New Orleans Saints

Joined the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1967, and has never relocated.

League Championships: 2009

Conference Championships: 2009

Division Championships: 2 – 1991 (NFC West), 2000 (NFC West), 2009

Playoff Appearances: 5 – 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2000, 2009, 2010

2005 Finish: 3-13, 4th Place NFC South

Recent Records:

2004: 8-8 2005: 3-13 2006: 10-6 2007: 7-9 2008: 8-8 2009: 13-3 2010: 11-5

2011 Draft Grade

New Orleans Saints (A+)
24: Cameron Jordan (9, 12 = 11) +13
28: Mark Ingram (20, 13 = 17) +11
72: Martez Wilson (59, 43 = 50) +22
88: Johnny Patrick (65, 94 = 80) +8
226: Greg Romeus (142, 121 = 132) +94
243: Nate Bussey (255, 255 = 255) -12

What a draft for the Saints! They got value for almost every single selection (dropping just one negative draft value on 7th round pick, Nate Bussey). Greg Romeus was a great value pick in the 7th round. What a great time to take a chance on a 1st round talent – if he doesn’t turn out to be healthy enough, they lose a guy that gets cut on average anyway. If he is healthy, they get a superb player for dirt cheap. Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan both had values in the Top 17, and both were picked in the mid to late 20s. Martez Wilson has a ton of ability, and he can do lots of things – a top 50 player picked 72nd overall.

Draft Pick Total: 681– Player Rankings Total: 545 —- TOTAL RANKING: +136

2011 Mock Draft

New Orleans Saints 11-5 – Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, Temple: Wilkerson’s a beast. He’s one of those elite players that comes out of a small school, and because of it he’ll slip down the draft board a little more than he should. I think he’s a top 15 player, and right up there behind Fairley and Dareus as a top defensive tackle in this years’ draft. If he was doing work at Texas or Alabama, he’d be gone already – but the Saints get lucky in this case, because he’s just what they need. Wilkerson is a big bad man that will clog the middle against the run and get to the quarterback from inside the tackles. That would allow the Saints to eliminate a risky blitz or 7 every game.


New Orleans Saints: B+

While trading up seemed to be a fierce trend, the Saints did so in brilliant fashion, moving up to grab one of the most dynamic players in the draft. Ah yes, if the Chiefs get kudos for grabbing Glenn Dorsey 5th overall, than the Saints deserve a trip to Vegas for snaring Ellis two picks later. Like Dorsey, Ellis is a player that doesn’t come around that often, and he has absolutely no injury concerns. This kid can clog the middle and be a dominating pass rusher from the inside. He’ll help the Saints where they struggled most.

Tracy Porter will undoubtedly help the Saints secondary, but that doesn’t say much – Deion Sanders could step out of the booth, train for three weeks, and help this group too. Porter will start out on the inside in nickel and dime sets, and will be an instant upgrade as a cover guy. He’s not a great tackler.

DeMario Pressley will team with Ellis to make one of the best rookie tackle tandems in the league. He is very athletic and quick for his size, and I’m guessing he’ll get more time than a 5th round selection usually gets. He didn’t get too much credit this season, and while he was mostly going heads up, he’ll be doing the same in the NFL. I like this kid a lot.

Carl Nicks is one big kid. He’s young, and raw, but he could be something when he grows up, not a bad 5ht round choice for the Saints. Your guess is as good as mine with this one.

Taylor Mehlhaff is a lefty, so already I’m skeptical. However, he was very accurate in college, and will probably grab starting duties in New Orleans. Automatic from about 45 yards and in – they’ll take that after their kicking woes over the last few years.

Adrian Arrington has nice upside. He didn’t get all the publicity at Michigan and doesn’t have elite speed, but he doe4s all the little things right. He may have dropped because of a leg injury that didn’t allow him to run prior to the draft.

2007 New Orleans Saints

What a season for the Saints. New Orleans touched the hearts of many on their path to the NFL Finals. A loss to the Bears had the Saints falling just short of a miracle run to the Super Bowl. Reggie Bush didn’t begin the season with the flare many expected, as Deuce McAllister was by far the best running back in New orleans in 2006. However, Reggie’s skills were realized throughout the year, and especially in the last few weeks. In the last 5 games, Bush had 545 combined yards rushing and receiving, 7 total touchdowns, two 100 yard receiving games and one 100 yard rushing game. He averaged 5.1 yards a carry and 13 yards a catch. On the season, Reggie caught 80 balls. Not a bad year for the young Trojan graduate. Going perfectly with the Saints amazing season, was 7th round pick, Marques Colston, the young receiver who finished second in the rookie of the year voting and found himself in the Pro Bowl at season’s end. But the best season of all was the one had by Drew Brees. Brees battled all off season to come into camp healthy in his first season leading the Saints. Drew had one hell of a season, passing for over 4,000 yards with 26 touchdowns, not to mention leading a team that was 3-13 in 2005 to the NFC finals in ’06. Last season will be a tough act to follow for the young Saints, but with Brees, Deuce, Bush, and Coach Payton; the Saints have all the right pieces in place. And last but not least, Shay loves the Saints!
2007 Off-Season Plans:

The Saints wanted to get younger and faster on the defensive side of the ball, not to mention pick up a couple young linebackers that can get the job done for a team that was plugging anybody and everybody in at the position prior to the start of last season. Eric Johnson, the aging pass catching tight end formerly of the 49ers, signed on, and will help give Brees a receiving threat from the TE position he desires. New Orleans signed Brian Simmons as well, hoping to strengthen their shallow linebacking unit. OT Jon Stinchcomb also signed on, hoping to help an already solid offensive line. The Saints lost one of their brightest leaders, receiver Joe Horn. Horn’s age and injuries, in addition to the skills shown by Devery Henderson and Colston, made him easy to part with, as the Saints have many other needs. Also signing was Kevin Kaesviharn, a safety from the Bengals that will definitely help in N’Orleans’ secondary. The draft could be just what the Saints need to push them over the top. Even at the bottom of the draft, where New Orleans resides, young secondary and linebacking help will be waiting to become a Saint. I had the Saints grabbing Greg Olson, but with Johnson’s signing, I’m not so sure the Saints use their first rounder on a TE. Now I’m thinking a player like Lawrence Timmons, Patrick Willis, Marcus McCauley, or Jon Beason could be on the Saints’ radar. Offensively the Saints are set, so be prepared for many a young defender to find a home in New Orleans.

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