Free College Football Picks Week 14 2005

If USC Loses… Right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always a strong believer in a chance to dethrone the kings of college football, but there is no way Reggie Bush allows his California squad to go down to the “other” Cali team. Plus, I really don’t want the Trojans to lose and find themselves in the National Championship game anyway. That would really chap my balls. I’m going for my third winning week in as many tries. 9-0 would be nice, but I’ll settle for 8-1… 7-2? That’s my last offer.

Louisville Cardinals (-15) @ Connecticut Huskies – This would be one hell of a basketball game. Unfortunately the football teams aren’t as evenly matched. Louisville should slaughter the Huskies in this one. Louisville didn’t go undefeated as many experts predicted, but they’re still a solid team. I expect this game to be a blowout. The fact that Connecticut can put together a winning season makes me wonder why the Blue Devils of Duke can’t improve. It’s a mystery to me.

UCLA Bruins @ USC Trojans (-20) – Something tells me that UCLA starting linebackers won’t be telling everyone that Maurice Drew is a better running back than Reggie Bush after the game on Saturday. Do you really need to say stupid shit like that to get Reggie more excited to play football? Not to dog Maurice, he’s a very good back, but Reggie Bush is the most dominate college football player I’ve ever watched. He’s amazing. He is steps ahead of everyone. He always breaks tackles, and his vision is stellar. Did I mention his speed? He has “faster than everyone else” speed. A game breaker. The game breaker. The Trojans will walk to an undefeated regular season.

Colorado Buffaloes (+28) @ Texas Longhorns – I think the Longhorns will win this game on way to play the Trojans in the National Championship game, but it won’t come as easy as 4 touchdowns. With everyone in the Nation questioning who Texas would play in the Title game if USC loses to UCLA, it is possible that the Longhorns will be looking ahead as well… for one half of football. The Horns will pull away with Vince Young leading the way in the second half, but the Buffo’s will give Texas a run for their money.

LSU @ Georgia (+1.5) – This game should be a defensive show. The Bulldogs are basically at home in the Georgia Dome, so I have to give them the upper hand. Don’t count out the Tigers though, they’ve played like warriors all year long. This is a team that has thrived in the face of adversity. Possibly one of the years’ best sports stories. Take DJ Shockley’s Bulldogs to out last the JaMarcus Russell’s Tigers in a thriller.

Tulsa Golden Hurricanes @ Central Florida Golden Nights (-1) – Steven Moffett has passed for nearly 2,500 yards on the year while tossing 18 touchdown to only 6 interceptions for South Florida. Kevin Smith looks to eclipse the 100 yard mark in Saturday’s game against the Hurricanes. Brandon Marshall and Mike Walker combine to make the best 1-2 receiving punch in Conference USA. Each will most likely eclipse 1000 yards on the season, while both will come dangerously close to 10 touchdowns. Look for South Florida’s offensive playmaking ability to outlast the Hurricanes. George O’Leary’s return to college football has been incredible, as he’s turned around South Florida’s losing ways. Look for O’Leary to continue his triumph.

West Virginia (-10) @ South Florida – Although this game is almost meaningless to the Mountaineers, as they’ve secured a BCS Bowl Bid, no game is meaningless in college football. It’s about pride. You play for your school, your teammates, your coaches, and yourself. And for all those people, you play to win football games. With their only loss coming to the Virginia Tech Hokies, the Mountaineers will show they’re worthy of their BCS Bowl game by taking down South Florida in a bashing.

San Diego State Aztecs @ Hawaii Warriors (-3) – Hawaii is better than their record shows. Second to Notre Dame, the Warriors have played one of college football’s toughest records. Losses to USC, Michigan State, Fresno State, Boise State, and Wisconsin riddle their record with losses. But they’ve played tough all year. Colton Brennan has passed for nearly 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. The Warriors will shred an Aztec defensive unit that is known to give up points.

Navy Midshipmen (-6) @ Army Cadets – I usually always take the underdogs in these rivalry battles, but the Midshipmen are that much better than Army. Close losses to Stanford, Maryland, Rutgers, and Notre Dame have taken the Midshipmen to 6-4, but they’re a much better team because of their tough schedule. Navy should blow the Cadets out of the water in this military mismatch.

Florida State Seminoles @ Virginia Tech (-14) – The Hokies are going to kill the Seminoles because they are a much better team than FSU. FSU has shown their weaknesses in past weeks and Virginia Tech will exploit them. Marcus Vick needs to step up in the final month of this season if he wants to head to the NFL in the early part of the 2006 draft. He’s a Vick. He’s wanted. An extra year would be great for Marcus, but if you can go, go… right? Look for the Seminoles to lose their 3rd straight game. The Seminoles obviously don’t play well when something is on the line or they would have won one or two of the last three. Tech won’t let FSU steal their spot in a BCS Bowl Game.

2005 Week 12 NFL Pick Review

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! 12-4
Pocket Aces, Ace on the Flop, Ace on the River

Atlanta (-3) at Detroit -What do you know? Atlanta halted the Lion’s pathetic rushing attack, and they won another game. If the Falcons can shut down your runner they will win. Vick played solid football, but it was the rushing duet of Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett that carried the rock to victory. To top it all off, Steve Marioochi was fired on Monday. Nice.

Denver (-2.5) at Dallas – Denver took me to a perfect Thanksgiving, which is ironic because my Holiday weekend was anything but perfect. My turkey fell victim to Thanks Giving football, spending an hour too long in the oven, which made everything taste like burning. Besides my kids fighting each other and crunching up their faces with every bite, my wife couldn’t stop making fun of how bad my picks have been of late and how she’s number one in her office pool (where spreads don’t matter, mind you). Needless to say I took Friday off to go hang out in the Stripper bus.

Baltimore at Cincinnati (-9.5) -Cincinnati started to dominate just as I had imagined, then Baltimore started scoring. I was worried for about a minute. The Bengals continued their offensive onslaught, and at the end of the game, it was my third win of the week.

Cleveland at Minnesota (-4) – The Vikings came out victorious in the end. How have the done it? I’m seriously asking. If anyone can tell me how a trade of Daunte Culpepper for Brad Johnson will improve a football team, I would love an email. I took the new found Vikes in this one, and I got paid. Mike Tice won’t get paid. Mark my words.

New England at Kansas City (-3) – The Chiefs needed this game much more than the Patriots and they showed it on the field. Tom Brady was intercepted 4 times by the new Chief defense. Three of those pics came by way of David Wesley. Nicknamed “OC” because he plays out of control, Wesley single handily made sure Brady had his worst day as a pro. This big time play could catapult the Chiefs into the playoffs.

San Diego (-3) at Washington – Ladainian Tomlinson. After the running back’s performance on Sunday, he’s got me wondering if he’s the best ever. I can sure understand why his coach would think that. In a day where kickers played like garbage, Ladainian made sure there was never a kicker needed to win the game. A stiff-arm followed by a sprint took the Chargers to victory. A touchdown covered for me also. LT for President!

San Francisco at Tennessee (-7) – What can I say? “San Francisco is starting Ken Dorsey at quarterback for the second straight week. Look for Brown to have a huge day on the ground.” (Me) Chris Brown had another huge day and Ken Dorsey was the starter for the Niners. Those are two things that just don’t equal out ot be a 49er victory.

