Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 8

Lucky scrambled to an 8-6 record last week which coupled with week six’s blockbuster performance has me feeling optimistic about week Eight. Let’s get to the picks:Redskin’s +2 @ Giants
Giants lackluster defense will be unable to slow down the emerging triplets for the “Skins”. Brunell, Moss, and Portis should all put up big numbers against the leaky Giant’s defense. On the other side, Washington has one of the finest defenses in the league.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Packers @ Bengals -10
Even Favre cannot continue to keep the Packers competitive. The latest injuries, Ahman Green and Robert Ferguson, leave the Packers thin at the skill positions. Bengals will rebound at home after their huge loss to the Steelers. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Bears +3 @ Lions
Lion QB Jeff Garcia has Lions more dangerous on offence but Bears counter with vastly superior defense and rushing attack. Take the Bears and the points. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Vikings +8.5 @ Panthers
Vikings really pulled it together in the 2nd half against the Packers. I expect their “bunker mentality” will keep it close in Carolina.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Raiders -1.5 @ Titans
Home dogs Titans with McNair returning at QB are not talented enough to hang with the Raiders. The well coached Titans are struggling to put healthy players on field. Raiders RB Lamont Jordan is running with confidence. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Cardinals +10 @ Cowboys
The Cowboys have played nail biters in six of seven games. Expect that trend to continue against the youthful Cardinals. Cowboys makeshift OL will struggle against Cardinal pass rush.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Browns +2 @ Texans
It is hard to fathom winless Texans favored in this contest. The Texans have shown a total inability to protect QB David Carr. Expect the Browns to pound the ball against Texans porous run defense.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Dolphins @ Saints-3
Expect emotional contest as Miami coach Saban returns to LSU. Saints playing in storm ravaged Louisiana have better tools on offense and just enough grit on Defense for a convincing win.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:05 ET

Chiefs +6.5 @ Chargers
Charger RB Tomlinson was shut down by Eagles. Expect the Chiefs to copy those tactics to try and contain him. Kansas City will control the clock with RB tandem of Holmes and Johnson.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:05 ET

Buccaneers -12 @ 49ers
Expect San Franciscos offensive woes to continue with QB Dorsey up against top rated Tampa Bay Defense. Buc star rookie RB Cadillac Williams could see first action since week four.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:15 ET

Eagles +3.5 @ Broncos
Eagles swarming defense should throttle Denver RBs. Eagle offense has sputtered but should get back on track at Mile High. Expect Eagles to run the bar to keep McNabb, 58 passes last week, fresh.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:15 ET

Jaguars -3 @ Rams
Ram offensive injuries especially at QB and WR will hamper production. Jaguar RB Fred Taylor returns to exploit Rams beleaguered defense. Jaguars should be healthy after their bye.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Bills +10 @ Patriots
Ten points is too much to lay for a Patriot team that has struggled to run effectively and conversely has been ineffectual against the run. McGahee should rebound from last weeks, 37 yards, performance.
Game Date: 10/30/05 20:35 ET

Ravens @ Steelers -11
The Steelers are separating themselves from the pack with dominant offense and defense. The Ravens cannot run, Jamal Lewis is averaging 2.9 yards per carry. God knows they sure can not throw it! Fine Raven defense is hurting mightily with both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed out. Game Date: 10/31/05 21:05 ET

Big Bet Of The Week
Take the Cardinals +330 to upset the Cowboys. This Cowboy team finds ways to keep things close. I will always take 3-1 in close games.

Bonus Big Bet
Take the Bills +325 to upset the Patriots. The Bills strengths, pass defense and rushing attack, match up well against this years Patriot squad.



Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Free College Football Picks Week 9 2005

Hello loyal readers. Most of you will be delighted to know Lucky Lester returns from New Zealand next week. But hey, old Uncle John did deliver five out of six winners last weekend. Smoking!

Oklahoma +2 @ Nebraska
Jump on this one! Nebraska was abused by Missouri’s Brad Smith last week and faces a healthy Adrian Peterson this week.

Michigan @ Northwestern +3
Northwestern is the better team this year and are getting points at home. Northwestern quarterback Brett Basanez is worthy of Heisman consideration.

UCLA -7 @ Stanford
Puny spread for a UCLA squad that has scored 40 or more in six of their last seven games.

Georgia @ Florida -4
Take a rested Florida team in the Swamp against the Bulldogs who will sorely miss starting QB D. J. Shockley

Wake Forest -14 @ Duke
As an old Duke alum, I know that you can count on the Blue Devils to lose by more than 2 TDs against any quality ACC opponent.

Washington State + 29.5 @ USC
The Cougars have played tough for three quarters each game. It would take four quarters of sucking for them to be buried by thirty points!

