New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins Pick & Preview

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New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins Pick & Preview: I hate going against the Redskins as a big dog, but this week puts me to the test, what can I say? Big favorites late in the season really aren’t my style, especially on the road and playing against a pretty talented defense that has brought their Sunday’s best against good teams so far this season. But I have to go with the big road favorite in this one, my blasted feelings are just pushing me toward the Saints – and no, it has nothing to do with blasting the Patriots last Sunday Night…

The Saints have torched good secondary’s all year long. I don’t see what will stop them from doing the same thing against the talented Redskins. Washington can’t key in on a couple receivers, the Saints just have too many weapons. And if the Redskins drop 8 into coverage every down, the run-game in New Orleans is also very good, and they can certainly win with that – they have before. 10 points to the Saints is barely anything at all, that’s a couple plays in the 3rd quarter.

Defensively, the Saints are opportunistic as well – they’re basically a big favorite bet’s dream. The Defense can score, can set up a great offense on a short field, and can make a play deep in their zone to prevent points. This is a very complete team, a team more complete than Washington has seen all year – and I think the Saints continue to make a mockery of the league despite the possibility of this being a trap game. Trap shmap.

New Orleans Saints (-8.5) @ Washington Redskins

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