St. Louis (-3.5) at Houston -“The Rams played like a pile of rabbit droppings last week.” (me) and they did the same thing this week. Luckily for their lucky asses, they pulled a rabbit family out of their caucux. When the game was 24-3, I told my Uncle John to “Watch out for these Rams, they’re the luckiest bastards on earth.” He told me they weren’t that lucky being down 3 touchdowns. Needless to say, he agrees with me now. After watching the Rams score and score and get an onside kick and score, then score in overtime to win it, Uncle John hates the lucky Rams as much as I do. Fortunately, for the second straight overtime game a touchdown gave me victory where a field goal wouldn’t have. Sweet Carl!

Jacksonville (-3.5) at Arizona – Byron Leftwich broke his ankle and the Cardinals still couldn’t muster up enough salsa to take down the Jaguars in Arizona. If the Cardinals aren’t the biggest disappointment this year I don’t know who is. Wait, yes I do, the New York Jets.

Green Bay at Philadelphia (-2) – The Packers just can’t win football games. The Eagles didn’t do anything particularly well, but Brett Favre evened out his touchdowns and interceptions on the year, and the Eagles took advantage. The 5 point victory in Philly gave me another win for my bank roll.

New Orleans (+3) at N.Y. Jets – “The Saints are out of any playoff or season saving chances, so theyƕre ready to start playing well. As it always is. Money in the bank!” (Me) Oh the Jets. Hopefully they’ll get a player in the draft that will turn things around for one of the most unlucky coaches in the game, Herman Edwards. If anyone knows the Saints, I do. They’re out of any race besides the race to move down in the draft. What does that translate to? Saint victories!

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (-6) – The Colts played well enough to win this game, but it was the Steelers who gave victory to Indy. An onside kick to start the half? C’mon Bill Cowher… Don’t piss away your chances like that. I would have liked to see Pittsburgh pull it off, but no one will beat the Colts playing like that. Big Ben was still a week away from being completely healthy with his timing back, and the rushing attack couldn’t penetrate the Colts ferocious defense. Those are three words I never thought I’d put together.


Carolina (-4.5) at Buffalo – Carolina came out with the victory, but winning by 4 points on a 4.5 spread game doesn’t work out that often. The Bills shut down the Panther rushing attack, even with Deshaun Foster getting the starting nod. Delhomme wasn’t on fire, and so the Panthers only scored 13 points. Luckily, they were playing a team led by JP Losman. What does that mean? Three field goals and they’re out. Won’t cut it.

Chicago at Tampa Bay (-3) – Cadillac Williams had 84 rushing yards on 19 carries, but it wasn’t enough to dismantle the Bear train. Chicago’s defense is ridiculously good, bringing comparisons to the great ’85 Bear defense. That’s a good comparison. Both are completely dominate up front with a stud in the middle. The Bears had an offense, so this year’s D might be better?

Miami at Oakland (-7) – Miami just lost their chances of taking home Matt Leinart or Vince Young. I guess they’ll have to settle for Marcus Vick. Miami upset the Raiders, though was this really an upset? With the Dolphins bring it to your face pass rush attack, wasn’t it assumed that Kerry Collins would have trouble getting the ball off because he has the slowest release in football? Ken Dorsey and Cody Pickett let go of the football faster than Collins. Oakland lost again and super star receiver Randy Moss had 3 catches for 28 frocking yards.

N.Y. Giants at Seattle (-5) – My last loss of the day came on a Seattle victory. Unlike the Rams and the Chargers, the Hawks didn’t score a touchdown in overtime that would have given me victory. Two out of three ain’t bad. What did happen in this game was, crappy calls against the Hawks and then an obvious showing of destiny as Jay Feely missed three makable kicks that would have given the Giants victory. Obviously the Hawks were meant to win, and if it weren’t for two suspect calls, they wouldn’t have needed 3 missed kicks in a row. But, they got them. Thanks Jay, God, and whomever else took the Hawks to 9-2.
Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Week 13 College Football Picks Review

A Repeat Performance
My second straight winner ended as another 7-4 record. I had some huge reversals as Fresno State was had by Nevada and LSU barely skipped by the Razorbacks. On the other hand, I had some huge winners come through in fine fashion. There were some great games this weekend… Texas almost went down and Georgia vs. georgia Tech was as hard-nosed as advertised. Let the flood gates open…

Toledo (+6.5) @ Bowling Green – (Toledo 44, Bowling green 41) Look at that, I predicted an upset out of the Rockets, and they came through with neons and rainbows. Omarr Jacobs did what he does, 315 yards, 3 touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough to hold down old Lucky Lester. Let freedom ring!

Wisconsin (-7) @ Hawaii – (Wisconsin 41, Hawaii 24) This was an easy pick, as I predicted. The Badgers looked good after their short week of Hawaiian beauties, fun in the sun, and practices in Hawaii forgetting about all of their late season failures. I win again!

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech (-23.5) – (NC 3, VT 30) Mr. Vick was balling on Saturday. Tech looked good taking down the Tar Heels. VT will have a good bowl game on their hands if they can step up and take the ACC Title. Look for them to do so. Look for them to dominate the rest of the season, including whichever shmoe they play in a bowl.

Maryland @ NC State (-2.5) – (Maryland 14, NC State 20) “NC State has crumbled from their preseason rankings, but they aren’t finished just yet. They’ll be bowling come December.” (Me) It’s only a week or two away before we find out which bowl game will host the Wolfpack. NC State struggled out of the blocks, but their 6 wins have been pretty big ones. Watch out for the Wolfpack, I hear their bowling.

Florida State @ Florida (-4.5) – (FSU 7, Florida 34) “The Gators have struggled, but they’ll be up for the task against a very average Seminoles team. A midseason loss to Virginia, teaming with the consecutive losses to NC State and Clemson have the Seminoles on their way out of the Top 25. Hooray!” (Me) The Gators might have done exactly what I predicted, sending the Seminoles packing for a trip outside of the Top 25. I love. In fact, “I like it, I love it, I want more of….” I hate that damn song!

Georgia (-3) @ Georgia Tech – (Georgia 14, Georgia Tech 7) Georgian played tough as timber on defense, taking down the Yellow Jackets after allowing only one single score. This was a battle, as I had expected, but Bulldogs are so much tougher than bumble bees.

Tennessee (-9.5) @ Kentucky – (Tennessee 27, Kentucky 8) I didn’t expect the Vols to go out on the ground and they didn’t. Coaching changes are in the near future for Tennessee, but not because they couldn’t out dual the Wildcats. The Vols brought my win total to 7 on the week. Not bad for a second week in a row.


Arkansas @ LSU (-17) – (Arkansas 17, LSU 19) LSU barely scored 17 damn points. That put a damper on my 17 point spread I had to cover. The Tigers often seem to play to the level of their opponents. I often seem to pick them when they seem to want to play that way. SEEM THIS!

Notre Dame (-18) @ Stanford – (Notre Dame 38 – Stanford 31) Stanford played tough against the team formerly coached by their old coach… what? Ah yes, Ty Willingham used to run the Cardinal. Stanford played well. Well enough to be up with less than two minutes to go. But the Irish weren’t about to allow another Michigan State game to happen. BCS, here come the Irish.