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 7

Sorry for all the delays this week. Lucky is in New Zealand and we had difficulty transcribing his picks. Here they are fresh from down under. The penetrating analysis will be my own, 80 year old Uncle John.New Orleans Saints @ St Louis Rams -3.5
Both teams rediscovered their ground games last week. Rams are scarier through the air. Take St. Louis modestly priced at home.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Green Bay Packers -1.5 @ Minnesota Vikings
The Packers have some pride. Ahman Green returns for the run challenged Pack Attack. Daunte and Tice must wait another week to wake up from their nightmare. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Indianapolis Colts -16.5 @ Houston Texans
Expect Mr. Carr to get sacked a dozen times at least. Colts will flood the field with reserves. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals -1
Steelers are no longer the best team in this division. Meet the Bengals! Cincinnati should be favored more at home.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

San Diego Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles -3.5
Even Lucky has the occasional horrible day. Philly has been stewing for two weeks about “The Humiliation in Dallas”. Look for them to kick ass at home. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns -3
Dilfer is surprising everybody with his stellar leadership. Browns undervalued at home. Give the three.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins -13.5
This week the Niners traded Tim Rattay who was their one chance to win again this year. Brunell gets my vote as Comeback Player of the Year. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Dallas Cowboys +5 @ Seattle Seahawks
Danger, Danger! People are talking up the Seahawks again. That is never a good sign. This game feels like pick em so grab the generous five you get with the Cowboys. Game Date: 10/23/05 16:05 ET

Buffalo Bills +3 @ Oakland Raiders
Randy Moss will sit this one out. Bills have found a passer, Kelly Holcomb, who can deliver the ball deep to a speedy batch of receivers. Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Baltimore Ravens +1 @ Chicago Bears
Bears are the worst first place team in Football. EVER! Take the underachieving Ravens and the point.
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals -5
Titans finally must sit down their great warrior, Steve McNair. Cardinals deliver this week on untapped potential.
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Denver Broncos +2 @ New York Giants
Broncos are the superior squad across the board. Giant defense is ranked thirty-first. My own shriveled wife is ranked higher in a room with twenty other women. Grab the points!
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons -7.5
Curtis Martin is a baller, kudos for tough Vinnie as well. However, Atlanta is too tough for the banged up Jets.
Game Date: 10/24/05 21:10 ET

Big Bet Of The Week

It pains me to pick the Cowboys +160 to win out right against my beloved Seahawks. The ten gallon jug of Black Rum, I intend to buy with the proceeds will ease the pain!



Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Free College Football Picks Week 8 2005

Sorry for the delay we are having technical difficulties
Northwestern +12.5 @ Michigan State
True freshman running back sensation Tyrell Sutton has a huge game and Northwestern wins out right.

Nebraska @ Missouri ( pk )
These are not your father’s Cornhuskers!

Washington State +12 @Cal
Cal has struggled against the run all year. Stud RB Jerome Harrison will expose Cal at home.

Texas Tech +17 @ Texas
This one should be a blast to watch. The over/under is seventy!

Oregon State @ UCLA -9
UCLA should rebound from their huge scare in Pullman.

Purdue @ Wisconsin -8
Brian Calhoun has rushed one hundred yards in every game save one. He gets his and Wisconsin wins

Tonights Pro Game
Kansas City PK @Miami
Jump on the Chiefs at a very affordable price!

2005 Week 6 NFL Pick Review

Aunt Penelope and ME
11-3… That’s a little more like it. After weeks at par, struggling to walk the thin line of good and bad, wondering if I would sleep with my wife or on the sofa, I went to Penny Auntie, and she came through in fine fashion. Being a football genius, it’s hard to put all your chips on a girl, especially your mom’s sister. But… as I said before… You can’t argue with success and that’s exactly what we had. This is how we did it…..


The New York Giants lost in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys, but 3.5 points never looked so beautiful. Eli Manning and the Giants turned the ball over a million times, allowing the Cowboys to win, but not by enough to take my money. The Cowboys won, but I won too. One out of two ain’t bad.

The Carolina Panthers lost Jake Delhomme, but Chris Wenkie came in and threw a touchdown pass to make the Panthers, and better yet me, a winner over the “can’t buy a W” Detroit Lions. Steve Smith is a truly great receiver: He’s a Pro-Bowler for sure!

The Chargers straight smoked the Raiders, just as Penny and I imagined. Ladainian Tomlinson brought the full house, as he ran, passed, and caught a touchdown… Filthy! San Diego wasn’t about to lose two weeks in a row with their record and talent. Look for the Chargers to go on a nice little run after this week, solidifying their place as a playoff contender.

The Seahawks did everything the Houston Texans couldn’t. They won. The Texans spent another week leading the Reggie Bush sweepstakes, or leading the “trade an entire offensive line for Reggie Bush sweepstakes.” God, and David Carr, knows they need it. Well the Texans sorrow is my bank roll… Roll on Houston!

Buffalo Bills quarterback, Kelly Holcomb, did just enough to beat the unlucky Jets. With their starting and backup quarterbacks out, they didn’t need to lose the best Center in the game, Kevin Mawae… but they did, for the year. The Bills are fighting for their playoff hopes, and as long as they have a throwing threat, Willis McGahee will throw the punches.

The Pittsburgh Steelers fought hard without their leader, Big Ben, but Tommy Maddox’s mistakes numbered too many as the Jaguars returned his last of three interceptions for the game winning touchdown in overtime. Byron Leftwich needs to produce more touchdowns, but to do so he needs his receivers to catch the ball when it hits their hands. Say what you will, I’ll take the overtime victory for a big pay out.

