Ten for Wednesday: Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings

It’s not as catchy, but hey, it’s wednesday and I’m a day late – better late than never. Unless you’re a college kid and you’re waiting on your girlfriend’s… well, you get the picture. On to Fantasy fortunes everywhere!

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Vince Young went and did the Arizona Cardinals something dirty. Not unlike his USC trashing for the National Championship, VY led his team down the field for a late game-winning score, this time as the clock expired, and this time he did it in the comfort of his very own pocket. Sure, the Cardinals had to respect his legs, and that could have been why Vince found so many open receivers in the final minutes, but the bottom line is, he did what most people claimed he couldn’t, and anytime that happens I like to mention it. Do work Vince!….   At some point during the week, Brian Urlacher stated his opinion that Jay Cutler to Chicago was a bad idea. It might not have been stated exactly like that, and the big-bad linebacker went as far as saying that he like’s Jay and thinks Jay is a very good player, and I’m sure Jay felt all warm and fuzzy about it after that, but Brian basically said that the Bears can win with Orton and can’t with Jay. Awesome. I didn’t even have to say it. Everyone wanted Josh McDaniels to resign before he coached a game for dumping Jay for Orton and draft picks – and even more people said the Broncos were morons for giving the Seahawks their 1st round pick next year instead of Chicago’s – but look at it all now – Jay Cutler’s throwing interceptions like he’s some sort of rifle-armed rookie, and without many flashy numbers, the Broncos are winning football games. How’s that sand now Jay? Causing a rash yet?….     And even better, somebody claimed that Jay might have some words with Urlacher about it. Please, somebody bring to my attention what exactly that dopey-faced ball thrower is going to say to Urlacher-quarterback-killer? “Hey Brian, I didn’t really like what you said about me and how Orton is a winner while I’m just a bitch- but it’s no big deal, I forgive you.” Something tells me that’s about as violent as those “words” are going to get…..

Cincinnati threw for 110 yards while boasting a passing game that includes Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson – is there anything that you think seperates them more from the elite teams than them being afraid to score points? The Bengals want to slow down the game so much that they just absolutely refuse to take chances to put points up quick in games where running the ball and slowly eating away the clock is an option. This is why they play close games against everyone, and I think this is what will come back to haunt them when they meet up with a team that can score points on any defense. It is also what will continue to make me happy about staying away from Palmer and Ocho in my fantasy drafts. They’ve had solid games, but 110 yards passing against the Brownies, come on guys….. Speaking of stinker performances in situations where they should flourish, how about Thomas Jones going for just 75 yards while DeAngelo Williams went for just 40 when the Panthers payed the Jets? The Panthers were up to it again, as Jake threw more times than DeAngelo and Jonathan ran the ball, and it was just a 13-3 game, it’s not like the Jets were killing it out there. I’ll never understand how John Fox keeps a job when numbers like this exist. Thomas Jones needed 25 carries to get to 75, and Shonn Greene needed 10 to get to 36. But at least the Jets get it. They threw 18 times on Sunday, they ran the ball 39 times…..   Speaking of John Fox losing his job, look what Jake Delhomme did on Sunday: the guy went absolutely suicidal in football terms, completing 14 of 34 passes for just 130 yards, 4 interceptions, and not a single touchdown to speak of. What’s really amazing about this whole deal is that the Jets don’t have the greatest rush defense, but they have one heck of a secondary. I know, lets have the human interception throw 20 mile and hour nuckle balls 35 yards down field – and we’ll see what happens. Dumb…..

Have you ever had somebody poke at you and tell you that you were wrong before you actually ended up being wrong, and then you became right, and now you want to take the bowl of guac and jump up in the air and spike it between your legs right on your buddy’s face? Enter Thanksgiving Day when my uncle was kind enough to tell me how crazy I am for taking the Colts in Houston and how the Texans were going to end that stupid undefeated talk in a hurry. Sure enough, come Sunday, the Colts jump out to a 17-point deficit, Peyton’s throwing interceptions like Drew Bledsoe used to get sacked, and here’s my uncle, giving me a call and and reiterating how much of a man in a clown suit I am, I can basically hear his stupid tap-dance shoes clickity-clacking on the end of his phone, and he’s gloating like JaMarcus Russell after a 12-29, 100 yard, 0-TD, 2-INT day – I’m smart, you’re dumb, hahahahahaha: and before I hang up, I say, “First of all, you’re an idiot. Second of all, you’re fat. And 3rd, I’d still take the Colts by a field goal.” Now I didn’t call him and say anything when the game was over – I didn’t have to….