Fresno State (-16) @ Nevada – (Fresno State 35, Nevada 38) The Bulldogs had a big time lull against the gamblers. This will come back to bite them in the ass when they end up playing some barely average Pac-10 team in the Tampax Tampon Bowl.

Oklahoma State (+20) @ Oklahoma – (Oklahoma State 14, Oklahoma 42) Oklahoma is way better than OK State. I missed this one. I still hate Oklahoma though, so this just reiterates that.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 12

You sucked again! Guess what you have to do?The Tossed Salad Man? No, no, I’ll pick the games better, I will! I’ll learn to pick! I don’t want to toss a salad. I’m no better at shelling greens than I have been at picking games in weeks 10-12… Last week, in light of my struggles of late, I studied team histories, wins and losses against the spread, favorite and underdog records, even rivalry records. And what did I come out with? A week 11 record only the Duke Blue Devil Football program could be proud of. Well, I’m accustomed to winning, so I won’t take it anymore. I’m going to win once and for all, if I have to go with my gut in every game, I will. Here’s my picks, reasons, and even a little humor for the start of Holiday Season. As it turns out, look for the team with the best record to find themselves on top.

Atlanta (-3) at Detroit – Atlanta only loses to teams who force the issue on the ground. The Lions couldn’t manage to rush for over a hundred yards if their contracts depended on it. In Atlanta’s 4 losses, they’ve given up loads of yards on the ground. Two weeks ago it was Samkon Gado running over the Falcons, this last week it was Cadillac Williams. Fortunately for the Falcons, they won’t be tormented by a strong rushing attack in Detroit, starting tail back Kevan Jones hasn’t eclipsed the 100 yard mark once this season. Look for Atlanta to get off the train tracks and on the right track.
Game Date: 11/24/05 12:35 ET

Denver (-2.5) at Dallas – I’ve never been more excited for this match-up. I’m guaranteed one of these overachievers will lose. Unfortunately one will win. The Broncos are much better than I could have ever dreamed (nightmare), and the Cowboys can barely slip past the Lions. That’s right, I don’t care how many games they’ve one, I have a pretty strong feeling Denver will show everyone how funny it looks when Drew Bledsoe tries to escape pressure. I see a short video of a man trying so hard to move forward on a treadmill but the forward speed is impossible to eclipse, as he eventually gives up and gets sucked under 4 defensive linemen who used to play for Cleveland. Mike Shanahan for president… shit, that asshole would be an upgrade. Game Date: 11/24/05 16:20 ET

Baltimore at Cincinnati (-9.5) – Baltimore’s been playing better. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers… Blah, blah, blah… Save that stuffing for the turkey. The Bengals may have fallen short in Indy, but the didn’ t give up and almost came back to tie it at the end of regulation. Cinci still possesses Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson, a combination Baltimore will find utterly impossible to slow down on Sunday. Look at the last match-up between these division foes. This one should be a remix addition on that game where Cinci was pissin’ all over Baltimore. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Carolina (-4.5) at Buffalo – Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans. These are the only teams the Panthers have failed against. This game in Buffalo is important, very important, Bambi’s dad shot by a hunter important. They won’t lose. The only time the Panthers have lost all year is when focus has been forgotten. The first game of the season against the Saints, Carolina expected to dominate, to say the least – they didn’t. Miami has no place taking out Carolina, and last week the Panther’s were riding a winning streak they thought would give them victory all by itself. Well, after realizing that they can’t imagine themselves to Wonderland like Alice, they’ll wake-up and smoke the Bills like a Clinton cigar. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Chicago at Tampa Bay (-3) – The Bucs have their running game back in tact. The bears will remove it from the field of play. Cadillac will have few yards, but a big touchdown, leading the Bucs to victory over the best defense in football. The Bears and Bucs will have one of footballs greatest defensive battles this season. Think about the Bengal – Colt game and completely reverse it. Tampa Bay will take this one by a touchdown, the only one scored all day in Tampa.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland at Minnesota (-4) – The Vikings have done something I didn’t think was possible… won three games in a row. Amazing! Brad Johnson looks terrible play in and play out, plus he’s like 50. Mewelde Moore played possessed for Minnesota. It just seems like each of the past three weeks the Vikings stumble upon victory somehow. Whose to say it will stop at home against the Browns? Not I.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

New England at Kansas City (-3) – The Patriots are still overrated. They could finish the season at 8-8 and in the playoffs in their division. That’s what’s going to happen. The Chiefs need this game a million times more than the Patriots do. The Chiefs are better than New England and they have Larry Johnson. Over 500 yards rushing in the last 3 games Larry Johnson. Kid is for real. Larry will be on his game to take the Patriot mystique down a notch Thanks Giving Weekend. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

San Diego (-3) at Washington – The Chargers are one of the leagues best teams. After a slow, luckless start, they’re back to dominating their opponents. The Redskins on the other hand, are showing the world what I had figured all along, they’re a .500 ball club at best. We’re balls deep into the season, where losses to division celler teams like Oakland destroy playoff hopes outright. Washington won’t recover in time. The Chargers are too productive on both sides of the ball.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

San Francisco at Tennessee (-7) – The Titans have some young breaths of life these days. Drew Bennett is back, taking pressure off McNair, Chris Brown, Erron kinney, and the rest of the Titans’ young receiving corps. San Francisco is starting Ken Dorsey at quarterback for the second straight week. Look for Brown to have a huge day on the ground while the Titans slow San Fran to a Drew Bledsoe like crawl (sprint) all day long. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

St. Louis (-3.5) at Houston -The Rams played like a pile of rabbit droppings last week. Even stud runner Steven Jackson didn’t rush for more than 20 yards against the pathetic Arizona rushing defense. The Rams will rediscover their need to give the ball to Jackson over and over again in Houston. After giving up 211 yards to Larry Johnson last week, St. Louis will be looking to give it to Houston, while the Texans will attempt to change a few things. My guess is the Rams come out on top of this battle. Jackson will sing his dreadlock buddy, Bob Marley’s, Redemption Song for his Rams and Fantasy Owners alike.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville (-3.5) at Arizona – The Cardinals aren’t good just because they took advantage of a Rams team that pisses the bed biweekly. They are bad. They have a bad offensive line, a bad defense, and a quarterback that doesn’t win anymore. Jacksonville on the other hand, has scored 30+ each of the last two weeks after going 58 games without reaching the 30 point plateau. They needed it last week, and they’ll play high scoring football this week in Arizona. Look for a trouncing by the Jaguars.
Game Date: 11/27/05 16:05 ET

Miami at Oakland (-7) – The Raiders will take down Nick Saban’s Dolphins. Saban’s got it right, Miami doesn’t need to win. In fact, he might be the smartest coach in the league. His team’s out of it, he’s got young players who may or may not be on the team next year, he needs to make personnel decisions. If he’s the worst team in the league he might get Matt Leinart. Who thinks Miami needs to win now? Think about it. Randy Moss will have his biggest game of the year, despite Kerry Collins throwing like a boxer on the ropes. Moss is sick of the criticism he’s been getting because Collins throws like a pussy every damn down. Moss scores more points than Miami in this one. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:05 ET

