2006 Fantasy Football Week 4 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 4

QB: Donovan McNabb: D-Nabb throwing bombs against the Packers secondary will send me to the top in Week 4. Championship.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Last week D and Westy showed they could put up fat points in tandem. This week, they’ll ball the same way. I can’t wait to see what Westy can do with his first 12 touches this week, last week it was 35 fantasy points.

RB: Larry Johnson: Larry’s scoreless in his first two contests, but that shall hold like a gallon of water in a whicker basket. Larry scores twice against the Niners, you heard it here first.

WR: Chris Chambers: Daunte’s been bad, and the rest of the Dolphins have bombed as well, besides Zach Thomas, he’s a pimp. Anyway, if Brunell can roll for 22 straight completions against Houston, Chris can catch plenty of balls from Daunte. First big week from the Dolphins.

WR: Steve Smith: After having their way with the Falcons receivers, Steve Smith is going to show the Saints what the best receiver in the league looks like. He’s virtually unguardable, just ask the Bears, and with a let down from New O, Smith will be balling play after play.

TE: Ben Watson: Benny hasn’t hit the “Fantasy Stud” button yet, but he should have a big one in a loss to the Bengals. Cincinnati will be up early, and regardless of how far it gets them, Tom will be throwing the rock often. Ben should reap the benefits.

K: Jeff Wilkins: The Lions might just have the perfect mix of bad and good on defense to give Jeff another huge day. The Rams haven’t been big scorers, and the Lions have given up plenty of yards. No touchdowns but a good offense make Wilkins a prime kicker once again.

D: Cowboys: I think Dallas is overrated, but not against the Titans they aren’t. Kerry Collins should get sacked a handful of times, picked off at least twice, and fumbles will come from the drunkard. Take the Boys and smile when you get 30 points from your defense.


Charlie Frye: He’s not supposed to get shutdown like he was “supposed to” last week against the Ravens, he always plays solid when the odds are against him, but Frye plays the worst team in football, the Oakland Raiders, so starting him here seems safe, even downright brilliant.

Kevin Jones: If Edge and the pathetic o-line they have in Arizona can look good against the Rams, Detroit and Kevin Jones should put up some solid math as well. 100 yard game? KJ hasn’t hit that mark in some time.
Julius Jones: This young cat will get plenty of opps to dominate a pathetic team, the Titans. Jones should get the bulk of the carries in Dallas, so a start here is perfect.

Braylon Edwards: I can hardly justify calling Braylon a sleeper, but I’ll roll with him again here. He’s good for 100 yards against any D in the league. Massive talent and upside make him a great option.

Reggie Brown: If Donte Stallworth doesn’t play, this kid is going for top 5 fantasy wideouts on the week. If Donte does show up, starting Brown is a nice option nonetheless.

Eric Johnson: With Vernon Davis out in San Francisco, Alex Smith will send plenty of balls Johnson’s way. He’s sure handed, and when healthy, a yardage machine at the TE spot.

Jaguars DST: Some will be tricked by the Redskins strong offensive performance last week, but make no jokes about it, the Jags will stymie Mark, Clinton, and the WR Trio in Washington.


Kurt Warner: Kurt’s getting sacked by the Falcon D line right now. I’ll be stunned if Matt Leinart doesn’t finish this game.

Thomas Jones: I’m sorry to say it, but the Bears rushing attack seems like a anorexic version of it former self. Jones hasn’t done Jack, and this week they are sent into the fiery pit called Seattle’s run D. I don’t get it, they are throwing a million times better than last year, yet the running game can’t get on track.

Chad Johnson: You heard Belichick, the Pats are doubling Chad, and if anything, Carson has shown he can find alternate targets. I’m rooting for Chad to blow up, because he’s great, but I don’t think his slump ends here.

Reuben Droughns: The Raiders actually have a solid Run D, and Droughns and the Browns have been atrocious running with the pig skin. I don’t think that trend ends this week against Oakland.

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