LaDainian Tomlinson ran for 39 yards against the Chiefs. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say, the guys that said LT was done as a fantasy starter – they were right – the guys that picked him late in the first round and said, “I got the best running back in football at the end of Round 1”, or “the beginning of Round 2” , those guys, well, those guys were wrong……    This is why every single fantasy league should come with a “record draft shit talk” option that keeps a sort of easy flash back button to the idiots that went crazy over how great all their picks were, how dumb all yours were, and now how they’re 2-10 through 12 Weeks. Could you imagine how great that would be? Forget podcasts, I would be on that thing quoting fools every single week. What was that you said about LenDale White stealing all Chris Johnson’s carries and touchdowns?….. Tom Brady wasn’t accurate on Monday Night, and that’s why the Patriots got beat up. They had their chances, Brady just missed his spots. Sure, the Saints put pressure on the Pats, and the secondary made some plays, but there were guys open and Tom just wasn’t on his game. And they need to stop trying to get 5.5 yards on 3rd and 5 – a little room for error might help them out a bit….

Larry Johnson still has it. Everyone thought he was done. Everyone thought he would disappear and never do anything ever again. I don’t know much, but I know what LJ used to be, and I know there hasn’t been all that much wear on his tires over the past few years, and he looks like a guy running to prove something. Oh yeah, and he’s always been talented.

Fantasy Focus: Fantasy Football Analysis Week 5

Week 4 was historic, it was the first week that I didn’t finish first in overall fantasy rankings, a little competition we have here at LuckyLester.com. For those of you that don’t know, the staff gets together their fantasy rankings for the week, and in the Fantasy Focus review everybody gets graded based on their picks. I won the first 3 weeks before getting ousted by my chubby and generally crazy uncle. I haven’t heard the end of it since he knew he took home the gold. But hey, I still finished tied for “next” with Red Red Ryan, yet another guy that keeps telling me he’s just as good as me. It’s a tough crowd, you fall a step back one week and now you’re not the best. We’ll see… This week we have four more teams on bye, Bears, Packers, Saints, Chargers – so don’t get caught with any of those circus-squads in your starting lineup. Dream big in Week 5, almost 1/3 of the way through the fantasy season. Craziness…

Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Peyton Manning – Come on, free money, against the Titans D, he should be even better than normal.
2. Adrian Peterson – I liked him last week against the Packers, and while he didn’t do well, I won’t hesitate against STL.
3. Maurice Jones-Drew – This cat is physical, ask Frank Gore what physical runners do to Seattle…
4. Matt Schaub – The Cardinals are really good against the run, good enough to score a lot, thus Matt will have a day.
5. Reggie Wayne – I can’t get enough of Reggie, he’s such a sure thing, and I expect him to do bad things to Tennessee.

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. Julius Jones– Julius and the Hawks were brutal last week, but against Jax’s defense, I like his upside.
2. Santana Moss – If Carolina knows what’s good for them, they’ll stack the line. That should open a few up for Moss.
3. Tim Hightower– I’d say Tim was picked in the low rounds, but he’s not full sleeper. Against Houston he could score twice.
4. Carson Palmer – I like Carson again, even against a good Ravens D – there’s room to pass in that secondary.
5. Hines Ward –Hines, like Carson, finds himself on this list for the 2nd straight week. He didn’t let me down last time.

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Tashard Choice – He might be a back-up again, but if Dallas is up early, why waste Marion? They won’t, Choice gets 20 totes.
2. Jerome Harrison – I’ve always loved his vision; thought he’d do big things with lots of carries; he’ll get them again this week.
3. Mohamed Massaquoi –He’s the #1 in Cleveland now, and Derek Anderson likes him. A good play this week.
4. Steve Breaston– You can probably pick up breast in most leagues; he could be huge against Houston.
5. Eddie Royal – I have to go to this well one more week, he’s as talented as little guys come, could be huge!

