Kansas City Chiefs

Founded as the Dallas Texans in 1960 as an original member of the AFL. Relocated and changed name to Kansas City Chiefs in 1963. Joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL/NFL merger.

League Championships: 3 – 1962 (AFL), 1966 (AFL), 1969 (AFL)

Conference Championships: None

Division Championships: 8 – 1962 (AFL West), 1965 (AFL West), 1966 (AFL West), 1971 (AFC West), 1993 (AFC West), 1995 (AFC West), 1997 (AFC West), 2003 (AFC West)

Playoff Appearances: 14 – 1962, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2010

2005 Finish: 10-6, 2 nd Place AFC West

Recent Records:

2004: 7-9 2005: 10-6 2006: 9-7 2007: 4-12 2008: 2-14 2009: 2-12 2010: 10-6

2011 Draft Grade

Kansas City Chiefs (C)
26: Jon Baldwn (41, 47 = 44) -18
55: Rodney Hudson (52, 52 = 52) +3
70: Justin Houston (46, 55 = 51) +19
86: Allen Bailey (60, 59 = 60) +26
118: Jalil Brown (93, 115 = 105) +13
135: Ricky Stanzi (87, 100 = 94) +41
140: Gabe Miller (255, 255 = 255) -115
199: Jerrell Powe (234, 110 = 172) +27
223: Shane Bannon ( 255, 255 = 255) -32

The Chiefs took a chance right off the bat with Jon Baldwin and his high-needs pretty-boy WR personality. All the tools are there, he’s a freak of nature in fact, but will his mind be right? They better hope so, because they certainly had needs elsewhere. KC got good value with each of their next 5 picks, and finished with 6 value picks on the day – more than any team in the draft. In fact, if they hadn’t picked Gabe Miller at 140th overall, KC would be very close to +100 and a Top 5 draft grade. Kansas City ended up with 4 players inside the Top 60, pretty impressive when you consider they only had one pick inside the top 50. Nice, solid draft by the Chiefs.

Draft Pick Total: 1052– Player Rankings Total: 1088 —- TOTAL RANKING: -36

2011 Mock Draft

Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 – Ryan Kerrigan, OLB/DE, Purdue: Kerrigan won’t produce the combine times that will make the Raiders jump at the chance to draft the DE/OLB prospect, but he will show every other team in the NFL how consistent and productive he is with great hands, crafty moves, and a motor that keeps on running even when you turn it off. His coaches think the world of him, and why not, he made huge plays throughout his career at Purdue, forcing a record 14 fumbles while tallying 33 sacks and 57 tackles for loss. This guy is as safe as picks get, and while the Chiefs might not be desperate for an end, he’s a guy that every team should be desperate for.


Kansas City Chiefs: A

The Chiefs may have lost the best young defensive end in the NFL but in turn, they grabbed the best defensive player in the draft – plus this thrifty team saved some money by not having to pay two defensive linemen all that money. I have to add Jarred Allen’s loss to this draft, but still, this team got very young and talented with all these picks, starting with 4 picks that I loved in the first 3 rounds (Dorsey, Albert, Flowrs, and Morgan) – plus more good gets.

Dorsey is a stud. Flat out, you don’t find defensive tackles with the ability to change a game like this kid. Many questioned his injuries, but that’s just plain stupid. He played through everything that happened to him, and it’s freaking football, stuff happens to interior linemen. Dorsey could be a future defensive player of the year.

Branden Albert was a guy the Chiefs considered taking with their 5th pick, and probably would have if Dorsey wasn’t available. Albert will give the Chiefs an instant road grater on the offensive line and should definitely help improve Larry Johnson’s numbers not to mention help Brodie Croyle stay upright.

Brandon Flowers was a steal in Round 2, because, well, he’s a first round talent. Flowers was the best player in a very good secondary at Va Tech, and he should help the Chiefs defense right away. He didn’t have a great 40 time at the combine, but look at the kid play, nobody gets by him.