Green Bay at Philadelphia (-2) – The Eagles are led by a young gun slinger with running capabilities. Weird. Remember when Donovan used to be exactly that? McMahon gives the Eagles enough play making ability to win games. They’ll show that this weekend at home against the woeful Packers. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:15 ET

N.Y. Giants at Seattle (-5) – The Hawks are the much better team here. Their offensive line is better, their running back is better, their quarterback is better, and their secondary is better. Did I mention coaching? Much better in Seattle. The Hawks are always tough at home, and always tough against the Giants. Matt Hasselbeck will throw three touchdowns in this contest as the Giants attempt to shut down Shaun Alexander. Unfortunately, you can’t stop Shaun. The Hawks win big in Seattle. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:15 ET

New Orleans (+3) at N.Y. Jets – Yeah! Football! Everyone loves a good 1st round pick contest. To the loser goes Reggie Bush. Wait, to the loser goes Matt Leinart. Vince Young? Holy crap, either team would take a good look at me if I showed up at practice. This game will be ugly, but the Jets have the worst chance of winning football games right now. The Saints are out of any playoff or season saving chances, so they’re ready to start playing well. As it always is. That’s unfortunate for New Orleans (lower pick) but it works for me. Money in the bank! Game Date: 11/27/05 20:40 ET

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (-6) – The Colts amazed me last week. Peyton is amazing, though I still think the MVP belongs with Carson Palmer in the AFC, and Edgerrin James is dominate. What a game plan out of Dungy’s Colts. The Steelers won’t be on track quite yet with Big Ben’s big return scheduled for this Monday. They’ll be better with Ben in there, but not good enough to disrupt the Colt’s winning ways. 11-0? Undefeated? Game Date: 11/28/05 21:00 ET


Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

2005 Week 11 NFL Pick Review

REDEMPTION SONG…. I need one of those.
I’ve got to be better than this. If all this reverse horseshoe, sticky
rabbit foot, mirror breaking, salt spilling, somebody peed in my beer glass but I still thought it was beer so I drank it anyway – stuff continues, I’m going to change my name. Lucky Lester doesn’t have the same ring to it when you can’t even win half your games. I mean shit, if I tried to lose 16 games I would have been 11-5 last week. This week was a little better, but just a little…

Carolina got embarrassed by the Bears, who should’ve won by more points, if it weren’t for dropped touchdown passes. Jake Delhomme looked like he thought the Bears were on his team, tossing passes off of Bear defenders early and often. Where is that Panther running game?

The Eagles played well without Donovan, but the cards weren’t aligned for me to win many games this week so they didn’t cover. They’ll get a win for me next week.

The Jags were up by 10 and I was in the money. The Titans scored a late touchdown and my money was with the bookie.

The Lions couldn’t do dick against Dallas. That pretty much sums it up. Loser!

You saw it, I saw it, the Bengals were the second best team in football on Sunday. My five points weren’t enough against the best team in the league.

The Patriots were up and covering, then they showed me why they aren’t the old Patriots anymore. Aaron Brooks fired a late touchdown pass to Donte Stallworth and the Patriots didn’t move the ball again, feeling satisfied with their 7 point win.

Arizona won by 10, giving me my first big win of the week. Hopefully there was more to come… there wasn’t much more. Kurt “I used to be really good, an MVP in fact, for the greatest show on turf in St. Louis, and I was a Super Bowl winner” Warner got his first win as a Cardinal.

Tampa Bay got me my second win of the week, but it wasn’t without a little pain. My good buddy Mikey Koenen missed a 55 yarder to tie it. He’s been awesome though, he’ll be back!

Washington played like…. Washington. What do you know. The Skins couldn’t move the ball for a single 4 down series. Gross. The Raiders were almost as bad, Kerry Collins still sucks. Randy Moss can’t even make this guy good. Tui! Tui! Tui! Show me something different then Collins to nobody off his back foot.

The Steel Show had a poop in the pants against Baltimore. And the Ravens win for the 3rd time all year… What do they win? A crap pie! And for me? A loan from the bank… ugh.

Huh… I had no idea the Dolphins could play so bad. Who would have thought that any quarterback in the league would have been such a downgrade from Gus Frerotte? They put Gus in with broken fingers for God’s sake. How bad is that? Droughns was a beast. He won the game for Cleveland. But why is Trent still in there?

The Seahawks were that far away from dominating the Niners, but they couldn’t pull the trigger. So what happened? They let San Fran hang around all day and the 49ers almost tied the game at the end of regulation. When will the Hawks ever learn?

I was reading my analysis of the Bill-Charger game and I can’t figure out why I took Buffalo. I hope my readers looked at my reasoning and decided to take the Chargers while making fun of my ignorance. That’s always a good wish.

The Chiefs game me win number 3.. 3? Fucking 3? Holy Crap! What a diarrhea week! Too much mexican food! Green Bay did just enough to lose it. That seems like an odd thing for the Pack to do this year. Reggie Bush anyone?
Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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Free College Football Picks Week 13 2005


I knew I could do better than 0-10-1. For God’s sake. A chicken’s tits could do better. That was the plan in Week 12, eat a bunch of chicken and make good picks. All right, this week it’s turkey, let’s see if it’s a bird thing.

Toledo (+6.5) @ Bowling Green – I know my boy Omarr Jacobs is back in action, and I never bet against the best athlete on the field, but maybe that’s my problem lately. I thin Toledo will surprise Bowling green at home. This game would place Toledo in a respectable Bowl Game if they could come out on top. Bowling green will be ready to take down the Rockets, but a surprise is on the fence.

Arkansas @ LSU (-17) – LSU will dominate this game. Absolutely devastated by their early season loss to the likes of Tennessee, the Tigers will attempt to finish the season with the strength of a million bulls. Okay, what am I saying, LSU is going to crush the likes of Arkansas. I’m talking about Roseanne on top. You get me? Crush!

Wisconsin (-7) @ Hawaii – “Sconsin finds themselves a long way from home this weekend in Hawaii. But maybe that’s good. In fact, I’m betting on a trip to Hawaii fixing the Badgers problems on both sides of the ball. There’s something to be said for hot Hawaiian girls in grass skirts, just ask the Vikings. There like 4-2 since their little love cruise. The Badgers take down Hawaii in Paradise.

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech (-23.5) – The Tar Heels have utterly disgusted me of late. Okay, they just disgusted me last week. I guess a wins a win, but when Duke only loses by three it’s like a win for them. That just shows how pathetic they are, but still. Virginia Tech saw their National Championship hopes disappear when Miami came out and kicked them in the face. Marcus Vick needs to have another huge comeback game to get him on track for the Bowling season, and the ACC Championship game. Look for him to do it here.

Maryland @ NC State (-2.5) – NC State has crumbled from their preseason rankings, but they aren’t finished just yet. They’ll be bowling come December. State has beaten the likes of Florida State and Georgia Tech. If they take down Maryland, they’ll get their 6th and most important win of the season. Bowl Eligible with quality wins. This season might not be a complete disappointment after all.

