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Here at we get plenty of search engine exposure for football related content and as such you could benefit from that traffic by placing an ad on our site. Our visitors come to the site looking for football betting advice and fantasy football tips. Our readers are pretty loyal as we offer up pretty solid picks and went just under 70% accuracy against the spread for the entire board during the NFL last season and it is that kind of free advice that keeps bringing the people back. The football season is starting real soon so grab your spot before they are snapped up.

There are 3 options for advertising your sites and services on…

Ad Blocks

In the Header and on the right side there are banner spots available on a monthly basis as well as tabber spots for the main tabber categories on the home page, click on the banner below to see where they would be displayed. These banners need to be 600X68 and are $200.00 per month.

Header:            468X60   @ $100.00
Article Top:       468X60   @ $100.00
Article Bottom:    468X60   @ $50.00
Sidebar:A          280X280  @ $200.00
Sidebar:B          120X600  @ $100.00
Sidebar:C          120X240  @ $50.00
Sidebar:D          125X125  @ $25.00

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles can have up to 3 links to your products or services. The article can be an existing piece on the site or you can supply one to better suit your needs. If you require some assistance with your article let us know and we will help any way we can.

Sponsored articles begin at $500.00 per year per page with discounts available on multiple pages.

Sponsored Text Links

Our sponsored text links are relatively inexpensive as they all carry the rel=NoFollow tag. Due to certain search engines discounting the value of paid text links, the use of rel=NoFollow on text links, restores the value of the text in the link becoming ad copy rather than simple keywords.

Each sponsored text link can use up to 100 characters $20.00 per month.

For more information or to place an order please send an email to info (@) or call 604-484-5674.

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