The Redskins had the fire power, Mark Brunell threw for 322 yards and two touchdowns, but they couldn’t stop Preist Holmes. Rather it’s running or receiving, Preist Holmes is the man. Tony Gonzalez was irrelevent for the 5th time this year, if you count the bye week. Brunell is playing similar to his Jacksonville days. If the running game could get on track, he and Santana Moss would light the world up. As of now, they’ll just make me some money.

The Bengals waited awhile to finish the Titans off, but they got the job done, assuring me a winning weekend. Carson Palmer had great numbers, just as he’s had all year. At one point he was 16/17 for 160+ yards and a touchdown. MVP numbers? Rudi Johnson pounded the Titans. Chris Brown finally had a good day for Tennessee, not good enough to make me a looser.

Penny was right about the Ravens. She saw a much better team than they had been showing, took the bet, and made me a winner. Thanks P! Everyone likes to win money. What will the Ravens show next week? Jamal Lewis continued his “blah” year, but the Defense was ready for Trent Dilfer and the Browns. A real nice thank you present for helping them win that Super Bowl.

In a Ricky Williams return, and a Ronnie Brown / Caddilac Williams showdown, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t even need Williams to get the victory. Ricky showed up to get just about nothing done, just like his teammates. The Buccaneer defense is for real.

The Broncos took down the champs with a first half flurry of combinations. Uppercut lead, with a Jake Plummer to Rod Smith follow up. A Mike Anderson jab with a Tatum Bell left hook. I’ve decided I must hate the Broncos. They won me money, and I was still pissed they won. Can’t win with these jerks!


Only two of these bad boys, so lets get down to it. The Vikings are the leagues most pathetic team, and they proved it as they lost to the Bears in an important divisional game, 28-3. C’mon Daunte!

In a surprising swing of events, the New Orleans Saints played a good game. Conversely, they still lost. The Saints played just well enough to make me a loser, while still giving Mike Vick and the Falcons a win. That’s it.

The Rams started off with a 17-0 lead, but a Marc Bulger interception followed by a shoulder spraining block, left the Rams looking a Colts score right in the face, without their starting quarterback to help them out when their offense got back on the field. After a Steven Jackson fumble in the second half, the Colts opened the flood gates and the Rams pick screwed me again. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison broke the duo-touchdown record held by Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Three losses, not bad.

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Week 7 College Football Picks Review

Double Up 8-4-1
I doubled up my wins over losses in a big winner week for Lucky. I plan on many winner weeks to come as I feel like I have this college thing down. Those Trojans broke my heart by taking down the Irish with a little reversal of Irish Luck. Even with a broken heart, a new fat wad in my wallet felt pretty good… who said money can’t make you happy?

Push Me

Toledo couldn’t get me one more point. They did everything but. And what can I say, I was meant to win twice as many games as I loss and no less.


South Florida couldn’t pull this one out, so I started my Saturday with a loss… luckily the losses would come few and far between. Let freedom ring.
Bowling Green could only muster up 20 more points than Buffalo. I’ll stick with my guns though, and bet on my main man Omarr Jacobs on any given Saturday.

The Indianna game was tough, I lost the spread by 2.5 points. I thought the Hoosier defense would play better… guess I was wrong.

UCLA couldn’t pull the spread out. I knew Washington State was going to choke, they’ve made a career of it. Unfortunately they didn’t choke until late, too late for me to win.


Washington tried to joke around and hold on early, but the true purple and gold came through with a nice and dissapointing loss. Oregon is one of the best teams in a weak Pac 10. The Huskies are one of the weaker teams in the NCAA. Another loss of the Dogs is another win for me.

Penn State couldn’t pull off a win that would have kept them in the National Title hunt. On 4th and goal, with time running out, Michigan State got a touchdown to win by 2. Did I say 2? Luckily for me, I had 3. Winner!

Florida couldn’t win the big game, but LSU coldn’t finish off the Gators. Meyer’s team hung around long enough to cover the spread and make my money.

Mo money, mo money, mo money….. Notre Dame was out to make me look like a genius before the luck of the Irish reversed and broke my heart. A little mending with the cash I pocketed made me feel a little better.

Georgia Tech was much, much better than those horrible Blue Devils. The Yellow Jackets stepped up and took the Devils by 25, giving me my first of many wins on the day.

Weird, Colorado couldn’t compete with Vince Young and the rest of the Texas Longhorns. I called this one right on the dot. I’m getting used to picking these Longhorn games.

Ohio State was a touchdown favorite and they deserved to be. Michigan State is a good football team, and they had control, but Ohio State can score at any time on any play. They did, and they came back to beat the Spartans easily.

