS Bowl Game. Watch it unfold before your eyes.

Connecticut Huskies (+27.5) @ Louisville Cardinals:
UCONN has actually played pretty well of late, never losing by more than 6 in their last 3 games, and they haven’t lost a game by 28 points or more all season long. Sure, they have 3 wins, but their record doesn’t show how well they’ve played against some tough teams.

Air Force Falcons (+17.5) @ TCU Horned Frogs:
Despite their 4-7 record, Air Force has played decent football all year long. Their schedule was tough. I like TCU to continue on their winning path, but Air Force should be able to hang around long enough to cover this big spread.

Stanford Cardinal @ California Bears (-28.5):
Against similar competition this year, the Cardinal haven’t faired too well. But with a 1-10 record, and a 2-9 ATS, how can you? Oregon State beat Stanford by 23, USC shut them out 42-0, Arizona State won by 35, UCLA shut them out 31-0, and Navy even smoked Stanford by 28 points. So, as much as the Bears struggled against USC, I’ve got to take them here, in what should be a 42-0 drumming.

Fresno State Bulldogs @ San Jose State Spartans (-3.5):
The 7-4 Spartans host the Bulldogs in a season where these two programs have switched positions. Fresno State has found three straight wins, after starting the season 0-7, but still fails to cover. 1-10 ATS for the Bulldogs. This is the Spartans first real chance to beat the Bulldogs in some time, I’ll take them on Saturday.

USC Trojans (-12.5) @ UCLA Bruins:
This game disappoints too often for me to take the Bruins. Even when UCLA is good, USC always manages to embarrass the Bruins. USC has too much riding on this game, and UCLA has too many pretty boys to touch up the Trojans in the final game of the season.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (+10) @ West Virginia Mountaineers:
I just have to take the underdog in the crazy Big East. West Virginia has more offensive talent than anyone in the conference, and probably anyone in the country with Pat White and Steve Slaton, but Rutgers has it. And underdogs seem to rally and upset in this conference. The Knights have just won. All season long. Sure one loss, but look at their solid wins. Louisville, UCONN, Pitt, Navy, South Florida, even Illinois is decent. Sure, they play in a lousy conference, but they are a good team, and they have a chance at a BCS Bowl Bid.

Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Oklahoma Sooners (-3.5):
Nebraska has been good since losing to USC, oh and that little mix up couple of weeks against Texas and OK State. Wait, who have they beaten this year? Yes, tell me a god team they’ve handled. Missouri? Colorado? Texas A&M? They’re in for something, because if it weren’t for the referee “hey-ooo, whoops, Oregon Ball!” fiasco, the Sooners would be bidding for a spot against the Buckeyes. Oklahoma’s good. A double digit win at home against Nebraska. That’s my prediction.

Arkansas Razorbacks @ Florida Gators (-3):
After last weeks quarterbacking play from Mr. Dick and the Razorbacks (their best QB-ing was when their start RB, McFadden, stepped up and took shot gun snaps) I can’t take them to upset the Gators in The Swamp. Florida has two signal callers that could push their team to victory in this one, and both will probably make big plays to do so. Chris Leak hasn’t been as good as I thought he’d be, but he’s still a leader, and the Gators will oust the Razorbacks.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 13

13 shows some promise, as I see a couple gimmie-games on the horizon. Those are a few games (5) I’m pretty dang sure about. Check them out in my attempt to bust out 16 wins in Week 13. Lucky number 13, that’s what ol’ Lucky has to say about that!
Gimmie-GamesFalcons over the Redskins
Jaguars over the Dolphins
Jets over the Packers
Texans over the Raiders
Panthers over the Eagles


Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5): This is the toughest game of the week for me. Both teams come in playing very well, the Ravens defense dominating things for Baltimore and both the Bengals offense and defense playing together to handle things. I have to go with the Bengals, thinking their offense is good enough to score on the Ravens. Steve McNair will have his chance to shine though, as Cinci will be slamming the box and pressuring the Raven signal caller. Should be one hell of a Thursday Night game…. If you get NFL Network that is. Dough!


Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (-10): I don’t think the Vikings will be able to do jack against the Bears, especially run, and God knows Brad Johnson and company have a tough time completing passes against the air. The Bears will find running room sparse, but against a Viking secondary that’s been picked apart 5 too many times this season, even Sexxy Rexxy should be able to do a fine job for the win.

Atlanta Falcons (+2) at Washington Redskins: I guess I just don’t believe in Jason Campbell at quarterback and how he’s the second coming. He’s been great, and I liked him a lot more than most people when he was coming out of Auburn, but in a game he’s supposed to win (or so say the bookies) Jason will struggle, and Mike Vick will come out with something to prove. Take the Falcons here.

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams (-6.5): The Cardinals are just getting ready for Dennis Green to be fired, as you can see by their “toss it up” offense they ran last week in a loss to the 5 point loss to the Vikings. Well, they’ll be tossing it up this week too, because Steven Jackson is a beast, and he’ll be getting plenty of action against the sieved that is the Cardinal defensive front. Take the Rams in this one, as Tory Holt will also return to Pro Bowl form.

Kansas City Chiefs (-5) at Cleveland Browns: This is usually where the Chiefs do me dirty, but I’m betting for a change this week. They’ve looked good, rely on Larry for most of their offense (brilliant plan), and are ready to stop disappointing me. The Browns (like everyone else in the NFL) can’t stop LJ. Cleveland’s team, and offense especially, is sapped with turmoil, so expect a Chief drilling here.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+1.5) at Miami Dolphins: So, obviously the Dolphins are better under Nick Saban at the end of the year, and Jacksonville is as reliable as your neighborhood drug dealer, but he bottom line is Jacksonville is the better team here, even with all their injuries this season. On the road, the Jaguars will feel at home, taking down Miami late.

