NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 8

Lucky Lester here, hoping to hold true to my name this week. The last few weeks have been a little questionable, but my overall record remains strong, especially for picking every game, every week. Last week Lucky went 5-8-1 bring his record for the year to 51-45-5. This week is full of tough match-ups, big spreads, and make it or break it games. But I’m bound to improve my fate in a rather interesting week eight.It’s time to lay my best picks out on the line once again so they’re back…

Packers(-2) @ Redskins – I’ve got to take Brett Favre and his Packers for the second week in a row. Although Brett’s mind might be on his wife’s health, he seems to do best when his emotions are high. Brett is one of my favorite players ever. His poise, his ability to have fun on the field, to seemingly effortlessly lead a team to victory; all these admirable qualities make it impossible not to respect the guy. Brett is back on his game; he has led his team to two straight easy victories, and will continue against a Redskins team that barely beat a Bear’s team quarterbacked by Jonathan Quinn. Clinton Portis should have a good night, and keep his team in the game, but the Packers need to make up for early losses at home and take a few on the road. This game in Washington is a perfect time to get one back. Ahman Green looked like his old self against Dallas last week, and will test a pretty good Redskins defense. Take the Packers and the best signal caller for the past ten years. Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Cardinals(+3) @ Bills – The Cardinals did one of two things last week. They either beat a pretty damn good Seahawks team that is struggling, or beat a much-overrated Seahawk team that had just been ranked too high from the get go. Lucky’s got to go for the first one. The Cardinals have been a feisty crew all year long, and surprisingly their defense has been stellar. Emmitt Smith has looked pretty good, especially for a washed up, should’ve retired years ago, left for dead by the Cowboys and Bill Parcels, running back that led his team to victory last week. I love seeing former Cowboys do good for other teams, and this guy who was the Star in the Dallas logo for so many years, has me jumping for joy, no matter how much he’s making me lose (see last weeks pick). Anquan Boldin looks like he’s returning this week, but that shouldn’t matter. Buffalo is a poor team, and didn’t even look good in their only win of the season. The kicker, well the Cardinals are getting three points. Here’s to Dennis Green and his fine return to coaching… Cheers!
Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

49ers(+1.5) @ Bears – The Bears aren’t good, not at all. They can’t be satisfied with Craig Krenzel leading their already struggling offensive unit. Sure, Thomas Jones has been a pleasant surprise, but I don’t think he can run for big yards against nine guys in the box. The 49ers will play single coverage all day against Chicago, challenging Krenzel to beat them through the air. Although Craig would love to oblige, he just doesn’t have that ability yet. The Niners should look to give the ball to Kevan Barlow early and often. His numbers haven’t been what they were projected to be, but, he’ll improve this week. Tim Rattay is a much better option at quarterback, so now everything points to the Niners. I think they are, for the first time this year, a damn good bet. Game Date: 10/31/04 20:35 ET

Jaguars(+1) @ Texans – I mean, I like the Texans as much as the next guy, probably more, since they take fans away from the Cowboys, but (-1) against a 5-2 Jaguars team that just beat the Colts in Indianapolis, are you kidding me? Byron Leftwhich will continue his 300 plus yard game streak in this one, and although David Carr will give the Texans a chance, Leftwhich will prevail. The Jags are just a more complete team. Their defense is tough as nails, their offense has really come together over the last few weeks, and they’re 5-2. I usually take the Texans, but not this week, not against a team as confident as the Jaguars. Look for running back Fred Taylor to finally break out of his slump this week. He just had 100 plus yards against the Colts, but I see a couple touchdowns in his immediate future. Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Lions(+3) @ Cowboys – Can’t hate the Boys if they’re winning me money on a weekly basis right? Wrong! These Cowboys are making me love watching them play. Between my new least favorite player Keyshawn Johnson’s bickering and Bill Parcels ridiculous facial expressions, I can’t figure out what I like watching more, the actual game or the sidelines. And there’s always those Cowboy cheerleaders. The Cowboys have been just what I predicted, a team that was very overrated, and a team that obviously overachieved last year. You can say what you want about the Quincy Carter incident or the Antonio Bryant stuff, but all in all, the Cowboys aren’t that good, or even good at all. They struggle every week and now their defense is getting picked on… oh yes, it’s all coming together quite nicely. Well, all that said, the upstart 4-2 Lions come to town this week, and Roy Williams will be back in his old stomping grounds for the first time as a pro. Think he’ll be excited? I’m willing to bet on it. In fact, I might just take the Lions to win this one. All or nothing as I always say.
Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Eight

