St. Louis Rams vs Detroit Lions Free NFL Pick

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St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions (-3.5) Free NFL Pick: This game should be switched into the Monday Night slot, why you ask? because we deserve to see it, that’s why! St. Louis and Detroit, two of the more mortal teams in the league, and everyone could be on the edge of their seats hoping for a 0-0 tie. My question is this, if no team every scores, can it really be considered a tie, or can we just go ahead and call it two losses? But lets not talk about losses, because everybody wins in a game like this. It’s a shame the Lions already got of the snide this season, or this could be really special. Okay, all jokes aside, I think the Lions are a much better team that the Rams, but that could just be me getting in the way of my eyes. I’ve said for quite some time, since Week 6 last year maybe, that the Rams were the worst team in football. Don’t look now, but I think I’m right. The Lions are favored by more than a field goal, something I never thought would happen this season, and their best player (Calvin Johnson) is once again probably out for the game. But hey, this Lions team is better defensively, they have an offensive line that cares a little bit, and I think they string together their 2nd win of the season, keeping the hapless Rams, well, hapless – and winless too! You can bet that Detroit doesn’t want to be a team’s first win this late in the season, think of how great it would be for the Lions if somebody else went 0-16. If they win here, that chance remains. Go Lions, boo Rams!

San Francisco 49ers vs Indianapolis Colts Free pick

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San Francisco 49ers (+13.5) @ Indianapolis Colts Free Pick: I liked the 49ers at -12 to start the week, but this one has a chance of getting to 14 points. Oh, that would make me feel so good. Still, 13 is a good number to get past as well, that way a touchdown and a couple field goals up still keeps me in the money. The 49ers are a good team, and I know the Colts have marched through quite a few squads so far, leaving nothing but Peyton Manning commercials in their wake, but this 49er team has heart, they showed that early in the season and they showed that late last week when they fought and scratched back into a game most teams would have just walked away from. Alex Smith definitely has his hands full in his first start in quite some time, but I think the 49ers can run on Indy if they just full commit to doing so. Frank Gore should be healthier and back in the game this week. I see this game being a lot closer. An out right win would surprise me, but don’t put it past the 49ers, staying within 13 seems like a good bet to me.

Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets Free NFL Pick

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Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets (-3) Free NFL Pick: Let me say this, the Dolphins straight kicked around the Jets last time these two teams went at it, and the Jets have only gotten bad news in terms of their run defense since then, Kris Jenkins is out for the season. But the Jets aren’t as bad as they played a few weeks ago, and they won’t be that bad this Sunday. It’s very hard to beat a good team twice, especially in such a short period of time. You think the Jets will walk into this game like they deserve to win? After the beatdown the Wildcat put on them last time around? I don’t think so. If I know what the Jets are looking at, and how they are preparing, I don’t think there will be another defense more prepared for what the Dolphins are going to run this time out. The Dolphins have won 2 straight games dating back to last season, but the Jets have won 7 of the last 10 meetings between the two. They have also have a 7-2-1 ATS record in those last 10 games. Giving the ball to Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene is the answer for the Jets, they’ll commit to that this week.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Free Pick

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New York Giants (+1) @ Philadelphia Eagles Free Pick: I’m not sure which team played worse last week. I know the Eagles won, so automatically you have to say the Giants turned up the suck the loudest, but I’m not so sure the Eagles would have beaten anybody else in the league besides say Washington and St. Louis last Monday Night. They looked stagnant offensively, getting bailed out by some poor defensive plays on some big passes. That being said, the Giants only really effective pass play was Eli throwing it off the Cardinals secondary in hopes that they would deflect one to Hakeem Nicks. The worked once, and thus the touchdown happened. The Giants have taken it pretty good over their last two games, and I can’t say that doesn’t make me grin a little. The only problem is I picked them on both occasions, and I can’t say that doesn’t make me frown a little. So I have a weird face on, a grin-frown, and I’m still taking the Giants. I’m still rooting hard for Philly, but if the Raiders front can give Donovan and company fits, I believe the Giants’ front 4 will make life downright miserable for the Philly hurler. 68% of the public is with me, dang them. The Giants are 22-5 ATS over their last 27 road games. That’s filthy. Can you blame the public?

Fantasy Focus: Week 8 Fantasy Football Analysis

Hey, every week you get something new, except for this, the family stays on top all the way into Week 7. This time, it was a brand new way to meet a top the rankings, as Papa and myself tied for top honors. Week 7 sees Tom Brady and company take a break, so I’m going to have to pick another couple receivers in my Top 5, and hopefully my running back 5-some plays better this week. Here goes nothing.

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Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Peyton Manning – He will do in the 49ers secondary, might be a close game, that would be even better.
2. Adrian Peterson – The Packers shut down AP last time out, I DOUBT that happens again. Not this time.
3. Drew Brees – I think the Falcons secondary is having bad dreams with Drew’s post-game suit haunting them…
4. Steve Slaton– He’s had the fumbles, but he’s still one of the most dynamic guys with the ball. Against Buffalo?
5. Chris Johnson– It was just a week away, the Titans needed a season, but I think Chris comes out beating Jags

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. Kyle Orton – The Ravens might scare the Bronco rush game, but the passing game should flourish.
2. Steve Smith – The Carolina version will have a nice day before his team gets blown out.
3. Marshawn Lynch – I had him here last week, he’s here again seeing Houston in his cross hairs.
4. Steve Smith– The New York version will get his catches against Philly’s D.
5. Brandon Jacobs – I think BJ has his biggest day of the season and tortures Eagle defenders.

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Nate Burleson – People are still sleeping on Nate, he’s nasty, the Cowboys will stop the run leaving room to pass.
2. Eddie Royal – Call me nuts, but Baltimore’s secondary allows big plays to good routes.
3. Mike Bell – Bell looked like the best RB in NO last week, this year Sean goes with the hot gun.
4. Donnie Avery – The Rams suck, but this is their chance, and Detroit gives up lots of passing touch downs.
5. Beanie Wells – The guy we call Beanie should find wide open spaces against the Panthers run D, one of the worst.

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Julius Jones – don’t get confused and mistake Julius for his brother Thomas.
2. Thomas Jones – speaking of the brother, he’s a much better play than Julius, but still should struggle vs Miami.
3. Roy Williams – Roy might be the 3rd best receiver on his own team, he’s #3 option the passing game. Bench.
4. Matt Hasselbeck – I hope I’m wrong here, but if I were Matt I’d be really worried about the Cowboys D front.
5. LeSean McCoy – He gets the start, but it’s tough to think he’ll put dents in that Giants defensive front.

***Big Bye Week in Week 8: this week don’t play Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, or Titans! Mind the Gap!!!

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Week 8 Fantasy Rankings


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