San Diego Chargers (-6) at Buffalo Bills: Anthony Thomas nor Willis McGahee can rush against the Chargers, as I don’t think there’s a guy, not on their own team, that can do it. With Shawn Merriman back in Charger gear, look for San Diego to look charged a week after stumbling to an ugly win against the Raiders.

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints (-7): Sure, Frank Gore will be able to pile up the yards in New Orleans, but for how long? The Niners have trouble scoring, something Drew Brees and the Saints are very, very good at. When the Saints bump a few long touchdowns early, the Niners will result to passing the ball, something they aren’t so good at. The Saints should win this home game easily.

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts (-7.5): The Titans won’t sucker the Colts this time. Indy will come out picking apart the Titan secondary, and they won’t fold like the New York Football Giants. No, no, not this Manning. Peyton will be ready to get the Manning name back on solid ground. And although I’d be a lot happier with -6.5, I’ll take the Colts in this one easy.

New York Jets (-1) at Green Bay Packers: I know Brett has played well this season, and the Packers have been better than everyone (even me) originally thought, but the Jets have been even better than Green Bay. New York has been better against the run of late, and Chad Pennington looks like he’s returned to his early season form. Laveranues Coles is back to dominating the air lines, so take him and the Jets in Wisconsin.

Houston Texans (+3) at Oakland Raiders: Are the oddsmakers seeing something I’m not? I don’t think the Raiders have a chance in this one. They can’t score. Sure, the Texans didn’t run the ball well last week, but they’ll have a better day against the Raiders. And David Carr has had a pretty nice season, though no one really knows that because when’s the last time a Texan game has been on TV? Exactly. Mario Williams has had a nice rookie year, he’ll be a great player. The Texans win this game. That’s my bet!

Dallas Cowboys (-3) at New York Giants: I don’t think the Cowboys are going to kill many teams as they did last week, but I do think they’ll find ways to win, because that’s what Tony Romo will do for the rest of his career. So Dallas haters out there, watch out. Owens should have a big day against a defense that won’t be able to stop him, or any of the other Cowboys for that matter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7): My guess is the Bucs don’t do dick against the Steelers defense. Pitt hasn’t played well, but they still have explosive players. Even without Hines Ward, the Steel Show will get another win on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks (+3.5) @ Denver Broncos: I think the Hawks are starting to get it. They struggled early against the Pack, and Denver’s defense is much better than Green Bay’s, but Matt and Shaun look to be back up to speed. With Jay Cutler getting his first NFL start, the Hawks will try to capitalize on a couple rookie mistakes. If their defense can convert one mistake into points, the Hawks get the win on the road.


Carolina Panthers (-3) at Philadelphia Eagles: The Panthers have disappointed me all season long, even when they cover, their offense is homely. But the Eagles don’t have their D-Nabb, and Brian Westbrook can only do so much. Look for the Panthers to take it to the Eagles on the road.

Week 12 NFL Pick Review – 2006

Even Steven. 8-8. This is how it came about!

Miami Dolphins (-2.5) at Detroit Lions: WIN! “The Lions without Kevin Jones will be a gong show against the recently revitalized Dolphins defense, so don’t even take a chance on the Lions.” What can I say, Thanks Giving has always been a great day for me. Turkey, gravy, potatoes, and a 3-0 record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys (-10.5): WIN! This game basically went as planned. Joey Galloway looked great at times, but his QB is too inexperienced to get him the ball enough. Caddy was decent, but didn’t have enough opportunities with Dallas getting out to a lead, and the Cowboys handled the Bucs with ease, 38-10.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (even): WIN! In what was likely to be Jake Plummer’s last start in a Broncos’ uniform, Denver couldn’t stop Larry Johnson, and couldn’t capitalize against the Chiefs. Personally, Jake didn’t have that bad of a stat line, but he just couldn’t make a play when it needed to be made. Denver lost, and Jake’s season is over.

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings (-6): LOSS! But only because the Vikings really, really, suck. They had a big lead on the Cardinals, but then tried bery hard to blow it, only to realize that the Cardinals suck even more than they do, so they won, but only by 4, so I lost!

Carolina Panthers (-4) at Washington Redskins: LOSS! My safest pick went right to the shitter when Carolina decided to suck again. Talk about the toughest team to predict in the NFL. I’ve had it with the Panthers, which pretty much means, bet on them the rest of the year.

Chicago Bears (+3) at New England Patriots: LOSS! Rex Grossman was bad, and Tom Brady was better than his stat line, which was decent anyway. The Patriots won by 4, just enough to make me a loser by a point. Chicago didn’t have an offensive answer, or when they did, they’d just turn the ball over and ruin any chance they got. The game ended with another Rex Grossman interceptions, and chants of Brian Griese rang through the streets of Chicago.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at Cleveland Browns: WIN! 30-0 Bengals. Cinci’s defense has stepped it up lately, and if they continue on that path, a Steeler like run is in the cards. And I’m not talking this years’ Steelers. “Last week the Browns put up a good fight against the Steelers, but faded in the 4th allowing Pittsburgh to pull out with a lucky win. Well, all that does is crush an already struggling team.” (ME) Did I call this one or what?