Giants @ Vikings(-6.5) – The way I see it, if the Vikings are favored by less than a touchdown you should always take them against a lesser team. And the Giants are a lesser team. Amazing Tiki Barber continued his offensive rampage last week in a big loss to the Detroit Lions, but it wasn’t enough. Last week Kurt Warner looked more like the guy who played behind Marc Bulger than the guy who started this year. I’m not saying Kurt’s washed up, but he’s not better than Daunte Culpepper, and really isn’t even close. The defenses are about equal, and although the Giants have an edge in the running game, Rookie Mewelde Moore has been a godsend for the Vikings. This will be a close one, high scoring and as offensive as your average Vikings game, but take the Vikings to win by at least 7.
Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Bengals(+3) @ Titans – The Bengals showed that they are better than the 1-4 record they had before handing it to the Broncos last week. I’m not imagining for a second that they are going to consistently kick the backsides of teams like Denver every week, but the Titans are not a team like Denver, especially with a questionable Steve McNair. The entire Titan team seems to be on the questionable list every week, and even if the players do play, they’re not 100%. Rudi Johnson and Chad Johnson looked like they got the idea last week, and I only see them continuing the show against a banged up Tennessee squad. Carson Palmer might be getting a little too much credit for his performance against the Broncos, but his confidence to go at Champ Bailey says a lot to me about his game. Take the Bengals. Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Colts(-1) @ Chiefs – Last week I said I was betting on the Chiefs as if they were a mirror replica of last years 13-3 team. Well, they turned out to be exactly that, if not better against a decent Falcon team. Mike Vick couldn’t do jack against the Chiefs D which even I couldn’t have imagined. But all this said, the Chiefs aren’t the same team they were last year. They aren’t as consistent and will show that this week against one of the most consistent players in the game, Peyton Manning, and Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison for that matter. Sure, the Colts defense could challenge the Chiefs defense to see who’s more questionable, but the Colts are just a better team. I don’t like Indianapolis being favored in this game, but one point is one point, and in situations like this you have to take the team you think will win the battle. Manning will find it easy to toss touchdowns to Mr. Harrison this weak, and win a big time game in Kansas City. Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Falcons(+6.5) @ Denver – This games got me vexed. I don’t know which way to go; I don’t even know where to begin. So, I’ll start where football starts, defense. I know the Falcons have just recently been whipped, but they have a solid defense. Denver also just got pummeled by a 1-4 Bengals team, but they also have a good defense. I have to give Denver a slight advantage here, but not as big as people might think. Offensively both teams looked stagnant at best, with Vick and the Falcons being a little worse. They could only manage 10 points against the Chiefs. But, the Broncos couldn’t do anything against the leagues worst rushing defense. I’ll have to give the Broncos another, very slight, advantage. Now the intangibles, the little things, and the stuff I call Swagger. Vick always has swagger, and a little thing I like to call cushioning… also known as (+6.5). Denver also has a large amount of close victories. So, the intangibles have to go to the Falcons. Denver seems to squeak out their victories for the most part, and if they do win in Mile High, I don’t see it being by much. I always rank intangibles very high, realizing that the mental part of the game is larger. Translation: take the team with the points in this one. Game Date: 10/31/04 16:05 ET

Panthers @ Seahawks(-8) – Eight is a bunch for a team that just went down at the hands of an Arizona team that is feisty at best . But the Panthers really haven’t been anything greater then bottom feeders either. For two slumping teams, the Seahawks are definitely the better of the two. Matt Hasselbeck will actually come to play this week, pull his head out of his backside, and find his stellar offensive teammates for a bunch of scores against a defense that can only imagine what they use to be. Shaun Alexander should run for three times the yards he had last week, and if Hasselbeck throws half as many touchdowns as he did interceptions against Arizona, the Hawks should win easily at home. I’m still a strong believer in the Hawks and their playoff and Super Bowl aspirations, but they need to step up and blow out an injured Panther team. This, I believe, they will do on Sunday. Game Date: 10/31/04 16:05 ET

Ravens @ Eagles(+7.5) – It’s real hard for me to take a team favored by more than a touchdown against a defense led by Ray Lewis. But that same defense has to be off the field while the Baltimore offense has the ball. That offense is anything but productive especially with Jamal Lewis suspended for one more game. Chester Taylor looked okay last week, but Boller still didn’t even break 100 yards… and he played the whole game. The Eagles didn’t look so dominant either, but were still good enough to be one of the two undefeated teams going into week 8. McNabb has been wonderful since Terrell Owens made himself an Eagle. Brian Westbrook is most likely out this week as well, so it seems the odds are stacking against an Eagle victory. But, Philadelphia will find a way this week, and smother a lackluster Raven offense.
Game Date: 10/31/04 13:00 ET

