Philadelphia Eagles

Joined the NFL in 1933 and have never relocated.

League Championships: 3 – 1948 (NFL), 1949 (NFL), 1960 (NFL)

Conference Championships: 3 – 1960 (EFC), 1980 (NFC), 2004 (NFC)

Division Championships: 9 – 1947 (NFL East), 1948 (NFL East), 1949 (NFL East), 1980 (NFC East), 1988 (NFC East), 2001 (NFC East), 2002 (NFC East), 2003 (NFC East), 2004 (NFC East), 2008

Playoff Appearances: 18 – 1947, 1948, 1949, 1960, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010

2005 Finish: 6-10, 4th Place NFC East

Recent Records:

2004: 13-3 2005: 6-10 2006: 10-6 2007: 8-8 2008: 9-6 2009: 11-5 2010: 10-6

2011 Draft Grade

Philadelphia Eagles (F)
23: Danny Watkins (29, 31 = 30) -7
54: Jaiquawn Jarrett (69, 104 = 87) -33
90: Curtis Marsh (132, 123 = 128) -38
116: Casey Matthews (135, 96 = 116) +0
120: Alex Henery (169, 138 = 154) -34
149: Dion Lewis (101, 184 = 143) +6
161: Julian Vandervelde (254, 255 = 255) -94
191: Jason Keice (255, 182 = 219) -28
193: Brian Rolle (202, 157 = 180) +13
237: Greg Lloyd (255, 255 = 255) -18
240: Stanley Havili (255, 163 = 209) +31

The Eagles were out-valued by the Raiders. Gross. I understand the first pick, as Danny Watkins (though maybe not the upside of most) is probably the most ready offensive lineman in the draft. He will start from the get go, and he has a dirty offensive lineman man-mean-streak to his game. He’s a bit old for the draft, but that’s why he’s physically ready – he’ll start protecting Vick right now. Jarrett was a bit of a reach, though Philly knows the corners that fit their system – same can be said about 3rd rounder, Curtis Marsh. Casey Matthews is a solid player that will see time right away for the Eagles. I like Dion Lewis (the first value pick from Philly) and think he’s even better than ESPN rates him (just outside of the top 100). He struggled a bit last year, but he certainly was dynamic before then. Alex Henry was the best kicker in college football, and I imagine he’ll come right in and take David Akers’ job. Havili is a nice player, because he does so much. As a late 7th rounder, you’re looking for a guy that will stick on the team – he’s versatile, and that will keep him in consideration for a roster spot. Not a great day for the Eagles, in my confident opinion, but they got 11 new chances to prove me wrong!

Draft Pick Total: 1574– Player Rankings Total: 1776 —- TOTAL RANKING: -202

2011 Mock Draft

Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 – Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri: This kid has the upside as a pass rusher to be one of the truly great steals of this draft. Smith had a tough injury last season, breaking his fibula – but it only kept him out a few weeks, missing just 3 games, and immediately being a threat on the field upon his return. He’s known as one of the toughest players on his team, and that rarely goes hand in hand with being a superb athlete – but Smith is that exception. Measuring in at 6’4” and 260lbs, Smith definitely looks the part. Hustle, upside, pass rush ability, the Eagles would be lucky to get the Missouri Tiger this late.


Philadelphia Eagles: B+

I like that the Eagles always go after the guys they want, and how it rarely looks like the “common draft board”. Philadelphia traded out of the 1st round and picked up some extra picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds… They still drafted a playmaker at receiver with elite speed and elusiveness (though he be small) in DeSean Jackson, and a defensive tackle with intelligence and a contagious motor in Trevor Laws. Some say Laws was a reach, but I think he just got a tough deal playing for a very bad defense at Notre Dame. He’s perfect for Philly’s style. I don’t know how perfect another small receiver is for the Eagles, but Jackson definitely has explosiveness that the Eagles didn’t have at receiver last season.

Bryan Smith was yet another “reach” because of his small “undersized” weight. He does have elite speed and if it weren’t for his struggles in the classroom, he would have a been a star on a major college defense. Smith is explosive and really has a feel on the football field. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to be a pass rushing force at his small size.