Houston Texans (+6) at N.Y. Jets: LOSS! David Carr threw for over 300 yards, but the Jets stopped the Texans’ rushing attack dead in their tracks, ending this game early in the 3rd quarter. A late touchdown gave the Texans 11 points, but this game was a lost cause to me early.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills: LOSS! The Bills came back late and stunned the Jaguars with a 4th quarter field goal to win the game. JP Losman might be a ball player after all. I was almost sure I would take this game in overtime, with a nice -2.5, the Jaguars would surely hold off the Bills in OT. Well, Rian Lindell made sure OT wasn’t an option, and I got another loss on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints (+3) at Atlanta Falcons: WIN! How about them Saints. I knew it was a good idea to give Brees another chance after him and his Saints broke my heart last week. Mike Vick had another terrible game, though he did rush for 166 yards, he just barely completed better than 35% of his passes. Brees had another brilliant game, as he seems destined to start in the Pro Bowl, and lead the league in passing.

N.Y. Giants (-3) at Tennessee Titans: Loss! With 10 minutes left in the 4th I was thinking how brilliant I was for picking the Giants in a Titanic beat-down. And then there was Vince. Yeah, I love this kid’s game. His confidence, his accuracy, his physicality, these are things Mike Vick has one of, which is why Vince will be one of the best running quarterbacks of all time. Led his team in rushing with 69 yards on 10 carries, and passed for 2 touchdowns on24/35 passing and 2 scores without an interception. Vince single handily stomped the Giants into submission, as he led his squad to 24 straight points an a late game winning field goal to destroy New York. How can you call a game like this?

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts (-8.5): WIN! “I like Brian Westbrook as a fantasy star this weekend, but I still think the Colts will pull out of Week 12 with a double digit win over the Eagles.” (Me) Just like I figured, the Colts handled the Eagles, and Brian Westbrook had one hell of a day, with 170 combined yards and a touchdown. But he was overshadowed by another back, Joseph Addai, who rushed for 171 yards with 37 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5): WIN! The Ravens just walked all over the Steelers. If Steve can play well in the playoffs, the Ravens have the defense to be a favorite to win the whole thing. I needed a win, and they delivered.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams (-5): LOSS! By two whole points. You can tell it’s a good week when you have a winning record and the games you lost, a majority of them, were just barely losses. This one, the 49ers led late, but Marc Bulger finally woke up and drove his Rams down for the winning touchdown. I was expecting St. Louis, and Marc, to figure it out earlier, but unfortunately for me, they didn’t.

Oakland Raiders (+14.5) at San Diego Chargers: WIN! “Everyone has a down week. The Chargers, yes, even the Chargers, after two huge comeback wins, might just be too tired to dominate the lowly Raiders. Bad teams only have a few chances to get up and rowdy for a game, seeing a chance to stop the “All Mighty” Chargers and the leagues’ best player (LT) should get them ready to go. No crazy outcome here, just a closer game than expected.” (Me) What can I say? The one guy who picked this game…. That was me.

Green Bay Packers (+9.5) at Seattle Seahawks: LOSS! Aaa…. A half of a point. It was a tough one for me, especially considering the Packers played exactly how I thought they would, and Matt struggled – just like I thought he would. So I lost by a point, because Brett was trying too hard to get his team back in the end zone. It’s tough to call a game like this one, obviously, but Shaun played a lot better than I imagined, so I’ll take the loss with respect.

Week 13 College Football Picks Review: 2006

As up and down as my season has been, this week I was a very average 5-5, but I won 2 of my 3 top bets of the week. I’m not exactly happy with a .500 record, but I’ll take it in a crazy Rivalry week in college ball.

TOP 5 Bets

1. Boise State (win)
2. Southern Methodist (push)
3. Oregon (win)
4. Texas (loss)
5. West Virginia (loss)

Texas A&M Aggies @ Texas Longhorns (-13): LOSS! Texas struggled through the air, and the coaching staff made a huge mistake by sticking to their game plan instead of just running the ball, which they were doing very well. Their mistake, but we both suffer the consequences.

Oregon Ducks (+3) @ Oregon State Beavers: WIN! I couldn’t believe the Ducks were 3 point dogs, but thank God they were that. A loss for Oregon came, but the Beavers did so in such a fashion to make me a winner anyway. Yeehaw! Go Beaves!

Cincinnati Bearcats (-3.5) @ Connecticut Huskies: Loss. Half a point. Damn it all to hell.

Syracuse Orange (+15) @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights: LOSS! The Orange didn’t stand a chance in this one, as Rutgers out hit, out ran, and out played the Orange all day long.

South Carolina Gamecoks @ Clemson Tigers (-5): LOSS! South Carolina found a way to slang the Tigers, and end the season on a happy note. Apparently the Cocks didn’t get the memo that Spurrier was “moving in a different direction”, but then again, I’m just speculating.

South Florida Bulls @ West Virginia Mountaineers (-21): LOSS! The Mounties came out a little flat, then turned the ball over 4 times, and it was both Pat White and Steve Slaton, so at least the Mounties went down with their best players to blame. Watch out for the Mounties next season!

Southern Methodist Mustangs (+4) @ Rice Owls: PUSH. Rice had a late touchdown to put them in the lead, and the SMU Mustangs couldn’t take the lead, losing by just enough to push me along.

Louisville Cardinals (-10.5) @ Pittsburgh Panthers: WIN! Louisville was down early, but outscored the Panthers 38-10 in the final three quarters, making this game easy breezy and beautifully money making for Ol’ Lucky Lester.