Northwestern is a damn good squad, and they came out and took advantage of a Purdue Boilermaker team that is out of their conference race. Basenez is a good quarterback, one of the toughest leaders in the college game. Look for Northwestern to make some noise.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 6

Last week was another push for Lucky Lester. I picked some great victories, but couldn’t find a happy place with those tweener games. This week I went all the way to the boondocks of Montucky for my week Six insight. That’s right, my famous professional card playing Aunt P and Uncle Bruceage have been obliterating the books in their pick’em league, and taking home the cash pot with sweet grins. We disagree on some games in week 6, but you can’t argue with success. Follow along as I do my damnedest to make sense of Auntie P’s Picks.New York Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys – I couldn’t agree more. The Cowboys are getting way too much credit for the Eagles tumble off the sanity tree. Don’t be confused, the Cowboys aren’t that good. Eli Manning has had two weeks to prepare for Bill Parcells’ average defensive unit, and he’ll make the best of it. Jeremy Shockey loves to bring it to the Cowboys, and especially to Bill Parcells. Tiki Barber will have one of his better weeks against a secondary that should be scared of Shockey and Plaxico Burress. The Giant defense will do just enough to upset Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys in a big divisional game.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Carolina Panthers (+1) @ Detroit Lions -Neither Aunt P or I can imagine how the oddsmakers came up with this joke of a spread. Those Lions haven’t sucked since the Chicago Bear game in Week 2. We both agree; they’re due! Look for the Panthers to take a week off from their bad habit of playing to the level of their opponents and kick the Lions right under the tail. Don’t expect much from Joey Harrington without Roy Williams in the lineup. Do, however, expect the Panthers to shut down Kevin Jones, using 8 and 9 players in the box. Jake Delhomme will find Steve Smith again and again on route to a big point differential. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Atlanta Falcons (-5) @ New Orleans Saints – Can the Saints rebound against a good Falcon team who almost took down the defending champs without Mike Vick to lead them? P says, “No chance in Hellgate!” and I couldn’t say it better myself. Mike Vick might be back for this game, but even if he doesn’t make it, Matt Schaub will have his way with the bandaged up New Orleans squad. Watch Warrick Dunn run wild in San Antonio.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Chicago Bears – I think Penny Auntie took a shot in the dark with this one, though she says this pick is as good as gold. She hates the Vikings and Culpepper more than anything, yet still can’t imagine the Vikings losing to the Kyle Orton led Bears. P thinks Daunte will play better, and Mewelde Moore will out perform 1st Round Pick Cedric Benson as he starts with Thomas Jones on the mend. I think she might be on to something, and you can’t really argue with Aunt P anyway; she slaps harder than Rick James. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) @ Pittsburgh Steelers – The Jaguars in Pittsburgh? “The Steelers are ready to lose,” says Aunt P. I think the Jaguars are one of the best teams in this league, but so are the Steelers. The Jaguars always play tight with good teams, so the spread is on my side… I like that. With Big Ben unsure if he’s going to play or watch, Byron Leftwich might be ready to take advantage of this chance to prove he’s one of the league’s best young guns. Fred Taylor needs to find room for this upset to take place. Take the Jaguars and the points in Pittsburgh.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) – The Redskins were three points away from going 4-0, but they couldn’t convert the two-pointer. Mark Brunell threw for 322 yards. He won’t approach those numbers in Kansas City. Look for the Redskins to take a step back toward reality this week as they get tortured by a tough Kansas City team that looks hungry for a win after their bye. The Chiefs have to win this game if they want to be taken seriously. Tony Gonzalez will have his best game of the year against the tough Redskin D, putting rumors that he’s washed up to rest. Priest Holmes is ready to explode, so watch the Chiefs dominate.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) @ Tennessee Titans – The Bengals are P’s pick in this one. I’m with her. How can the Titan defense stop Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, and Rudi Johnson? Let me take a page out of Chad Johnson’s book… they can’t. They can’t guard him. My hope is that Adam Jones has to guard Chad. You’ll see Jones’ mouth moving before the play, then Johnson will catch a touchdown pass, then Adams mouth will take a nice little rest with his ass on the bench. Take the Bengals in a blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5) – I have to be honest I kind of like the Browns in this one. I’ve lost all hope in the Ravens, but as Penelope says, “Lester, you give up on teams too early.” She’s got a point. All she says is, “The Browns suck,” but maybe she sees the same Ravens I’ve been trying to see since the season started. Maybe she sees Jamal Lewis finally starting to play like the 2000 yard back from two years ago. Maybe she sees a Cleveland Brown team who game up 295 rushing yards to Lewis in one game. She probably sees a defensive unit with Ray Lewis, Chris McCallister, Ed Reed, Deion, and a plethora of great supporting players like Suggs and Kelly Gregg. And she’s right, if that team comes to play on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns don’t stand a chance. I’ll take that bet!
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took one on the chin when Vinny Testeverde walked onto the field and gave them their first defeat of the season. Well they’re going to be back in full force against Miami. Do you think Cadillac Williams wants to show up his former teammate at Auburn, Ronnie Brown? Brown was picked ahead of Williams, but it was Williams who burst onto the scenes the first three games. The last two weeks it’s Brown who has been running the ball well. Who will it be? Brown or Williams? I think Gruden does a great job of finding places for Carnell to succeed. He’ll continue that when Williams returns to the field this weekend. This game also marks the return of Ricky Williams. The Buc’s should shut the Miami offense down. Look for Gus Frerotte to have a tough go as Tampa Bay controls this game from the get.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos (-3) – Let me say this, I hate the Broncos. I don’t see them winning this game. I don’t see them making the playoffs. Now let me say this. They are 4-1. They get Champ Bailey back in full health this week. Since their loss to Miami, they haven’t lost another game. Jake Plummer has played like chicken feed all season and they’re still on top of the league. Maybe I’m wrong! P thinks the same old same old will continue this week. “The Broncos will be 5-1.” Is it possible for the Broncos to have more wins than their quarterback has touchdowns? The Patriots pulled out a big one in Atlanta… but maybe they’re too banged up to play that way every week. Tom Brady will have a big game, but we’re taking the Broncos to shut down the Patriot rushing attack and cause turnovers often. Those Broncos are always tough at home.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