Patriots @ Steelers(+3) – My more sensible half tells me to take the undefeated, 20 plus game win streaking, best team in the league, Patriots. But, who likes to listen to him, when a chance to call a huge upset is on the line. Don’t get me wrong, taking the Patriots looks like a good bet. They are only favored by 3 and against a Steeler team that hasn’t got the respect they’ve deserved yet this year. But, mark my words; the Steelers and rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger are for real. One might think that Belichick would have his way with the rookie, but I think this makes the Coach’s job a little tougher. Big Ben hasn’t had to many games to show the Patriots his tendencies, and on that note, his rookie status will help Pittsburgh. The Patriots always seem to play to the level of their opponents and that’s bound to bite them in the butt sooner or later. I’m just betting that it happens in week 8. I hate to listen to my crazy and cocky side but… wait a second; I love listening to that side, what am I thinking? I’ve got to take The Steel Crew in this game, showing that New England is in fact mortal. Game Date: 10/31/04 16:15 ET

Raiders @ Chargers(-6) – Drew Brees has to get some respect from me. He has done so well and until this point all I’ve been doing is taking him to fail. I forgot he was a great field general in college, and he’s still growing as a football player. The Raiders are terrible, and even lost to the Saints at home. Their offense looked better last week, but whose offense doesn’t seem powerful against New Orleans? The Chargers are doing well listening to Marty Schottenheimer. This Monday LaDainian Tomlinson said he is as healthy as he’s felt in three weeks. So, things look good for a decent Chargers team against a poor Raiders team. Even with Sapp and Ted Washington, the Raiders can’t stop a running back. Keenan McCardell gives the Chargers a much-needed boost at receiver, and in his second week he’ll be looking to hook up with Brees for a TD or two. The underrated Chargers secondary should put a stop to the idea that the Raiders are an explosive offense. Game Date: 10/31/04 16:15 ET

Miami @ Jets(-6.5) – I’ll take this bet in the blink of an eye. The Dolphins win one game and now they aren’t even 7-point underdogs in New York against one of the best teams in football? Wow! The Jets showed me last week that they could play with any team in this league, especially the one-week wonder Miami squad. Jay Fiedler isn’t consistent; in fact he actually is consistent, consistently bad! He had one decent week and still it wasn’t all that good. Coach Herm Edwards won’t let his Jets overlook the Dolphins or get down about a loss to the Patriots last week. He’ll have them fired up and ready to improve their record. The Jets still could walk away from this one tied for the best record in the NFL. Give the ball to Curtis, the Phins can’t stop him. Game Date: 11/01/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 7

