Green Bay Packers

Founded in 1921 as a member of the APFA. Joined the NFL in 1922 and have never relocated.

League Championships: 12 – 1929 (NFL), 1930 (NFL), 1931 (NFL), 1936 (NFL), 1939 (NFL), 1944 (NFL), 1961 (NFL), 1962 (NFL), 1965 (NFL), 1966 (NFL), 1967 (NFL), 1996 (Super Bowl), 2010

Conference Championships: 8 – 1960 (WFC), 1961 (WFC), 1962 (WFC), 1965 (WFC), 1966 (WFC), 1967 (WFC), 1996 (NFC), 1997 (NFC), 2010

Division Championships: 12 – 1936 (NFL West), 1938 (NFL West), 1939 (NFL West), 1944 (NFL West), 1967 (NFL Central), 1972 (NFC Central), 1995 (NFC Central), 1996 (NFC Central), 1997 (NFC Central), 2002 (NFC North), 2003 (NFC north), 2004 (NFC north), 2010

Playoff Appearances: 23 – 1936, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1944, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1972, 1982, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010

2005 Finish: 4-12, 4th Place NFC North

Recent Records:

2004: 10-6 2005: 4-12 2006: 8-8 2007: 13-3 2008: 6-10 2009: 11-5 2010: 10-6

2011 Draft Grade

Green Bay Packers (D)
32: Derek Sherrod (25, 36 = 31) +1
64: Randall Cobb (47, 49 = 48) +16
96: Alex Green (151, 90 = 121) -25
131: Davon House (106, 56 = 81) +50
141: D.J. Williams (145, 124 = 135) +6
179: Caleb Schlauderaff (255, 255 = 255) -76
186: D.J. Smith (255, 255 = 255) -69
197: Ricky Elmore (255, 255 = 255) -58
218: Ryan Taylor (255, 255 = 255) -37
233: Lawrence Guy (123, 180 = 152) +81

The Packers ended up with just about as much Draft Pick Total as a team could have. That means they traded down a lot, piled up on late picks, and grabbed the players that probably didn’t have any value, but guys they wanted. Seems smart to me, or silly, because it looks like they could have gotten most of those guys out of the “undrafted pool” – either way, they knew that picking up Sclauderaff, D.J. Smith, Ricky Elmore, and Ryan Taylor earlier made no sense, so they grabbed those guys with picks in the 180-220 area. The Packers didn’t end up ranking out too well in my system, but they sure added value at the top of the draft. 4 of their first 5 picks were +value selections. Something the system doesn’t tell us is that the Packers are good at the draft and they usually know something we don’t, so I’ll tell you how that’s the way it is. I think the Packers did very well despite their mediocre/poor grade.

Draft Pick Total: 1477 – Player Rankings Total: 1588—- TOTAL RANKING: -111

2011 Mock Draft

Green Bay Packers 10-6 – Christian Ballard, DE, Iowa: The Packers won the Super Bowl and now they get the glorious position of picking last in the draft. It has to be a good feeling, and as it seems, the Packers don’t have any glaring holes to fill. They waived AJ Hawk recently, but they don’t need to replace him right here – he’d probably have been a back-up had he been brought back in the first place, so I see the Pack in a fine position – grabbing the best available player. I think Christian Ballard would be a nice addition for the Packers. He can play end in both defenses, and is a very consistent presence on the defensive line. Even better, I think he fits right in to what the Packers want as a hard working team first player. I wouldn’t put it past the Packers to stun some folks and grab somebody like Mikel LeShoure or even add a corner back or safety to add to their strong secondary.


Green Bay Packers: A

They’ve had better drafts, but it’s hard not to like what the Packers do. Of all the teams that claim to “take the best player available on their board” the Packers actually do that. You can see it from top to bottom, and you always have to appreciate the upside they select. I don’t know how much this draft will help the team this year, but the draft is about making your team good year after year, and the Packers are well on their way.