Florida State @ Florida (-4.5) – Florida State isn’t the better team in this game. The Gators have struggled, but they’ll be up for the task against a very average Seminoles team. An midseason loss to Virginia, teaming with the consecutive losses to NC State and Clemson have the Seminoles on their way out of the Top 25. Hooray! Down with Florida dominance! Wait a second… shit, either way Florida looks good in this one. You can’t win in the polls, you might as well win in the bank!

Georgia (-3) @ Georgia Tech – Georgia faces a tough Yellow Jacket team on a high after pummeling the Seminoles in Florida last week. But they’ll be up for the task. Georgia, who has lost two games this year by a combined 5 points, has seen the hopes for a BCS Bowl Game tumble into the ground. But, D.J. Shockley is still on of the most talented players in the Nation, and he’ll be ready to send Tech back down to where they belong. In a big battle of Georgia’s, the winner will most likely play in a better bowl game.In
other words, Dick Vitale likes to say, “To the Victor goes to the spoils.”
Yeah, what he said.

Notre Dame (-18) @ Stanford – The Irish aren’t about to let their BCS Bowl hopes die with a tumble in California. Look for Stanford to appear as a mosquito flying too close to the freeway and disappear in the same fashion. Squish! The Irish have one of the Nations best teams. A fluke loss to Michigan State and an unlucky fall to the #1 boys at USC as the Irish with two losses on the year. They won’t get a third, in fact, they won’t even get close against Stanford.

Fresno State (-16) @ Nevada – The Bulldogs really brought their A game to the USC game. They came out a play or two short, but that’s what Reggie Bush will do to a squad. Fresno comes to play, and they will be out to win this game and hopefully sneak into a New Years Bowl. Don’t count out the Bulldogs against big time football programs. Their coach has always said they’ll play anybody anywhere, and they play with that type of attitude.

Oklahoma State (+20) @ Oklahoma – OK State is in for a battle. This game will be closer than 20 points, there’s no doubt in my mind. Oklahoma is always a powerhouse, and usually State doesn’t have a shot in hell. This
year is different. Kick the Sooners when their down. The Cowboys have a
chance to really stick it to Sooners with a season ending upset on the road. Look for this upset to happen.

Tennessee (-9.5) @ Kentucky – Don’t invite me to this game. I could give a rats mustache if Tennessee beats Kentucky. I’m sure it will happen, I mean, I know the Vols have been horrendous, but they still had enough fire power to take down the likes of LSU, they’ll have to blow it like Puff the Magic Dragon to let this one slip away. Don’t expect the Vols to leave this year a loser.

Week 12 College Football Picks Review

A Short Painless Review – 7-4
The Tar Heels couldn’t do jack against the Blue Devils. Painfully close I
didn’t watch a second of this game after half time. What the hell am I
supposed to do if Carolina’s football team can barely beat Duke this year?
This is going to be a long college hoops season, that’s for sure.

Iowa has played like the program we’ve all come to expect after a few early
season losses that took them out of their divisional picture. That hasn’t
seemed to bother them though, as they have made it their priority to remove
as many other teams from the divisional race as possible.

Ohio State took down Michigan by the half point I needed to come out a
happy camper. The Buckeyes made it a little closer than I like, but who
doesn’t enjoy a heart-twister now and again? Me.

The Huskies lost for the second straight year, matching the Cougars longest
streak over Washington in the entire history of the 98 game rivaly series, 2
in a row. Are you kidding me? It was the Huskies who Couged it in this one.
Oregon mauled Oregon State. “Expect State to get their teeth kicked in
quite painfully. Think American History X.” What can I say? Take them when
you can.

A close game in South Carolina put the Clemson Tigers in the win column for
the 7th time this season. And Steve Spurrier lost again. And I won money.
Ah, the good life helped me get even at 3-3 halfway through Saturday.

California dominated Stanford, but don’t be confused, both of these teams
are poor. Stanford is just that much worse. What was it I said about Cal?
They’d win “Either way, and especially if Cal sits their struggling starting
QB, the Bears will win easily in this rivalry game.” Steve Levy, who just
happened to be a back-up full back a year ago, came in and got the win for

‘Bama struggled after losing their undefeated season last week to LSU. They
came back late, but it wasn’t enough to cover as I lost my 4th game of the

The Hokies won easily against an overmatched Virginia team. 52-14… Yeah,
that’s what I’d call and easy victory. Nice and easy on the stomach, that’s
how I like em.

Fresno State almost pulled out the upset in Southern California. Does
everyone play their best football against the Trojans? Or does the Trojans
defense just allow everyone to score freely? This easy cover took me to 6-4.

Penn State outlasted the Spartans by 9, making me a one point winner in
this one, and a 7 game winner on Saturday. Pretty solid comeback after one
of my worst performances, no, wait, yep, my worst perfromance of all time.
Joe Paterno for president!

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 11

Just say NO to drugs… and Week 10…With Week 10 deep down in the depths of my memory I will attempt to woo you with a much better attempt at picking the pro games this week. Check my Week 10 Review if you’re brave, but don’t be frightened off by a week I’d just as well forget. We all have weeks we’d rather not remember, like that time you woke up stark naked in bed with that girl who just happened to have noticeable back hair. Week 11 brings a new way to make up for lost picks, yes, that’s right, 16 games to pick. time isn’t on my side, so I better get right down to it. Ennie Meennie Mini Moe, My mom told me to pick the very best one and the Bears, Titans, Cowboys, Colts, etc., are not it…

