Chicago Bears

Founded as the Decatur Staleys of the APFA in 1920, then played one year as the Chicago Staleys in 1921. Joined the NFL and changed name to Bears in 1922.

League Championships: 9 – 1921 (AFPA), 1932 (NFL), 1933 (NFL), 1940 (NFL), 1941 (NFL), 1943 (NFL), 1946 (NFL), 1963 (NFL), 1985 (Super Bowl)

Conference Championships: 3 – 1956 (WFC), 1963 (WFC), 1985 (NFC). 2006 (NFC)

Division Championships: 16 – 1933 (NFL West), 1934 (NFL West), 1937 (NFL West), 1940 (NFL West), 1941 (NFL West), 1942 (NFL West), 1943 (NFL West), 1946 (NFL West), 1984 (NFC Central), 1985 (NFC Central), 1986 (NFC Central), 1987 (NFC Central), 1988 (NFC Central), 1990 (NFC Central), 2001 (NFC Central), 2005 (NFC North), 2006 (NFC North)

Playoff Appearances: 24 – 1932, 1933, 1934, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1950, 1956, 1963, 1977, 1979, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2010

Recent Records:

2004: 5-11 2005: 11-5 2006: 13-3 2007: 7-9 2008: 9-7 2009: 7-9 2010: 11-5

2011 Draft Grade

Chicago Bears (F+)
29: Gabe Carimi (23, 21 = 22) +7
53: Stephen Paea (44,48 = 46) +7
93: Chris Conte (189, 95 = 142) -49
160: Nathan Enderle (227, 244 = 236) -76
195: James Thomas (242, 230 = 236) -41

The Bears traded away most of their draft picks sometime in the past, and that left them with a very low 530 total draft slot potential. With that, they grabbed a couple solid early value picks (the first 2 rounds often present the lowest chance for value) while filling huge needs at offensive line (Gabe Carimi, OT) and defensive line (Stephen Paea, DT). The Bears didn’t do much with their final three picks, losing all the positive value they made early by picking up 3 straight guys 40 or more points ahead of where they were ranked. If the addition of Carimi can keep Cutler off the ground a little bit, and Paea can take over for Tommie Harris, their small draft will have been a success. For now, we’ll upgrade their F with a plus.

Draft Pick Total: 530 – Player Rankings Total: 682—- TOTAL RANKING: -152

2011 Mock Draft

Chicago Bears 11-5 – Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State: The Bears dumped Tommy Harris finally, after failing to live up to his first couple seasons, and being overpriced for his production. Harris was a beast his first couple seasons, wreaking havoc as much as any defensive tackle in the game, but his lack of pressure and consistency made him expendable. But it’s not like they have a plethora of inside presence, and getting a guy as strong as Stephen Paea to be an anchor inside is certainly something they can use. He has the power and push to keep blockers off the strong group of linebackers in Chicago. The Bears could go for the other side of the line, as they certainly need more help keeping opposing defenders off their prize quarterback, Jay Cutler. A guy like Ben Ijalana or possibly Derek Sherrod (if he’s still there) or guard Dany Watkins (if they reach for a guard the like) could also be options here.

2009 Fantasy Football Notes:

Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Kevin Jones, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Greg Olsen

There may be a few more guys owned during the season, but these are the only Bears I’m interested in. Jay Cutler brings a little more fire power to the Bears offense, which brings more value to all of his offensive weapons. Cutler has a rocket arm and is a smart kid. He also loves to throw the ball into tight places and I often see him lock on to a receiver from the get go. But, he has the ability to make it happen anyway, except when he throws one of his league leading interceptions. Matt Forte is still the fantasy stud in this group, and though his carries will likely go down in ’09, his efficiency will almost surely go up as 8 men in the box will almost surely be a thing of the past. Kevin Jones is a nice handcuff for Forte if you even believe in that idea. He’s looked good in camp and was once a promising young back before injuries slowed him down a bit. Devin Hester has all the speed and juke one wants in a receiving threat, and though a bit raw, he should be better in his second season as an NFL WR. Earl Bennett flourished with Cutler throwing him the ball in college, and now he gets the first crack at the #2 spot with his old QB. He should be decent and is a nice sleeper pick. Greg Olsen will probably benefit more than any other receiving threat in 2009. Cutler likes to go to his TE, plus Olsen probably has the best hands on the team. He also has great speed and should be a nice TE in the fantasy world this season.


Chicago Bears: B+

First of all, the Panthers got one of the more talented offensive linemen in the draft when they selected Chris Williams with the 14th pick. Williams should be a cornerstone left tackle for a team that really struggled to protect the quarterback and run with any sort of consistency. A very good athlete for his size. Good pick.