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Ray Rice – I would sit Rice this week, I think Cincinnati really shuts him down in Week 5.
2. Steven Jackson – Minnesota, ick. I’d rather start Mendenhall, Hightower, or Julius Jones.
3. Matt Ryan – I’d look for a better option than San Francisco’s solid defense coming off two weeks of prep.
4. Roddy White –If I don’t like Matty Ice, I really don’t like Roddy going against Nate Clements all day long.
5. Larry Johnson – Get ready for less than 3 yards per rush against Dallas.

PS – Bye weeks are back, and here for some time, recognize! Mind the gap!

Week 5 Fantasy Pre-Rankings

Ryan Kauffman	        Josh Arsenault		Papa Weimer		Lucky Lester


1.Peyton Manning   	1.Peyton Manning	1.Matt Schaub   	1.Peyton Manning
2.Kurt Warner   	2.Tom Brady     	2.Kurt Warner     	2.Matt Schaub
3.Ben Roethlisberger 	3.Donovan McNabb     	3.Tony Romo     	3.Donovan McNabb
4.Joe Flacco     	4.Matt Schaub     	4.Peyton Manning 	4.Carson Palmer
5.Tom Brady     	5.David Garrard    	5.Donovan McNabb	5.Kurt Warner

1.Adrian Peterson	1.Maurice Jones-Drew	1.Adrian Peterson	1.Adrian Peterson
2.Chris Johnson 	2.Brandon Jacobs  	2.Rashard Mendenhall  	2.Maurice Jones-Drew
3.Maurice Jones-Drew	3.DeAngelo Williams  	3.Chris Johnson 	3.Brandon Jacobs
4.DeAngelo Williams	4.Clinton Portis    	4.Brian Westbrook 	4.Rashard Mendenhall
5.Brandon Jacobs 	5.Rashard Mendenhall   	5.Glen Coffee   	5.Tim Hightower


1.Reggie Wayne	        1.Reggie Wayne          1.T.J. Housmandzadeh 	1.Reggie Wayne
2.Andre Johnson 	2.Andre Johnson   	2.Reggie Wayne		2.DeSean Jackson
3.Larry Fitzgerald  	3.Anquan Boldin 	3.Larry Fitzgerald   	3.Anquan Boldin
4.Derrick Mason    	4.Brandon Marshall 	4.Andre Johnson 	4.Chad Ochocinco
5.Hines Ward    	5.Calvin Johnson	5.Mike Sims-Walker	5.Andre Johnson


1.Dallas Clark  	1.Dallas Clark  	1.Dallas Clark  	1.Dallas Clark
2.Jason Witten		2.Jason Witten		2.Tony Gonzalez 	2.Chris Cooley
3.Chris Cooley		3.Tony Gonzalez		3.Vernon Davis  	3.Owen Daniels
4.John Carlson   	4.Brent Celek   	4.Chris Cooley		4.Tony Gonzalez
5.Vernon Davis  	5.Vernon Davis   	5.Dustin Keller 	5.Jason Witten


1.Vikings		1.Vikings		1.Giants		1.Giants
2.Steelers		2.Giants        	2.Vikings		2.Vikings
3.Giants 		3.Eagles 		3.Eagles		3.Jets
4.Jets   		4.Cowboys  		4.Ravens		4.Eagles
5.Patriots		5.Jets  		5.Steelers		5.Steelers


Laces out, just like our kickers, out of the rankings! When the toe kick returns, we're back in!

Q&A Ask Papa Weimer: Week 9

We’ll be through the halfway mark after this weekend’s action and there are some burning questions being asked by my valued readers… Here are a few that came up this week.

Johnsonvile from Jacksonville asks, “Okay, so we know Larry Johnson likes to slap a B*!$#, and the Chiefs are doing their best to lose enough to get what they want come draft day, but what does that mean for Larry Johnson for the next few weeks after he gets back? I kind of want to drop the clown and pick up Ryan Torain – what do you think?”