Carolina Panthers (-3) @ Chicago Bears – There are a few reasons I must take the Panthers in this match-up; the Bears are 3-5-2 against the spread (ATS) in their last 10 games, and have lost one and pushed one in their last two. When playing NFC South teams the Bears haven’t won a game against the spread in the last three years. They’re only 1-4 against that division teams since 2002, that one win coming this year against the hapless Saints. The Panthers have beaten the spread three of their last four contests. The Bears have a defense made of steel but an offense as tough as veal. The Panthers have the best of both worlds, with solid attacks on both sides of the ball. With a toned down passing attack, trying to save Jake Delhomme from throwing untimely interceptions, the Panthers will win their 7th straight game of the year. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Philadelphia Eagles (+5) @ New York Giants – Call me crazy; Gourdo, my imaginary friend, always does, but I think Donovan going down is good for this Eagle team. Remember when McNabb went down a few years ago, and Koy Detmer came in a ran the show? He played really well. Then Koy went down, and AJ Feely came in and led the Eagles to victory. Well, I think it’s going to happen again here. Without McNabb roaming the field, Andy Reid has to put a lot more thought into his game plan. McMahon will give the Eagles a threat on the ground, like McNabb used to be before his hernia, and his arm is strong enough to make all the throws. Don’t be surprised if the Eagles surprise and make a push for their Division Title.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5) @ Tennessee Titans – In their last five contests, the Jaguars are 1-4 against the Titans. Make that 2-5 after this game. The Jaguars are as good as they’ve been since they were an idea for a franchise, and the Titans are as sickly as they’ve been in years. Chris Brown has been solid, but McNair looks average at best. With trouble at the receiver spot, don’t be surprised if the Titans fail to score more than 14 points on Sunday. The Jaguars will pick on rookie Adam Jones with tall receivers Earnest Wilford and Reggie Williams. Take the Jaguars in this game, as they attempt to take down the Titans in Tennessee.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Detroit Lions (+10) @ Dallas Cowboys – In their last 10 games when favored, the Cowboys are 3-6-1 against the spread. They lucked out big time when McNabb threw a touchdown pass to Roy Williams, putting Dallas up for good, 21-20. What the Cowboys didn’t do was show me they are a dominate football team. In fact, Philly dominated that Monday Night game for 55 minutes. As luck would have it, the ‘Boys won. This week might be another victory for Dallas, but don’t expect it to be that easy. The Lions will be ready to play. With a big play defense, all the Lions have to do to win is get Joey Harrington to play like he did last week. Yeah, that’s all they have to do. Their defense will keep them close. Close enough to cover. Close enough to win? Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals (+5.5) – This year the Colts are 6-3 ATS, being favored in every single game. The Colts are undefeated. In their 10th game of the season, the Colts will walk away with their first defeat. Indianapolis hasn’t faced an offense with the Bengals firepower, consistency, or balance. The Colts will be ready for this game, but I don’t think luck will be on their side. Carson Palmer will outplay Peyton Manning like he has all year. This will be a battle of the leagues top quarterbacks, and a dandy it should be. Take the Bengals coming off a bye week. Coach Lewis will have them ready to rise at home against the Colts.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots (-10) – These are the same old Saints and the growing too old too fast Patriots. Nothing New about them besides their names. This has been a very tough year for the Saints. Think Rambo, think stale gum, think Mickey Rourke in Sin City tough. I’m talking tough here. When I say tough, I mean completely impossible tough to swallow. Here’s a little hint, there won’t be a bright spot for this team until the draft. In this fine season, the Saints are 2-4-1 against the spread as underdogs, while only winning 1 out of 6. The Pats are an even 3-3 picked to win. Tom Brady will put them one game up in that category when they take down the Saints big in New England. Aaron Brooks just isn’t consistent enough to play well an entire game against the Patriots. He doesn’t have Deuce McCallister to lean on. This should be an old-fashioned trouncing. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Arizona Cardinals (+10) @ St. Louis Rams – When picked as the favorite, the Rams are 1-3 ATS this season, and 3-7 ATS in their last ten games. The obvious pick is the Rams, who’ve played much better since Martz had to walk away because of his sickness. But the Rams are still the Rams, a team that plays to the level of their opponents. The Cardinals Kurt Warner will be out to prove he can still get the job done. He’ll look to win his first game as a Cardinal.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6) @ Atlanta Falcons – The Buc doesn’t stop here. The Buc’s find themselves atop the NFC with a much improved Chris SImms at quarterback and a struggling rookie running back at the center of the offense. Joey Galloway has played awesome, but the Bucs can still get much better. They’ll have to play better to beat the Falcons. Atlanta comes into this game with a loss to the Packers on their conscience. This is a must win for Atlanta. The Buccaneers, however, will have other ideas. Cadillac Williams will finally have a day he can write home about, as even a 1st time starter Samkon Gado rushed for over 100 yards against Atlanta. The Falcons won’t be able to stop Williams, and when they commit 8 or 9 to the line, Galloway and Simms will hookup for big scores.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Oakland Raiders @ Washington Redskins (-6) – As underdogs, the Raiders have lost every single game this season. They’re 1-5 ATS in these games. I’m taking the Redskins, I don’t know about you. The Redskins are about even this year, 3-2 as favorites. Washington showed they can put up points against the toughest defenses in the league. This week, they play a defense that is average at best. With young corners trying to keep up with Santana Moss, this should be another high-scoring affair from Washington. The Raiders need to win the rest of their games to get anywhere, the only place they’ll go is the off season. This will just be another step toward the bottom of the league and the top of the draft.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) @ Baltimore Ravens – The Steelers will find it hard pressed to score points if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t start on Sunday. Fortunately for the Steel Show, it will be harder for the Ravens to score with Kyle Boller calling plays against their defense. That’s right, I’d take Tommy Maddox and the Steelers against Boller and the Ravens any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Shit, I’d take the Steelers if Randel-El was running the show. In fact, the Steelers might be better off with Antwaan throwing the ball. Did anyone see that running bomb that was dropped on a dime to Hines Ward? The Steelers win football games. They always seem to find a way. The Ravens stumbled on a couple wins earlier in the year, but their glory days look to be over. Take Steel City and whoever they have taking snaps. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Miami Dolphins (+2) @ Cleveland Browns – I don’t know how the Dolphins can be 3 point underdogs against the Patriots and 2 point underdogs against the Browns. Don’t get me wrong, the Browns play tough, but are they a point away from New England? No, no, no. The Dolphins are better than the Browns. Nick Saban has a powerful defense and an apt offense. I’ve sold the Phins short all year long, but I will be had no longer. Viva Miami! Gus Frerotte for Prez!
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Seattle Seahawks (-12) @ San Francisco 49ers – The Seahawks are good, and the 49ers have Cody Pickett starting at quarterback. ‘Nough said. But wait, I’ll say more; sure the Niners played tight with the Bears, but Chicago doesn’t have the offensive explosiveness that Seattle possesses. Shaun Alexander is leading the league in rushing because he is a great back with the best offensive line in the league. Matt Hasselbeck is accurate and confident, and he can make every pass in the book. Darrell Jackson won’t be back this week, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Seahawks, they’ve lost one game without D-Jack in the lineup. Look for Matt to look to D-Hack and Joe Jurevicius for big plays to balance Alexander’s running. Hawks win big in San Francisco. Game Date: 11/20/05 16:05 ET

Buffalo Bills (+10) @ San Diego Chargers – As an underdog the Bills are 1-3 ATS this season. Their single win came in a game where they were 9 point dogs. This week they are 10 point dogs against the Chargers. In their three losses against the spread, they lost by a combined 49 points. Basically their getting kicked around like the girlfriends of NFL tight ends. Yeah, I said it. The Bills are playing better, more confident, and JP Losman looks like he might get this quarterback thing down after all. I’m taking the Bills to get surprisingly close to Ladainian Tomlinson and the Chargers. The Chargers still win at home. They need this game just as bad as ever.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos (-13) – Besides the fact that when favored the Broncos have won three straight games ATS, and are 6-3-1 in their last 10, the Jets just don’t have anything going for them. Their season is basically meaningless; at 2-7 there is no chance for New York to catch the average Patriots for a shot at the playoffs. Their coach, one of my favorite coaches in the league, Herman Edwards, is in jeopardy of losing his job. Curtis Martin is getting older, and the trade of Doug Jolley for Heath Miller (Pick #22) is looking more and more like a major mistake. The Broncos, on the other hand, have overachieved all the way to 7-2. Seeing as though I didn’t pick them as a playoff contender, it’s time for me to apologize. Yeah right. Good luck losing in the first round you mile-high playoff screw-ups. Anyway, back to this game; the Broncos will have to try very hard not to kick the living crap out of the Jets. New York’s defense can only play hard for so long, especially up their in that thin air. Too much time on the field will be their downfall as Little Spencer’s Broncos win again.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) @ Houston Texans – The Chiefs may have lost, no, got embarrassed by the Bills, but by no means are they going to lose to the Texans on Sunday Night Football, and there is no way they win by less than a touchdown. Larry Johnson is going to annihilate the Houston Texans defense, that has taken a step back from last year. Trent Green won’t have a game as bad as he had last week, and Dick Vermeil has to realize he can’t play it safe anymore. More touchdowns, more big plays, more go for it to win the game, less losing to teams like Buffalo. (The Chiefs are 4 out of 5 ATS this year when favored) Game Date: 11/20/05 20:35 ET