Matt Forte (pronounced for-tay, not FORT) was a great college running back, has great 20+ carry size, and solid speed. Every single week Matt was the guy opposing defenses tried to stop when he suited up for Tulane, and he still put up astronomical numbers. In a great running back class, Forte is probably the biggest sure thing to start from day 1.

Earl Bennett was originally seen as one of the guys Jay Cutler threw the ball to, and many thought Cutler didn’t have the personnel to have great college numbers. Then, when Cutler was gone, Bennett kept putting out great seasons. He had three years of 75+ catches, and his size gives him a strength advantage against most corners. For a team with no veteran receivers, Bennett should help out immediately.

Marcus Harrison, the big DT from Arkansas, as the Bears second 3rd round pick. Harrison fought injuries and off-the-field issues during his tenure at Arkansas, but the Bears may have hit it big on yet another talented defensive lineman.

Craig Steltz is an old-school player who will pop you. He’s not really big, but his size won’t be a problem. He was the leader of a very good LSU defense, and will be a great special teams player right out of the gates.

Zackery Bowman transferred to Nebraska and then found himself in the middle of a terrible Cornhusker team. However, Bowman played well at Nebraska, and would have been a higher pick if not for his injury history. The Bears could use his help in the secondary.

Kellen Davis is an interesting prospect because he proved himself to be a talented pass rusher as well as pass catcher in college. His speed is solid (just under 4.6 in the 40) and shows good hands, but he is raw at both positions (TE and DE). It will be interesting to see what the Bears do with him. I like this pick in Round 5.

With 5 picks in the 7th round, the Bears grabbed Ervin Baldwin (DE/OLB Michigan State), Chester Adams (OG Georgia), Joey LaRocque (OLB), Kirk Barton (OT), and Marcus Monk (WR). All of these players are limited by size or ability. Marcus Monk may be a wild card, as it is very possible that his struggles at Arkansas were because of the poor quarterback play during his tenure.

The only thing that dropped the Bears a couple half grades was the fact that they ignored the quarterback position. I understand that Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton have both won football games, but neither is a game changer, and both have been tabbed as a liability. With players like Erik Ainge, John David Booty, Dennis Dixon, Josh Johnson, and Andre Woodson all being picked in the 5th round or later, it would have been beneficial for Chicago to take a chance there.

2007 Chicago Bears

The Bears finished a win a way from a Championship, one of the toughest places to finish in sports. Year and year again, this spot has proven for a tough repeat performance, well since Buffalo did it 4 times in a row, anyway. All in all, the Bears played much better offensively than they will get credit for, and much worse defensively than most believe them to be. Rex Grossman, despite the world wide hatred that surrounded him after the Cardinal debacle, had one hell of a season in his first full year as a starter. He’ll grow, and like Lovie Smith has said, he’ll get much better. Thomas Jones (not with the team anymore) had a very solid year for the Bears, while Cedric Benson also came on late as a force to be reckoned with. Brian Urlacher quite possibly had his best season, while Lance Briggs had another dominating season. But defensively, the Bears weren’t close to the same team after defensive line disrupter Tommie Harris went down for the year with a knee injury. Look for the Bears to, with one of their early selections (2 picks in the first 37) take another defensive force on the line. Overall, it looks as though the Bears have a strong base set in place that should help them stay very competitive in an improving NFC. Lovie Smith’s signing, to a new long contract, should keep the Bears on the fast track to success. The job he’s done in Chicago has been amazing.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Bears went into free agency with two goals, trying to keep their Super Bowl caliber squad in tact, and look to build through the draft. Right off the bat, they made an enemy out of Lance Briggs, by franchising him. Lance has recently said he will do everything in his power to never play for the Bears again. Should be interesting to see how this problem turns out. As for the other problem, the Bears traded one of their stud running backs (Thomas Jones) to switch from the 62nd to 37th selection in the 2nd round, and while most will belittle this move, that big of a disparity in draft picks is the difference between first and second round talent. The Bears will get some much needed defensive help with that selection. The Bears will make nice moves in the draft, Lovie Smith is a superb talent scout, and the Bears have always been great at plucking diamonds from the draft. Expect a player like Reggie Nelson to possibly fall to them, his stock has dropped of late, and with their luck, he’ll be waiting with the 2nd to last pick of round 1. Right now, I have the Bears taking a big and athletice offensive lineman in Round 1, but I’ll have to wait and see what happens with Mr. Briggs. Until then, I’ll ignore Briggs’ comments, and expect him to be back in a Bear Uni this fall.

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