Jamaal Charles has elite speed – no question about that. He’ll be a good change of pace back for Larry Johnson’s hard-nosed style, but don’t expect him to ever become a full-time back in the NFL. His size will prohibit him, as will his mediocre inside the tackle running.

Brad Cottam is just too tall for my liking 6’8″ – but he was solid for Tennessee last season. He never had great years, and started just 10 games, but the Chiefs like his hands, and needed back-up help for the aging Tony G.

DaJuan Morgan is a stud. He started just a year at NC State, but his athletic upside and ball-skill potential could make him a pro-bowler a few years down the road. Right now, he’ll be a special teams super star, and he may help out a defense that was a little suspect the last few seasons.

Will Franklin has good size for such a speed demon. Over 6 foot and over 200 lbs and still running a 4.3 is legit. He also has great hands. There were lots of receiving options in Missouri last season, but Franklin could be one of the best.

Brandon Carr may have some upside – he definitely has great size and good speed for a corner, but many have questioned if he’ll ever be a football player. Carr’s a small college guy that won’t be able to out-athlete guys at the next level, so much is to be proven.

Barry Richardson is huge and powerful, but many question if he has the athletic killer instinct of competitiveness to succeed at the next level. Like the case with many players that haven’t met their potential, it’s possible that the right coach will get the most out of Barry.

Kevin Robinson was a kick returning dynamo in college. He was the best return man in the nation, and though he might not be as dynamic against top competition, his abilities were well worth a shot this late.

Brian Johnston is still a work in progress, and has the work ethic to become a player in the league. He was very small as a freshman, but built himself into a man at Gardner-Webb and could find a place in the league.

Mike Merritt was a good blocking TE and needs to be a special teams contributor and a good blocker to make the Chiefs roster.

2007 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs finished with one less win in 2006 than they had in 2005, but this time they made it to the playoffs. And if there were ever a time the proved the Chiefs’ need to go with a quarterback not named Trent Green it was against the Colts in the Wild Card round. Surely, Trent had plenty of chances, as he came back to the team after Damon Huard had led Kansas City to 5-3 record. Huard gave the Chiefs someone, without Zeus-gray hair, to lead the squad. And he played well. The Chiefs fell in the playoffs to the Super Bowl Champion Colts, but for once, the Chiefs defense played well. Ty Law was huge, as he often is in big games, and the defensive line also played well for the Chiefs. I look for the Chiefs to spend much of Day 1 dabbling in the defensive side of things, but quite possibly taking a game breaker at receiver with their first pick. For now, its hard to talk about the Chiefs without mentioning Larry Johnson, an old school back with a new school body. Larry is an absolute beast. But without a stellar offensive line, and a passing game that failed to strike fear in defenses for most of the season, Larry wasn’t as dominant as he was starting in 2005. Look for the Chiefs to add a lineman or two via free agency, as the need is apparent in KC.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Chiefs have already improved on the defensive side of the ball through free agency. Donnie Edwards and Napoleon Harris are two linebackers that will greatly improve the Chiefs cover two scheme as both can cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Donnie Edwards may be old, but the bottom line is he can play. With Harris, Edwards, and incumbent Derrick Johnson, the Chief line-backing corps will easily cover sideline to sideline. Now if they could just get some help on the defensive line. On the other side of the ball, I see addition by subtraction in the shopping of Trent Green. Green did some good things for KC over the years, but the bottom line is, Mr. Green sill soon become a grandfather, something you don’t want your signal caller, or anyone on your team for that matter, to be. Damon Huard proved to be better than Trent, and Brodie Croyle has shown promise as a future starter. Right now, letting Green go is the best thing for the Chiefs. Also, adding Damion McIntosh will help an offensive line that took a hit last season when Willie Roaf retired prior to mini-camps last season. The middle rounds of the draft could land KC a guard or tackle that could help return LJ to his ’05 status, but defensive line should be at the top of coach Herman Edwards’ list. While I’d be surprised if the Chiefs spent their first pick on a young receiver, because that position is so deep and there are higher priced needs on KC’s roster. But, if a player like Dwayne Bowe sits on the board at pick 23, Edwards and company might get too excited to pass on such a player.

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