Mike McGlynn is a lineman that coaches love to have. He’s a fierce competitor and he has great size. With him and Otah at Pittsburgh I can’t help but wonder how their offense struggled the way it did at times. McGlynn will be a starter for Philly in the next two years – that’s my guess, he’s going to be a solid player.

Quintin Demps snagged 17 interceptions at El Paso and managed 275 tackles as well. He’s not a huge FS, but his elite speed (4.39 40) and obvious ball skills makes him a nice sleeper to do some damage. He definitely has the chance to be a great cover guy and he can tackle too. If it weren’t for all his interceptions and tackles (you know, production) I would say he has Raider written all over him.

Jack Ikegwuonu was a playmaker in college. He tore his ACL in January and that obviously affected his draft stock. He was a shut down guy in the Big 10 and has solid size. He’s just a football player, and next year he’ll show up as a good one for the Eagles.

Mike Gibson is really strong and has solid flexabilty. Some say he’s more of a guard, but I see no reason that he can’t become an NFL tackle. He has the height, feet, and length.

Joe Mays is going to be a special teams guy, no doubt in my mind. He’s one heck of a tackler and an all out all the time type player. He’ll stick in Philly.

Andy Studebaker is an interesting player. He is tall and relatively skinny for defensive end, but is very strong as well. From Wheaton, he is most likely going to have to work his A of to make this team and be a special teams contributor from the get.

King Dunlap definitely has a royal name but his senior season at Auburn sucked. He lost his spot to a freshman and really didn’t catch on. He obviously has the talent, so the Eagles actually made a nice pick with their last draft selection. If they can get him to turn it around, they have a first day pick in Round 7. I like that.

2007 Philadelphia Eagles

2007 saw the Philadelphia Eagles return to the playoffs, even with an injury to their star signal caller, Donovan McNabb and without one Terrell Owens. Jeff Garcia (Currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) came in and filled in well, leading the Eagles to a playoff win over the Giants before losing to the Saints by 3 in the 2nd round. It was really a full blown underdog comeback season by the Eagles, who won 5 straight games to end the regular season and get into the playoffs. Garcia had a fine season, but down the stretch, it was Brian Westbrook having his best rushing season of his career, carrying the Eagles to the playoffs. Without Donovan, the Eagles had to run the ball more, and the team flourished as a result. It will be interesting to see if Donovan can come back and have an injury-less season, Brian Westbrook can be healthy after a full load last season, and the Eagles can improve on the defensive side of the ball to lead the way in a very competitive NFC East.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Eagles wanted to restock their receiving options after letting Donte Stallworth go, while greatly improving their run defense through free agency, trades, and the draft. Thus far, I’d say the Eagles are doing a fine job. Defensively, the Eagles are looking for Omar Gaither or Matt McCoy to step up and team with Jeremiah Trotter and newly acquired Takeo Spikes to spearhead what’s breaking down to be a very fine and active linebacking corps. However, the Eagles really need help on the defensive line, especially in the middle. Philly needs Mike Peterson and Broderick Bunkley to play like 1st round picks in 2007, or opposing teams will continue to run all over the Eagles. Adding Montae Reagor to be a run stuffer allowed Andy Reid to let Darwin Walker go. Correll Buckhalter resigned, as he has proven to be a solid backup to Brian Westbrook. Kelly Holcomb was part of the Spikes trade with Buffalo, giving the Eagles a solid 3rd QB at least, and quite possibly a guy to compete with AJ Feely for the backup job, or to start the season if McNabb isn’t ready to go. Kevin Curtis signed on, and he seems to have the #2 spot heading into camp, as he should be perfect for the quick passing West Coast system in Philly. The Eagles should be looking to the defensive side of the ball with most of their first day picks. But if Teddy Ginn Jr. falls all the way to 26, which I think could be possible, I don’t see how Andy Reid and company passes up on that kind of speed that late in the draft. Ginn would immediately make the Eagles a scary return unit, while giving Philly separation in the passing attack they could desperately use. If they don’t go their, look for them to add someone like DeMarcus Tyler, or the best corner left on the board, someone like Marcus McCauley or Aaron Ross.

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