San Diego Chargers (-2) @ Oakland Raiders – The Raiders are better than their record, but not as good as the Chargers. Ladainian Tomlinson will be the first running back that handles the Raider defensive front. He’s too explosive for those old farts. Aunt P says the Raiders have a running shot it this one, but she has to go with the Chargers to rebound from their Monday Night defeat. I’m with her. Randy Moss will explode as will Jerry Porter. But it will be the Chargers who find themselves on top by games end. Kerry Collins will help the cause with a couple turnovers late in the second half.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills (-3) – The Jets can win games with Vinny at quarterback. But they won’t beat the Bills because Kelly Holcomb will make enough plays with his arm to take the game in Buffalo. This is a game between two of the leagues premier defenses. So expect a shootout! That’s right. Take the tiny over in this game and surprise the world. The Bills will score two late touchdowns to blow open the game. Willis McGahee will have a nice game against a stout Jets team, but the Bills will get their third win of the year.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

Houston Texans @ Seattle Seahawks (-9.5) – “The Texans? I don’t care how many points they are getting! The USC Trojans would beat the Texans!” Note to self: Aunt P can be a little violent from time to time when you ask her to think about all the points the Seahawks are giving up. Stick with the hot hand I guess. The Seahawks finally took down their arch rival St. Louis Rams last weekend, ending a season long drought that took them out of the playoffs last year. P says they’ll be fired up to continue their winning ways at home against the top-pick bound Houston Texans. “They should stop rooting for the Texans, and start rooting more Reggie Bush!” I think they should start rooting for linemen. Either way, we’re taking the Hawks in a Seattle blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 20:30 ET

St. Louis Rams (-13.5) @ Indianapolis Colts – The Rams are pathetic, but the Colts haven’t really beat the snot out of any team this year. I don’t count the Alex Smith led 49ers. In fact, besides the Jaguars, the Colts haven’t played a good team yet. And counting the Jags, they haven’t played an explosive offensive team yet. The Rams can be explosive. Expect Steven Jackson to eclipse the 25 carries mark, with Mike Martz off the sidelines. If the Rams can do that, they have a chance to deal the Colts their first defeat. Aunt P boasts, “The Colts are ready to lose!” I don’t know if they’re as ready as she thinks, but the question may be, is their defense ready to defend the greatest show on turf? The Rams will be ready, will the Colts?
Game Date: 10/17/05 21:00 ET
Big Bet Of The Week
Take the Giants to win outright in Dallas for a nifty +150 payout. Giants are rested and ready to put down an erratic Cowboy team.

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Free College Football Picks Week 7 2005

USC’s ND Day
My first winner week will be followed by a dominate week 7 performance. That’s right! USC Finally takes a defeat as Notre Dame does their best to propel themselves into a BCS game. Some comeback performances will put naysayers to rest as Ohio State, Georgia Tech, and Florida will al step up big. Listen close; at least nine away teams will break their home foe on week Seven’s big Saturday.

South Florida (+1) @ Pittsburgh – South Florida has played one of the toughest schedules in the nation, and they’ve come away with some close losses and big victories. A huge win against Louisville put them on the map where a 10 point loss to Penn State and a hard fought battle with Miami gave them their only two losses. Look for SF to pick on a Pittsburgh team that was obviously overrated to start the season. Pittsburgh will take their 5th loss of the season.

Georgia Tech (-20) @ Duke – Calvin Johnson will put his dropped touchdown pass behind him when the Yellow Jackets come to Carolina to stick it too the Blue Devils. Calvin is one of, if not the Nation’s best wide receiver. He kept his Jackets in the game against NC State and he’ll pull them right through the Devils. Duke can’t compete, so they won’t.

Colorado @ Texas (-17) – The Buffaloes don’t belong on the field with the Longhorns. Texas is too good to look over average teams. They showed that last week with the demolition of their rival Sooners. Watch and appreciate Vince Young’s superstar ability take his Longhorns too their first undefeated season in years. No mercy on the Buffs.

Indiana (+14.5) @ Iowa – The Hoosiers are better than the Hawkeyes. Yes, you heard that right, the two touchdown underdogs are going to win this game in Iowa. Blake Powers will bring his A game, passing touchdowns to 6’4″ James Hardy early and often. Look for Hardy to take advantage of the Hawkeyes’ worst defense in years.

