Minnesota Vikings

Joined the NFL in 1961 and have never relocated.

League Championships: 1 – 1969 (NFL)

Conference Championships: 4 – 1969 (WFC), 1973 (NFC), 1974 (NFC), 1976 (NFC)

Division Championships: 16 – 1968 (NFL Central), 1969 (NFL Central), 1970 (NFC Central), 1971 (NFC Central), 1973 (NFC Central), 1974 (NFC Central), 1975 (NFC Central), 1976 (NFC Central), 1977 (NFC Central), 1978 (NFC Central), 1980 (NFC Central), 1989 (NFC Central), 1992 (NFC Central), 1994 (NFC Central), 1998 (NFC Central), 2000 (NFC Central)

Playoff Appearances: 24 – 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2009

2005 Finish: 9-7, 2nd Place NFC North

Recent Records:

2004: 8-8 2005: 9-7 2006: 6-10 2007: 8-8 2008: 10-6 2009: 12-4 2010: 6-10

2011 Draft Grade

Minnesota Vikings (B+)
12: Christian Ponder (45, 32 = 39) -27
43: Kyle Rudolph (30, 34 = 32) +11
106: Christian Ballard (68, 75 = 72) +34
139: Brandon Burton (80, 111 = 96) +43
168: Demarcus Love (156, 161 = 159) +9
170: Mistral Raymond (255, 235 = 245) -75
172: Brandon Fusco (135, 214 = 175) -3
200: Ross Homan (127, 112 = 120) +80
215: D’Aundre Reed (255, 223 = 241) -26
236: Stephen Burton (252, 196 = 224) +12

The Vikings end up getting 6 positive value picks, which is great. After reaching for their 1st round quarterback, Christian Ponder, the Vikings ran off 4 straight positive value picks, reached high for DB Mistral Raymond, took Brandon Fusco, then picked up some big time value points with OLB, Ross Homan. TE, Kyle Rudolph had a 1st round grade, but the Vikings picked him up midway through the 2nd. Utah’s Brandon Burton was impressive all season for the Utes, he should fit perfectly in Minnesota. The reach for Ponder was interesting, but with QBs teams never know – they got the guy they wanted, and that counts for something. Nice weekend packed full of Value for the Vikings

Draft Pick Total: 1461– Player Rankings Total: 1403 —- TOTAL RANKING: +58

2011 Mock Draft

Minnesota Vikings 6-10 – Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: I’m not sold on Gabbert – but he can sure look brilliant at times. So I understand him moving to the top of most quarterback position rankings when Andrew Luck decided to stay in school. He put up some big time numbers, has a big arm, and often carries himself like a pro – but boy, I see a lot of bad decisions when I watch him, at least a couple huge mistakes every time I’ve watched him play. But he’s a college kid, I get it, I don’t expect him to be Peyton Manning as a 20-year-old. Still, I’m not sure I love Gabbert – I wouldn’t pick him this high, but I think the Vikings might. They are not sold on anybody they have, and Gabbert might appeal to them enough to take a shot. I certainly understand the pressure to add a possibly star quarterback when you don’t have one on your roster, and I think that pressure ends up being too much for the Vikings to pass up if Missouri’s signal caller is still on the board at #12.


Minnesota Vikings: A-

Sure, the Vikings may have mortgaged the future a little bit by giving up some draft picks, but the way I see it, they gave up a middle of the pack 1st rounder and a little more to get the best defensive end in football. Jared Allen is a beast, and he was worth it for a good Vikings defensive front that just got a hell of a lot better. Great deal for them. After Allen, there wasn’t much to grade, but he’s almost worth an A all by himself.

With their first pick, a 2nd round choice, the Vikings grabbed FS Tyrell Johnson. Johnson plays very fast, and timed out very well in workouts. Johnson was more of a tackling dynamic in college, but he has the speed to work well in coverage, something that the Vikings need desperately. Good choice for them here.

John David Booty is an able quarterback that probably got a bad wrap because of some struggles he had with injuries while at USC. He was almost a sure thing first day pick before he decided to come back. His receivers were very young last year, and that undoubtedly helped him struggle. He’s accurate (something incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson isn’t) and ran a complex offense at USC. He’ll help Jackson right away, and is a nice maybe pick for the future.

Letroy Guion will add some depth on the defensive line. He’s not fast, but has good feet and a quicker step than he gets credit for. He wasn’t a starter for FSU, and that probably had him drop, but I’d like to think he helps this season.

John Sullivan might get too much of the blame for his offense’s trouble at Notre Dame, as he is a good player, and the Center can really only do so much to make a line dynamic work. Notre Dame couldn’t do anything last year, so if the Vikings found a good player here, it was a steal. I’m not so sure.

Jaymar Johnson has some potential, but he needs to get more physical to survive in the NFL. He will most likely be a practice squad guy in his first season.

2007 Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings struggled to a 6 win season in 2006. In his first year coaching the club, Brad Childress just didn’t get the type of commitment from his players that he had hoped. In a bad division, the Vikings finished 3rd, only ahead of the Detroit Lions. Last seasons’ big free agent acquisition, Chester Taylor, stayed healthy for most of the season, and finished 5th in the NFC in rushing, with 1,216 yards and 6 touchdowns. Brad Johnson didn’t fare as well, as he threw more interceptions (15) than touchdowns (9). That might have something to do with him being let go this off-season, but you never can tell. The wide receiver position remained a problem for the Vikes in ’06. In fact, ever since Moss went to the Raiders, the Vikings haven’t known who to throw to. Troy Williamson was supposed to morph into a super talent, as he was selected 7th overall in 2005, but dropped passes continue to haunt the young speedster, and right now, newly signed Bobby Wade looks like an upgrade at the position. Scary. Currently, 2nd year signal caller, Tarvaris Jackson, looks like the man in Minnesota, though the Vikings seem skeptical to let Jackson decide their fate in 2007. However, I really like the kid, and although he didn’t look fantastic statistically in his first few starts, I actually thought his poise was solid during his first couple starts.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

After their worst season in some time, the Vikings looked to switch things up in free agency. The Vikings cut Brad Johnson, Fred Smoot, and Jermaine Wiggins, while bringing in Bobby Wade, Visanthe Shiancoe, and linebacker Vinny Ciurciu. The trade of players who didn’t care to do anything the team wanted for 3 guys that are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes seems like a good move for the Vikes, however, I would have to say the Vikings overpaid for both Shiancoe and Wade. The draft should add talent to a struggling offense, and maybe even add some late round talent on defense. However, defensively, the Vikings are very good, especially when you consider the relative ineffectiveness of their offense throughout last season. Wide receivers are strong and deep this year, as the Vikings could improve their receiving corps greatly in either of the first two rounds. However, unless the Vikings trade down into the latter half of Round 1, I don’t see them selecting a receiver with their first pick, there’s just no value there. A player like LaRon Landry, Leon Hall, or Reggie Nelson would greatly upgrade their secondary, while adding any of the top defensive lineman would improve depth at a position in which you can never have enough talent. Look for the Vikes to trade down, or wait for their receiving upgrade in Round 2.

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