Oklahoma Sooners (-5.5) @ Oklahoma State Cowboys: WIN! The Cowboys fought late, but couldn’t get it done. I guess I pulled out a half a point win, making my half a point loss a little more bearable.

Boise State Broncos (-2.5) @ Nevada Wolfpack: WIN! “LOL!” I definitely had this one pegged. Easy winnings!

Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ USC Trojans (-7): WIN! The Irish just didn’t have a chance from go to done. USC had more talent everywhere on the field, maybe even at quarterback… Anyway you look at it, USC came out and said, “National Championship! Here we come!” Though I still believe Michigan should get the nod.

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 12

This Week’s Top Team: 117 points, not 140, but not too shabby either. Needed a big defensive day, and I got the Panthers. A loss to the Redskins of all teams. Expect a big fantasy point day next week.

QB: Tony Romo: A huge day, 300 yards+ through the air, and 5 touchdown passes in a Thanks Giving feast. 32 points for ToRo. #1 quarterback by 5 points over the next guy (Vince Young).

RB: Larry Johnson: LJ stuck it to the Broncos, slanging up 157 rushing yards and a touchdown in Jake Plummer’s last game as a starting Bronco, assuming there’s not going to be an injury to Jay Cutler. Anyway, bye Jake, and LJ, thanks for 21 points, and a 6th running back ranking for Week 12.

RB: Brian Westbrook: “I know the Eagles will have a tough time against Indy, but Westy will get the most carries in the 1st half that he’s had all season.” Westbrook had 124 yards rushing, 46 yards receiving, and a touchdown for Philly. He’s dang good, good for 4th running back overall this week, and 22 fantasy points.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had a solid day in the Cowboys victory, tallying 107 yards and a touchdown good for 16 fantasy points, and a tie for 6th in the WR rankings this week.

WR: Braylon Edwards: Edwards struggled, then ran his mouth, then got 29 fantasy points, errr, yards, to stick out like a sore thumb on my roster this week. Thanks for 2 BE.

TE: Kellen Winslow: Captain Winslow had 52 yards and 5 fantasy points. Not too shabby, but not even in the top 10 for this struggling position.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Thanks Jeff, now I can stick with you. Jeff put up 10 points, good for a tie for 4th in the kicker ratings.

D: Panthers: Damn Panthers. They picked up 9 fantasy points, but God knows they should get 0. I knew I should have taken the Ravens (lets see 45 or 9?). Dang. 9.


Jake Delhomme: Jakey has struggle all year. The struggles continued on Sunday. Luckily for him, his back up is Chris Weinke, or he might have the same feeling in his gut as Jake Plummer, Kerry Collins, Drew Bledsoe, and Kurt Warner. Wait, what the hell is Kerry Collins’ name doing in there. Nobody feels like him, I’m sure. Anyway, Jake had 6. F

David Carr: I like what Carr did on Sunday. Kid didn’t have a running game, so he just through the rock. To the tune of 321 yards and a score, David busted out 17 fantasy points. A

Marion Barber: This back up had 20 fantasy points, 83 yards, and two scores. Yeah buddy. Nice day. Tied for 7th among RBs. A

Maurice Drew: This rookie back-up busted out 78 yards on 8 carries, and 47 yards on 5 catches. And a score. If the Jaguars want to win, they’ll find more ways to get Drew Drop the ball. 17 points. A

Arnaz Battle: 36 yards, a fumble… a point. Nice. F

Michael Jenkins: Two catches, 6 yards. Z

Owen Daniels: OD had 34 yards, good for a little more than nothing, and 18th overall in TE rankings.

San Diego Chargers DST: Dang, a point off of my prediction. The Chargers rated out as the 4th best defense with 19 fantasy points.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Moss’S

Aaron Brooks: 9 points for Brooks isn’t what anyone wanted when they started him this week, but that’s not as bad as I thought he’d do. He’s still a Moss, though.

Edgerrin James: 4 carries, 15 yards. Well, on the bright side, that’s probably his best YPC average of the season. Don’t make me change this to the James’.

Eddie Kennison: 1 catch, 16 yards. Nice Ed.

Randy Moss: 3 catches. 26 yards, that’s why these are the Moss’S. Randy needs to move towns or something, dude looks like he’s chillin’ out there. I still think he has as much talent as any receiver in the game. He’d be filthy on the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Packers… My good God, if Moss and Brett hooked up, shit would be crazy. I’d change the name of this area for sure. Only 62 guys in the WR spot scored more than Randy this week. Not bad, puts Kennison to shame. At least he registered a point, ughm… Michael Jenkins.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 13 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: I want 150 fellas. That means almost a 20 point average. Gonna need the big guns this week. I’m not holding back. Here are my Week 13 studs!

QB: Drew Brees: My main yardage leader fantasy scoring machine, Drew Brees, should bang out at least 3 scores against the Niners secondary.

RB: Larry Johnson: Cleveland, meet the guy you’ll have to stop 30+ times to even have a chance at winning this game. LJ, meet the team you’ll stomp all over the field until they start diving at your ankles when you’re going in for your 3rd touchdown on the day. Something like that.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: I’ve got to put this guy here. He deserves to be on this list forever. Dude is unreal. Responsible for all 3 of the Charger scores last week, he already has 24 touchdowns on the season. Buffalo, this is your chance, good luck. Fantasywise, this cat averages 6.6 more points per game than any other back.

WR: Steve Smith: Smith is way too good to stay so quiet. It’s not like he’s been bad, 6th in the league, but his huge games just haven’t been there. If Delhomme can figure it out, Smith will dominate the Eagles’ secondary.