I love me some brats, sir – yummm…. Anyway, I don’t think you lose much by giving Larry the axe for a stretch run that could bonus you a productive kid in Denver’s system. The Broncos might just do alright having a rushing attack, and it’s possible that Torain starts to produce as soon as he gets a look. Now, you know, before he gets 15 carries and goes off, would be a good time to take that chance. LJ the beater is already gone for Week 10, and that leaves only a few weeks for him to make an impact for your team before the playoffs. If you are looking for a way to win a couple games, and you don’t have room to let Larry sit, I’d go ahead and go for a guy like Torain. Maybe even Kevin Faulk or Dominic Rhodes this week instead. But I like Ryan, and I think he has lots of upside. Larry is still running for a bad team – so take a chance if you get the chance. Yum, bratwursts.

Red Red Ryan asks, “I’m in a keeper league and would love to get rid of some age to get some youth – I think there are some good rookies coming up, and I was wondering what you thought about giving up some solid players now for rookie draft picks this year – how’s the class coming up? I have Torry Holt, Hines Ward, and DeAngelo Williams (I know he’s not old, but J-Stewart is behind him).”

Red, the gods still aren’t doing you well, eh? Going down in the dumps, looking for youth? Fair enough – this is what I see from the incoming class…

Studs: Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, Beanie Wells, LeSean McCoy, Knowshon Moreno, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Percy Harvin: These guys all look to be fantastic pro prospects. Maclin is unbelievable fast and has solid size, Crabtree is a beast and has the physical to play right now, and I can’t say enough about Well, McCoy, and Moreno – and Bey and Harvin are elite prospects as well. 7 good ones if they all come out.

Good with Upside: Sam Bradford, Mathew Stafford, C.J. Spiller, Juaquin Inglesias, Demetrius Byrd, Chase Coffman, Tim Tebow?: I like Bradford a lot, and Stafford has a nice arm, but this group has some questions (besides Chase, he seems solid as an NFL TE) – Even with all Tebow’s skills, I wonder how he projects at the next level – some upside there, sure, but does he have enough with his arm?

Solid, not studs, worth looking at drafting: Javon Ringer, James Davis, P.J. Hill, Derrick Williams, Brian Robiskie, Mark Sanchez, Brandon Pettigrew, Arian Foster: Some good college players here, and some project solid at the next level, I’m just not completely sold on any of them quite yet. Ringer sure works hard though.

Sleepers: Jarrett Dillard, Ramses Barden, Sammy Straughter: These young receivers have all the moves and ability, now we’ll see how they can use it.

Something like that. I don’t know if I’d give Tory away just yet, he might make a return on your investment here in the next couple weeks, but if you can get a younger player with some upside and a 1st round pick, you might want to look at that. He is getting older. Hines has been solid for most of the season, and I think his style of play keeps him active and productive for a while here, but he could be a guy to look at getting a pick for, sure. I think 1st round rookie picks are big, and there looks to be about 10 guys from this class (i’m assuming at least a few of my “upside” guys become really good) that should be there for you with middle round picks. Remember though, young receivers don’t lose much value staying in and while Crab and Maclin and Heyward all have that “now” ability, they could hang out and play some college ball for a while too. As for the running backs, if they are NFL graded they will likely come out, saving some wear on those legs is a smooth move. I would keep DeAngelo around unless you get a good deal for him – he’s a young runner with solid upside. He does a lot of things well and he’s proving that this season. I know he has a stud behind him, but none of the guys you listed are assured to go to a place where they will be the guy. You have a solid youngster in Williams, might as well hang onto him.

