Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Week 13 Pick

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Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Week 13 Pick: This may look like I’m giving up on the Giants or becoming a believer in the Cowboys – but lets not jump to any conclusions here, I’m doing a whole bunch of neither. Okay, I might be giving up on the Giants a little – but I wasn’t giving up on them last week when I went against them in Denver, I just like the Broncos as big dogs, especially at home. But there will be another time when I take New York this year, they still have lots of talent, and if they get healthier in the secondary, even a couple guys coming back and proving their healthy, I’ll jump right back on the free-money-train. But right now, I don’t know if they can put enough pressure on quarterbacks to stop opposing passing attacks. If they give Tony any time at all, I think the Cowboys win easily.

Earlier this year, the better team was Dallas in a game that New York ended up winning. Tony Romo gave out interceptions liked canned food during holiday food drives, and New York needed every single one of them to walk out of Dallas with a win. The Giants won 33-31. Eli and company had a short field all day while Tony completed less than half his passes, and went 3-1 on his Int to TD ratio – if you turn that around, you’re in good hands, if you leave it as is, you’re in Jay Cutler territory.

While Dallas hasn’t been pretty over the last few weeks, they’ve still won 6 of their last 7. For the Giants, it’s tough to beat a good team twice, especially in your division, and I don’t think that New York is ready to do it this time around either.

Dallas Cowboys (+1) @ New York Giants

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