NFL Free Picks REVIEW: Week 1

It all started very nicely with a Giants cover at home against the Skins – faltered a little in the morning games and then shot back up in the afternoon/night games to finish off the week. Overall the record looks decent after picking every game in Week 1 I finished at 10-6… People in “the business” might say that I’m riding a 6 game winning streak headed into Week 2 – I think that term is ridiculous, but check it out for yourself!

Washington RedskinsNew York Giants (-3): (7-16: WINNER!) “The Redskins could become a solid unit later in the season, but early on I still expect them to make mistakes with their new systems. Jim Zorn is a good coach, and Jason Campbell should flourish under his tutelage, but Zorn is no miracle worker and the Skins should still struggle to find consistency. Expect the Giants to grind one out to open the season,” – There were a couple things that I got right, surely, one being the game – which is nice, and the other being the plethora of mistakes the Redskins would make in their opening game under Jim Zorn. But I also said, “Jim Zorn is a good coach,” which is probably a stretch. What I should have said was, I think Zorn will be a very good coach. Because right now, he’s just a rookie, and he’s calling plays – so he’s really putting himself in a tough spot. But they’ll get better – I’m just happy I took the Giants in this one, and am even happier that James Thrash let a last minute touchdown slip through his fingers. Yhatzee!

Cincinnati Bengals (pk)Baltimore Ravens: (10-17: LOSS) “I really dislike both of these teams. I didn’t like either much to start with, but then I was basically forced to watch a couple of each team’s pre-season games. Gross. I would say that no team played worse than the Bengals during the pre-season, but I don’t think I could back that up if someone brought up the Ravens.” This one was pretty ugly, but that was because we had to watch the Bengals on offense and defense. I’ve never seen Carson Palmer look so bad in my entire life. I’ve seen that defense look this bad, however. I was wrong about the Bengals putting some points on the board, and I probably didn’t give the Ravens defense enough credit. Either that or the Bengals are really, really bad. I’ll decide which one later in the week. Remember, I warned you, I really didn’t like this game. If I’m not feeling good about a game, I will let you know in my picks section.

New York Jets (-3) Miami Dolphins: (20-14: WINNER!) Miami played better than I expected, and really had a chance down the stretch to tie it up, but only because the Jets squandered some opportunities. I’ll tell you what, I’m not believing the Jets as a top AFC team quite yet, even with a narrow week 1 win over the powerhouse Dolphins. I’ll take my win here, that’s for sure – because in any game a win is a win. Thomas Jones rushed for 100+ and scored a touchdown, showing me the improvement on New York’s offensive line.

Kansas City Chiefs (+17)New England Patriots: (10-17: WINNER!) The Chiefs ran the ball a lot and took a lot of time off the clock – but I must say that Tom Brady’s injury had to help the cause in this one. I may have been a loser if Tom stayed in, and I may have still lost had the Patriots not fumbled the ball all over the field. But my point is this, I won. Despite anything that happened, you have to look at the win-loss column when the games are done being played. The Patriots still won this game but I covered with ease. I’ll take a win however I can get it, right, have I made that clear enough? However, this game gives the Patriots great value down the stretch, in my humble opinion, so keep that in mind as the season moves on. I also like the Chiefs under Huard – I think he makes them a better bet when he’s under center.

Houston Texans (+7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers: (38-17: LOSS) “Maybe it’s because I’m an old offensive guard, but I have a feeling that Alan Fanneca’s absence will hurt the Steelers just as much as his place in New York will help the Jets. The one thing that has me questioning myself is the Texans on the road versus the Steelers at home. The Steelers only lost to the Jaguars in Pittsburgh last season, having their way with most other opponents. The Texans won just two games on the road, versus a bad Panthers team and an even worse Raiders team. They didn’t lose by less than 8 in any of their road losses. I’m not a lover of last years’ numbers, so I’m not changing my pick here – I’m just warning you readers.” Okay, a couple things about capping games. Really, you can find reasons to take either side of any game, it’s the side that makes the most sense to you that is important. Well, in most cases. In this case, I thought Fanneca’s absence would hurt the Steelers rushing attack – I was dead wrong about that because Willie Parker hasn’t looked better than he did on Sunday and Big Ben only had to throw 11 times all day. Also, I was right about the road woes the Texans go through and the confidence the Steelers have at home. I probably was excited about the Texans this season, and put too much weight in the absence of one guy in Pittsburgh. The Steelers sure looked good on opening night. And by the way, 38-17 and it wasn’t that close.

Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee Titans (+3): (7-16: WINNER!) “The Titans are a very tough defense that plays inspired at home. I know the Jaguars are solid, and they’ve looked very good in the pre-season compared to the Titans who have looked absent, but Tennessee as a 3 point dog at home against a beat up Jaguars offense? I can’t find any value in the Jaguars here, so the bet has to go with Tennessee.” What can I say, this game was close just like I knew it would be. And what else do you know, the Titans defense played out of their minds and looked brilliant against a beat up Jaguars offense. From time to time I like my style enough to give myself a back pat, this is one of those times.

Detroit Lions (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons: (21-34: LOSS) “This game isn’t going to be a blowout, but I don’t see the Falcons having enough secondary talent to keep the Lions receiving corps out of the end-zone. I like the Falcons more than most, and am not crazy about the Lions – I just don’t think this is a good match-up for Atlanta. The Falcons will find success on the ground, but Detroit will eventually realize that they can pick on the rookie quarterback a little bit – stack the box a lot – and end up winning this game by a touchdown or more.” Oh Detroit! The Lions probably would have got smoked either way, and maybe 9 Lions in the box doesn’t mean they can stop Michael Turner – I don’t even know if 11 would do it. The Falcons ran all over the Lions, and while the Falcons secondary wasn’t good enough to completely keep the Lions receivers out of the end-zone, they sure did a good enough job while getting 34 points from their offense. I liked the Falcons more than most, and I still do, I just dislike the Lions more than I did in the first place.

Seattle Seahawks (+1) Buffalo Bills: (10-17: LOSS) I expected the Seahawks to fly to Buffalo, play an entire football game, and possibly walk away with a win. Instead, the Husky’s got in Hawk uniforms, flew to Buffalo, were obviously frightened of the physicality involved, looked like a poor college team playing against a decent NFL team and the score reflects that. I’m not positive that’s what happened, but it’s my best guess. I watched most of this game and it didn’t look good for Hawk fans. This, and the upcoming Colts game, made me think – is it just me or do teams with retiring coaches struggle to find somebody to play for? Hmmm… It’s something to think about. Holmgren and Dungy are both most likely to coach for one more season –  both teams played terrible – coincidence?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3.5) @ New Orleans Saints: (20-24: LOSS) The Bucs missed some key opportunities and still had a chance late in this game. The score went back and forth and this one was very close. I still like the Bucs to be the better of the two teams, and I think play calling hurt the Bucs chances a bit in this one. Anytime you have a running back that carries the ball 10 times for 90+ yards in a close game, you should have probably given him the ball a few more times. I took a half point loss, but it didn’t feel quite so bad because I still finished strong in Week 1.

St. Louis Rams (+8.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles: (3-38: LOSS) “What can I say? I really like the Rams as a huge dog in Philly.”  What can I say? I watched this game a little and immediately felt like an idiot. The Rams hurt my feelings and I will forever use voodoo and witch doctor magic spells to torment coaches and players from now until my dying day. No, but honestly, the Rams looked worse than any other team in the league. I can’t imagine they are this bad, nor do I believe that the Eagles are this good – but the Eagles are better than I gave them credit for, and the Rams don’t look like a team, they look like Dorothy’s worse nightmare – the Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow all mashed into one mindless, heartless, courageless unit. Discouraging to say the least.

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ Cleveland Browns: (28-10: WINNER!) “I don’t know if I’m willing to buy the Cowboys as this season’s Super Bowl favorite, but I will tell you that I’m ready to purchase the Browns as this year’s big disappointment. I liken the Browns to New Orleans last year – and this game is going to be a tough one for them.” I’m not sure if the Browns will lose four straight to start the year or continue to look as dejected as New Orleans was to start their 2007 campaign – but this was a very similar start for the Browns. I’m not fortune teller, but I can see a comparison when it jumps out in front of me – this one looks obvious. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Carolina Panthers (+10)San Diego Chargers: (26-24: WINNER!) “I kind of like Carolina to put up a battle in this one. The Panthers defense is the unit that looks good to me. Peppers will be better after a down season and Jon Beason is going to be one heck of a linebacker in this league. Look for the Panthers to stay within single digits and give an overhyped Chargers team a run for their money on opening day. Plus, the Panthers are always solid value as a dog,” History was on my side in this one. The Panthers may have been pretty lucky to get the win (I liken Rosario’s catch to Dwight Clark’s catch, he just pulled it out of the sky) but this cover was never in doubt. The tandem of Williams and Stewart looked and played more efficient than LT and the Charger’s rushing attack, and Jake Delhomme was the old, accurate quarterback that he always is when healthy. The Panthers won a big one as a road dog – weird.

Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)San Francisco 49ers: (23-13: WINNER!) This game was pretty ugly, but one things stuck out to me – Frank Gore is really good. The Cardinals were all over this guy and he still had one hell of a game. He should be something in this offense, because he just had a very nice game against an underrated Cardinals defense. Still, the 49ers couldn’t pull off the upset, and Arizona managed the game will without forcing anything. That’s a good way to win against a bad team. I didn’t expect Kurt and company to play so smart – but I’ll take it.

Chicago Bears (+10.5)Indianapolis Colts: (7-16: WINNER!) “The Colts defense looked bad during the pre-season, really bad, and while that doesn’t always mean the world is falling, I can’t see it as a good sign of things to come. I think Kyle Orton is a relatively mistake free quarterback and that bodes well for the Bears covering as big dogs. I think Chicago will actually run the ball pretty effectively against the Colts, even though the Bears don’t have a stellar offensive line. Manning will be slow to come back, and despite what he wants you to believe, he’s not 100%.” Well alright! Some times you cap a game, garner some nice predictions, and look like you’ve done this before (See Titans/Jaguars). And other times you look like a complete moron (see Eagles/Rams). But this isn’t either of those times, this is one of those times where you look like a damned fortune teller. Believe it or not I don’t time travel and I know nothing sure about the future. But I did drop a dime deep pass on this game. I may have been the only one expecting the Bears to run all over the Colts and have Indy look silly. But sometimes it’s nice to be different, and when you call it you call it. I take the bumps, lumps, and bruises – so now I’ll take the cake and eat it. All of it.

Minnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers (-2):(7-16: WINNER!) “Aaron Rodgers is better than anyone is giving him credit for, but on this team he won’t have to be. Aaron won’t take all the big chances that Brett took, and while he won’t be as flashy or tally up the numbers like #4, he will give the Packers a great chance to win each time he takes the field. Don’t give up on the Packers just because Brett is wearing a different color green.” You have to admit, I am right about Rodgers. He was 18-22 on the night and looks like a kid that really knows the game. He’ll throw a minimal amount of interceptions and keep his team in the game. He can make all the throws – don’t confuse him for Chad Pennington or Kyle Orton. He’s got something, and I like it. The Vikings didn’t game plan very well for this one. If they run the ball more, the might have won this game. Still, they had a chance. But it wasn’t as close as the score. The Packers left a lot of points on the field, so feel free to ride them early. They’ll probably be a good bet in the beginning of the season here.

Denver Broncos (-1)Oakland Raiders: (7-16: WINNER!) This was easier than I thought. The Broncos dominated this game like the Eagles dominated the Rams, like the Cowboys smashed the Browns. Denver looked good and the only guy looking better than Jay Cutler last night was his starting rookie receiver, Eddie Royal. This kid is my new favorite player. He’s as quick as any receiver in the league and he’s fearless. Virginia Tech didn’t use him because they didn’t have the quarterback – but Denver does, and watch him blow this league up from the get go.

10-6 – Not a bad start for the good guys!

Free NFL Playoff Picks – Week 1

The playoff season enters the fray, and I pick my winners for everyone to see… Enjoy the best football of the season!

Saturday’s Games…

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks (-3):
(Line: Thursday, 1:00am EST: 5Dimes)

I can’t say enough about the Redskins’ push to the playoffs. They had to beat some good teams that had a lot on the line, and all the while they just pushed through injuries and problems to find a way to succeed. Now they get to fly all the way across the country to play one of the best home-teams in the entire league. I know from personal experience that no stadium is louder than Seattle’s 12th man, and the weather isn’t always festive either. Do the Redskins have a chance? You bet. They are playing a Seattle team that was up and down all year, and they have gallons of old momentum rallying along side them. However, I just don’t think the Redskins will pull the upset here. Many people forget that this is one of Seattle’s most talented teams. They pass the ball a ton, and do so very accurately and efficiently. Also, their defense is what really impresses me. With Patrick Kearney and Julian Peterson bringing pressure, Washington’s beat up offensive line will have to pull magic tricks to give Todd Collins enough time. This game will be close, but I’m taking the Hawks to win by 7-10 points in Seattle.

Jacksonville Jaguars (Even) @ Pittsburgh Steelers:
(Line: Thursday, 1:00am EST: Belmont)

Last time the Steelers stumbled into the playoffs they pulled of upset after upset to bring home a set of championship rings – not this time, no way. The Jaguars are the better team in this match-up, which can be realized by their pick em status for Saturday’s game in Pittsburgh. The Jaguars are playing as well as anyone in the league right now, and the last team I would want to be is the Steelers minus Willie Parker. I know the Steelers have the home court advantage here, but how much is that really going to help? The Jaguars can smother the run, and pound the ball down your throat all game long – plus, they just don’t make mistakes. You’d think that David Garrard is due, but that thinking just hasn’t panned out quite yet. The Steelers had a solid year, but fell off at the end, so much so that they couldn’t find a way to skip the Jaguars in Round 1. I like the Jaguars to win by 7-14 points in this one.

Sunday’s Games…

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5):
(Line: Thursday, 1:00am EST: Belmont)

At least the Bucs will be rested. This game will put to test my belief that resting players is the wrong decision more often than not. But maybe this team needed rest. They play physical football on both sides of the ball, relying on good feet and precise schemes, intelligence and experience to get them in the right place at the right time. Tampa doesn’t allow easy scores, and with that, they might be a very tough match-up for the Giants. New York doesn’t excel at putting together long drawn out drives, and that is because Eli Manning doesn’t have the accuracy required for such a style. Not only that, but New York played the game of their lives last week, they’re bound to play like donkeys this time around. I haven’t liked the Giants all year, and I think they are the worst playoff team there is. We’ll see how I look after Sunday.

Tennessee Titans (+10) @ San Diego Chargers:
(Line: Thursday, 1:00am EST: 5Dimes)

I think this game will turn one way or another depending on one thing, and no, I’m not talking about Vince Young’s health. I’m more concerned about Albert Haynesworth’s hamstring. If Al can play a majority of the snaps at his healthy run-stuffing level, the Titans have a chance to force more than a couple Charger mistakes in the passing game. If Al doesn’t play, or is limited because of his legs, San Diego might just run roughshod on Tennessee’s defenders. From the looks of Al last week, I’m guessing that he plays this Sunday, and the Titans go back to their covering ways of yester-year. I also think that Vince Young will play – he’s gotten this team this far, they need to trust in him. Using a tough defense and a heavy dosage of run plays, I like the Titan’s chances to finish within 10 of the Chargers in San Diego.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 1

Fantasy Football Know-It-All
This is Papa Weimer here, and I’ve got to be honest. I’m at my best criticizing a pissy job on Sundays. Yeah, these guys were highly touted by fantasy sports writers everywhere. From ESPN to your buddy who likes to claim fantasy royalty, this list of disappointments hit the road stumbling in Week 1, and as if the stumble itself wasn’t bad enough, an impenetrable brick wall was smack dab in their way. It started early, as last year’s fantasy happy thought was down in the dumps in Indy… You want the All Bad team? Read on, good sir! 9 elite guys: 14 points. If you drafted these guys in your league, you had one hell of a good draft. But, on the flip side, you had one crappy week 1.

Drew Brees: 1 fantasy point, 2 fantasy points, whatever your league gives this guy, he didn’t meet expectations. 28-41 for 191 yards? What the hell was he doing? Completing passes to stationary dummies 5 yards downfield? The All-World Saints’ offense didn’t score a single touchdown in Indy on Thursday. The same Colt team that lost 5 starters from a defense that wasn’t very good last season. Brees’ 2 interceptions and 1 fumble didn’t help the cause either. This guy has been picked 2nd in more than half the leagues I’ve drafted. I have him in 1 league, and I’m not real happy about his output in Week 1. No TDs, under 200 yards, and 3 turnovers. Drew Brees looked like Ryan Leaf in Week 1.

Deuce McAllister: The Deuce was not loose on Thursday Night. All in all, the Saints offense that was supposed to produce like the Colts Big 4 produced more like the Temple Owls Big 4, and thus disappointed fantasy owners all over the US, and in Canada too (I know a couple, believe me). McAllister was supposed to run all over the Colts poor rush defense, but that just wasn’t the case. He had 3.8 yards per carry, which was better than his more publicized backfield mate, but 3 fantasy points isn’t something to get excited about from your starting running back. He did have 2 grabs, but like Reggie, he totaled only 7 receiving yards. Needless to say, the Saints lost to the Colts on Thursday Night.

Reggie Bush: I must admit, I don’t have Reggie Bush in one single league. I have a lot of teams in a lot of different formats, and I’m sure not having Reggie Bush will make me angry as soon as Week 2, but right now, I feel like a genius. I stayed away from the USC godsend, and I was rewarded in Week 1. His 12 carries for 38 yards started him off with an unprofitable 3.1 yards per carry. But what about his receiving? Sure, in a PPR league, Bush’s hands got owners another 4 points, but his 7 total receiving yards got you jack in normal leagues. Reggie’s 3 fantasy points were hardly worth the 1st Round pick most owners spent on him. Reggie, like some of your Saint teammates, you fit the Tear Jerking bill in Week 1.