Michigan State @ Ohio State (-6.5) – The Spartans have had two weeks to think about their big loss to rival Michigan. That was too long. Ohio State has already lost two more games than many people predicted, as they lost their second to the Penn State Nittany Lions last week in Columbus. The Buckeyes won’t lose again. They’ll take down the Spartans easily at home.

Northwestern (+7.5) @ Purdue – Northwestern showed me they can play football last week scoring 51 points against a good Wisconsin team. Oh, and they won too. Make it two in a row against top conference talent as the Wildcats get their fourth win while dealing the Boilermakers their fourth loss.

Bowling Green (-24) @ Buffalo – Omarr Jacobs. Omarr. Jacobs. Kid is ridiculous. He’ll throw for over 400 yards against a below average secondary. This game will come easy to the Falcons of Bowling Green.

Toledo (-20) @ Ball State – Toledo is an offensive machine and Ball State’s defense is more sieved like than anything else. Look for Toledo to outscore Ball State by over 20 in the first half, and hold on in the second. Toledo should cover that 20 points like Ty Law.

Penn State (+3) @ Michigan – Just in: the Nittany Lions are good. That’s right, Joe Paterno is coaching a winner once again. I haven’t heard many people spouting off about how he should retire lately. Only praises will be sung as Penn State plays the roll of upset once more, this time taking down the Wolverines in Michigan. Who said Freshmen can’t make a difference?

Washington @ Oregon (-16) – The Oregon Ducks are an average team that looks much better than they are because they’re stuck in the Pac 10 where mediocrity will get you second place. Fortunately for them, and me, they play the Washington Huskies this weekend. If the spread isn’t 50 its too little. The Huskies will be embarrassed in Oregon on Saturday.

Florida (+6) @ LSU – How will the Gators and Urban Meyer cope with their first loss of the season? With a huge victory over division rival LSU. LSU is playing at home, where they are at their best, but Florida won’t be had for the second game in a row. Chris Leak is too good, and Urban Meyer coaches well enough to teach his kids how to learn from their mistakes. Especially if he has two weeks to do it. Florida upsets LSU in Baton Rouge.

USC @ Notre Dame (+11.5) – USC falls to the Irish of Notre Dame. Are the Trojans really as good as everyone has said they are? With the way they played against Oregon, Arizona State, and especially Arizona, I have to say no. Remember a couple weeks back when I said USC will get beat by a good second half team if they continue to doodle around in the first half? This is that good second half team. USC takes their first loss in over a year. Notre Dame looks ahead to a BCS Bowl game.

UCLA (-5.5) @ Washington State – The Bruins are one of the best teams in the Pac 10. Washington State isn’t very good, and they’ll prove it in Pullman when UCLA prances in and destroys the Cougars. Take this one as quick as you can. The odds makers might realize what they’ve done and pull the game. Honestly.

2005 Week 5 NFL Pick Review

PUSH me off a cliff!
5, multiplied by 100, hey, it’s 500! For the second straight Week I pushed, which is never a money making venture. It does, however, keep a little money in the bank to be dealt out amongst 14 NFL games in week 6. week 6’s picks will soon show their ragged faces, but for now, check out the hasty review of my .500 week 5.

Chicago @ Cleveland (-3) – (Winner) Bears 10 – Browns 20. Kyle Orton actually played pretty well against a stingy Brown defensive unit. Unfortunately for Orton, Thomas Jones and the rest of the Bears, it was Trent Dilfer who stole the show with under 4 minutes remaining. Two quick touchdowns and that was it, the Bears, who had controlled much of the game, took it on the chin in Cleveland.

New Orleans (+3) @ Green Bay – (Loser) Saints 3 – Packers 52. As it turns out, the Packers should be favored against someone… the Saints… and that’s it. Who am I to bet against Brett on his birthday? I blame my secretary for not telling me about the big day. The Saints made me look silly, and Brett looked young as the Packers walloped the Saints.

Tampa Bay (-3) @ New York Jets – (Loser) Buccaneers 12 – Jets 14. The Buccaneers didn’t let up, but time wasn’t on their side as Joey Galloway was tackled in the middle of the field with 7 seconds to go. Time ran out on the Buc’s. The big story was Vinny “Grandpa” Testeverde, who came of the sofa to steal a huge victory for the Jets, and give his former Bucs their first loss of the young season.

Seattle (+3) @ St. Louis – (Winner) Seahawks 37 – Rams 31. “The Rams always play well at home. Ha! That’s what they want you to think. Don’t let them fool you. They will lose to Seattle this week. There’s no question in my mind. Shaun Alexander will rush for over 100 yards without much of a defense to get in his way. When Shaun does that, the Seahawks win big. Take the Hawks to win their first game against the Rams in over a year.” What can I say? Like I said last week, from time to time you see genius. Finally I got the best of those skuzzy Rams.

New England @ Atlanta (-3) – (I’ll take the loss) Patriots 31 – Falcons 28. “Wait until right before kickoff to take this bet. If Mike Vick isn’t suiting up for the Falcons, the Patriots at +3 is a pretty damn good bet.” Vick didn’t play, but I would have gloated had the Falcons won, so I’ll take this close loss with humility and valor. Damn them Pats!