Ouch! Lucky Lester recorded his first losing week going 6-7 on the week. There were numerous heartbreakers but Lucky still is a winner on the season going 46-37-4. You know, it was all going very well up until I bet Grandma’s house on my Super Picks. I swear my run of bad luck has to do with her moving in and wanting to take over the living room on Sundays. Can you imagine, Sunday, of all the days to be getting up in my face!Cash money is what I expect from my Week Seven Picks but I’d settle for a little uninterrupted TV time on Sundays:
Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Seven
Bills @ Ravens(-5.5) – Now, taking the Ravens to win by 5.5 points is always a difficult thing. Their defense is the heart and soul of the squad, and the offense just holds on tight to Ray Lewis’s backside, trying to get wins. On that note, the Bills have yet to beat a team besides the lowly Dolphins, who are the only team worst offensively then the Buffalo. Chester Taylor will turn some heads during the two games he sits in, or sprints in for the suspended star running back, Jamal Lewis. Look for Baltimore to come out with a more balanced game plan without Lewis. This will only help them beat the Bills this Sunday. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Lions @ Giants(-6.5) – Wow! I never could’ve imagined I’d be taking the Giants favored by nearly 7 points… against anyone. I also would have never bet Mr. Warner would shake off his two year rust and still be starting in week 7. But, this is a game, and this is the NFL. Translation; anything can happen anytime. The Giants are too good giving the ball to the masterful Tiki Barbar, who has looked brilliant thus far. He will tromp all over a defense that has yet to put the breaks on an opponent this year. Giants to win. That still sounds weird! Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Eagles(-7) @ Browns – The Browns have looked surprisingly decent behind the ugliest man in the NFL, Jeff Garcia. He has led his team to a few victories, and last week he threw 5 touchdowns. But these are the Eagles for God’s sake. And last week Lucky learned not to bet against the Eagles, no matter what kind of method of madness you’re thinking. A touchdown, that should be no problem for who I think is the best team in football. They’re too confident to bet against!
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Jaguars(+9) @ Colts – The Jaguars offense has been winning games of late, a change from earlier in the season. Leftwhich has looked real good; giving football fans a preview of one of the leagues brightest stars of the future. 9 points is quite a hill to climb for the Colts, and although I would favor them to win this game, the Jaguars have too much fight to lie down against a questionable defense. Take the fighting Jaguars at +9.Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Titans (+6.5)@ Vikings – Taking the Titans here shows some balls or some craziness, either way they’re my pick. The Vikings could be without their ringleader Mr. Randy Moss, and that could hurt their chances. But, with or without him, they’ve barely won the last two weeks, and their defense is so bad, I imagine the struggling Steve McNair will be happy to see them in week 7. McNair is better then he’s shown lately, and will prove it this week against Culpeppers amazing stats. Look for some scoring and a down to the wire finish. I’m betting on Steve to be Steve this week. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Chargers @ Panthers(-3) – Okay, so the Panthers let me down last week, but its not their fault. They had to play the Eagles and I should have known better. Anyway, I’m taking them again this week, but this time they’re favored. I’m hoping the tides have changed and now that they are favored they might start winning some games. Okay, so that’s a long shot. What I’m really betting on is the reality that the Chargers aren’t as good as they have been. Seriously they are the Chargers, luck is bad to strike them down with lightening this week!
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Rams(-6) @ Dolphins – Marc Bulger proved last week that he could throw against a tough defense, but that was on the nice fast turf in St. Louis. Still I have to take the Rams here, because they are good or at least mediocre. The Fins on the other hand are pretty poor, and their record actually shows how good or bad they are. The Rams have a much better chance to win here. They’ve got something going for them… an offense that can actually consistently produce touchdowns. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Bears(+7) @ Buccaneers – The Bucs at 7 point favorites is too much for me to swallow, or bet on anyway. When I think about taking the Bears to win anything I question what I’m thinking, but the Buc’s aren’t a +7 team and that’s that. I don’t know if they’ve won a game by more than 7 yet this year, something makes me doubt it. The Bears will always fight, regardless of how bad they are. Take the Bears with -7 here; it’s the only way to look at this game.
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Falcons @ Chiefs(-3.5) – So, part of me still sees the Chiefs as the team that was 13-3 last season. What can I say, I believe in The Priest. The Falcons got lucky against the Chargers, and they’ll show it this week by getting shellacked by the Chiefs. Vick will do some damage in this one, as anybody would against the Chiefs sieve of a defense. The Falcons D has been stout against the run, but has yet to face a back like Holmes. But then again, there isn’t a back like Holmes, as Ray Lewis has attested. The Chiefs will follow their Priest in to the end zone on more than one occasion this Sunday. Take Kansas City. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Jets(+6) @ Patriots – Maybe I just want the Jets to win, and maybe i just want the Patriots to lose, but I really believe the Jets can make both happen on Sunday. They have a running attack that can damage a defense that has been susceptible to it this year. They also have as accurate a passer the NFL has in Chad Pennington. In fact, he’s kind of like Tom Brady in that way. The Jets will do what the Seahawks couldn’t last week, ending New England’s amazing run. Pennington won’t give Patriot defenders the gift interceptions Matt Hasselbeck gave them last week. This will be a great one, but I’ll take the Jets at +6 to be the surprise-undefeated team at the end of this game. Game Date: 10/24/04 16:05 ET

Cowboys @ Packers(-3.5) – I’d like to start by apologizing to Brett Favre. He deserves more respect than I gave him last week. He is a winner, and he will always give his team a chance. Plus, the Packers look like they are back on track, and look to win for the first time in a long time in Green Bay. I see Brett coming to play in this one, and his partner in the backfield, Ahman Green will show that he is as good as he was last year. The Cowboys, a Lucky favorite to lose every game, will make me happy once again. The only downside is, they get better draft picks the more they lose. Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Seahawks(-6.5) @ Cardinals – I have to look on the bright side and say the Seahawks loss last week only makes them better. Now they know what they have to do to be Super Bowl contenders, and that starts with thumping the Cardinals. The Hawks gave the game away last week with turnover after turnover. Hasselbeck had three interceptions. That killed the Hawks against a team like the Patriots. He’ll be on his game early in this one, and not even the fight of Dennis Green’s bunch can stop the Hawks from surging to victory in this one.
Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Saints(+3) @ Raiders – These are two bad teams that do something good once in a blue moon. Unfortunately for the Saints the moon was blue last week. I don’t expect them to be as good as they were against the Vikes, but I do expect them to at least be as good as the Raiders. And since Oakland is favored, I have to take Aaron Brooks and his New Orleans squad that has managed to play young and inconsistent for three years straight. Hopefully they play better then a bad Oakland team that just gave away Jerry Rice. I don’t care how old he is, he’s the Michael Jordan of the wide receiver position, and like Mike, he can always help a team win.
Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Broncos(-6) @ Bengals – The Broncos once again have a new great running back in Droughns. They will ride him against a poor Cincinatti defense. The Bengals will have to stack the line to make up for their young and penetrable defense and Jake Plummer will take advantage of that with easy and open passes all over the field. Will we see Jon Kitna if Carson Palmer struggles again this week? Probably not, but if he throws an early pick he’ll be looking toward the sideline, and that isn’t healthy for any quarterback. The Broncos, a team I don’t like to bet on, should win easily in Cincinatti.
Game Date: 10/25/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 6