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-4) – The Vikings can ‘t continue to squeak by like this. Two weeks in a row, amazing! Until last week, the Vikes were 0-6 as underdogs against the spread in 2005. Nice. Randy Moss always plays well against Green Bay. Unfortunately for the Brad Johnson, Randy runs routes for the Raiders. There was 3 non-offensive touchdowns last week, and Minnesota still barely beat the Giants. The Packers have found a little trust in Gado, and they’ll continue to use him as he seems to have a knack to reach the end zone. Brett Favre continues to rifle perfect passes to his receivers. Donald Driver is underrated. Look for the Packers to even the season series on Monday Night Football.
Game Date: 11/21/05 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

2005 Week 10 NFL Pick Review

I hate to say it, but I failed the Week 10 test. There’s just been a couple weeks that did me twice over. The pain has begun to travel into my fingertips, so don’t be taken aback if my writing tends to fall into the flagrant – personal foul category. BASTARD! Honestly, I don’t know what’s getting “Shit! Ass!” into me, I can’t focus. Dallas came back to beat Philly? Oh my God… My neck, my back…. OH… There’s only one thing to do, look at my problem picks and fix, fix, fix. If I fail to do that, I heard my wife talking to her mom about fixing someone. That can’t “BALLS!” be good.

All My Losers

Chiefs (+1.5) @ Bills – My best bet of the week went a little sour on me when Trent Green decided to throw three interceptions. Larry Johnson had over 170 total yards, but Vermeil seemed to abandon him late in the game. That silly mother. The Chiefs seemed like they were dominating, but never really took a chance at the end zone. Something that usually needs be done to win games. In a much needed game the Chiefs choked on a sack of buzzard balls, making me look stupid and them feel even worse.

Redskins (-2) @ Tampa Bay – Chris Simms was playing pretty well, but I was still very confident with the Skins up 35-38. “Idiot!” As if I was slung into a scolding hot fire “The Clap!” I started to feel burning all over. I flipped the channel to see what had gone wrong. It was still fine, it was third down and ten, the Buc’s were about to be had by the ‘Skins. And then it happened. Chris Simms, ala Brunell to Moss, slung a deep ball into the hands of this Anthony guy, and just like that the game was tied. Or was it? Oh no. The Skins had like 3 penalties and instead of going for one, Gruden went for two. “Son of a Bitch!” Alstot got way too much friendly buddy love from the zebras, and they called the conversion good. Fortunately someone in the booth saw that Mike didn’t get in. Unfortunately referees are a pile of stubborn stale rotten piss, so the guy in charge didn’t overturn the call. Now a field goal pushes me over. What field goal? “Whore!” I lose again!

Vikings @ Giants – C’mon… “Cock!” Who in their right mind saw this coming. I took the Giants giving 10 for Tice’s sake. With nary an offensive touchdown the Vikings still managed to outscore Eli Manning and his 4 wayward interceptions. Those bloody Mannings. The Giants pooped the bed, leaking some unnecessary residue into my already pungent diarrhea pile. I’m not even mad about this one. I’m amazed. The Giants ate an entire cheese log and then pooped in their bed. Amazing!

Cardinals (+4) @ Lions – Two words I thought I’d never see leading the Lions to victory; Joey Harrington. Are you kidding me? The kid blew up on the Cards, who seem to be playing a JV defense in all away games. “Donkey-Trout!” 3 touchdowns, all to Roy Williams, makes me think Joey might have a little hope after all. What’s that you say? Jeff Garcia might start next week? Oh yeah, good move Marioochi! Use a washed up, good for nothing, out of the league in two years, ugliest bastard in sports, Jeff Garcia to try and get your second straight win. Where do they get these assholes? Either way, the Cards lost another game with Warner at the helm, but I don’t think he’s at fault. He sucks, it’s true, but the ‘Zona running game looks a little more like the people running from the bulls, and a little less like the actual bulls.

Ravens (+7) @ Jacksonville – As if the crap stained weekend wasn’t bad enough already, the Jaguars scored more points against the Ravens than they’ve scored in a single game in a million years. How can I predict this shit? Kyle Boller gave the Ravens another reason to lose the rest of their games and attempt to smuggle Matt Leinart out of the draft. Boller took too many sacks and did nothing to help the Ravens win. What happened to the running game in Baltimore? Jamal Lewis? The Jags are for real, a playoff team, who needs to win the games against the teams they should beat. Like the Titans next week for example. That’s a must win.

Texans @ Colts (-17) – The Texans managed to stay just close enough to make me a loser in this one. “Somebody bitch slap me while I can still feel it!” I needed 17, I got 14. Sounds just about right. Andre Johnson didn’t do well. Dominick Davis didn’t play. The Texans still held tight. It looked like the Colts were doing whatever they wanted. Maybe Manning was shaving points? Hahaha… “Ass!” What will the Texans do with the number one draft pick? Trade it for an entire offensive line?

Broncos @ Raiders (+3) – So this is where Kerry Collins has been hiding. I was wondering where the drunk, interception throwing, back-foot leaning, testi-juggling quarterback had been hiding. Well, Collins had his new coming out party. Two cheers for Kerry! Hip, hip, blow it out your ass, Kerry. The Raiders need to trade Collins for a six pack, and then hide it from him until he packs his bags and heads out. Give Tuiasasopo a chance. Collins isn’t the answer in Oakland. The damn Broncos are good. I hate to say it, but Shanahan is a genius. He took the entire Brown defensive line and made them a great front four. Genius.

Browns @ Steelers – Speaking of quarterback changes. What is Romeo Crenell waiting for? A letter in the mail from the grim reaper telling Dilfer his time is up. No, honestly, Trent has played pretty well, but why not see if Frye, the rookie, can play this game? The Browns are going to have lots of choices come draft time, and if they feel they have an answer at the QB position, they’ll be much better off. Edwards needs to see more PT, and Frye needs to get a shot. The Steelers, on the other hand, could have won this game with Antwaan Randel El starting at Q. Seriously, the kid is something else. In fact, they might be better off with him in the game. Oh, and by the way, the guys on Sunday Night Football need to be pimp-slapped by Rick James, or possible Gilbert Brown. The garbage they were saying about Tommy Maddox was very inappropriate and unprofessional. “Fucking Dicks!”
Cowboys @ Eagles (-3) – The Cowboys flipped the script on their loss to the Redskins. Complete domination by the Eagles for 55 minutes of the game, but the ‘Boys came out on top. I can’t hate any outcome more. I want to see the Cowboys win like I want to see what Joe Theisman and Paul McGwire do with each other after the game. And to watch them win like this; bloody hell! The Eagles have really disappointed me this time. Beware of them if Donovan doesn’t start next week, they always do well with back-ups.