Miami (+3) @ Buffalo – (Loser) Dolphins 14 – Bills 20. The Dolphins took one on the nose, but it wasn’t JP Losman delivering the jab, it was Kelly “Buffalo Savior” Holcomb. “Buffalo Savior… Dread Lock Rasta…” I was listening to Bob Marley, but I wasn’t “hearing” him. The Dolphins were still in it late, but couldn’t outmaneuver the Bills.

Baltimore (+1.5) @ Detroit – (Loser) Ravens 17 – Lions 35. The Ravens have lost it. Complete Psychos. Twenty-one flipping penalties. Holy crap! Brian Billick isn’t the genius everyone thinks he is. The Ravens aren’t the team I thought they were. Will they be able to turn it around? After this debacle, I’m positive the answer is NO!

Tennessee (+3) @ Houston – (Winner) Titans 34 – Texans 20. “Look for Steve McNair to get some time to throw, feeding the ball to Drew Bennett for Drew’s first 100 yard game of the year. Chris Brown will also get a chance to shine against an average Texan defense.” I was a little off… Drew only had 99 yards. Can’t win ’em all. But you can win this one. Ha!

Indianapolis (-14.5) @ San Francisco – (Winner) Colts 28 – 49ers 3. The 49ers looked much better than I thought they would, but they never had a chance. Even with a blown call by the Zebras on Edgerrin James’ supposed fumble, the Niners couldn’t hold the Colts down forever. Alex Smith had a rough time of it, taking 5 sacks and getting hit at least twice as much as that.

Carolina (-2.5) @ Arizona – (Winner) Panthers 24 – Cardinals 20. What is the deal with the Panthers playing close games against every single team they face? The Panthers followed Steve Smith to victory in Arizona… but are they only 4 points and a late comeback better than the Cards? They’ve got to be more consistent than this!

Philadelphia (-3.5) @ Dallas – (Loser) Eagles 10 – Cowboys 30. “The Eagles are much better than the tumbling Cowboys.” (me) Tumbling Cowboys I say? Dallas made the Eagles look like a team full of Humpty Dumptys this weekend. I actually turned the channel to watch the Redskins-Broncos game. God help me! The Eagles sure tricked me in this one. Give Andy Reid a bye week to think about it I guess. Give me a bye week to think about taking the Eagles ever again.

Washington (+7.5) @ Denver – (Winner) Redskins 19 – Broncos 21. How can a team with a quarterback who goes 10-25 for 92 yards win? I don’t know. Brunell was sharp and efficient, going 30-52 for 322 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 interceptions. How did the Redskins lose this game? Clinton Portis even rushed for 100 yards. This one baffles me. One thing I do know. The Broncos didn’t screw me again! Mark Brunell’s late touchdown sealed the deal, taking me well within my 7.5 point cushion.

Cincinnati (+2.5) @ Jacksonville – (Loser) Bengals 20 – Jaguars 23. That damn half a point. It’s breaking my balls! The Bengals lost a tough one in Jacksonville for their first defeat of the season. They had to lose by 3…. Son of a bitch! Chad Johnson delivered CPR in the end zone to the skin of a dead pig, but he couldn’t get the Bengal’s heart beat again, as Carson Palmer fumbled the Bengal’s undefeated season away.

Pittsburgh (+3) @ San Diego – (Winner) Steelers 24 – Chargers 22. LT scored his touchdown, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Steelers from delivering a 4th quarter comeback victory for my first Monday Night victory of the season. Whew! This one brought me back to .500 on the week and finally got me that prime-time W.
A NUMBERS BET – Seattle (+3) @ St. Louis – (Winner) “The Rams have lost to the spread in 8 of the last 11 games they’ve been favored.” (me) Make that 9 of the last 12. Seattle did their damnedest to come out on the short end of the stick, but punt returner Shaun McDonald was stripped of the ball in the last minute. Watch out for the Rams though… I have a feeling Steven Jackson will continue to get the rock early and often in the weeks to come.

Big Bet of the Week – Washington (To Win) (+280) @ Denver – (Loser) This was as close as it gets to big money, without winning of course. I won the spread bet but lost the chance to win as Mark Brunell got his two point conversion pass tipped at the last moment. Tough luck! The kind of luck that’s coming my way much too often.
Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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Week 6 College Football Picks Review

No Pushing!
Picking the Lucky number 13 games took me over the .500 mark for the first time this year. Sure, it was only a game over even, but you must crawl before you walk. Do you have to walk before you sprint? Let’s hope not! As my genius continues to expand, so does my record. Check out my 7-6 week 6 in the College Ranks.

North Carolina State @ Georgia Tech (-4.5) – (Loser) Wolfpack 17 – Yellow Jackets 14. I had this game lost with the Yellow Jackets driving in the games final seconds. Fate would have it that I’d lose by a half a point, right? Wrong. The only player who was keeping the Jackets’ hopes alive, Calvin Johnson, had the ball bounce off his hands and get intercepted to end the game for Georgia Tech. Tough luck for both of us! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina State Wolfpack 27 – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 34.