Lucky Lester was 8-6 with his picks last week making him 40-30-4 on the year. Super Picks were once again not even playoff material at 1-3. Lowlight of the week was Grandma’s favorites, the Seattle Seahawks, blowing a 27-10 lead with five minutes left in the game. She was up and dancing for hours but watched the ending with horror and disbelief. It proved too much and her mind snapped and she began repeating, “What’s left for me… the CFL!” She is in a very expensive HOME now. The good news is that they have a TV there so she can watch her precious CFL while I get ready for a dazzling week six in the NFL!My Super Picks sure have sucked lately so this week I’m just picking the games:
Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Six
49ers @ Jets (+10) – Okay, unfortunately for the Niners, I think the best of their season is behind them. After pulling one out last week, I see the Jets blowing up in the Niners face this week. Chad Pennington can lead his team to victory and will dominate a Niner’s defense who’s best player is injured, (Julian Peterson), and tired because of the lack of offensive firepower. Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Seahawks (+4) @ Patriots – The Patriots pulled off another win last week against a very sub par Miami squad. The Hawks lost an overtime game where they gave up two touchdowns in the final 5 minutes of regulation time to allow the Rams back in it. So it would seem that I would take the seemingly unbeatable Patriots here right? Wrong. The Patriots can’t stop the run and the Seahawks are best when running comes easy, setting up Hasselbeck. They’re getting four points, but I see the Hawks doing the unthinkable here and halting the Pat’s right before their 20th straight win. Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Panthers (+9) @ Eagles – While the Eagles are tough, and possibly one of the best teams in the league, it’s hard to go against the theme that has me making money. Every week I’ve taken the Panthers as underdogs they’ve done me proud. This week they are nine point dogs, and that is too big to pass up. You’d think the eagles were playing the Niner’s with that kind of spread. Sure, the Panthers are banged up, but they have a ton of heart, and love to be underdogs, so I see them giving the Eagles a ride here, and maybe even coming out victorious. Stephen Davis is back, and that alone should get the Panthers within the spread. Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Bengals (+3) @ Browns – It’s a no brainer for me. I bet against the poor Browns every week and this week they are giving points to a better team in the Bengals. Carson Palmer had a week to think about this one, and in only his first season he needed it and will show how much it helped. The Browns are a soft offense with a good defense. Take the points. Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Packers @ Lions (+2) – I’ve got to take the Lions here. They are good and way better then the odds makers has made them. The Lions have played tough all year. Favre is customarily poor in domes, and the packers are terrible this year. After a big win in week one, they have yet to grab number two. It’s hard to imagine the Packers losing five straight, but not that hard. The Lions are getting points at home where they are at their best. The Packers are giving points in a dome where they are at there worst, and this year, that’s pretty bad. My money is on the Lions here. Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Redskins (even) @ Bears – I see Clinton Portis bouncing back this week after sub par performances in his last few outings. The Bears are without their starting quarterback, who was average at best, so I can’t see their offense moving down the field. Lavar Arrington might be back and give the Redskins the boost they need to get another win this week. Take the Skins in this snooze fest.
Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Texans (+6.5) @ Titans – The Titans rolled over a road kill Packer team last week in Green Bay, and any other year I’d be impressed. But they aren’t the first team to do it this year. The Texans fought one of the league’s toughest teams all the way into overtime last week, only to come out losers in the end. Don’t let their record trick you, they are a good team. David Carr has proven to me that he is a damn good football player and will always give his team a chance to stay in it. This will be a high scoring affair, but look for the Texans to get closer then 6, if not win the game outright in Tennessee.
Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Chargers @ Falcons (-4.5) – As you know, I hate taking the Falcons when they are favored by any more than three, and in this situation, with the Chargers beating some good teams, it might look weird that I’m taking Atlanta here. But, you’ve got to see it my way. The Chargers are not as good as their record indicates, and Mike Vick has to be better then his numbers would tell you. He’ll be up to his old tricks in Atlanta on Sunday. He will be feeding the ball to Peerless Price, who finally caught some balls last week. Vick will finally show us the real Charger team, which will likely begin the slide we had all expected from San Diego since day one.
Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Chiefs @ Jaguars (+2) – Hmmmmm… take the Chiefs in Jacksonville against a team that specializes in stopping the run and will be on their toes against the best back in the league, or, take the Jaguars who just got trounced by San Diego? This is tougher than I thought it would be. But, the Jaguars are getting two points at home, and the Chiefs are 1-3… it’s still too tough. Okay, two weeks in a row, the Jag’s D has given up a 100 yard rusher, even though last week the back who got 100 yards did it all on one run, they still gave up a hundred. So, on that note, I think they are motivated to halt The Priest, and lead their team to victory over Kansas City. Oh, did I mention the Chiefs’ defense is hideous? Absolutely terrible.
Game Date: 10/17/04 13:00 ET