WR: Javon Walker: I like J Walk against a Hawks defense that can give up the big play. With a gunslinger like Cutler, and the fact that I think the Broncos will be down, Walker looks to get his chances to make a play.

TE: Todd Heap: Heap takes advantage of defenses that take chances, the Bengals are definitely one of those. Look for Steve McNair to find Heap for a couple big ones in this surprise shoot out.

K: Jeff Wilkins: I kind of like this, Wilkins will make a big run against Arizona this week. Look for at least 4 field goals, and 2 extra points out of the big righty.

D: Bears: I can’t go wrong with Chicago. Wouldn’t be surprised if they shut out the Vikings here.


Chad Pennigton and Brett Favre: If the weather permits (check the report on Saturday) I think these two guys will get down to business in an old fashioned shoot out. Coles and Driver should have big days as well.

David Carr: I like Carr again this week. Like last week, the Raiders will try and make David beat them. All he needs to do is throw for 200+ yards and a TD with no more than one interception and the Texans will win. He’ll do better than that.

Steven Jackson: One day this youngster will be in the same league as the L’s (T&J), but right now, he’s numero deuce.

Travis Henry: Last time TH went up against the Colts, he put up an LT/LJ type yardage total. I don’t expect that again, but obviously the Titans know some plays that work against Indy.

Chris Henry: To celebrate the courts throwing Henry’s blood alcohol levels out of his DD court case, Henry will show up and catch at least one touchdown pass on Sunday. It’s nice that the Bengals have a guy as talented as Chris for a #3 receiver.

Terry Glenn: Against a struggling Giants secondary, this #2 wide receiver will have another #1 type game for the Cowboys. Romo likes to find Glenn in the end zone.

Ben Watson: Watson has been laid out to dry by Tom Brady a few too many times, and because of that, has dropped the ball a little too often. Ben is still too talented for Brady not to look for him, and against the Lions, Watson should be easy to find.

Jacksonville Jaguars DST: I’ve got to think the team that’s 3rd in the league in interceptions can get to Joey Harrington a couple times on Sunday. And with Ronnie Brown out, the Jags will crush whomever the Dolphins send in to run the ball. Should mean good things for Jax.

LUCKY’S Week 13 Moss’S

Jake Plummer, Mark Brunell, Drew Bledsoe, and Kerry Collins: Chuckle. I hope you didn’t pick any of these guys for your fantasy football teams.

Brad Johnson: Brad had a huge week in Week 12, but here come the Bears to show everyone why Brad should join Bledsoe, Plummer, Brunell, and Collins, on the Bench.

Edgerrin James: Last weeks totals will be out produced, I’m sure. But on the chance that Edge has another horrendous game, I have to keep him on this list.

Reggie Brown: Without D-Nabb, and with Jeff Garcia, things are looking grim for this young receiver.

Randy Moss: For namesake, I have to keep him here. Though, against the Texans, this might be Moss’s big chance to prove me wrong.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 12

Championship hopes and week 12 winner aspirations…. That’s what’s on Ol’ Lucky Lester’s mind coming into week 12. No new plan or Crazy plot to take over the world, just 16 solid picks from the man with a plan.Thursday:

Miami Dolphins (-2.5) at Detroit Lions: The Lions without Kevin Jones will be a gong show against the recently revitalized Dolphins defense, so don’t even take a chance on the Lions. Miami has proven over the past few games, and ever since Nick Saban took over, that they are a second half of the year team. Look for them to treat the Lions like a Turdunkin on Bird Day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys (-10.5): The Cowboys have too many options to play around with the Bucs, whose only real option is Cadillac Williams, something the Cowboys will make sure not to allow. Joey Galloway is still a game breaker, and rookie QB, Bruce Gradkowski has been solid, but with Tony Romo and the Cowboys pushing for the NFC West title, this should be a tough day for the Bucs in Dallas.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (even): The Chiefs rushing attack should dominate the Broncos suddenly sieved-like defensive front, on way to a huge inter-conference win at home. When it comes right down to it, the Chiefs need this game more, and with both the Broncos’ running backs struggling to stay on the field, KC is the more physical team, and they are at home, where they are always good.


Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings (-6): What has Minnesota done for me lately? Absolutely freaking nothing. That’s right, since an early season burst the Vikings have been just a notch above the horrible Raiders for league’s worst team honors. But, they play Matt Leinart and the bumbling Cardinals this weekend in Minnesota, a perfect game to get back on track with. Edge won’t be able to run against the Vikings, so all the weight will be on Matt’s shoulders. He’s just a little guy, not strong enough to carry that team.
Carolina Panthers (-4) at Washington Redskins: This has to be my safest pick of the week. The Panthers are leaps and bounds and years ahead of the Redskins, who start Jason Campbell at quarterback for the second time in his young career. But the Panthers aren’t the Bucs, and young Jason will soon find that out when he’s running for his life with Julius Peppers chasing him down. Look for Jason’s second outing to be a little less successful than beginners luck was.

Chicago Bears (+3) at New England Patriots: I guess I’m waiting to see if Tom Brady and the Patriots are the team that started 5-2 or the team that started 6-1 and recently ousted the Packers 35-0… Or are they the team that lost back to back games at the hands of the Colts and Jets? Either way, the Bears seem to step up big in big situations, this being one of those, I expect them to play very well. When Chicago is at the top of their game, and Rexxy is tossing the rock with confidence and accuracy, the Bears are very close to unbeatable. The overriding factor in this game, you ask? Dillon and Maroney will have a tougher time with the Bears D than Jones and Benson will have with the Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at Cleveland Browns: Last week the Browns put up a good fight against the Steelers, but faded in the 4th allowing Pittsburgh to pull out with a lucky win. Well, all that does is crush an already struggling team. While Cinci on the other hand, is riding the Chad Johnson hot streak all the way to playoff contention. With the Browns’ season already in the tank, expect the team with more to lose, Cincinnati, to dominate the 2nd half and the scoreboard.

