New York Giants

Joined the NFL in 1925 and have never relocated.

League Championships: 6 – 1927 (NFL), 1934 (NFL), 1938 (NFL), 1956 (NFL), 1986 (Super Bowl), 1990 (Super Bowl), 2007

Conference Championships: 9 – 1956 (EFC), 1958 (EFC), 1959 (EFC), 1961 (EFC), 1962 (EFC), 1963 (EFC), 1986 (NFC), 1990 (NFC), 2000 (NFC), 2007

Division Championships: 14 – 1933 (NFL East), 1934 (NFL East), 1935 (NFL East), 1938 (NFL East), 1939 (NFL East), 1941 (NFL East), 1944 (NFL East), 1946 (NFL East), 1986 (NFC East), 1989 (NFC East), 1990 (NFC East), 1997 (NFC East), 2000 (NFC East), 2005 (NFC East), 2007

Playoff Appearances: 26 – 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1950, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008

2005 Finish: 11-5, 1 st Place NFC East

Recent Records:

2004: 6-10 2005: 11-5 2006: 8-8 2007: 10-6 2008: 12-4 2009: 8-8 2010: 10-6

2011 Draft Grade

New York Giants (A+)
19: Prince Amukamara (8, 6 = 7) +12
52: Marvin Austin (38, 39 = 39) +13
83: Jerrel Jernigan (74, 61 = 68) +15
117: James Brewer (103, 92 = 98) +19
185: Greg Jones (143, 142 = 143) +42
198: Tyler Sash (116, 77 = 97) +101
202: Jacquian Williams (255, 255 = 255) -53
221: Da’Rel Scott (255, 225 = 240) -19

The Giants picked up one of the most versatile secondary options in the draft, corner Prince Amukamara. Many think he could excel at either safety or corner, and his cover skills are legit. It wasn’t a huge need, but they came right out of the gates selecting value. They didn’t stop until the 200s when they reached for a couple guys they liked very late. No other team started the draft with 6 straight value picks. Tyler Sash was the top rated SS in some circles, and James Brewer (in my opinion) should be rated higher than he was, is OT upside is solid. Overall, great value draft for the Giants – they truly seemed to be locked in as far as taking the best player on the board.

Draft Pick Total: 1077– Player Rankings Total: 947 —- TOTAL RANKING: +130

2011 NFL Draft

New York Giants 10-6 – Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin: The Giants lost some of their push from the offensive line this season, and even though they improved later in the season, adding a trail blazer like Carimi would be a great addition to their team. I just happen to think Carimi is the best offensive lineman in the draft, and he certainly proved his worth against top competition this year, getting the better of Adrian Clayborn, Ryan Kerrigan, and Cameron Heyward. He also played against J.J. Watt plenty in practice. It’s also hard to argue with his success as a run-blocker, leading one of the best rushing attacks in college football at Wisconsin. Eli could use a lineman to keep defenses away from him for that much longer, so he can get off 10 more throws and toss 2 to 3 more interceptions.


New York Giants: B+

I have to admit, the Giants know how to get value. I wouldn’t say that I love their draft picks, but they seemed to get the most bang for their buck. I didn’t like Phillips as a top 15 pick, but the last pick in Round 1 – great.

Terrell Thomas is just a good player. He’s got great size for a corner, and has the versatility to help at safety if the Giants need it. He’s just a good football player, and with the last pick of Round 2 is a good pick.

I didn’t like Mario Manningham as a 1st round pick, not even before he ran such a poor 40 time, but as the 95th pick overall, he’s an absolute steal. This kid was a force in college, even against the best defenses. He knows how to get the ball and is just a play maker. 95th, are you kidding me? Thievery.

Bryan Kehl did it all for BYU. He has nice speed and just makes plays. He rarely takes a misstep and really focuses in on doing everything the right way on the football field. At the very least, he’s going to be a stud on special teams.

Jonathan Goff was the 4th defensive player taken in the first 5 rounds (and picks) for the Giants. Goff is a much improved player and a two time team captain. Watching him, he might struggle at the next level if he continues to play around with blockers. He needs to learn to chuck them and not get caught up at the point of attack. He’s a nice player though, especially in Round 5.

Andre Woodson is being compared to Byron Leftwich, but I don’t know if that’s fair. He doesn’t have a missile arm like Lefty, and while he does have a similar size and long delivery, his touch is much better than the former Jaguar. Woodson was great in college, even against the best defenses in the land. He could be a steal this late. The Bears definitely should have given this kid a chance.

Robert Henderson was a great player at a lower level, and could turn into a steal this late. He dominated his competition and has solid size and overall ability. With Strahan retiring, Henderson will get a chance. I still think he’s a year or two away though.

2007 New York Giants

The Giants made the post season in 2006, but it had to be a complete accident. They nearly made out with a win in the first round, but the 8-8 record they got in with was much more pathetic than .500 usually is. Eli Manning struggled mightily, despite his 24 touchdown passes. Eli was so inconsistent, he took two steps behind his draft class mates, Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers. 2007 gives Eli another chance to prove he’s not just Peyton’s little brother, so it should be fun. Plaxico Burress played well for the Giants, but Eli’s inconsistency had Plax showing his frustration on the field, letting up a little, in turn getting a bad lazy tag by his teammates. And I haven’t even talked about Tiki yet. Barber had a great season for the Giants, but also was labeled a distraction by many for his retirement announcement halfway through the season. What a gong-show. And with all that, coach Tom Coughlin will be back at the helm, trying to get this very talented team back on top of the NFC East, a very competitive league to be fighting for your job in, that’s for sure.

2007 Off-Season Plans:

I’m not sure what the Giants are trying to do, but I believe they have built a three headed tank in the backfield. Everyone knows how Brandon Jacobs runs, and if signing fullback crushing blocker Vonta Leach wasn’t enough to add power in the backfield, New York also traded Tim Carter to the Browns for Reuben Droughns. Reuben was Cleveland’s best offensive player in 2005, but ’06 was another story as Droughns struggled throughout the season. I don’t know how any of these three will help with the loss of the multi-talented Tiki, but they should cause a stinger or two to opposing linebackers. After that, the Giants haven’t done much aside from lose key players. LaVar Arrington was cut after having yet another knee injury. Carlos Emmons was also let go, as were the following players; Jay Feely, Chad morton, Luke Petitgout, Visanthe Shiancoe, Frank Walker, and Bob Whitfield. It will be interesting to see what the Giants do to fill all their holes. Overall, the Giants definitely have some work to do on draft day. After letting Arrington and Emmons go, the Giants need help at linebacker now. I’m not in to picking strictly based on need, but there are a few stud linebackers that are first round worthy, surely the Giants would love to pick one. In my first mock I have Lawrence Timmons getting plucked by New York with the 20th pick, but some late movers, Paul Posluszny, Brandon Siler, or if they’re lucky maybe even Patrick Willis. It’ll be interesting to see what the Giants do to assure they’ll improve defensively this season.

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