Five for Friday: Week 3

Here goes nothing…

  1. That whole thing about Calvin Johnson being a great receiver – yeah, it’s true. This kid is going to dominate yardage totals this season in the NFL. Brandon Marshall and his destructive ways are getting a lot of hype right now, and reasonably so, he caught about 20 balls in his first week of action. But this week Calvin Johnson goes up against the rickety 49ers defense and he’s going off. Nobody in the league can guard this beast of a receiver that has elite speed. Top 3 this year – and all of those guys that did risk it a little and reach for him – nice work.
  2. Steve Smith to pull a Brandon Marshall? It seems to perfect for Smith, right? Steve goes off against the Vikings in his past, and now, after punching his teammate in the face with a blind side shot, he comes back from a two game suspension and who does he see? Purple people eaters everywhere. I’ve been dying to get Smith in my lineup, and I have to believe that he’ll have a little something special for us in Week 3. Its not like they are running against the Vikes – that’s for sure.
  3. If you have a Bronco – start him. Okay, if you own Darrell Jackson, don’t start him, but the rest of these guys are fair game. That means Cutler, Royal, Young, Marshall, Scheffler, and maybe even Andre Hall. The Saints are a bad defense when healthy, and right now they look like the Seahawks receiving corps. Pretty soon they’ll be hiring ex-players that they kicked off their team years ago – aghem, Koren Robinson drop.
  4. Is it fair to say that I was wrong about Larry Johnson? I’m kind of interested as to why he isn’t getting touches for the pathetic Chiefs offense. I understand he had 10 carries for 22 yards last week, but really, who is a better option? And why would you take one of the best bruisers the league has and remove him from goal line packages? I’m beginning to think either LJ has lost his game (ala John Daily after the turn) or Herman Edwards and the Chiefs front office are just plain crazy. It’s hard not to start him if you got him, I mean he’s not really going up a defensive front that will scare you. Take one last chance on him, that’s my best advice.
  5. I’ve already used the Giants and Patriots (in reverse order) for my survival pool, and that’s why I’m going with the Bills this week. I know, they are the Bills, but this team has a little something. I’m trying to jinx myself here I guess, but I’ve never lost a survivor pool in my life. Mind that I’ve only played two seasons of no hit ball, but I am two for two. The Bills have a great match-up against a pretty soft Raiders group. That bodes well for them, especially in Buffalo. Both the Pats and Giants are solid options as well. What was my best survivor pick of all time you ask? (Or I want to tell you, either way) The Rams over the Saints last season. If you go back, you’ll see that the Rams were winless and playing a Saints team that had won a few in a row. The Rams win. I win. And even better, the two teams I beat picked the Saints. Nothing is better than winning a survivor pool taking a big underdog against the huge favorite your buddy just took.

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 1 ('08)

Lets get right to it. You know the gig, you ask questions and I answer them. For God’s sake it’s not that freaking much of a scientific experiment to get all hoogily boogily about – but it is some sound advice that just might be able to help out this weekend. Let the games begin!

David says, “I have Kevin Walter and Eddie Royal as backups, and while i like both of their respective upsides, would you drop one f them to pick up one of the following players? – Deion Branch, DJ Hackett, Donte Hall, Jabar Gaffney, Steve Breaston…

Boy, I would say that I like DJ and Branch just as much as I like Walter – and Royal is a rookie receiver so the chances of him being a good option right off teh bat just aren’t as good – but, I really like Royal, think he’s the best receiver in the draft, and I’d hang on to him for a week just to see how he’s used in Denver. I love Hackett, really, last year I thought he was the best receiver in Seattle. Now he gets to play opposite Steve Smith – if he stays healthy – and that if is harder to comeby with him than just about anyone else. Gaffney, you’re right about him, there’s reason to be intrigued by the guy playing #3 in that offense. BUt I don’t think his upside is as high as DJ, Branch, Royal, or Walter – so I’d stikc with the guys you have. THe biggest sure thing you have is Deion Branch. I would pick him up and drop Walter right now. Branch is supposed to play in Week 3 or after their week 4 bye… He’s a stud. He’ll likely be Seattle’s #1 when he gets back and he’ll play 12 games thi syear – that’s worth a roster spot. Dropping Walter won’t kill you. He could be good this year, but I don’t think his upside is 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns, so you don’t have to keep him because both Hackett and Branch do have that upside. You could drop Royal – Walter is a safer bet than Royal, but I’m not a huge safe bet guy in this respect – take the guy with the most ability: that’s my motto – that’s Royal.