Steelers (+3) @ Cowboys – The Cowboys overachieved last year, has anybody noticed that? Then why are they still getting odds like they are an 11 win team? The Steelers, on the other hand, have been wonderful this year with rookie star Ben Roethlisberger coming out and giving them a lift in Tommy Maddox’s absence. Duce Staley is showing us that he still has it, and the receiving corps in Pittsburgh is finally playing like they should be. Their D is solid too. The Boys under star coach Bill Parcels are finally playing down to their talent level and Keyshawn is showing everyone why he was not so loved in Tampa Bay. Eddie George hasn’t done much, but it’s not his fault… the team just isn’t that good. Game Date: 10/17/04 16:15 ET

Bronco’s (-2) @ Raiders – I just can’t bet on the Raiders here. I don’t know why, but they just don’t look like a team that’s going to take down Denver. I don’t think Denver is as good as their record, and usually love to bet against them, so lets just say this is a gut feeling. With Jerry Rice looking to be traded, the team can’t be in a loving mood. They will play like a team with questions on Sunday. Look for the Bronco’s to beat Oakland here. Game Date: 10/17/04 16:15 ET

Minnesota (-3.5) @ Saints – Are you kidding. Once again, the odds makers have to be up to something here. I’d still take the Vikings if they were 7 point favorites against a terrible New Orleans squad. Brooks might step up to his talent level and play well on Sunday, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The Vikings beat a tough Houston team in Houston last week, and they will be up for this game in New Orleans. Randy Moss will be looking to get this thing over quickly so he and Daunte Culpepper can go Mardi Gras after the game. Beads are good for everybody, so I’m betting my whole collection here.
Game Date: 10/17/04 20:35 ET

Buccaneers (+6) @ Rams – Last week, against Seattle was a fluke, and the Rams still are suddenly old. I see an interception fest happening here, and the Tampa Bay D scoring a couple touchdowns. The Buc’s, without a solid offense, will manage to keep it close. The 6-point spread is too large for me to go with St Louis.
Game Date: 10/18/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 5

Lucky is still reeling from all the upsets of last week. Hopefully things return to normal this week and Lester is spot on with the winners once again so he can keep the name; Lucky! Just kidding, Lester is always lucky, just not always right. Now if I could only get a little coffee with all this humble pie! Click here if you want to read my review of how the previous week played out against my picks and my power ratings for the first quarter.Week 5 Super Picks

Cardinals (+1) @ Niners – Cardinals get a point, so that’s cool. Both teams are bad but the Cardinals have Dennis Green, and the 49’ers Have Dennis Erikson. Emmit Smith has been having a kick ass year and it’s about time to once again appreciate Mr. Smith.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Bills @ Jets (-6.5) – Drew Bledsoe has been dreadful and don’t expect that to change against the talented Jets team. Jets Quarterback Pennington will not turn the ball over and less than seven points is a bargain in this one. Game Date: 10/10/04 16:05 ET

Jaguars (-2.5) @ San Diego – Okay, okay, so the Chargers have overachieved and the Jaguars have barely won three games and just lost one. Only 2.5 to the Chargers…Jump on this free boat! The Jags shut down the stud running back in San Diego and then what, Drew Brees beats them??? As Barb would say…”Yeah Right!”
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:05 ET

Ravens (-1) @ Redskins – The Ravens defense was humiliated last week at Kansas City. Ray Lewis is pissed and Clinton Portis has been fumbling. This is a lethal combination for the Redskins. Redskins are struggling to pick up Coach Gibbs schemes and the Ravens defense pounces without any hesitation. Game Date: 10/10/04 20:30 ET

Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Five
Dolphins @ Patriots (-13) -Thirteen is a huge number but I have to take the Patriots here. The Dolphins hope to keep it close with their defense but the Patriots ability to pass and run will prove it decisive. Dolphins are disorganized and their moral is low on offense no matter who is quarterbacking their team. Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Browns @ Steelers (-6) – Okay, I know the Steelers need to win by more than six but they are better than the Browns. Rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been exceptional and Deuce Staley has restored the fear factor in their running game. Browns running back Lee Suggs could have success against the Steeler defense. The Browns defense has been decimated by injuries and will be unable to slow the Steeler attack.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Raiders @ Colts (-9) – After a last minute win last week against Jacksonville with help from a questionable call, the Colts will be out to prove that they are one of the dominate teams in this league. Marvin Harrison is overdue for a monster game. Raiders have injury concerns on offense (QB, RB) and showed little last week.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Lions (+7) @ Falcons – The Falcons are not good enough yet to get seven points over a exciting, young Lions squad. The Lions showed earlier this year in Chicago that they are finally able to win on the road. The Falcons are inconsistent throwing the ball so maybe unable to take advantage of Detroit’s sub par pass defense.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Bucks @ Saints (-3) – Both of these teams have been especially disappointing this year. The Saints QB Aaron Brooks usually steps up against good defenses. Look for the Saints to rebound at home saving their season and pushing the Buccaneers to 0-5.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Giants (+3) @ Cowboys – Kurt Warner and Tiki Barber, two notorious turnover artists, have only turned the ball over twice between them this year. The Cowboys are really hurting at right cornerback and the Giants have enough good receivers to exploit that. Look for Michael Strahan to blow by Cowboy Right Tackle Torrin Tucker and lay some big hits on Testaverde. Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Vikings (-4) @ Texans – The Texans have won two in a row and could hang with the Vikings for a while, but the Vikings superior firepower will prove too much in the end. Take the Vikings only giving four in this one. It sucks but oh well!
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Panthers (+5.5) @ Broncos – So the whole “Quentin Griffin is a stud” thing is over and done with and Jake Plimmer isn’t anything big to get excited about so why do the Broncos give almost six points? Oh that’s right, the Odds Makers are Crazy! Panthers expect to get Steven Davis back this week and will ride him to victory.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Rams @ Seahawks (-7) – Seahawks are finally balanced as their much maligned defense is playing even better than their vaunted offense. The suddenly old Rams just can’t hang with the speedy, young Seahawks, especially in Seattle. Expect Seattle running back Shaun Alexander running behind Seattle’s elite offensive line to dominate the undersize Rams defenders.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Titans @ Packers (-3) – This match up on Monday night features two teams that are a very disappointing 1-3. This is a must win situation for both teams to stay competitive for the playoffs. It turns out that injured Brett Favre is healthier than injured Packer Quarterback, Steve McNair. The Packers will not lose three in a row at Lambeau Field. Take the Packers giving only 3.
Game Date: 10/11/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester

Free NFL Pick Week 4 Review: 2004

Hi Folks,
Lucky roared out of the gates this week, going 5-2 in the morning games. Too bad they played the afternoon ones! Lucky Lester watched in horror as he went 1-4-1 to close out the predictions. The record for the week ended 7-6-1. The super picks were a pitiful 1-3. Lucky Lester is still up on the year at 32-24-4.

It was an unusual week with an incredible ten home game for the underdogs. These home dogs went 6-3-1. Lucky Lester, unfortunately, was down with the favored visitors, parity; the bettor’s worst enemy once again reared its ugly head. This scrambles the perceptions of the strong vs. weak in the NFL.

The season is a quarter over already! So, without further ado here is…

Lucky Lester’s Quarterly Power Ratings for the NFL

1. Patriots (3-0) – The only easy choice on the list. Eighteen wins and counting.
2. Eagles (4-0) – McNabb is a legitimate MVP candidate and a great defense to match.
3. Seahawks (3-0) – Young defense has allowed only thirteen points.
4. Colts (3-1) – Awesome offense but questions remain on defense.
5. Vikings (2-1) – Daunte Culpeper and Randy Moss are difficult to stop.
6. Jets (3-0) – QB Chad Penningotn is efficient and RB Curtis Martin is rejuvenated.
7. Falcons (4-0) – Michael Vick and a much-improved defense make the Falcons formidable.
8. Broncos (3-1) – Champ Bailey leads a retooled defense and Jake Plummer wins games.
9. Ravens (2-2) – Ravens defense was pushed around by Chiefs but should rebound.
10. Jaguars (3-1) – Young QB Leftwich continues to improve and the young defense is tough.
11. Steelers (3-1) – Duce Staley restores fear factor to Steelers running attack.
12. Cowboys (2-1) – Old man Vinnie Testaverde unlikely to last if he keeps throwing so much.
13. Rams (2-2) – Rams need a big lift with a win at Seahawks this week.
14. Titans (1-3) – McNair should be back for Packers on Monday night.
15. Panthers (1-2) – Stephen Davis could return this week, as Panthers need to return to ball control offense.
16. Chiefs (1-3) – Offensive line dominated the Ravens and defense finally woke up.
17. Lions (2-1) – Young offense should continue to improve under head coach Steve Mariucci.
18. Giants (3-1) – Kurt Warner and his teammates look for their fourth victory at Dallas this week.
19. Packers (1-3) – Favre returns as do key members of defense this week.
20. Saints (2-2) – Will improve as Deuce McAllister is poised to return.
21. Texans (2-2) – Texans put together their franchise first, two game win streak.
22. Raiders (2-2) – QB Gannon’s season may be over and reserve QB Kerry Collins threw 3 interceptions in first start!
23. Browns (2-2) – RB Lee Suggs keeps the Browns in games but defense has holes with injuries.
24. Redskins (1-3) – Have talent to move up when they embrace Joe Gibb’s system and Portis gets untracked.
25. Bucs (0-4) – Defense is solid and looks for new QB Simms to ignite offense.
26. Cardinals (1-3) – Team is playing hard for Coach Greene, just not enough talent on roster this year.
27. Bengals (1-3) – RB Rudi Johnson had big numbers last week but rest of team has little to cheer about.
28. Chargers (2-2) – Rookie QB Phillip Rivers will start soon and next year they could compete.
29. Bears (1-3) – Bears team is riddled with injuries but Coach Lovie Smith is future star.
30. Dolphins (0-4) – Too much turmoil and too little talent for this team to bounce back.
31. Bills (0-3) – Foolish, foolish Bills traded next years first round draft pick to Cowboys.
32. 49ers (0-4) – Who are these guys? Will be fortunate to win a single game!