Illinois @ Indiana (-6) – (Winner) Illini 13 – Hoosiers 36. I hit this one right on the toe. Blake Powers was solid in all aspects as he led the Hoosiers to 4-1 in an easy victory over Illinois. James Hardy had 118 yards receiving with two of Power’s four touchdown passes. Running back Chris Taylor added his fuel to the fire with 132 yards on 18 carries. This Hoosier team is tough! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Illinois Fighting Illini 21 – Indiana Hoosiers 38.

Wisconsin (-7) @ Northwestern – (Loser) Badgers 48 – Wildcats 51. I have to give it to the Wildcats, they put up 51 on the Badgers. This game was phenomenal! The Badgers were seemingly down and out until their final comeback. They came up short, but don’t look for Wisconsin to let down in coming weeks. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Wisconsin Badgers 31 – Northwestern 21.

Virginia @ Boston College (-7) – (Winner) Cavaliers 17 – Eagles 28. Got it! The Eagles were too good for the overrated Cavaliers. Boston College tightened the clamps and didn’t allow a 4th quarter score out of the Cavaliers, as they took their second straight conference game. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Virginia Cavaliers 13 – Boston College Eagles 28.

Oklahoma @ Texas (-13.5) – (Winner) Sooners 12 – Longhorns 45. Vince Young was great. The Sooners were not. Oklahoma didn’t score their first touchdown until the 4th quarter, as the Longhorns were as good as advertised. Mack Brown has a smile the size of Texas after his first victory over Bob Stoops. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oklahoma Sooners 17 – Texas Longhorns 48.

Maryland (-28.5) @ Temple – (Winner) Terrapins 38 – Owls 7. “I’d like to thank Temple for giving me another win. Thanks!”(me) I have to admit, I was a little frightened when the Owls took a touchdown lead over the Terps. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Owls never touched the end zone again, and the Terps put up their 35 plus. Another Owl game, another victory! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Maryland Terrapins 55 – Temple Owls 14.

Minnesota (+7.5) @ Michigan – (Winner) Golden Gophers 23 – Wolverines 20. “I think last week was an aberration, for both these teams. Take the Golden Gophers to upset the Wolverines and take their top 25 ranking for the second time this year.” (me) I haven’t checked yet, but I’ll guess the Wolverines aren’t resting in the AP’s Top 25. The Gophers made me look like a fortune teller, taking the Wolverines down in Michigan. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Minnesota Golden Gophers 38 – Michigan Wolverines 24.

Air Force (+1) @ Navy – (Loser) Falcons 24 – Midshipmen 27. It’s always a tough game to predict, as great rivalries are tough to call. The boys at Navy put Air Force at 2-4 while evening out their own record at 2-2 after their 2nd straight victory. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Air Force Falcons 28 – Navy Midshipmen 24.

Arizona @ USC (-37.5) – (Loser) Wildcats 21 – Trojans 42. This game was a hell of a lot closer than the 21 point final margin. The 1-4 Wildcats were only down a 14-7 at the half and 28-21 after the third quarter. I’m sure as shit the Trojans aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are. A loss is in their near future. Next week? They sure didn’t look like winners against the sub par Wildcats. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Arizona Wildcats 3 – USC Trojans 49.

Georgia (+3) @ Tennessee – (Winner) Bulldogs 27 – Volunteers 14. It wasn’t this close. Don’t be confused, the Bulldogs put an old fashioned beat down on the Volunteers in Tennessee. Georgia was the better team, in every aspect as I predicted. The late score by the Vols just made the score closer to my prediction. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Georgia Bulldogs 24 – Tennessee Volunteers 14.

Ohio @ Bowling Green (-22.5) – (Winner) Bobcats 14 – Falcons 38. Omarr Jacobs threw for 341 yards while tossing his NCAA leading 19th touchdown of the year. The Bobcats couldn’t keep pace… big surprise. The 24 point victory took me to 7-4 going into my final two games of the week. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Ohio Bobcats 30 – Bowling Green Falcons 57.

North Carolina (+13) @ Louisville – (Loser) Tar Heels 14 – Cardinals 69. Any time you drop 69 on a team you get love. Any time you drop 69 on a good defense like Carolina you get Jenna-like love. The Cards are back! After getting so many right on the button, this one was a real reality slap in the face. Not only did I lose my bet, but the Tar Heels got lambasted by those Louisville Cardinals. Finally the Cards play like the team everyone thought they’d be, and it was the week I picked them to fail. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina Tar Heels 31 – Louisville Cardinals 28.

Oregon @ Arizona State (-10) – (Loser) Ducks 31 – Sun Devils 17. I’m not sure what this all means… The Pac 10 sucks? I’ve been saying that all along, but I’ve never thought it more than I do right now. Maybe USC will crush every sports writer’s dream, to pick the National Champion, by losing to the Irish this week. As for these two teams, neither will find themselves in a BCS Bowl game. That’s a fact! Oregon took me to 7-6 by taking it to the Sun Devils in Tempe. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oregon Ducks 17 – Arizona State Sun Devils 45.