Marques Colston: I’ve heard more than a couple owners tell me that Marques Colston was the 2nd best receiver in Fantasy Football. Now, these owners selected Colston as their 2nd receiver, and of course, the best receiver in the league is the 1st guy they picked. So, in their minds, they have the Top 2 receivers in the league. Not so quick buddy. Colston didn’t do much with his 6 catches against the Colts. 47 yards on 6 grabs gave Marques a whopping 7.8 yards per catch. He didn’t score, either. All in all, I can’t say Colston had a terrible day. 10 points in a PPR and 4 points in a regular format, sometimes even the best receivers have down days. But can these same owners continue to throw Colston 2nd best receiver Cool-Aid at me? I hope not, because it tastes like horse poop, I could even say Colt poop.

Steven Jackson: Everyone’s #2 pick in fantasy drafts everywhere slammed into the Carolina wall on Sunday. Not only did he go next to nowhere with his 18 rushes (58 yards) but Sir Steven fumbled twice, causing major damage to his fantasy owners chances in Week 1. He did have 1 catch for 3 yards… If that rubs any burning acid in your already deep wound. Chalk another player up for the 1 point category. I bet that made owners happy in league’s everywhere.

Lee Evans: It really stuns me that Evans had 2 catches for 5 yards and the Bills still had a chance, (were winning until last 2 seconds) to win this football game. Lee has to do more for his Bills to win. He’s one of the elite players in this league. He did have to go heads up against Champ Bailey and Dre Bly, two guys who will shut down lots of receivers this year, but to be as talented as Lee is and get shut out. I’m not liking it. Bills, take note, give this guy a couple shots.

Deion Branch: 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 points – Sounds like a good reason to trade Darrell Jackson away. Sure, D-Jack may have dropped a TD pass against Arizona, but he also made one hell of a catch to keep the game going for his Niners. What did Branch do? He had a few nice blocks. How many points did you get for those in your fantasy league?

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry Fitz went up against the defensive juggernaut that is San Francisco and took home 2 fantasy points. Matt Leinart didn’t look to his Super Star receiver all that often, ignoring the fact that he got by defensive backs on at least two pass plays. 3 catches for 20 yards isn’t what most expected from this 2nd or 3rd round pick. But sometimes you get tricked. This was one of those times.

Steve McNair: Steve was bad. Not only did McNair get hurt, but he was just brutal prior to his injury. 203 yards passing, 3 fumbles and 1 interception. Lets do that math for those who can’t figure out how McNair finished with a fat 0. 200 yards (8pts) 3 fumbles (-6pts) and one interception (-2pts). Yes, 8-8, in any equation, is 0. This guy has something close to 733 turnovers in his last 2 games. And I thought he could have a decent day in Cincinnati.

Also considered: Cedric Benson (3pts), Mark Clayton (0pts), Braylon Edwards (2pts), Vincent Jackson (2pts), Reggie Brown (1pt), Fred Taylor (1pt), Jamal Lewis (2pts), Maurice Jones Drew (3pts), Vernon Davis (0pts), Daunte Stallworth (1pt) – Nice work guys, two claps for you, too. VD- you get a click-clack.

Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 1

The NFL has begun! Bring it! I’m going for 4 winning season’s in a row. If you want my picks for my Top 7 games, you’ll have to fork over a little cash this season, but I’m still good for the rest of the games, still dealing out 9 Free Picks in Week 1. Let the games begin!

New Orleans Saints @ Indianapolis Colts (-6):
9/6/2007 8:30pm EST

This game is a tough one, but I have to go with the Colts because history and early season dominance predicts a big win to start off the season. The Colts are 22-15-2 ATS in domes over the past 4 seasons. They also have a 33-7 record over that time span. The Colts also win games when they’re the favorite. You can all but put it on the board when the Colts are favored, as they’ve won more than 80% of those games. The Saints are coming off an impressive season, and while the Colts lost some key components this off-season, they’ll be ready on Thursday.

Atlanta Falcons (+3) @ Minnesota Vikings:
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

What a boring game to start the season, so I’m taking the points, as little and insignificant as they may be. The Falcons are strictly a running team while the Vikings have a dominant running defense. The Falcons have a talented young defense who should play very well against a stagnant Viking offense that just doesn’t look like a touchdown producer this season. Joey Harrington, in my opinion, is the better quarterback option for Week 1. Atlanta’s team speed on defense should keep Tarvaris Jackson locked down pretty well, and the Vikings will start the season with a home loss.

Carolina Panthers (+1) @ St. Louis Rams:
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

I’ve been a huge fan of the Panthers and their talent over the last few seasons, and I know its not good to base much on the pre-season, but they played poorly during the exhibition. However, I have to stick to my guns early on, despite pre-season woes. The Rams should be improved this year, but the Panthers are better away from Carolina as they are at home. Over the last 4 seasons, they are 24-15-1 ATS on the road, and have 24 wins overall. So, despite the Rams offensive strengths, and a defense that should help them make a push at the Seahawks in the NFC West, I’m sticking to one of my 2007 favorites, the Carolina Panthers.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans (-3):
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

Vegas has to see what I see in Kansas City. Larry Johnson is back, which gives the Texans defense something to think about, but with all the quarterback turmoil, HBO specials, camp injuries, and overall age of this declining Chiefs team, I think the young and improved Texans will easily win their first game of the year. Damon Huard is solid, but he’s not 100%, and he’ll need to be before the Chiefs start winning games. Houston will be much better this year, even if the W/L record doesn’t translate. Schaub will be 1-0 as the starter in Houston after the first week.

Miami Dolphins @ Washington Redskins (-3):
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

Neither of these teams does much to excite me, except I really like Jason Campbell and the two headed running back monster in Washington (Yes I’m THE guy who still thinks Clinton Portis is a Top 5 talent). Campbell ran Al Saunders’ offense well in the last 3 games of the season, and I think he has just as much promise as any of the young quarterbacks in the league. He has the IT you need to win football games. I like Ronnie Brown, don’t like Trent Green and his 45 yard arm, and think the Dolphins front 7 is legit, but I’m not down with Cam Cameron’s games he’s playing in Miami already. Doesn’t he know that crap doesn’t go well with veteran clubs? So, with Washington at home, and Campbell making the plays the Redskins need to win, I think they just sneak by Miami’s front 7 on way to an opening day victory.

New England Patriots @ New York Jets (+7):
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

I love the Patriots to finish the year on fire in 2007, but despite their bulk of off-season acquisitions, and their status as a huge favorite to win the Super Bowl, I think their early injuries will give the Jets a big advantage and should make this a close game. Thus, I’ll go against the ATS dominators. I don’t think the Jets are the better team here, and the Pats will probably sneak out a 3 point win with a late field goal or something, but Eric Mangini is a very good coach that knows Bill Belichick’s system very well – so I’ll take the Jets getting a touchdown. Thomas Jones is the ball carrier the Jets needed to get their consistency up, and I think Chad Pennington will be good despite a questionable pre-season. Asante Samuel is just getting back and Richard Seymour is out for the first 6 games. Without Seymour, the Pats are a much different team up front. This will be a hell of a game, but the underdogs might just surprise a few people at home.

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-6.5):
9/9/2007 1:00pm EST

Its hard to bet against Vince Young, I mean the kid has gone 9-2-2 ATS in his only 11 games in the NFL, as he led his team of youthful Titans to the best ATS 13 game stretch of the season. But, gone is Travis Henry and suspended is Pacman Jones, and both had just as much, if not more to do with keeping the Titans in football games last season. Jones had more than a couple late game heroics that sent his team to victory, while Henry was the constant rushing force the Titans needed to win football games. On the other hand, the Jags defense is explosive up front, and while they’ve lost their starting safeties, their young guys will make more than enough plays to give them Game 1. David Garrard is who the Jags wanted, and they get their new unquestioned starter to begin his legacy against a porous Titans defense in Week 1. Vince looked solid after his first pre-season problem, but I have a feeling he’ll struggle this season. It starts in Jacksonville. Take the Jags.

Chicago Bears @ San Diego Chargers (-6):
9/9/2007 4:15pm EST

This game is another tough one, as both the Bears and Chargers are poised for double digit wins – but then again, both have plenty of questions heading into 2007. Norv Turner is the new head coach in San Diego, a year after Marty Schottenheimer was fired after a 14-2 regular season record. Wade Phillips is gone to Dallas and Cam Cameron is playing games with his players in Miami – those are the 3 biggest coaching reasons why the Chargers were one of the best teams in football over the last 3 seasons. Well, those coaches are gone. Chicago comes in with Rex whining about how Chicago fans are always too negative. C’mon, guy. Thomas Jones, the biggest sure thing in Chicago’s offense is now playing for the Jets, and Ron Rivera (Chicago’s defensive guru) is now a linebackers coach in Chicago. You want questions, this game has plenty. I like the Chargers talent more, and they’re probably the better team – so I’ll take them at home with LT doing his damage against a Bears run defense that isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is. Tough call, but I’ll take the Chargers by a touchdown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks (-6):
9/9/2007 4:15pm EST

Everyone is giving up on the Hawks. I watched a recent show that claimed, at best, the Hawks finish with 9 wins. Give me a break. I also heard that the Hawks lost too much from last year’s team. Did those guys see the Hawks off-season moves? Three safeties are new to this squad that are a better fit in Seattle’s D than anyone of the guys they had last season. Patrick Kerney is the pass rusher they always wanted Grant Wistrom to be, and Marcus Trufant is back. Also, Matt Hasselbeck is healthy, and its not like Jackson’s loss kills Seattle, they’ve been playing without him for half of the last 2 seasons. The Bucs are the Bucs, and lately, that’s not a good thing to be. They are desperate to get younger at defense, but Gaines Adams isn’t even a starter yet, and Simeon Rice was let go. It’ll be interesting to see if Cadillac Williams comes back to have a solid season in his 3rd try, but I don’t see much in terms of competition between these two clubs. Take the Hawks at home, they always win in Seattle.

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Week 1 College Football Picks Review: 2007

What can I say? Right off the bat I busted out the big stick and broke down the College Football Week 1 like a pro. Its nice to start off big, and I did exactly that, losing only 1 game in Week 1. If you’re interested in how the Free Picks went down – follow my wrecking ball through my Top 5 Free Picks.

The Picks

Washington Huskies (-4) @ Syracuse Orangemen: (WIN) 42-12
“I don’t know what else to say besides the Huskies are the better team here. Freshman quarterback, Jake Locker, is an amazing athlete who will breathe life into the program. I expect a win of a couple touchdowns in this one.” Something about the 30-3 score in this one that just proves me right. Washington was dominant after Jake got his beginner’s jitters out. This kid is a beast, and this won’t be the last time he gives opposing defenses hell.

UCLA Bruins (-17) @ Stanford Cardinal: (WIN) 45-17
“Stanford isn’t a tough match-up, and UCLA has a history of starting the season playing well. Even though Jim Harbaugh is doing his best to turn Stanford around, he’ll have to do it with a new quarterback – as Trent Edwards is in the NFL. Look for Stanford to take some bumps early, one of them will be this weekend against UCLA.” Would you consider a 45-17 ass-kicking a bump? I sure would. Stanford played tough early, but when UCLA got going, they weren’t about to be stopped. 31 2nd half points had the Bruins running away with this one.

UAB Blazers (+21.5) @ Michigan State Spartans: (LOSS) 18-55
My man, SonnerBS from, had this game all but called to a T. He was right and I was dead wrong, as I didn’t take into account the extreme amount of young players, and coaches, that had to play well to give UAB a chance. Not only that, but the Spartans looked good – and I was all kinds of wrong on this one. But hey, 4-1 ain’t bad.

Iowa Hawkeyes (-12.5) @ Northern Illinois: (WIN)
The Hawkeyes didn’t route NIU by any means, this game was a tough-nosed early season defensive ball game. However, the Hawkeyes scored 16 while holding NIU to just 3 measly points. So, yeah, the Hawkeyes didn’t shellac the Huskies like I thought they would, but they did enough to cover their first game of the year.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (+2) @ ND Fighting Irish: (WIN)
“I just love GT’s toughness too much for a soft Fighting Irish club. None of the 3 Irish quarterbacks have played well enough to take the starting job, but that’s all Charlie Weis has, so it’ll have to do. Georgia Tech’s defense might be the toughest and fastest unit Notre Dame sees all year. That’s not who I’d like to start the season with. Look for Tech to out-muscle Notre Dame at every step.” Did I say every step? I meant every single movement. The Irish were outmanned and out coached, and like I said, the quarterback situation in South Bend looked rocky at best. The frosh looked good late, but Tech was on shutdown mode while Tashard Choice ran buck-wild on Notre Dame’s soft defense. The kid was unstoppable.

4-1: now that’s how good season’s start. I’ll be back next week for my free picks – so keep up and make a little dough!

2006 Fantasy Football Week 4 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 4

QB: Donovan McNabb: D-Nabb throwing bombs against the Packers secondary will send me to the top in Week 4. Championship.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Last week D and Westy showed they could put up fat points in tandem. This week, they’ll ball the same way. I can’t wait to see what Westy can do with his first 12 touches this week, last week it was 35 fantasy points.

RB: Larry Johnson: Larry’s scoreless in his first two contests, but that shall hold like a gallon of water in a whicker basket. Larry scores twice against the Niners, you heard it here first.

WR: Chris Chambers: Daunte’s been bad, and the rest of the Dolphins have bombed as well, besides Zach Thomas, he’s a pimp. Anyway, if Brunell can roll for 22 straight completions against Houston, Chris can catch plenty of balls from Daunte. First big week from the Dolphins.

WR: Steve Smith: After having their way with the Falcons receivers, Steve Smith is going to show the Saints what the best receiver in the league looks like. He’s virtually unguardable, just ask the Bears, and with a let down from New O, Smith will be balling play after play.

TE: Ben Watson: Benny hasn’t hit the “Fantasy Stud” button yet, but he should have a big one in a loss to the Bengals. Cincinnati will be up early, and regardless of how far it gets them, Tom will be throwing the rock often. Ben should reap the benefits.

K: Jeff Wilkins: The Lions might just have the perfect mix of bad and good on defense to give Jeff another huge day. The Rams haven’t been big scorers, and the Lions have given up plenty of yards. No touchdowns but a good offense make Wilkins a prime kicker once again.

D: Cowboys: I think Dallas is overrated, but not against the Titans they aren’t. Kerry Collins should get sacked a handful of times, picked off at least twice, and fumbles will come from the drunkard. Take the Boys and smile when you get 30 points from your defense.


Charlie Frye: He’s not supposed to get shutdown like he was “supposed to” last week against the Ravens, he always plays solid when the odds are against him, but Frye plays the worst team in football, the Oakland Raiders, so starting him here seems safe, even downright brilliant.

Kevin Jones: If Edge and the pathetic o-line they have in Arizona can look good against the Rams, Detroit and Kevin Jones should put up some solid math as well. 100 yard game? KJ hasn’t hit that mark in some time.
Julius Jones: This young cat will get plenty of opps to dominate a pathetic team, the Titans. Jones should get the bulk of the carries in Dallas, so a start here is perfect.

Braylon Edwards: I can hardly justify calling Braylon a sleeper, but I’ll roll with him again here. He’s good for 100 yards against any D in the league. Massive talent and upside make him a great option.

Reggie Brown: If Donte Stallworth doesn’t play, this kid is going for top 5 fantasy wideouts on the week. If Donte does show up, starting Brown is a nice option nonetheless.

Eric Johnson: With Vernon Davis out in San Francisco, Alex Smith will send plenty of balls Johnson’s way. He’s sure handed, and when healthy, a yardage machine at the TE spot.

Jaguars DST: Some will be tricked by the Redskins strong offensive performance last week, but make no jokes about it, the Jags will stymie Mark, Clinton, and the WR Trio in Washington.


Kurt Warner: Kurt’s getting sacked by the Falcon D line right now. I’ll be stunned if Matt Leinart doesn’t finish this game.

Thomas Jones: I’m sorry to say it, but the Bears rushing attack seems like a anorexic version of it former self. Jones hasn’t done Jack, and this week they are sent into the fiery pit called Seattle’s run D. I don’t get it, they are throwing a million times better than last year, yet the running game can’t get on track.

Chad Johnson: You heard Belichick, the Pats are doubling Chad, and if anything, Carson has shown he can find alternate targets. I’m rooting for Chad to blow up, because he’s great, but I don’t think his slump ends here.

Reuben Droughns: The Raiders actually have a solid Run D, and Droughns and the Browns have been atrocious running with the pig skin. I don’t think that trend ends this week against Oakland.

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 1

Week 1 had a couple surprises for Ol’ Lucky Lester. I thought for sure, Larry Johnson and Randy Moss were set for big weeks, and although Larry didn’t put up a goose egg, (140+ combined yards) Randy couldn’t get much going in Oakland. As for my best starting team I could muster, here’s how they turned out….

Carson Palmer put skid marks in his panties with a 123 yard 1 fumble performance for 3 Fantasy Points… Icky!

Larry had 140+ yards, for 14 fantasy points, and although it wasn’t as much as I had hoped, I’ll take it.

LaDainian came out of the gates on fire, slowed down for a bit, but ended the game with 131 rushing yards, 18 receiving yards, and 1 TD for 20 fantasy points. Just over his average

Anquan Boldin had 4 catches for 62 yards and a TD…. 12 fantasy points in my league.

Randy Moss had 40 yards, which out numbered any player on his team with 4 fantasy points.

Antonio Gates had 20+ yards and a touchdown for 8 fantasy points.

Jeff Wilkins was a baller, kicking 6 field goals on way to becoming this years’ top fantasy kicker in the league. Can you say 21 fantasy points in my league? Championship!

The Bears scored 26 points in my fantasy league, second only to the Chargers and the Ravens.

Total Score: 108 – Next week better be better be better be….!

As for my sleepers…

Frank Gore straight blew up the show, 87 rushing yards, 83 receiving yards, and 2 rushing scores. He’s the freaking man. He had 26 fantasy points.

Matt Jones had a nice game for the Jaguars.

The Eagles had a nice game, 5 sacks and gave up only 10 points to Houston.

Ben Watson had 50 yards, but dropped a couple passes that could have made him a very nice option. Still 50 yards for a TE wasn’t bad.

Rivers, Droughns, and Burleson were poor options. What can ya do?

My wussies came through in fine fashion…

Actually Julius Jones had a nice fantasy game and Hines Ward had 50 yards and a touchdown for 11 points, so he didn’t do too bad either.

As for Brett…. YIKES! And Joey Galloway didn’t record a catch in the entire game against Baltimore, so thank me for telling you not to start him!

Check out next weeks fantasy studs and sleepers later in the WEEK!

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 1

Get ready for another crazy season of NFL football! Week 1 is only days away, and already medical miracles are taking place. For instance, Nic Saban and the Dolphins prayed for Ben Roethlisberger to sit out Thursday’s opener in Pittsburg, and almost immediately Ben was scheduled for his first tummy-tuck. Amazing the way things work out. Read on to see if I stay with Pittsburgh or jump ship and head towards Miami. Thursday’s game along with every other game of opening week analyzed and picked below. Are you ready for a little Sunday Magic?Miami (+4) at Pittsburgh: I like the Dolphins this season, and with Big Ben Roethlisberger out with a tummy tuck, I have to take the Dolphins right now before the lines change drastically… Okay I’m back. Charlie B-i-atch doesn’t have what it takes to outgun Daunte Culpepper and the rest of those rascally sea mammals. Ronnie Brown didn’t look impressive in the preseason, but he is a damn good runner, so I expect him to have a big game against the big bad steel show. Game Date: 09/07/06 20:30 ET

Atlanta at Carolina (-4.5): Though I do think Atlanta has improved on the defensive side of the ball, I just don’t see the improvement against the run. On the other hand I do think the Panthers have improved offensively. DeShaun Foster, when healthy, is an improvement over Steven Davis. Steve Smith can’t be covered. I guess the overriding factor that sends me Carolina’s way, is the match-ups short term history. Last season Atlanta lost 3 games by more than 8 points. Only 3. Two of those games were against the Panthers. The combined score of the two games? 68-17. Yikes. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

New Orleans at Cleveland (-2.5): This game is only exciting because Reggie Bush makes his opening day debut in Cleveland. Other than that, neither of these teams should do much in the standings. All being accounted for, Cleveland’s rushing attack should find wide open spaces against the Saints’ porous linebacking unit, even with their struggling O-Line. Reggie Bush should make a nice play or two, but with Braylon Edwards back in the swing of things, Charlie “Brown” Frye has 3 nice offensive weapons for his disposal; Edwards, Kellen Winslow, and Reuben Droughns. I have to take the Brownies in a Super Bowl 55 preview.
Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Seattle (-3.5) at Detroit: I don’t know what the rest of the world thinks Mike Martz can do to influence a game, but there is no way the Lions beat the Hawks. No way. In that case, I have to put my ass on the line and say the Hawks win by 2 touchdowns or more. That’s right, the NFC’s best team should destroy one of the worst squads in a blowout in Motown. Kevin Jones should find it tough to get going against the speedy Hawk D, while Jon Kitna gets hammered early and often by his old-old-old team.
Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Houston: Personally I think the Eagles will compete for the NFC crown while the Texans will find themselves in the bottom half of the AFC once again. The Texans will be better, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t be competing with teams like the Eagles. Donovan McNabb looks more accurate than ever before, and the addition of Donte Stallworth could push the Eagles over the edge and into the playoffs. Watch Brian Westbrook shine in this game. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Cincinnati (+4.5) at Kansas City: Can Larry Johnson, a beast of a back, take out the Bengals all by himself? I’m putting my money on no. The Bengals have a much stronger passing attack, a better defense, and explosion on special teams. The Chiefs have LJ and Tony Gonzalez, and that’s where I’d draw the line. The Chiefs have playoffs in their near future, but with Cincinnati doing all they can to protect Carson, expect a methodically strong offensive performance out of the Bengals. 4 and ½ is just too much for me to go any other way. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Buffalo (+9.5) at New England: Tom Brady and crew should pull this game out, but don’t expect a final spread of more than a touchdown. Seven of the ten Patriot wins came by 10 points or less. With the Patriots unimproved from a year ago, and the Bills headed in the right direction, an upset here wouldn’t surprise me. That being said, I’ll take the 9.5 points and those pesky Bills whose defense should be much improved with the return of Takeo Spikes. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Denver (-3) at St. Louis: I really wanted to take the Rams in this one, but the numbers say Denver gets the nod. It’s only 3 points, a situation where I always take the team I expect to win. I think the Rams could be right around .500 this season, but Denver always starts hot. They did lose to the Dolphins in last years’ opener, but they’ve won the opener in 3 of coach Shanahan’s last 4 seasons. In those 4 seasons, Denver has started 5-1 thrice, and 4-2 once. I have to take a team that historically starts hot against a Rams team that hasn’t started better than 2-2 since 2001.
Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

Baltimore (+3.5) at Tampa Bay: The Ravens picked up Steve McNair in place of Kyle Boller (now their #2 QB) so I have to throw out last year’s offensive stats. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are back on a scary defense, so last year’s defensive numbers won’t do justice to this game either. The bottom line is I’d take the 3.5 point underdog every time these two teams played. McNair can really manage a low scoring game, and Tampa struggles to put up points against tough run defenses. This game should be very even, with a field goal separating the winner from the loser. Look for the upset in Tampa. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

N.Y. Jets (+3) at Tennessee: Ugh. This game has the makings of an early season #1 pick bowl. Sure, its nearly impossible to tell which team will get the chance to pick the best college player in the land, but I’ll be stunned if one or both of these classy organizations doesn’t find themselves with a top 3 pick in next year’s draft. Vince Young will look a lot better throwing pig rockets to Calvin Johnson anyway. In this game I have to take the Jets. They have the best chance to win now. Chad Pennington is a good signal caller when healthy, and if he is indeed healthy, his passer/receiver relationship with Coles should push his Jets to 1-0 on the season. After that I’ve got no guarantees NY. Game Date: 09/10/06 13:00 ET

San Francisco at Arizona (-7): While San Francisco’s lack of off-season movage all but promises their return to the bottom of the league, the Cardinals spent big and expect a winning record as well as grand returns in week 1. I’m with them on one expectation. Week 1 should be a breeze. Frank Gore will try to keep his Niners close, but his running ability alone won’t do the trick as Edge, Kurt, Larry, and Anquan will prove too explosive for the young 49ers defense. Arizona won each of it’s two games against the Niners last season, both times by 7 points or more.
Game Date: 09/10/06 16:15 ET

Chicago (-3) at Green Bay: It’s insane to think the Packers even stand a chance in this game. Rexxy Grosman started to put it together by the end of the preseason, and Lovie Smith did the smart thing by naming Thomas Jones the starter in Chicago’s backfield. Brett Favre doesn’t have it like he used to, and even if he did, his offensive line isn’t sturdy enough to keep him alive. The last thing the Packers need is to play one of the NFL’s strongest defenses in Week 1. I’ll be stunned if the Pack remains in the game by half time. Game Date: 09/10/06 16:15 ET

Dallas at Jacksonville (-2): If it were up to me I would stay away from this game. But, since I leave no game unplucked, I’ll roll with the Jaguars in this one, if only to be different. The Boys are a hot pick for week 1, but don’t count out the Jags. Dallas is 1-3 in opening games since 2002, while the Jags always play well on Day 1. Byron Leftwich hasn’t looked like a stud this preseason, but he’s got all the tools. Jimmy Smith’s absence will hurt, but the young trio in Jax will be fine as all three have youth and explosiveness. With Fred Taylor back and healthy, I’ll pick TO to lose his first game as a Cowboy. Fat Slow Drew will almost assuredly get concussed by Marcus Stroud or John Henderson, so we’ll see what Tony Romo can do early. Dallas’s D isn’t as good as everyone thinks, just wait and see. Game Date: 09/10/06 16:15 ET

Indianapolis (-3) at N.Y. Giants: In the battle of the evil NFL spokesmen brothers, I’ll go with older and better, Peyton. Think about it. Peyton’s team is better, his receivers are better, and he’s just flat out better than Eli. Plus, is there one big brother out there who could see themselves losing to their younger brother on the gridiron? Precisely. This one goes to the Colts, even on the road in New York. Peyton doesn’t seem to mind playing there. This is the regular season here, not the playoffs, Peyton is good to go. Game Date: 09/10/06 20:15 ET

Minnesota at Washington (-4): I hate this game. With Clinton Portis out and T.J. Duckett in, who knows what will happen. Mark Brunell has looked, well, 40 years old throughout the preseason, but those old guys never seem to light it up in meaningless games, so I’ll overlook his poor outings for this one. The Redskins spent big this off season, which should allow them to sneak one out at home against the Vikings. It’ll be the first time in the history of the NFL where the combined age of both QB’s (Brad Johnson and Mark) will exceed 100 years… (White lie) Game Date: 09/11/06 19:00 ET

San Diego (-2.5) at Oakland: San Diego isn’t known for fast starts, and with a first year QB, its hard to claim things will be different for the Bolts. But they are playing Oakland. We’re talking about a team that traded their #2 receiver for a draft pick, picked up Jeff George, cut Jeff George, and sang a handful of Disney tunes on the plane ride home from Seattle all in the same week. Gong show. Aaron Brooks should find some passing yards and some touchdowns, but don’t expect the Raiders’ sorry ass defense to hold LaDainian Tomlinson for one freaking series. That would be too much to ask. Closing week 1 with a burst, SD should roll the Raiders.
Game Date: 09/11/06 22:15 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

2006 Fantasy Football Week 1 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 1

QB: Carson Palmer against the Chiefs: Palmer has looked just as accurate as ever during his two game stint in the preseason. He’s not quite there with stepping up in the pocket yet, but the Chiefs have never been much for pass rushing. Expect Palmer to find Chad Johnson and TJ Hoosyourmammma early and often on rout to a top QB day in Kansas City.

RB: Larry Johnson against the Bengals: First of all, it’s well known that LJ can’t be stopped. Second of all, it’s well known that the Bengals can’t stop solid runners. With Carson Palmer whipping the ball around to his elite wideouts, expect Marvin Edwards to try and feed LJ the rock trying to control the clock. Week 1 should show the fantasy world why LJ was the #1 overall pick in most leagues.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson against the Raiders: The Raiders couldn’t shut down Kent State’s rushing attack last season, and this season only looks worse. Warren Sapp still looks big, but I don’t know if that’s such a good thing. LT should go off against one of the worst run defenses of all time. Those of you who are worried about Phillip Rivers’ ability to throw the ball effecting Tomlinson need not worry in Week 1. I could hand the ball off to LT and watch him pick apart the Raiders.

WR: Anquan Boldin against the 49ers: Last year Boldin and the Cardinals played the 49ers twice during the regular season. Both times the Cardinals won the game. Both times Boldin had over 100 yards receiving. In those two games combined, ‘Quan put up some serious numbers. Try 19 catches for 272 yards and two touchdowns. That’s completely baller.

WR: Randy Moss against the Chargers: Last year the Chargers had one of the worst secondarys in football. It seemed like anyone could get loose on the SD boys, and I don’t see what they’ve done to change that. They took a raw and young rookie in the draft, he won’t be able to touch Randy in his first season. Jammer won’t slow Moss down either. With the Raiders almost certain to be down early in the game, expect Randy to get his chances early and often. Aaron Brooks loves to get the ball to his playmakers.

TE: Antonio Gates against the Raiders: If Phillip Rivers wants to feel comfortable throwing the ball; he’ll definitely do his best to find the leagues best tight end as much as possible. Michael Huff is just a rookie, so I can assure you that Gates will have a couple little tricks up his sleeve to hoodwink the rook. The Raiders don’t have stud linebackers, so expect Gates to run show like he always does.

K: Jeff Wilkins against the Broncos: Jeff should have a very solid year for the Rams. With Mike Martz and his “go for it on 4th and 8 from the 30 yard line” BS relocated to Detroit, one of the leagues most accurate kickers should make his run at the title formerly held by Neil Rackers; League’s Best Kicker. This week against the Broncos he should get plenty of opportunities to put up points. Denver’s D is solid but not amazing, which should allow the Rams to move just far enough to take advantage of Wilkins.

D: Chicago Bears against Green Bay: The Packers team is brutal. Their O-Line is young and fragile. Brett Favre is older nowadays, and he loves to throw the ball up for grabs. Chicago loves to score defensive points. Those two things mold together to make a damn good D on Sunday.


Phillip Rivers: As a competitive kid, Rivers will be out to prove his critics wrong in his first game as a starter. What a deal for him, he gets to try that against the Oakland Raiders. With Gates, Tomlinson, and McCardell expect Rivers to shine.

Frank Gore: While many have Gore as their #3 or #4 RB, he should get a nice look this week starting against the 49ers. Right now, everything on the ground out of San Fran should go through him. He’s always ran well, but now the job and the 20+ carries that go along with being the man, is his.

Reuben Droughns: RD should get his carries up around 25 in Week 1 against the Saints. Charlie Frye isn’t as accurate as the Browns coaching staff would like yet, so expect them to ride Droughns as far as he’ll take them. Without anyone who can stop RD on their linebacking corps, this could be a long day for the Saints secondary, because no one small likes to run into Droghns 15 times a game.

Matt Jones: Jones speed, size, and athleticism make him a touchdown threat every time he gets the ball thrown his way. Dallas’ secondary isn’t the strongest group on the planet, and if Jones gets matched up with Roy Williams, expect him to fly by the Oklahoma standout for a score or two. Plus, you know Dallas will stack up against the run and make Byron beat them. Opportunities for Jones are on the Jag’s agenda.

Nate Burelson: Nasty Nate should have a big week against the Lions. It’s unsure whether or not D-Jack will be suiting up for the Seahawks on Sunday in Detroit, but either way, and especially if he’s the #1 target, Nate should have a nice game. His precise routes, his speed, and his sticky fingers are perfect for Seattle’s offense. The Lions defense isn’t one of the better units the league has to offer.

Ben Watson: After seeing Ben race down Champ Bailey in the AFC playoffs last season, its hard not to love the guy. His speed and athleticism are almost unheard of at his position. And with Deion Branch not “available” for Sunday’s game, Ben should get the majority of play that would go Branch’s way normally. Tom likes to toss it to his tight ends. Watson could be huge in Week 1, and any week after for that matter.

Eagels DST: The Eagles go start work against the Texans. I don’t think the Texans will be as awful this season as they were last, but I also don’t think they’ll be a scoring surplus. The Eagles had an off year, but they return a team with some of the best talent in the league. Expect a bounce back year in Philly, led by a tougher D.

Brett Favre: The pride of Wisconsin will almost surely have an opening day to forget the Sunday against the Bears. Brett struggled all last season against foes like the Lions, Vikings, and every other team in the league. This year he lost his long time center, and he got a year older. The Bears have pounded Brett recently, so look for Mr. Favre to struggle throughout.

Julius Jones: This is a tough spot for the former Notre Dame rusher. Jones is going up against one of the toughest front 4’s in the league, and his backup expects to get plenty of play as well. This could be the beginning of a tough season for JJ. He’ll almost certainly be sent into the teeth of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud, and they have quite a bite. If he struggles early, his chances will dwindle.

Hines Ward: He’s not feeling too hot, but he’s probable. Charlie Batch will be his quarterback, which if I were him, would make me doubtful. He’s doubtful for my starting lineup that’s for sure. Miami’s D is decent, not great, but with Batch trying to slow the game down, Hines won’t get the opportunity to shine.

Joey Galloway: I would hate to go up against the Ravens with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed back running show. Joey should be limited by both the Ravens defense and the slow it down, a field goal wins offense that both the Bucs and Ravens will be playing. This game will not be fantasy friendly.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 1

Hello and welcome. Football season is upon us. Hooray pig skin! Hooray beer! Hooray Sundays sacked on the sofa! This is Lucky Lester storming back from a .500 record a year ago, relaxed and ready for a sophomore performance that will have us rolling in the money. Last year, week one was my best single week record, and this year should be no different. If you weren’t here for the 2004-’05 season, this is how it works. week in and week out I’ll make my picks. I’ll give reasons, both personal and otherwise, that support my decision on each game. I’ll keep a log of what happened each week, and you can always check out my follow up articles to see how I did. Are you ready for some big hits? Well, get ready for that as well as some Lambeau leaps, bulldogs dressed in dresses, and home team heroics? Once again the odds-makers have stumbled out of the box, and I’m standing to make a pretty penny off of their mistakes.Oakland (+7.5) @ New England – This is Randy Moss’ big day. The Black and Silver has been calling him since he was rocking a bong in the dressing room on draft day. That was the day Al Davis put a little notch in his little black book. The only thing holding this relationship back was some run-ins with the local law enforcement, a premature evacuation from a game, and too much running of the mouth. Thanks Randy, Al’s dream has come true. Fortunately for Mr. Davis, Moss hasn’t only brought his off the field antics to the Raiders, but comes accompanied by the greatest receiving ability the NFL has. Oakland has a buzz about them; you could see it during the preseason. Kerry Collins finally has someone he can’t overthrow, which should dwindle his interception numbers. Lamont Jordan should bring a steady rushing attack to a team that didn’t produce a thousand yard back last year. And don’t count out the defense. It wasn’t too long ago that Charles Woodson was one of the best corners in the league. If he can return to form, and the 600+ pound duo of Ted Washington and Warren Sapp can perform up to their standards, this team could be scary. As for the defending champs, they should be up to their same old tricks. They’ll have to be to have a chance in a tough AFC. They’ve lost a lot of the coaching staff genius that helped them win the last two Super Bowls. They’ve also lost Teddy Bruschi. Ty Law has joined the Jets, and I don’t think they can do it again. Tom Brady’s a great quarterback and Corey Dillon was everything the Pats needed in his first year with the team, but is that enough? Their Heart and Soul, Ted, is out for the year, and I think it will bring them down. Take Oakland to get closer than a touchdown, making them winners in my mind, and more importantly the bookie’s.
Game Date: 09/08/05 21:00 ET

Denver (-5) @ Miami – There is no reason the Bronco’s shouldn’t be favored by a couple of touchdowns against a team that doesn’t own a decent college starter. Okay, Gus Ferotte was pretty good, but AJ Feely, he didn’t even play for the Oregon Ducks. As if that wasn’t enough, the perennially tough as nails defense was torn apart and put up for sale to any bidder. In fact, most high priced stars, like Patrick Surtain, were just cut. That makes for a tough year for the Nick Saban led Dolphins. If the defense can’t keep them in games, there is no way the Dolphins stumble on a handful of wins, let alone a win against a solid team from Denver. Ronnie Brown might find room against an average run defense, but I can’t see enough from the passing game to keep the Fins within a touchdown. The only question from this game, who will be the “real”, featured back in Denver? Who will add his name to the 1000-yard back club? Tatum Bell? Or will it be an old name, Mike Anderson? This is as easy as it gets. Pick the Broncos in what has the makings of an old fashion blow out, Firestone-style. Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Cincinnati (-3.5) @ Cleveland – The Browns aren’t worth a bet until Trent Dilfer proves he can still win football games as the head signal caller. The Browns aren’t without weapons though. Braylon Edwards has shown glimpses of his future stardom, and Reuben Droughns has proven he can pile up the yardage. Defense is where the Browns will struggle. They lost their best corner to the Ravens, and they have a completely new coaching staff. Dilfer has never proven he’s a winner without a dominant defense behind him. Things won’t change against the steadily improving Bengals. I’m sure everyone’s heard it a thousand times this preseason, but I’m pretty confident this will be the year Carson Palmer makes his bid for a Pro Bowl. He has one of the best young receivers in the game as his go to guy, Chad Johnson. Rudi Johnson is as steady as they come, and Marvin Lewis has worked wonders with an average defense to get them into the overall top ten a year ago. This year will be even better for young Bengals. Cinci is a play or two away from the playoffs. Cleveland is a win or two away from the number one pick in next years draft. This one, like the Bronco game, is a no-brainer. Take the Bengals on the road in a quick stomping of Romeo’s first game as a head coach.
Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Houston @ Buffalo (-5.5) – The Buffalo Bills are a popular pick to win their way into the playoffs this year. If you haven’t heard, this is why. Drew Bledsoe was released, and JP Losman will take over as the leader of a team that desperately needed to drop the fat 7th grader who’d been taking poorly timed sacks and throwing 4th quarter interceptions for the last year and a half. Losman may be young and immature compared to Drew, but he could cartwheel down the field faster than Bledsoe could sprint. That’s not saying JP has the form of a gymnast either. What You Talking ‘Bout Willis McGahee will finally be fully recovered from his knee injury that kept him out of football his rookie season. Last year was just a glimpse of what was to come from the former Hurricane, this year should make us awe. Buffalo has the best defense in football. After a preseason scrimmage, Brett Favre said he hopes they don’t play them during the season. Houston was hoping the same thing. SOL. Houston should be a good team this year. David Carr has looked poor throughout the preseason, making people question if he’ll ever have the breakout year everyone has expected. Dominick Davis is one of the best young backs in the league, when he’s healthy. But he’s been a slow starter since he broke into the league. Look for Houston to stumble out of the box, allowing the Buffalo defense to make big plays early. The Texans will fall down early, never to resurface with the lead.
Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh (-7) – The Steelers might be a bit overrated a year after their 15-1 regular season record. But, they’re still a good team. 15-1? No. Opening dominance against the Titans. Indeed. Roethlisburger will get plenty of chances to find wide open receivers against a team that lost both of their starting receivers to “rebuilding-disease”. Steve McNair is back and supposedly better than ever, though he’s lost his favorite receiver and a chunk of why the Titans were so good the last few years. Derrick Mason has a new home in Baltimore, and McNair’s never had a good on-field relationship with talented wideout Drew Bennett. I fully expect the Steeler offensive attack to struggle without Jerome Bettis and Duce Staley, but Willie Parker will find holes in a suspect defensive line, and Hines Ward will show why he deserves the new contract he held-out for. Big Ben will calm down at the end of the first half and the Steelers will pull away from the Titans. A close first half will end closer to a blowout than anything else. Steelers win big; the Titans get one game closer to the end of the season.
Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Chicago @ Washington (-5.5) – In a real crowd-pleasing move, the NFL brass has already put together the game of the year. The Super Bowl hopeful Bears and the strong and consistent Redskins meet in what could be a real post season match-up. Yah right! This is anything but a top-notch contest, but at least Tag’s snuck these two teams into the same game. Good work. The Bears’ season drooled down the drain when Rex Grossman had an early exit, again. First year pro, Kyle Orton, will have the reigns in what promises to be everything but promising. Mushin Muhammad is still a touchdown threat anywhere in the red-zone, and the tandem of Thomas Jones and rookie rusher Cedric Benson should be formidable. Getting to the red-zone, or even the next first down marker, is going to be the challenge. The Bears have a solid defense, but not when they’ve been on the field for 75% of the game, and they will be. They better be in good shape. Washington has a tough defense that lost a little punch with the departure of Fred Smoot. Shawn Springs’ ability to stay healthy, and LaVar Arrington’s come back from a flurry of injuries will make the difference between a top flight and average defense for the Skins. Patrick Ramsey, who’s looked “ehhhh” this preseason, and for his entire career for that matter, will make another attempt at leading the Redskins to the playoffs. Clinton Portis should be much improved from his worst year ever. The trade of Larverneus Coles for Santana Moss won’t pay dividends, but that won’t keep Joe Gibbs from trouncing the overmatched Bears and starting the season with a much-needed win. Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

New Orleans @ Carolina (-7) – The Saints still have the talented group of youngsters they’ve always had. Well I guess they’re middle-agers now. Either way, everyone and their brother knows Jim Haslet has himself a set of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Will the signing of Dwight Smith, an ex-Buc, give the Saints what the need to get to the next level? Maybe. Will it help them beat Carolina in Carolina? Not today Junior. The Panthers are as good as they’ve been, even with Pro Bowler Mushin Muhammad in a Bears uniform. Steve Smith is back, and opposed to what he says, he’s as good and fast as ever. Steven Davis is back in the backfield with Deshaun Foster, and they still have that D. Carolina will be swinging for the fences this year. Julius Peppers might be the biggest talent in all of football, and Kris Jenkins, Mike Rucker, ex-Seahawk Ken Lucas, and the rest of the Panther D will keep opposing teams on lockdown all year long. Aaron Brooks and all his inconsitency won’t be an exception. Look for Brooks to get hit often on Sunday. The Saints defense looked dismal against the run all preseason, and now they have to play the pound it in your face Panthers on opening day. Talented Saints running back Deuce McAllister will find some yardage early, but it won’t be enough to keep the Panthers from taking the game by two touchdowns. Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota (-6) – The Vikings are better since the departure of Randy Moss. As are the Raiders, but that’s another story. The Vikings can only worry about the Vikings, and aside from a Whizzenator, the headlines about the mishaps and screw-ups of Viking star players has been nil since Moss’s departure. One point for Minnesota. Daunte Culpepper is still the talented one-man attack he’s always been, and always was, even when Moss was out with injuries for 6 games last year. All Daunte needed was a defense to hold their end of the bargain. With the departure of Randy Moss, the Vikings had enough room on payroll to get the players they needed to level off that side of the ball. As for the offense, Daunte still has big play options with Nate Burleson, Michael Bennett, and rookie blazer Troy Williamson. I mean “speed” blazer, not “Randy Moss during the off season” blazer. Plus, the Vikings always start out 5-0. Tampa Bay finally has the fixings for a rushing attack with rookie star Carnell Williams manning the backfield. Brian Griese has shown that he can be a decent starting quarterback, but can he lead the Buc’s to a winning season and a playoff picture? Only time will tell. Tampa’s defense has always been stout, and this year will be no different. Some key loses have brought them down from their pedestal, but top 10 won’t be a stretch. My opening day diagnosis is this; the Vikings will use their offensive fire power to pull ahead early. Some big plays from Carnell Williams will have the Buc’s fighting back early in the second half, but Culpepper will keep the Tampa Bay comeback-excitement to rest with a vintage-Culpepper bomb to rookie wideout Troy Williamson. The new and improved Viking D will step-up and make a big play down the stretch, keeping the Vikings up 10 as time expires. Take the Vikes in an exciting game in Minnesota. Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Seattle @ Jacksonville (-3) – Seattle made some good moves in the off-season, keeping their big three; Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasslebeck, and Walter Jones. Koren Robinson and the fiasco that was his career in Seattle is now over, and the Seahawk brass can go to sleep at night knowing their star receiver won’t be in jail with a DUI in the morning. Unfortunately for the Seahawks there is a downside to the absence of Koren Robinson. Somebody else has to start opposite Jackson. That someone will be Bobby Engram and a plethora of different names and faces. If someone or a couple of them step up, watch out for the Seahawk offensive attack. As for now, I have to bet the Seattle offense continues to struggle, and the Jacksonville defense, which is very underrated, will take advantage of Seattle shortcomings. Byron Leftwich is going into his third year. He should be better than ever. Fred Taylor looked healthy in his single preseason performance, which means good things for the Jags and their fans. Reggie Williams has looked like the guy the Jags drafted, instead of the imposter that showed up last year. This is great for Leftwich, who should have Jimmy Smith, Williams, Matt Jones, and Taylor to get the pig to. The Jag’s defensive line got some much needed help when they signed Reggie Hayward in the off season. The Jaguars are on their way to the playoffs. They’ll start with a tough game at home against a good Seahawk team, but they should come out on top. Three points is nothing at home, and the Jags look to be the better team. Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