Lucky Lester is excited about his picks for week five. Lucky intends to pad his outstanding 32-24-4 record with winners. Look for it here on Friday.
Feel free to drop old Lucky a line at to let me know of you’re success this football season.


Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 4

Welcome to week four. Lucky Lester has identified trends and expects to improve his already gaudy 25-18-3 record with some enticing match ups this week. You can read my review of how the previous week played out against my picks. 

I’m taking 4 teams this week for my Super Picks and they look like good bets. Perhaps this is the week that Granny gets her house back!

The Titans (-3) @ Chargers: Titans don’t lose a lot with back up Billy Volek subbing for McNair. Volek passed for almost 300 yards in his last outing. Running back Chris Brown looks like an elite performer. San Diego’s anemic passing attack provides little support for superstar LaDaineian Tomlinsom. Game Date: 10/03/04 16:15 ET
The Rams(-3.5) @ 49ers: Lucky has consistently maintained that the 49ers will be fortunate to win a single game. Rams QB Mark Bulger will put up huge numbers because the 49ers lack the ability to pressure him. Receivers Holt and Bruce cannot be covered for very long. Game Date: 10/03/04 20:35 ET

Chiefs@ Ravens(-5.5): The chiefs cannot be happy about going to Baltimore, they match up poorly with the Ravens. The Ravens ferocious defense will contain Priest Holmes, the Ravens running back Jamal Lewis should rumble for at least 200 yards against the Chiefs pitiful run defense. Game Date: 10/04/04 21:05 ET
Saints (-3) @ Cardinals: Saints QB Aaron Brooks should find success against the Cardinals 27th ranked defense. Aaron Stecker, playing for the injured Deuce McAllister, had over a hundred yards rushing last week. Game Date: 10/03/04 16:05 ET
Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Four

Bengals @ Steelers (-4.5): Steelers will take advantage of Carson Palmers tendency to turn the ball over, and will control the game on the ground with running back Duce Staley. Cincinnati defense is the second to last unit in the league. Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Giants (+7) @ Packers: Take the generous point spread against this Packer team that has huge injury concerns on defense. Their defensive backfield is a mess and they can’t stop the run either. Kurt Warner seems born again and is playing with confidence. Warner will burn the blitz-happy Packer defense.
Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Redskins (-3) @ Browns: Both offenses are sputtering, so take the much better defense with a small point outlay here. Clinton Portis should have a field day against the Browns struggling defense.
Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Colts (-3.5) @ Jaguars: This is the big game of the day, matching the undefeated Jaguars against the Colts offensive juggernaut. Three and a half seems like a small price to pay for this Colt team that is firing on all cylinders. The good young Jaguar defense will play hard but Jacksonville’s inability to score will make the difference.
Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Eagles (-9) @ Bears: New Bears quarterback Jonathan Quinn could not face a tougher first opponent. The Eagles varied blitz packages will make his life miserable. The Eagles McNabb is having an MVP like season, and should find Terrel Owens for several scores. The Bears are missing three starters in the defensive backfie.
Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Patriots (-5.5) @ Bills: New England will dominate the Bills sub par offensive line. Patriots will be in Bledsoe’s face all day. Bledsoe’s limited mobility, and that’s being kind, will once again result in numerous sacks. Tom Brady will find enough openings in a good Bills defense to secure a victory. Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Raiders (-2.5) @ Texans: Raiders are a better team with the strong-armed Collins at quarterback. Their young receivers are speedy and excel in the vertical passing game. The Texans are missing their best offensive performer, Domanick Davis.
Game Date: 10/03/04 13:00 ET

Falcons @ Panthers (-3.5): The Falcons Michael Vick appears confused running his new West Coast offense. The Panthers awesome front four should contain and frustrate him. Carolina running back DeShaun Foster showed last week that he is more than capable of getting the job done. Game Date: 10/03/04 16:05 ET

Broncos (-3) @ Buccaneers: Three points seems a small amount to lay for the Broncos against the winless Buccaneers. The Buccaneers offense has been terrible and should pose no threat to the tough top rated Bronco defense. Game Date: 10/03/04 16:15 ET

Jets (-6) @ Dolphins: Dolphins switch quarterbacks again in a futile effort to score some points, dolphins need turnovers to stay in the game and the Jets Pennington won’t oblige.
Game Date: 10/03/04 16:15 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester