New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings Week 17 NFL Picks

This is a tough one indeed. The Giants have all but given up on that evil little tomato-toned rat faced coach of theirs, and it’s even worse for the defensive coordinator. I can’t say I don’t enjoy it a little bit though, in fact, I like it a lot. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those stupid looks from Eli and Coach Coughlin – every single time it has brand new humor to me. The question is, have they given up? Because it’s not like the Vikings are playing sound football either. And it’s not like the Giants are an easy match-up for the Vikings either, as New York matches up well with what the Vikings’ coaches want to do offensively.

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But I’m starting to think the Vikings are ready to actually give this team to Brett. Everyone saw what he could do last week when you open it up a little, and this Giants secondary has become an embarrassing group to watch. Offensively, the Giants can throw it around pretty good, but they don’t have any of that key balance that allows teams to get out of reach.

Having nothing to play for, being frustrated as a group, having no chance at keeping the Vikings out of the playoffs or messing things up for anyone else, I think the Giants are close to a rollover candidate this week, and with Minnesota all in trying to win and get home field advantage, if not at least get back on track and playing good football before the post-season smacks them in the face. I think they take advantage of Week 17 and get going with a big win.

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings (-7.5)

Carolina Panthers vs New York Giants ATS Pick & Preview

Carolina Panthers vs New York Giants ATS Pick & Preview: Maybe the Panthers are better than I give them credit for. Maybe there’s something to be said for a team as poorly coached and with as crappy quarterback play as they’ve gotten that can still manage a 6-8 record with a 7-7 ATS mark through 14 games. Maybe that secondary that has shut down opposing passing attacks is in fact pretty damn good, and not just lucky. Maybe. But I still don’t think so. Maybe I’m stubborn. Maybe I’m downright overconfident in my ability to accurately judge any given NFL team. Whatever it is, I certainly don’t believe in the Panthers.

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New York has climbed right back into the playoff race with 3 wins in their last 5 games, beating Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington to get to 8-6 with two to go. And right now, they control their own playoff destiny. Like good teams have done in the past, the Giants are playing some of their best football of the season. After losing 4 straight in the middle of the year, New York has started running the ball better and playing better defensively as well. They are still dealing with a lot of injuries, especially in the secondary, but if there’s one team that will have plenty of trouble taking advantage of that dinged up pass-defense, it’s the Panthers.

Listen, it’s nice to see somebody else throwing balls in Carolina, but Matt Moore is an interception waiting to happen, or five. He’s been pretty lucky thus far, but eventually, he’s going to get it for the decisions he makes. Why not this week?

Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants (-7)

New York Giants vs Washington Redskins: Monday Night Football Preview

I like what the Redskins have been doing lately. It seems as if it’s too late for Coach Zorn, but it shows what Jason Campbell might be able to do if you open up the offense for him and let him take chances down the field. I don’t know why it took so long, or why coaches insist on limiting struggling quarterbacks to fewer plays, less responsibility, and fewer options – because everybody should realize that if you go into the game knowing you can’t do certain things, either physically or mentally, you have likely already fallen too far behind to win at all. If you question that, check the film from earlier in the season. But just because I like the Redskins forward motion doesn’t mean I’m picking them here.

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In fact, I’m taking the road favorite New York Football Giants to cover in Washington. Like the Redskins, I think the Giants are playing better football as well. Their offense has a rushing attack that is finally playing well after expectations were met earlier in the season. Their passing attack is getting back to the success they had earlier in the year.

The Redskins might be playing well, but sports are all about winning battles, and I don’t know where the Redskins are better than the Giants. I know New York has struggled in the secondary, but will Jason Campbell have enough time to take advantage? I’m saying no. I’ll take the Football Giants.

New York Giants (-3) @ Washington Redskins:

Arses Five Favorites: Week 15 NFL Predictions

After my first losing week all season, a 1-4 performance in Week 13, I fought back with another winner, a 3-2 march in Week 14. It wasn’t 4-1 or 5-0, but it was a winner nonetheless. Week 15 has some nice favorites, and honestly, I had a tough time picking my Top 5. It’s cold up here in Alaska, but with all this darkness, I have plenty of time to do my research – and I expect it to continue it’s showy performance.

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New Orleans (-7) @ home vs. Dallas: Listen when I tell you, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t that good. But a good thing for the Saints is that everyone else thinks the Cowboys are. The Saints have beaten the pee out of top rated foes this year, embarrassing teams like Philly and New England, and well, beating everyone else as well. Let the 14-0 teams continue to roll!

N.Y. Jets (-6) @ home vs. Atlanta: The Jets are favored by 6 over the Falcons for a reason, and that’s because this is a terrible match-up for Atlanta. If people think that Michael Turner and Matt Ryan are all of a sudden going to come in and stop the run, they must be confused. The offense in Atlanta isn’t the problem.

Seattle (-6) @ home vs. Buccaneers: The Bucs are that bad. I hate taking the Hawks as a big favorite, but this game looks like a blowout. If Seattle loses here, I will refer to them as the Seagulls forever.

Vikings (-8.5) @ Carolina:The Vikings will run into, or I guess past the Carolina Panthers – I expect Minnesota to approach 40 rushing attempts this week in something like a 28-10 win over the Panthers, and it won’t feel that close. I don’t know what Carolina can do against the Vikings, but I also don’t know how the Panthers D will slow Minnesota.

N.Y. Giants (-1) @ Washington: How is this? I’m not convinced the Redskins are good just because they haven’t played terrible lately. They aren’t one of the worst teams in the NFL, maybe even better than their record insists, but the Giants are the much better team. In Washington doesn’t scare me.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants NFL Sunday Night Pick

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Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants NFL Sunday Night Pick: This Sunday Night Football game should be a great one. NBC definitely does a better job than ABC and a way better job than the NFL Network when it comes to picking great match-ups. Maybe they have a special deal? Maybe they’re just smarter – whatever it is, the chance for the Giants to pull into a tie with Philadelphia, and the chance the Eagles have to stay atop their division, makes for one hell of a Nationally televised game – especially when it’s the Eagles and the Giants, two of the more popular teams in all of sports.

This match-up has been more than great over the years, in fact, while the Eagles have won three straight, they’ve been the underdog in all three games. Even more amazing, the underdog has covered this match-up in each of the last ten games, and the underdog has won outright in 9 of the last 10. That’s unheard of. The road team has won 7 of the last 10 games. Only three times since 2005 has the game finished with more than a touchdown separating the two, and the Eagles have won 2 in a row by double digits – including a 40-17 win in Philly earlier this season.

Neither team has a ton of injuries, but both will be missing key players. Brian Westbrook, probably the most important guy in this offense over the last five years, is doubtful yet again. Aside from that, most of the recently injured Eagles are probably for Sunday Night’s game. The Giants don’t have a bunch of injuries, but the few they’ve had have been crucial. Kenny Philips and Antonio Pierce are both out for the season, and the Giants are a little dinged on the offensive line as well. This should be a heck of a game, but I like the Eagles in this huge match-up.

Philadelphia Eagles (+1) @ New York Giants:

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Week 13 Pick

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Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Week 13 Pick: This may look like I’m giving up on the Giants or becoming a believer in the Cowboys – but lets not jump to any conclusions here, I’m doing a whole bunch of neither. Okay, I might be giving up on the Giants a little – but I wasn’t giving up on them last week when I went against them in Denver, I just like the Broncos as big dogs, especially at home. But there will be another time when I take New York this year, they still have lots of talent, and if they get healthier in the secondary, even a couple guys coming back and proving their healthy, I’ll jump right back on the free-money-train. But right now, I don’t know if they can put enough pressure on quarterbacks to stop opposing passing attacks. If they give Tony any time at all, I think the Cowboys win easily.

Earlier this year, the better team was Dallas in a game that New York ended up winning. Tony Romo gave out interceptions liked canned food during holiday food drives, and New York needed every single one of them to walk out of Dallas with a win. The Giants won 33-31. Eli and company had a short field all day while Tony completed less than half his passes, and went 3-1 on his Int to TD ratio – if you turn that around, you’re in good hands, if you leave it as is, you’re in Jay Cutler territory.

While Dallas hasn’t been pretty over the last few weeks, they’ve still won 6 of their last 7. For the Giants, it’s tough to beat a good team twice, especially in your division, and I don’t think that New York is ready to do it this time around either.

Dallas Cowboys (+1) @ New York Giants

New York Giants vs Denver Broncos Pick & Preview

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New York Giants @ Denver Broncos (+7) Pick & Preview: The Giants have lost my trust, and while the Broncos have played like piss, and lost four straight headed into this game with New York – I actually think they are back to being the “prove we’re better than you think we are” team they started out the season as. After starting the season with some big wins and 6-0, face it, the Broncos started getting a lot of love. Orton was celebrated, Marshall was happy, and Josh McDaniels was the next best football mind stemming from the Bill Belichick tree. Funny what four weeks can do to an NFL franchise.

But like I said, this is where the Broncos are most comfortable. They are underdogs by a touchdown at home this week – and the public loves the visitor. I know the Broncos will use that as motivation this week, and I think that makes them a nice cover value here.

Plus, the Giants, it’s not like they’ve played solid ball of late either. After getting blasted by New Orleans and Philadelphia (also losing to Arizona and San Diego), the Giants just barely squeaked out a cover the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. It looked like they were scared to death, and playing too reserved down the stretch. That allowed the Falcons to get right back in it, in turn I lost some trust in a very talented Giants team.

Seven is too many.

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants Free NFL Pick

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Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants (-6) Free NFL Pick: The Giants have killed me loudly over the past four weeks. After starting 4-1 ATS, and showing me that Eli had grown out of his Ellie stage, I began to think highly of the Giants physical style and precise passing game. Four straight losses, both in real life and against the spread, and here I am, still picking the Giants as 6 point favorites against a solid Atlanta Falcons team. Funny how that works. But I seem to be in the “expert” minority here, the only 4 “experts” I’ve seen this week are taking Atlanta to cover.

I don’t know if it’s going to sway you, and if it doesn’t, go with your heart! But this is why I like the Giants this week. The Falcons lost Michael Turner to a sprained ankle, and unless he’s a magic healer (ala Wolverine – yeah, comic book style) or didn’t actually hurt himself that bad (I doubt it, because they needed him bad last week), he’s not going to be playing against the Giants. Slamming Jason Snelling or a less-than-100% Jerious Norwood into an angry Giants defense isn’t the same as Michael Turner.

Atlanta has lost 3 of their last 4 and is 1-4 on the road this season. What doe New England, Dallas, and New Orleans have in common? Ooo, I know, they all beat Atlanta this year. Ooo, and one more thing, they all have winning records. Yes, the Falcons are 0-3 against teams with winning records this season.

For those reasons, and the fact that I apparently can’t give up hope on the Giants to cover me a spread (or I just don’t want to make the switch only to see them beat me) – I’m taking New York to cover.

San Diego Chargers vs New York Giants Pick & Preview

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San Diego Chargers @ New York Giants (-3.5): When this line came out I was very excited, somehow, somewhere, somebody decided the Chargers were a complete enough football team to compete with even a struggling Giants squad. Nope.

I know the Giants have struggled, I mean, look, my record has taken at least three straight hits on their behalf – but I’m not ready to give up on what I think about the Giants. They still have an elite defense and an offense that has been moving the ball, just struggling to get into the end-zone. I know Eli’s ouchy footsy injury might be hampering his ability to plant his foot, but I have a feeling the Giants show up this weekend.

If that means Brandon Jacobs and Ahamad Bradshaw running the ball 35 times, or if Ellie gets back to being Eli, or if it’s big plays on defense that set up Giant scores, what ever it is, I think the Giants have a very good chance to beat a Chargers team that just can’t make the big stop defensively. San Diego can throw the ball, but they don’t have the same rushing game they’ve had over the years, and the defensive problems that they ran into last season are still very evident.

Then again, there’s room to question the Giants here. They played mediocre football in Week 1 against Washington, of all teams. They won a game they should have lost against Dallas in Week 2. They then proceeded to win 3 more games against Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Oakland – woohoo! 3 straight embarrassing losses to good teams brings a little question to the equation, but I still think New York is the much better team here.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Free Pick

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New York Giants (+1) @ Philadelphia Eagles Free Pick: I’m not sure which team played worse last week. I know the Eagles won, so automatically you have to say the Giants turned up the suck the loudest, but I’m not so sure the Eagles would have beaten anybody else in the league besides say Washington and St. Louis last Monday Night. They looked stagnant offensively, getting bailed out by some poor defensive plays on some big passes. That being said, the Giants only really effective pass play was Eli throwing it off the Cardinals secondary in hopes that they would deflect one to Hakeem Nicks. The worked once, and thus the touchdown happened. The Giants have taken it pretty good over their last two games, and I can’t say that doesn’t make me grin a little. The only problem is I picked them on both occasions, and I can’t say that doesn’t make me frown a little. So I have a weird face on, a grin-frown, and I’m still taking the Giants. I’m still rooting hard for Philly, but if the Raiders front can give Donovan and company fits, I believe the Giants’ front 4 will make life downright miserable for the Philly hurler. 68% of the public is with me, dang them. The Giants are 22-5 ATS over their last 27 road games. That’s filthy. Can you blame the public?