Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Joined the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1976, and has never relocated.

League Championships: 1 – 2002 (Super Bowl)

Conference Championships: 1 – 2002 (NFC)

Division Championships: 5 – 1979 (NFC Central), 1981 (NFC Central), 1999 (NFC Central), 2002 (NFC South), 2005 (NFC south)

Playoff Appearances: 9 – 1979, 1981, 1982, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005

2005 Finish: 11-5, 1 st Place NFC South

Recent Records:

2004: 5-11 2005: 11-5 2006: 4-12 2007: 9-7 2008: 9-7 2009: 3-13 2010: 10-6

2011 Draft Grade

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (C+)
20: Adrian Clayborn (28, 22 = 25) -5
51: Da’Quan Bowers (22, 17 = 20) +31
84: Mason Foster (56, 98 = 77) +7
104: Luke Stocker (91, 91 = 91) +13
151: Ahmad Black (110, 125 = 118) +33
187: Allen Bradford (244, 255 = 250) -63
222: Anthony Gaitor (255, 255 = 255) -33
238: Daniel Hardy (198, 255 =227) +11

As I mentioned in the opening, I loved the Buccaneers’ draft. I thought they got a very safe contributor in the 1st round when they picked Clayborn. They went risky in Round 2, but how risky is pick 51 for a Top 10 talent? I know Bowers’ knee is a question mark – a big time question mark, but if he plays for 4 years at his talent level, this pick is a great one. Mason Foster was one of my favorite linebackers in college football, and I had him rated out as an early 2nd round pick. ESPN thought he was a late 2nd rounder – the Bucs got him late in the 3rd. He’s a tackling machine, you’ll see. Stocker is a solid player, and Black will help right away with his elite speed in the secondary. They lost a ton of value points with one selection, Allen Bradford, the big RB from USC. Anthony Gaitor was another reach, but all the Buc’s reaches were in the final 100 picks of the draft – that’s doing work. I loved their draft, the value-meter thought they were just above average.

Draft Pick Total: 1057– Player Rankings Total: 1063 —- TOTAL RANKING: -6

2011 Mock Draft

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 – Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois: This kid is legit. No, seriously, I’m not much for bad name puns, but every once in a while I’ll take part in the game. Liuget’s best trait is that he does everything well. He doesn’t have double digit sack totals or anything like that, but as a defensive tackle he puts pressure up the middle and stuffs the run equally as well. Corey is very strong and his talent makes him an every down player, one that could easily fit in as a 3-4 or 4-3 lineman. The Bucs really need to improve both aspects of their defense, rushing the passer and stuffing the run – why not kill a bird or two with the same 300lb lineman?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A-

This was a very good draft by the Bucs brass. They got a star, some great upside players, and some guys that could find their way to NFL stardom at the bottom of the draft. I like what the Bucs did.

Aqib Talib was one of my favorite defensive players in the entire draft, and the Bucs got him with the 20th pick. Talib has great size, good speed, and even better ball skills. He can really make plays all over the football field. He is physical and confident. I like his style.

Dexter Jackson made a name for himself as the kid with all the right moves against Michigan in that huge upset to kickoff the season last year, and he is a nice little player. He’s super fast (4.33 40) but doesn’t have much size. He wasn’t part of a dynamic passing offense, but make no doubts about it, he’s a player and will make an impact in this league.

Jeremy Zuttah was a very good leader of the offensive line than helped Ray Rice be a college star. He can play all 3 offensive line positions and is a really smart football player. The Bucs will be happy with him.

Dre Moore was a steal in Round 4. He can play any tackle position and has strength and quickness. He plays with the toughness of a boxer and can really deliver a blow. I like the way he brings it every snap.

Josh Johnson is a great prospect. He’s skinny and needs to add some strength, but the kid did everything well at San Diego and earned the praise of many evaluators. This kid has the athleticism and tools to be a starter, and the Bucs have the time to develop him. He can really throw the ball and he’s fast.

Geno Hayes doesn’t have great size, but it’s not like he’s small either. He played very well for the Seminoles and has elite speed and quickness. He’ll be a special teams star from the get.

Cory Boyd has upside. In Round 7 he has the receiving ability, speed, and some nice athletic shiftiness that impressed the Bucs. At 6’1″ 213 he has a body that could add some weight and really take a pounding.

2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay really struggled in 2006. Last years’ rookie of the year, Cadillac Williams, couldn’t find his stride throughout the year, dealing with small injuries and an offensive line that had a hard time blocking anyone. Chris Simms had a tough start to the season, and then ruptured his spleen, losing the rest of his season. The back-up situation wasn’t bad, but Bruce Gradkowski and Tim Rattay didn’t light up the win column either. Joey Galloway had another solid season for the Bucs, totaling over 1,000 yards while snagging 7 touchdown grabs. Pretty good for an old school speedster reaching grandfather levels. The Tampa Bay defense wasn’t what it had been in years past, forcing the team to rely on their offense more than ever. Injuries and overall offensive line struggles seemingly killed any hope the Bucs had to compete in the NFC. Next year, with Jake Plummer, Chris Simms, and possibly Jake Plummer, the Bucs will at least give the Bucs a solid group of signal callers, but who knows how the starting spot will turn out. I expect the Bucs to compete in the NFC, but unless their sub par offensive line steps up, they’ll remain out of the playoff picture in ’07.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Buccaneers obviously are sitting on the fact that they always follow the common roller-coaster theme, following a bad year with a good one. 5-11, 11-5, 4-12…. 12-4??? As of now, I don’t see it working out quite like that, but the Bucs have a plethora of solid players, and with one or two more starters via the draft, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucs surprise in 2007. Tampa Bay looks like a team trying to improve defensively first. Of the teams off season signings and trades, the Bucs have added 5 defensive players, including the leading tackler of the Colts Super Bowl team, Cato June. June’s ability to run and make plays makes him a prime candidate to do work in Tampa’s cover 2 scheme. Luke Petigout sill bring a little more stability to an O line that teetered and tottered all season long. Adding Jeff Garcia and Jake Plummer, and resigning Chris Simms should make it easier for the Bucs to get solid output from the quarterback position. The draft could net the Bucs one of a couple great young players. At the 4th spot, Calvin Johnson might still be available, making this pick a no-brainer. But if CJ is off the board, as he is in my mock draft, expect the Bucs to waste no time in selecting Joe Thomas to instantly aid their O-line. I everything but guarantee one of the two will be on the board at pick #4. What happens with that first pick will determine what Tampa does throughout the rest of draft, as offensive line, receiver, and defensive fire power are all things of equal need down south.

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