Washington Redskins

Joined the NFL as the Boston Braves in 1932. Moved to boston and changed name to Redskins in 1933. Relocated to Washington in 1937.

League Championships: 5 – 1937 (NFL), 1942 (NFL), 1982 (Super Bowl), 1987 (Super Bowl), 1991 (Super Bowl)

Conference Championships: 5 – 1972 (NFC), 1982 (NFC), 1983 (NFC), 1987 (NFC), 1991 (NFC)

Division Championships: 12 – 1936 (NFL East), 1937 (NFL East), 1940 (NFL East), 1942 (NFL East), 1943 (NFL East), 1945 (NFL East), 1972 (NFC East), 1983 (NFC East), 1984 (NFC East), 1987 (NFC East), 1991 (NFC East), 1999 (NFC East)

Playoff Appearances: 21 – 1936, 1937, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1945, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1999, 2005, 2007

2005 Finish: 10-6, 2nd Place NFC East, Wild Card

Recent Records:

2004: 6-10 2005: 10-6 2006: 5-11 2007: 9-7 2008: 8-8 2009: 4-12 2010: 6-10

2011 Draft Grade

Washington Redskins (F-)
16: Ryan Kerrigan (17, 15 = 16) +0
41: Jarvis Jenkins (73, 58 = 64) -23
79: Leonard Hankerson (67, 79 = 74) +5
105: Roy Helu Jr. (170, 149 = 160) -55
146: Dejon Gomes (255, 255 = 255) -109
155: Niles Paul (117, 130 = 124) +31
177: Evan Royster (255, 249 = 252) -75
178: Aldrick Robinson (166, 226 = 196) -18
213: Bradyn Thompson (255, 255 = 255) -42
217: Maurice Hurt (225, 236 = 231) -14
224: Markus White (255, 229 = 237) -13
253: Chris Neild (255, 252 = 254) -1

The Redskins ended up with a ton of late picks after trading down, meaning they got a lot more chances to gain value. On the other hand (the hand that Mike Shanahan wipes with), more picks also gave them more chances to reach for guys. And reach they did! Kerrigan is a good player that will help right now for a bad defense, and he was ranked right on 16 for the Redskins. Jenkins is a good defensive tackle from Florida, but he was the first reach or Splinter and the crew. Hankerson and Niles Paul (two big receivers) were the only plus-value guys Washington drafted. Nobody was a bigger reach than safety Dejon Gomes who was ranked as an undrafted player, but went 146 overall. Aldrick Robinson has some upside, as I think he’s a little better than his ranking – and Maurice Hurt has an awesome name for a destructive offensive lineman (and I think he’s better than he’s rated) – but outside of that, there wasn’t much value for the Redskins.

Draft Pick Total: 1804– Player Rankings Total: 2118 —- TOTAL RANKING: -314

2011 Mock Draft

Washington Redskins 6-10 – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: I wouldn’t be surprised by anything the Shanahan regime does in Washington during this draft. Going for a quarterback, drafting Mark Ingram, getting another athletic offensive lineman, or, in this case, drafting one of the best offensive prospects in the draft. Not only did Julio Jones dominate the combine, but he’s been looked at as a great receiving prospect for a long time. He didn’t get the ball a ton this last season, but he was on a run first team, and he always played well no matter what he was asked to do. After dealing with a princess receiver like Brandon Marshall, Jones would be a pleasant addition to Splinter’s team in Washington. He’d give them a lot of what they don’t have in the passing attack while helping the run game as well. Jones has great upside.


Washington Redskins: B+

I think all 3 of the Redskins 2nd round picks had great value. That’s worth a good grade right there.

Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly battled it out for most team’s top receiver – and the Redskins drafted both. Between those two guys, Washington also snagged Fred Davis, a guy that could really open up the field in two tight end sets with Cooley. Three very good pass catchers, one with great speed, two with great size, and all with great hands. Jim Zorn knows what this team lacked, and instantly they got an upgrade in size and speed in the passing game. Teaming these three up with Moss and Randle El could really help Jason Campbell grow.

Chad Rinehart was a great player at the Senior Bowl and dominated at Northern Iowa. He has good size and a solid work ethic. He’s from a small school and could need time to develop, but his upside is impressive and the Skins needed some depth along the line.

Justin Tryon doesn’t have great size but should help on 3rd downs and nickel packages right away. He has really good spatial skills and moves his feet really well. His quickness is his weapon.

Durant Brooks was the best punter in the draft. Yay!

Kareem Moore will be a stud on special teams as of day 1. He’s really fast, but plays even faster on the field. He’s a small school guy, but he’s got a strong build and can tackle. He had great workouts.

Colt Brennan sure got kicked around after the season ended, and that had his draft stock plummeting. Still, Zorn knows what a good QB looks like, and he said that he was thrilled to grab Brennan this late. He’s skinny, but he’s 6’3″ and can add some bulk. He has nice anticipation and accuracy. He just acts like a future player in the league. Does that count for something?

Rob Jackson is a pass-rushing situational guy that would get devoured against the run. He was successful in getting after the quarterback from K-State and is good value here.

Chris Horton is a very good athlete that was on the wrong side of long touchdowns while playing FS at UCLA. He’ll get a chance to prove he can play at this level as the Skins have a hole at safety.

2007 Washington Redskins

The Redskins tumbled out of the gates in 2006, missing the playoffs and losing enough games to net them the 6th pick in the upcoming 2007 Draft (Though they are trying desperately to trade it – figures). Overall, the Redskins disappointed just about everyone besides me last season, falling to 5-11 after making the playoffs in 2005. Mark Brunell didn’t play well enough for the Skins to consider leaving him in, making room for Jason Campbell to start, and the young Auburn graduate impressed. Jason looks like the real deal, as he and Ladell Betts teamed up to be the only bright spots for the 5 win Redskins. Defensively, the Redskins were terrible, as injuries and poor play from big time free agents hurt the squads chances all year long. In a very tough NFC East, one which netted 3 playoff squads, the Redskins were definitely the class clown, getting laughed at by each of their conference rivals. Once again, the Skins will look good on paper going into 2007, how that will translate is yet to be determined.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

A couple things are guaranteed during the free-agency period in the NFL. At least one guy will announce his hatred of his team franchising him (Lance Briggs for example) and the Redskins will sign too many players to replace the too many players they let go recently because they signed too many people last year that didn’t work out. Whew. Basically, some teams never learn. Already, the Redskins have tried to give up the 6th spot in the draft (a prime position to get a young stud defensive player) in return for a linebacker (Lance Briggs) that promises to hold out for the first 10 games of the season if he stays with the Bears. Seems like the Skins are at it again. Surely, Lance is a great linebacker, maybe one of the best in the league, but the Redskins are giving up way too much to get a guy who already said he won’t play in Chicago. Interesting to see how this situation ends up. Aside from that cluster, the Redskins have poured money into free agency as well, adding Jason Fabini, London Fletcher, Omar Stoutmire, and Fred Smoot among many others. Leaving the squad was TJ Duckett (bad Skin trade last season), David Patten (bad Skin signing a few seasons back), Troy Vincent (paid too much to get him a season ago) and many other guys. If the Redskins do stay at pick #6 (Though I can’t see the Bears not accepting the trade for Briggs) they’ll probably take a guy like Gaines Adams. If they move to the bottom half of the draft, I like the Skins possibly getting a big bad receiver to go with their micro machines, someone like Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett, or Sydney Rice among many other options.

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