Slick Doug from Bremerton asks, “Who would you start at running back between these four soldiers? Adrian Peterson, Thomas Jones, Steven Jackson, and Michael Turner – I can only start two.”

Not many people are going to like this, but I would roll without AP in my starting lineup for Week 1. I know, it seems just crazy enough to predict that I am soon to be described as senile – but what if I’m right? Thomas Jones plays the Dolphins, Jackson plays the Eagles, and Turner has to go up against that old run-stuffing juggernaut in Detroit. AP plays against a very good and young Packers defense and he won’t have the luxury of his pro-bowl offensive tackle, Bryant McKinnie, to help pave the way. Losing a stud on the outside is a tough deal, especially against Green Bay. You’ve done a great job grabbing back-ups, and this is a good time to use that flexibility. If you can handle sitting two of the best backs in the league, I would go with Mike Turner and Thomas Jones – but that’s just me. I think Steven Jackson is a nice option though, so he could be the answer. The Eagles aren’t a great run-defense by any means, and if Jackson hadn’t missed the entire pre-season I would go with him. I just think Jones and Turner get 20+ carries easily, and that will be good enough for the girls I go with.

Davis in Dillingham, AK writes, “Even us Alaska folk play fantasy football – but we also have questions. I recently got a full dynasty keeper league trade offer from my buddy, Calvin Johnson and Larry Johnson for Jospeh Addai and Roy Williams. I love Calvin – would you do it?”

Tough call Davis. To start with I’ve been in Dillingham a couple times, been up fishing for salmon once or twice, haha. Tough climate up there in the Winter, eh? Anyway, it doesn’t seem like good value – your trade that is. Addai is so young and part of a great offense that gives him lots of red zone looks without wearing him down. I like LJ but I would be surprised if he has many years left in his tank – plus the Chiefs abuse his body something fierce. Like I said, I love Calvin Johnson but he’s not that huge of an upgrade to Roy Williams. Williams is getting a bad wrap this season, but before his injury he was just about on pace to match his 2006 numbers last year. He’ll be a good option, and Addai is much better than LJ for the future. Hold your cards!

Tiny Tim in Wyoming asks, “Do you have any crazy sleeper advice headed in to Week 1? Any guy that I should get my hands on before I lose a chance?

If Chris Perry is still on your waiver wire, I’d grab him. The same goes for Chris Johnson and DJ Hackett. Hackett has been dropped by a lot of people recently, because of his pre-season ailments, but he should start and have a very good chance to look good in week 1. I say go for one of these three guys because they all have tough defensive match-ups, and if they play well right off the bat, their stock will go sky high. All 3 have a nice chance to really produce this season if they stay healthy. Chris Johnson is a favorite here at LL.com.

Okay, remember, if you want your fantasy questions answered, just send an email to papaweimer50@hotmail.com.

Ask Papa Weimer: Last Pre-Season Questions

Here it is, one more question and answer section from you guys to me – there were three pretty solid email questions that I thought would be good to share – these are them.

David-Bill-Bob from America writes, “What do you think of Ted Ginn as a possible receiver option this season? What about Robert Meachem, James Hardy, Devin Hester, and Sidney Rice? Can you rate that foursome?”

Oh yes, lots of upside here. Not very much sure-thing here, but who loves to play a game you’re sure to win? Not me – I’m all about the upside. Forget the Bobby Engrams and the Derrick Masons, I’ll wait longer and dance with the young-guns. I think Ted Ginn could be a great player in the Dolphins passing attack, but I doubt he’ll score many touchdowns. The thing that’s good about his situation is that Pennington throws short a lot and Ted is fast enough to get some separation early. As for the rest of the guys, Devin Hester is my favorite – he’s a touchdown waiting to happen, and even if he gets 60 catches this season, he’ll probably take 10 of them to the house. Robert Meachem could be the best of the bunch, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the kid coming out of college. He looked solid in the pre-season, and what a weapon he could be if Drew Brees finds a liking for throwing to him against single coverage. Sidney Rice is a nice sleeper – it’s said that T-Jackson is more accurate than ever, and with Berrian opposite Rice, Sindney should get lots of single coverage. I don’t know if the Vikes will throw enough to make Rice a solid start week in and week out, but the kid can go up and get the ball, which might be good for 6-9 scores as defenses will focus on the run. James Hardy was my favorite receiver in the draft and I think he has a bright future, but he’s just a rookie and the speed of the game might hamper him early. Keep an eye on him though, when he figures it out he’ll be a threat. I’d rank them like this… Ginn Jr. – Devin Hester – Robert Meachem – Sidney Rice – James Hardy.