Fans won’t grade this draft too high, but they grabbed value and upside at every turn. Jordy Nelson was their first selection, and this was a perfect example of grabbing the best player on their board. They don’t need wideout help, not with Driver and Jennings and James (among others), and Nelson wasn’t expected to go until Day 2, but the Packers saw something in the K-State receiver that switched to WR from SS his Junior and Senior seasons. He was amazing last year, shows great hands, and possesses good speed. Reach? By draft standards, yes – but the Pack, a team that often drafts gems, stayed true to their board. My favorite wide receiver in the draft was James Hardy, but now that I’ve watched Nelson play, he’s right up there.

Brian Brohm was my highest rated quarterback in the draft, and taking him in Round 2 was a steal in my opinion. Brohm had a great year – is smart, has a nice arm, and seems to really understand the game. He’s drafted strictly as a back-up, but that’s what smart teams do, take great quarterbacks after round 1 and slowly groom them into studs.

Patrick Lee was very productive at Auburn. He had decent size and will learn from a couple pro-bowlers in Green Bay. Good pick at the end of Round 2.

Jermichael Finley has a lot of size and good tools. He’s a little overrated because of his stature at Texas, but the kid has upside. They needed a new young guy with Franks gone, they got one in Roudn 3.

With 2 picks in Round 4, the Packers hit a couple home runs. Jeremy Thompson was a late 2nd – early 3rd round talent, and he was picked in Round 4. He’s got great height and athletic ability – and he has room to grow in that body. Josh Sitton, the best lineman in Central Florida’s outstanding rushing game, was another steal. Not a “big school” kid but he did good things for Kevin Smith at CF.

Breno Giacomini is a former basketball player that has upside as a tackle. In Round 5 he could be yet another gem, but only time will tell.

Matt Flynn won’t likely be much more than a back-up, but grabbing a smart and tough kid in Round 7, to be a 3rd stringer on your team – instead of spending 3 million a year on some veteran back-up – you have to believe that’s a smart decision.

Brett Swain better learn to love special teams if he wants to be a Packer. Swain has decent size and strength for a receiver, and though his speed isn’t eye-popping, it’s average at least. A tough small-school player with some big plays under his belt, I bet he makes this team.

2007 Green Bay Packers

The Packers stunned me last season by finishing as well as they did. There was no way in any situation I thought the Packers would finish even close to .500… While Green Bay won their last 4 games of the season, I began to see flashes of a young team that is on the way up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see a Super Bowl appearance blessing the pride of Green Bay, but finishing over .500 for the second straight season is at the very least, expected. Even with the loss of Free Agent Ahman Green, I think the Packers are an up and coming team that could do some damage in the mediocre NFC next season. In a conference that poses one good team, the Bears, Green Bay could make a push for the playoffs. The Packers look like they did very well in the ’06 Draft, with players like A.J. Hawk, Greg Jennings, Jason Spitz, and Abdul Hodge among others making their presence felt. This young nucleus and veteran leaders like Brett Favre and Donald Driver, should help the Packers in 2007. I can’t wait to see what the Packers add in the upcoming draft.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

Resigning their young free agents was the Packers’ plan, and re-upping with solid young team players like DT Cullen Jenkins was just what the Packer ordered. Brett Fare had successful minor ankle surgery, and should be ready by the start of mini-camp. The Packers also added OT Tyson Walter to the mix, and he should at least add depth to an improving offensive line. But, the Packers have seen more players leave, (Ahman Green, David Martin, and William Henderson) than they have added. I actually see this as a move in the right direction for the Packers. Vernand Morency, among others, has proven he can do good things with the ball in his hands, and with Green often injured and aging, Morency seems like a better option to me, and at a much smaller price. Also, with backs getting signed everywhere besides Green Bay, the draft has really opened up for the Packers to get any of the runners they covet (aside from maybe Adrian Peterson) even if they trade down from their 16th spot in the draft. Don’t be surprised if the Packers don’t sprint after a top flight running back with their first choice, as the best player on the board philosophy should be the way they draft. Their team is too blah to pass up on any supreme talent because they don’t have an elite runner on their roster. But then again, Marshawn Lynch could very well be the best fit, and player, left on the board when Green Bay makes their selection. Overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers were all over the board, both defense and offense, skill players and big boys alike, on draft day. I have the Packers taking Lynch in my mock draft, but don’t be stunned if they trade down, thinking they can get their man later and add some picks in the process.

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