Houston Texans (+6) at N.Y. Jets: I don’t see why the Texans are getting the write off here. The Jets can’t stop anyone on the ground, giving the Texans, who actually have a pretty productive rushing attack, an easy way to control the clock, and win this football game. I’ll take the underdog with the points here, but an upset wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills: Anthony Thomas nor Willis McGahee if he was healthy, will be going anywhere positive against the Jaguar rushing defense. With Donovan Darius out, the Jaguars lose yet another big time playmaker on the defensive side of the football, but their big guys up front are healthy, making it easier for backers and defensive backs to make plays. Expect the Jags to make those plays and down Buffalo on the road.

New Orleans Saints (+3) at Atlanta Falcons: Mike Vick used to play very well against the Saints, but Aaron Brooks (his Cousin) has moved on to bigger and crappier things, so sibling rivalry shouldn’t get Mike pumped any more. Drew Brees is the better signal caller here, and Reggie Bush and Deuce are better running backs. The Saints defense has played better all year, and without an accurate arm to pick their secondary apart, (ala what Pitt did and Cinci did to them in back to back weeks) the Saints should be able to walk out of Atlanta big winners.

N.Y. Giants (-3) at Tennessee Titans: The Titans will have a nice opportunity to do what they do best, and run, against the Giants, but I have a feeling that Eli Manning is ready to trot out of his slump and carry the struggling Giants to a win against the up and coming Titans. Sooner or later NFL teams are going to make Vince Young beat them, and I don’t think Vince can beat the Giants quite yet.

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts (-8.5): I like Brian Westbrook as a fantasy star this weekend, but I still think the Colts will pull out of Week 12 with a double digit win over the Eagles. Peyton Manning will play better than he did last week, especially against an Eagle defense that struggles against high end quarterbacks. Without McNabb, everyone will be able to see who the MVP of the Eagles is, as if there were any question going in.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5): I like the Ravens at home against just about anybody, especially a Steeler team that till walks around like they own the joint. Ray Lewis should be back in pads this week, making Willie Parker’s, Big Ben’s, and any other Pittsburgh offensive player’s lifer more difficult. If the Ravens do one thing well, it’s capitalize on opposing team’s mistakes. Ben will make his, as will the rest of the Steelers, and when they do, McNair, and more likely, the Ravens defense, will turn those mistakes into points.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams (-5): I know, the 49ers beat the Hawks last week, and have fought their way to .500 on the season while the lowly Rams have seen 5 straight defeats on way to a 4-6 record and a 1st to 3rd fall in the NFC West. But, St. Louis will win this game, because they are the better, more talented team. I hate underestimating Orlando Pace’s effect on the Rams, because he’s out this week, and I know he’s a vital part to the whole offense, but…. Ah yes, but…. The Niners leading receiver was caught drinking and driving, Vernon Davis still hasn’t proven healthy, Arnaz Battle has a flat tire, and Alex Smith has baby hands. That combination should kill the Niners in this battle.

Oakland Raiders (+14.5) at San Diego Chargers: Everyone has a down week. The Chargers, yes, even the Chargers, after two huge comeback wins, might just be too tired to dominate the lowly Raiders. I hope LT has a brilliant game, but I imagine Marty-Ball will lift its ugly head, and LT will be thrown into a run stop package put together by the only decent think in Silver and Black, a tough nosed Oakland Defense. Bad teams only have a few chances to get up and rowdy for a game, seeing a chance to stop the “All Mighty” Chargers and the leagues’ best player (LT) should get them ready to go. No crazy outcome here, just a closer game than expected.


Green Bay Packers (+9.5) at Seattle Seahawks: I don’t like the Packers, that’s for sure, but if the Seahawks expect Matt Hasselbeck to come back and make everything better, like a snoopy band-aid, then they will be stunned by Monday’s game. The Hawks problem isn’t Matt’s injury, though that hasn’t helped, it’s a bunch of guys who just expect to win on Sunday. Yeah, they have one of, if not the most talent in the NFC, especially on defense, yet they are often pathetic on both sides of the ball. They Hawks will claw back and win this game, but the Packers will teach Seattle a lesson on overlooking an opponent.

Week 11 NFL Pick Review – 2006

Another flopper has me down in the dumps, but a Monday night prediction has me riding the ship right back into my old winning ways. This is where I went terribly wrong in Week 11.

Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens (-4): WIN! Thank goodness for the Ravens, and the poor, suck in the 2nd half of the season Falcons. I needed an early couple wins to get me off to a good start. But unfortunately, a good start didn’t mean much in terms of overall record.

Buffalo Bills (+2.5) at Houston Texans: WIN! David Carr is questionable, but I don’t know if that helps or hurts the Texans? What I do know is Buffalo can play tough, and even with McGahee out, the Bill rushing attack is worth something. Houston at home has never impressed me. Expect a big play from Lee Evans that dumps the non-Cowboy club in Texas.

Chicago Bears (-7) at N.Y. Jets: WIN! Chicago won’t have problems with the Jets. Thomas Jones will give them the old Wham Bam Thank You Mam, surprise, and New York won’t have a swinging chance in this showdown. Rexxy Grossman is inconsistent, but this looks like a good match up for the young gun slinger.

Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints (-3): LOSS! It’s not like me to pick the Saints, but at home, and with a winner like Drew Brees, it’s time for even me to turn the corner. Against the Bengals, we might be watching Reggie Bush’s first dominate performance of his career. We also are going to see a point scoring fiesta in New Orleans, so get ready to Tivo this one, it’s going to be the Ultimate Highlight!

Indianapolis Colts (-1) at Dallas Cowboys: LOSS! The Colts are better than the Cowboys, even with Drew Bledsoe stuck on clipboard duty. Dallas’ defense struggles to defend the pass, Peyton Manning is the ultimate passer. 1 and 1 makes 2 right? Peyton kills Dallas all game long and the Colts win number 10. 10 straight wins is tough to come by, but a loss against the Cowboys just won’t happen.

Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins (-3): WIN! Miami has turn the corner? I wouldn’t go that far, but the Vikings sure have. Soon to be passed up by the freaking Packers, Minnesota needs to hurry up and make a Quarterback change before Brad Johnson dies on the field of old age. Okay, seriously, I don’t know how either of these teams is as bad as they are, but Miami has shown they are a second half team, while Minnesota hasn’t shown me jack lately. Dolphins at home in this one.

New England Patriots (-5.5) at Green Bay Packers: WIN! How about them Packers? About 4 games ago, this would have been a 10 point spread, but the Pats have really struggled, and the Packers have found a couple victories. I love how that works out. Look for Tom Brady to get his “Top Quarterback” game show down, and terrorize the Packers pass defense that struggles against veteran QBs. Patriots on the road in a laugher.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-9): LOSS! The Chiefs are a decent squad, and if they get back to giving Larry Johnson the ball every other offensive play, they’ll down the Raiders, even if Aaron Brooks plays quarterback. Hell, if Payton Manning played QB in Oakland, the Chiefs would still win, and the Raiders would still suck.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (+3.5): LOSS! A half point. The Steelers stayed in the playoff race (numbers wise, they aren’t technically eliminated yet, but God forbid they make it) and won by just enough to announce another loss for Lucky. Good Luck? Where has it gone?

St. Louis Rams (+7.5) at Carolina Panthers: LOSS! Lightening strikes twice as the Panthers cover for the 2nd week in a row. The Rams couldn’t do dick and I paid the hefty price.

Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles (-13): LOSS! I take no responsibility for this one, McNabb is out for the year, it happened relatively early, the Eagles would have come back, no doubt in my mind.

Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3): PUSH! The Redskins scored a meaningless touchdown, aha, meaningless in the game, but not meaningless to me. It made a win a push, never something that can be appreciated.

Detroit Lions (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals: LOSS! Can’t say much about this one. Both of these teams are an enigma to me. The Lions can’t win when they should, and the Cardinals can’t win. However, this time around can’t didn’t mean much to the Cards, as they took it to the Lions and won a yucky one.

Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) at San Francisco 49ers: LOSS! The Hawks can look like a very bad team from time to time. How can I justify this? Take a look at the first 3 quarters of Sunday’s game against the Niners. Yeah, the Hawks were horrible in just about every facet of the game. Then they pretended to be good for most of the 4th quarter, getting right back in it. And yet again, they seemed to turn it over every other play in the last 5 minutes to guarantee a loss for each of us. Nice job guys.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (-1): “The world thinks pretty highly of the Chargers, let me tell you what.” Ah, yeah, sometimes the world is right on. This is one of those times. I got straight LT’d in this one. That guy is unreal. Alexander ought to like this eh? A year after he set the all time record, LT is going to beat it in Week 13. I lost another.

N.Y. Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3): WIN! “I saw the Jaguars get smacked around last week by the Texans, and their real starting quarterback is probably going out for the year, but David Garrard is a gamer, and his receivers will step up for Monday Night Football. That being said, the Giants are physically hurting on both sides of the ball, especially defensive line, and Jacksonville has plans to run all over the Giants at home.” I still have it guys, Monday Night’s prediction will get me right back on track. Check out next week’s picks.

Free NCAA Football Picks Week 13 – 2006

Its been up and down as the regular season has gone on, but this week I’m making up for the Gong Show weeks, and straight picking money makers left and right. Don’t get left out, these are the hot picks for this week in the College ranks.

TOP 5 Bets

1. Boise State
2. Southern Methodist
3. Oregon
4. Texas
5. West Virginia

Texas A&M Aggies @ Texas Longhorns (-13): 5 out of the last 6 match-ups between these teams have ended in a win for the Longhorns of 13 points or more. The only game that didn’t see the Horns hooking the Aggies by more than 13, an 11 point win by Texas last season. Look for yet another Longhorn win!

Oregon Ducks (+3) @ Oregon State Beavers: Just to show how big of a gong-show the entire Pac-10 is, the Ducks, who got trounced by the Trojans, will spank the Beavers, who handed USC their only loss thus far. I think the Big East is a stronger conference than the Pac-10. Hell, I know it is! The Ducks walk in this interstate showdown.

Cincinnati Bearcats (-3.5) @ Connecticut Huskies: UCONN doesn’t have a chance in this game. This is what I’m talking about, the Big East has a nice group of top level talent. The Bearcats are one of those top tier teams that will upset some “major conference” squads in bowl play. Mark my words. Cinci wins easily here.

Syracuse Orange (+15) @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights: After finally seeing their perfect season deteriorate, the Knights will have a tough one against the Orange. Syracuse won’t win, don’t get me wrong, but they will put up a fight against the Knights.