New York Jets (+3) @ Kansas City – The Jets and the Chiefs. What a game. This is my pick for game of the week. Philly-Atlanta should be grand, and Colts-Ravens will be fun, but no game excites me more than Priest Holmes running his legs at one of the most improved teams in the league. This Jets defense just got better and better last year, and this year will be no different. Ty Law is now a Jet, and his leadership and shutdown ability on the corner will give the Jets a huge lift. Trent Green lost his number one receiver, Jonnie Morton. But Eddie Kennison will flash his ability as the first receiver option in Kansas City. But really, everyone knows Tony Gonzalez is Trents real number one, and he’s wearing red and white. Holmes has one of the most exciting backups in football, Larry Johnson. He’ll get his chances to make things happen. Will all the new defensive additions be enough to get the Chiefs to the Super Bowl? Kendrell Bell, Patrick Surtain, Sammy Knight, and rookie linebacker Derrick Johnson have a big task ahead of them, because God knows the Kansas City defense was as bad as any team in the NFL. Both teams will flash their fury, awing the masses, and reminding us why we all love football. In the end one of these great teams has to lose. The Jets are too steady on both sides of the ball, and the Chiefs, who’ve yet to gel into the cohesive defensive unit that they’ll become will fall just short on opening day. Chad Pennington will be happy to have his old pal, Coles, back on the field. Curtis Martin, future hall-of-famer Curtis Martin, will have one of his classic opening days. Coach Edwards will be all smiles after a powerful performance against the playoff bound Chiefs. His Jets will escape Kansas City with a road victory.
Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

Arizona (+2.5) @ New York Giants – The Cardinals are getting plenty of hype this off-season. I don’t know if it’s Dennis Green, a great draft, or the abundance of talent the Cardinals have all over the field, but I like Arizona to do big things all year on their way to the playoffs. Weird. I never thought I’d be saying that. I don’t think Kurt Warner will look like the MVP he was in St. Louis, but I do think he’ll look rejuvenated with the talent he has around him. JJ Arrington has had a tough preseason, but he’ll come around, and in the meantime, the Cards still have Marcel Shipp and others to contribute. The Giants might be starting Tim Hasselbeck. If that happens to be a truth by the time you read this, stop reading now and make a bet on the Cardinals… If Eli Manning is still the starter, well, do the same thing. Manning isn’t ready to lead these Giants to the playoffs, or an opening day win against the much-improved Cardinals. Tiki Barbar is one of the most underrated backs in the league, but who knows if and or when his “fumblitis” will return. Week 1? Plaxico Burress was a number 2 receiver in Pittsburgh. He’s being asked to be Eli’s go-to-guy. Will he fold under the pressure? Or will he step up to his potential? The Giants defense gets Michael Strahan back, but he won’t be enough to keep the Giants on top in New York. Arizona has too many weapons in their arsenal, and Kurt Warner is too excited to snap the towel on the team that sat him down last year when the playoffs weren’t so far away. Eli’s first year as a full time starter will begin with a loss at home, and an entire week of “How does it feel to get beat by Kurt?” questions. Good luck Eli!
Game Date: 09/11/05 13:00 ET

St. Louis (-6) @ San Francisco – This is the easiest game of the week. I plan to make all my money right here. The Rams will slaughter the 49ers. Do I think the Rams are that good? Not at all, in fact, I think they’ll be lucky to be 9-7 this year. But I’ll tell you one thing I’m sure of; two of those wins will come from games against San Francisco. Tim Rattay will be starting for the 49ers, which has never seemed to workout for the club. Things won’t change. Steven Jackson is too good for the Niner defense to stop, hell, so is Marshal Faulk, or maybe even Marsha Brady? This game will be good for a few good highlights though, so it might be worth a check-in from time to time. “Bulger deep to Holt,” “Bulger long to Bruce,” “Bulger with a deep interception,” “Steven Jackson 60 yards down the right side.” Something along those lines. Notice, there is no 49er scoring involved in those highlights. Don’t be amazed if that actually happens. Rams huge, think 35-3. Game Date: 09/11/05 14:15 ET

Green Bay @ Detroit (-3) – I never thought I’d see the day Detroit was favored against Green Bay. Now I can’t believe the Lions are only favored by 3 in Detroit. Everyone knows the Lions play good ball at home, and everyone also knows that you can’t have a good team with a terrible defense and a shoddy offensive line. The Pack has both. The Pack also has Brett Favre. This is both good and bad. He’s going to throw touchdowns… and interceptions. This year could be the year Brett ends up on the south end of .500. What a way to go out. Ahman Green has looked miserable rushing behind the makeshift line in ‘Sconsin. Brett has had both good and bad games in the preseason, but who cares right, that was preseason. Detroit has been happy with Joey Harrington’s performance this preseason, and they better be, because Jeff Garcia is out for the year with a broken chicken leg. So much for a quarterback controversy. Harrington will actually have to try to do poorly to keep the Lions out of games. All over the field Detroit has playmakers. Jumpballs might be one of the Lion’s biggest weapons. Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Charlie Rogers, Kevin Jones… my God, just throw the damn ball down field, see what happens. Those 4 guys would kill in a 4×100 relay. They’ll win this game, too. Take the Lions in a high scoring event.
Game Date: 09/11/05 14:15 ET

Dallas @ San Diego (-4.5) – San Diego is without their biggest receiving threat, tight end Antonio Gates. He’s suspended for the first game because of his little holdout. That was a good move. Idiots. Anyway, even without Gates, the Chargers still have the upper hand. Ladainian Tomlinson is the best the NFL has to offer, and Drew Brees hasn’t seemed to have lost the magic he pulled out of his helmet a year ago. Keenan McCardell has had an entire off season to learn the Charger offense, which should add to his effectiveness. Reche Caldwell is back after an injury cost him most of his third year. He was in the process of breaking out before he went out broken. Look for him to be a bigger part of the offensive attack in San Diego this year. Even with the good draft, and big off-season, I don’t think the Dallas Cowboys will come out victorious in this one. Drew Bledsoe has gotten mixed reviews during the preseason. Figure that, Drew Bledsoe, inconsistent. Wow! Dallas went out and bought offensive line help, which should add to Drew effectiveness. Unfortunately, they didn’t go out and get Drew some legs or a brain. Drew will still hold the ball too long and get sacked because he’s about as mobile as an upside down turtle. And he’ll definitely still throw into double coverage… interception! I can’t wait to see the blank stare on Parcells face the first time Drew sends a beautiful spiral to Quentin Jammer (Charger cornerback). The Chargers defense was young last year. Another year under their belt has only made them better. Look for Drew Brees and company to light up the overrated Dallas defense, eliciting laughter from me, and a look of horror on Bill’s face as his Cowboys fall short in the season opener. Game Date: 09/11/05 14:15 ET

Indianapolis @ Baltimore (+3) – This is one of the better games of the day. Will the Colts number one ranked secondary be able to stop the talented signal caller, Kyle Boller? What can I say? That lines a load of BS. The Colts secondary, right near the bottom of the league, is depleted, and injury ridden. Kyle Boller is… bad. But he has too many weapons and coaching specialists to fail. And if anyone can keep Peyton Manning and the Colts from scoring a ton of points, it has to be Ray Lewis and his group of trusty steeds. Right? If Jamal Lewis can step in and play like he can, the Ravens will upset the Super Bowl favored Colts in Baltimore. Even Kyle Boller should be able to light up the Colts secondary. Baltimore might have the best defensive players one team has ever had. Samarri Rolle is great, in fact, every single one of their defensive backs is fantastic. Their fourth guy is Neon Deion. How much better can it get? Look for the Ravens to take the Colts in this opener. It isn’t the popular pick, but it’s the right one. Manning will be limited to a couple touchdown passes, and one too many interceptions. Boller will look good, which might be the last time all year, leading his team to an opening day victory. Or should I say riding their defense to victory? Either way, Ravens win. Game Date: 09/11/05 20:30 ET

Philadelphia (-1) @ Atlanta – This is a great Monday night opener. Philly has been picked by just about everyone to repeat as NFC Champions, and I’m not one to argue. Their defense is back in full force. Donovan McNabb and TO looked to be on the same page in their lone preseason game. Brian Westbrook is very underrated. He’s a great speedy back who can catch passes and do just about everything you can ask from a guy. Donovan McNabb hasn’t gotten nearly enough credit for what he’s become in such a short time. He’s Philly’s MVP, bar none. Philly’s defense took a big hit when Corey Simon was released last week, but they don’t seem to be worried about it, so you shouldn’t either. Mike Vick has played very little snaps in the preseason, but he looked good. He has improved as a pocket passer, which unfortunately, the Falcons want him to be. The Eagles defense is too good to let Vick pick them apart from the pocket. Look for more interceptions than touchdowns from Vick. Michael Jenkins and Roddy White as starting receivers? I don’t know if I’m as excited as Mike sounds in interviews. Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett will help keep the Falcons on the top of team rushing, and both should find a little room against an average run stuffing D. But that won’t be enough. This should be a good game featuring two playoff bound ball clubs, but the Eagles will show their NFC superiority late, getting the win by a touchdown or two. Take the Eagles, because that’s what I’d do. Game Date: 09/12/05 21:00 ET
Well folks there you have it, my picks for week one. Make sure you come back to check out Lucky Lester’s picks for week two of what should turn out to be an excellent football season.



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