My Winning Few

Packers (+9.5) @ Falcons – Whew! This one brought me back to smiles, sunshine, and away from my moonshine. I definitely called this one to a T. Will this give the Packers enough confidence to run their conference and squiggle into the playoffs? Will Joe Theisman ever shut his good for nothing pie hole? No, and unfortunately no. But the Pack will never give up and could put a dent in more than a few playoff hopes. For example, an old fashioned crushing of the lame Viking playoff hopes next week on Monday Night Football is exactly what I’m talking about.

Rams @ Seahawks (-7) – The Hawks have really improved from last year. They get my vote as the best team in the NFC. Alexander has been playing very well, running tough all over the field, instead of only near the end zone. Hasselbeck is solid, and D-Jack will be coming back soon. The Hawks are getting help from everyone on their team. Back-up receivers are playing balls out and down field blocks are turning 10 yard runs into 25 yard scampers. I love watching Holmgren’s teams when they’re at their best. They were exactly that against the Rams. The Hawks continued to dominate their competition.

Patriots (-3) @ Dolphins – I didn’t think it was possible, but the Dolphins looked like they were going to win this game. It turned out it wasn’t possible. Still, I can’t believe how average the Patriots look… wait, yes I can. I predicted this business before the season started. Tom Brady continues to lead his team to victory in games they should be winning.

49ers (+13) @ Bears – This game was gross! But, I must admit, I called this one as well. Neither team did much. The Niners had 3 field goals, competed 1 of 13 passes, and had a total of 161 yards on the day. And they still only lost by 8. That’s because Chicago ran the ball just as much as San Francisco. They only had 13 passes too, but Orton completed 8 of them. One of the most exciting plays of the year, a 108 yard field goal return by Nathan Vasher put the Bears up as time expired in the first half. The Niners never recovered. I’ve never seen a windier football game. The way the wind took field goals was phenomenal.

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Free College Football Picks Week 12 2005

Rivalry Week Heroes

This is the week where bragging rights are bountiful throughout the sport of college football. Nothing is more exciting than the unranked fighting off chance and probability to annihilate their highly rated cross state rivals. Will there be upsets? Oh, yes, believe it! This is one of the years’ most exciting weekends. Lock your doors, give the wife your credit card (with proper limit restrictions), and send the kids off to Disney Land (or Tube Time if you’ve had a recent betting problem like myself), and watch college football games until your eyes hurt. Then take a time-out to buy some eye drops, and get back to the games. Rivalry Weekend is upon us!

Duke @ North Carolina (-24) – In the match-up of the “biggest basketball rivalry schools” Duke can’t even compare to North Carolina. The Tar Heels have trumped solid teams like NC State, Boston College, and Virginia. Duke has taken down… mmm… VMI. That’s my favorite Blue Devil gridiron team. No matter how well they play hoops, I can always bank on the fact that their football team will continue to suck on the asses of every other team in the ACC. Take the Tar Heels to bully the Blue Devils in hopes of sneaking into a bowl situation. ?

Minnesota (+5) @ Iowa – The Hawkeyes are tough at home (4-1), but they’ve lost to average teams more than once, (Iowa State, Northwestern). The Golden Gophers have only faltered against the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, who have all shown off their power on a weekly basis. Basically, I think Minnesota is just flat out better than Iowa. This is a big rivalry, so almost every analysis can be thrown out the window, except mine. With three running backs who can punish opposing defenses, Minnesota has the advantage over the Hawkeye defensive front.

Ohio State (-3.5) @ Michigan – The Buckeyes took a little while to find themselves, but consider this game of hide and go seek over. The Buckeyes are here, solid, and dominate. Michigan has played better of late, but they don’t match-up with the speed in Ohio State. Look for the Buckeyes to do their damnedest to get into a BCS bowl by taking down the Wolverines at home.

Washington State @ Washington (+3) – The Huskies always seem to upset the Cougars. I realize the Coug’s have been leading every single PAC-10 game, but that just shows how good they are at Couging it. Yes, the Cougars manage to screw the pooch time in and time out, this time it will result in a loss to the Huskies and a winless Pac-10 Season. Awesome!

Oregon State @ Oregon (-14) – Those rascally Beavers don’t have their starting quarterback for this contest, so expect State to get their teeth kicked in quite painfully. Think American History X. Ouch! The Ducks have a chance to skip-to-my-lou right into a BCS Bowl Game where they will be severely outmatched by whomever the competition may be. Roll on rubber duckys!

Clemson (-2) @ South Carolina – South Carolina and Steve Spurrier will have a let down against the youngest Bowden and his Tigers of Clemson. The Tigers have played solid football all year long, culminating with a shocker last week against the Seminoles. Both teams should have a bit of a let down, but I think the Gamecocks will struggle more. Plus, the Tigers haven’t lost a game by more than 6 points all year long. They are the better team. Lets see if it transfers over on game day.

California (-4) @ Stanford – This game shows how much the Pac-10 sucks. Seriously, take a look at this match-up; the Cardinal are terrible, yet they are 5-4 because of the conference they are in. Cal, who was supposed to compete for first place, has a quarterback whose thrown twice the amount of interceptions as he’s thrown touchdowns over the past 4 games. Pathetic. Can I bet on both teams to lose? Either way, and especially if Cal sits their struggling starting Q, the Bears will win easily in this rivalry game.

Alabama (+6.5) @ Auburn – Alabama is coming off their most disappointing game in some time. The Crimson Tide will be at their best trying to prove themselves against an Auburn team whose been as tough as nails lately. Auburn is coming off of a huge win against the Georgia Bulldogs, so a let down might be in their near future. If Auburn isn’t all there, they’ll finish this game on the short end of the stick. But, it all comes down to the Crimson Tide. If ‘Bama is one of those teams that will sulk about their lost chances at a National Title, than they’ll be trampled by the Tigers. I get the feeling Alabama isn’t that type of team at all, in which case they’ll upset Auburn on Saturday.

Virginia Tech (-7) @ Virginia – After falling apart in the game against Miami the Hokies were given an honorary week off by the NCAA. In that week, the Hokies were allowed to sit down at a team meeting and think about everything bad about the Hurricane game. They’re still in the damn meeting. The Hokies are one of the Nations’ top 5 teams. Will they be done thinking about the seasons’ largest failure by the time they kick off against Virginia? I think so. I think Marcus Vick is the type of athlete that takes advantage of redemption. The Hokies will manage another victory against their cross-state rival, moving them into a big Bowl Game in the BCS category.

Fresno State (+24) @ USC – USC won’t get upset this week at home against Fresno, but State will play tight with the Trojans for the better part of the game. 24 points is a lot to win by against a team as scrappy as the Bulldogs, so look for SC to get covered. USC could get caught with their jocks around their knees, looking forward to their big rivalry game next week vs. UCLA. Could Reggie Bush really allow that to happen? Who knows, this is college football for Pete’s sake.

Penn State (-8) @ Michigan State – The Nittany Lions are the best one-loss team in the Nation, don’t be confused by that #5 ranking. They lost their only game on a last second, 4th down, lucky ass touchdown pass by the Wolverines. That’s the lone game separating them from an undefeated season. The Lions are winners, where MIchigan State has proved over the last 6 games that they are in face not winners at all. Early season trickery. Watch the Lions maul the Spartans in an exciting touchdown scoring festivity.