South Carolina Gamecoks @ Clemson Tigers (-5): After a week of Steve Spurrier rumors, the Old Ball Coach heading to Miami to take over a struggling Hurricane squad, something tells me the Gamecocks won’t play inspired football. God knows they aren’t good enough to play poorly and win, so expect the Clemson Tigers to take advantage of that situation and get a big win. Did I mention that they are the better team? Its true.

South Florida Bulls @ West Virginia Mountaineers (-21): The Mounties have dominated at home this season, and are playing as well as they’ve played all year. The Bulls are a formidable opponent, but that won’t stop the Mounties from mounting a dominating win at home. Pat White and Steve Slaton for president!

Southern Methodist Mustangs (+4) @ Rice Owls: I fully expect the Mustangs to win this contest. This will be Rice’s 4th home game this season, and they’ll look to win one for their home fans, but SMU is the better team here, despite the similar record. The Owls have been eeking out close wins while SMU has been pretty solid. Take the underdog here!

Louisville Cardinals (-10.5) @ Pittsburgh Panthers: 4 straight losses for the Panthers? Make that 5. Yes sir, the Cardinals are still one of the Nation’s best teams, and the Panthers are still on a 4 game losing streak that doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. The Panthers have always been front runners, and God knows what a 4 game tank job does to front runners. The Cards should cover with ease on the road in this one.

Oklahoma Sooners (-5.5) @ Oklahoma State Cowboys: OK State will get handled in this one. A Sooner team that keeps getting better each week will come into their biggest rivals home turf and dominate from kickoff ’till game over.

Boise State Broncos (-2.5) @ Nevada Wolfpack: LOL! The Broncos have had 2 close games all season long. This one may be close, because Nevada has some talent, but there is a reason the Broncos are undefeated. I have a pretty good feeling Boise State will run the table this year, and that makes betting on this game a given. Nevada isn’t this good.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ USC Trojans (-7): The Irish have a better team, but I have a feeling they’ll come out flat against USC, something that won’t be tolerated, and won’t be taken lightly by the Trojans. An early lead for USC is almost a guarantee. I hope this game is closer than I expect it to be.

Week 12 College Football Picks Review: 2006

While Rutgers saw their perfect season fall, and the Wolverines fell just short of beating the Buckeyes, my 6-5 record was anything but perfect. A couple late scores killed what should have been a brilliant week, and then there was the Terps and Deacons that flat out killed me. But all is well as I finished 1 game up, just enough to keep me going.

West Virginia Mountaineers (-11) @ Pittsburgh Panthers: WIN! The Mountaineers were just too much for the Panthers, as Steve Slaton and Pat White showed why they are future Heisman competitors. West Virginia lost a tough one against Louisville, but don’t be confused, they’d give any top level school a fight! For the first time in a few weeks, Thursday night was good for me.

Maryland Terrapins (+7.5) @ Boston College Eagles: LOSS! Boston College just absolutely dominated the Terps. From time to time, Maryland will play a game like this, I just didn’t expect it to come against a conference rival. The Terps just didn’t show up at all.

Iowa Hawkeyes (+3) @ Minnesota Golden Gophers: LOSS! Iowa has once again disappointed me. But if any team has been more difficult to figure out, it’s those pesky and promiscuous Golden Gophers. I don’t know what these guys do the night before games, but there are some weeks that Temple would run their show, and other weeks where they can compete with the Ohio State’s of the world.

Duke Blue Devils (+26.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: LOSS! Just barely, what can I say? A point… Damn Blue Devils always messing up my city wall. South Park humor. This is the last time I roll my money on the football Dukies.

Oklahoma Sooners (-19.5) @ Baylor Bears: WIN! The Sooners did the Bears dirty and hooked me up with a much needed win. Oklahoma is a very good football team, and will only get better as their young offense grows. Oh, and if Peterson comes back for a Bowl game.. Watch out!

Arkansas Razorbacks @ Mississippi State Bulldogs (+14.5): WIN! The Razorbacks almost did me good, but the Bulldogs did just enough in the first half to pull me out a half point victory. I’ll take it, any slobbery Bulldog way I can get it, thank you.

Michigan Wolverines @ Ohio State Buckeyes (-6.5): LOSS! Entering the 4th quarter, I had a terrible feeling that this game was going to come down to a late Michigan score and an attempt at an onside kick for a chance to win or tie. Well, the sickness came true, and although the Buckeyes had the game in hand, a late score by Michigan, with 2 minutes left, did me good and the big spread was to tough to cover. But what can I do? The Buckeyes were up 10 most of this game, just not when it came down to making me money.

Buffalo Bulls (+38.5) @ Wisconsin Badgers: WIN! The Bulls covered, got their asses kicked good, but covered no problem. Hate to say it, actually I love to say it, I told ya so.

Oregon State Beavers (-14) @ Stanford Cardinal: WIN! The Beavers walloped the Cardinal, something I definitely saw happening. No way in hell the Cardinal were going to play decent football twice in a season. They are that bad folks.

Auburn Tigers (-3) @ Alabama Crimson Tide: WIN! The Tigers pulled out a quick one on the Tide, giving me a guarantee at a winning week. Neither team could score in the final quarter, but Auburn managed a slim touchdown win over their cross state rivals.

Virginia Tech Hokies @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+2): LOSS! Wake Forest finally did what everyone kept predicting they were going to do. The Hokies whooped them good, and handed me my 5th loss in as many chances. Can’t win them all kids.