Tim from Floresville, Texas writes, “The people in my league think I am crazy for trading Chad Johnson for Bernard Berrian. What do you think?? I only picked up Chad to trade him, his inconsistencies and the fact that Cinci has the 2nd toughest schedule against the pass this season made me trade him away.”

Tim, I think BB is a good receiver, but he’s not Chad Johnson. I fully understand taking Chad so you can trade him later, but I still don’t think you got the best value you could have by grabbing BB in a trade for him. If all you wanted was BB, you could have just drafted him instead of Chad. You likely would have gotten a better RB where you got Chad, and you still could have got BB later. You say Berrian didn’t have anyone throwing him the ball last year, but in reality, Tarvaris Jackson isn’t even as prolific through the air as Rex Grossman is. I like Jackson’s upside, but even if Chad has a down year and Berrian plays really well, I thikn the best you can hope for here is a push. Even against tough passing defenses, the Bengals still ahve Carson Palmer and TJ Housmandzadeh to help take the pressure off Chad. Maybe the Bengals just crash and tumble, and maybe Chad is hurt and out longer than expected – and maybe Jackson shows maturity and tosses 20 touchdowns. I don’t know, but that just seems like a lot of maybes to hope for. I have BB in a few leagues, and I would definitely trade him straight up for Chad in every one of them. But no, I don’t think you’re crazy, I think you’re courageous. There’s nothing better in fantasy football than making a trade that everyone thinks you are stupid for and coming out on top because of it. That means you were right and everyone else was wrong. That’s the best. You definitely did your research, and I’m rooting for you. Also, Chad isn’t consistent, that’s true. Over the last couple seasons, he’ll help you win 3 or 4 weeks and kill you for the other 10. With a lot of single coverage, because of Peterson, BB could end up being a lot more consistent that Chad. Good luck!

T.J. in Alabama says, “Papa, you have any sweet predictions this season? Last year you told me that Randy was going to blow up and Larry Fitz was going to lead the league – both had huge years for me and I’m back for more. Any secret advice?”

Like Chef once said, “You’ve got to find the clitoris.” That might not help in this particular situation, but it does allow older men (like myself) to pleasure younger women, which in turn gives hope to mankind. Alright, alright, I was planning on a little, “This is how I see it” article next week, but here’s a little preview, T.J., you impatient bastard!

Larry Johnson will be a Top 5 running back this year, making him an absolute steal at the end of Round 1 where he’s getting drafted.

Drew Brees will throw more touchdown passes (I’m thinking 36) than any other quarterback in the NFL this season. That’s right, while I’m not a huge fan of Jeremiah Shocker, he will take that much pressure off of Drew because of the constant attention opposing defenses will have to pay him. I don’t think Shockey’s touchdown totals will improve all that much (he’s bound to drop as many TDs as he catches – so probably 6-7 scores for him) but Reggie Bush, Colston, and Meachem will all set their season high touchdown marks this year. Brees as well.

Ricky Williams will have more fantasy points than Edgerrin James – this is no knock on James, because Ricky will outscore three of the following high-round picks… LenDale White, Earnest Graham, Ronnie Brown, Julius Jones, and Willie Parker.

Adrian Peterson extreemists are right, there will be at least one back that outscores LaDainian Tomlinson this season, but they are also wrong, because it won’t be AP – Marion Barber will lead all running backs in fantasy points this season.

And last but not least, Randy Moss won’t come close to his record touchdown catches of last year, but Wes Welker will score more fantasy points this year than he did last year – both are still great options to have.

Keep the questions coming, and stay tuned, I’ll be here all season! (hopefully the ticker keeps tickin’)