Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 8

I need a big winner this week – but I have to ride the way I’ve been capping the last 3 seasons, because that’s how I know best, and that’s how I win. Check out my games this week, and if you want my elite half, check out my elite picks.

Cleveland Browns @ St. Louis Rams (+3):
(Line: Monday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Browns aren’t as good as their 3-3 record insists, and the Rams, while they’ve played more than their fair share of terrible football, I think their make-shift offensive line will play pretty well against a browns defense that knows how to give up lots of points. Cleveland won’t be able to run against the Rams, a very underrated run defense, and thus they’ll have to pass the ball to put up points. I know Derek Anderson has had a hell of a year thus far, but I think he slips this week. It’s always interesting to see how an underdog team finally plays when they’re favored. I think the browns will slip up.

Detroit Lions (+5) @ Chicago Bears:
(Line: Monday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

I think the Lions are too offensive for the Bears. Detroit has struggled offensively the last few games, and I think that’s an aberration, and that they’ll step it up against the Bears. The Lions are oddly confident this season, and I kind of like that. I think that’s what the Bears had over the NFC North over the last year, but now, every team in that division knows they can beat the Bears, and that means trouble for a Chicago team that can’t run the football. A straight up win by the Lions wouldn’t surprise me.

Oakland Raiders (+9) @ Tennessee Titans:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:30pm EST: 5Dimes)

5Dimes has this offer on the table, and I just can’t pass it up. I probably would think about taking the Titans at 7 or less, but 7.5 seems like a lot in a game with two teams that are pretty similar. Both offenses are very one-dimensional, and while the Titans have the better defense by far, the Raiders have enough talent in the secondary to play 8 guys in the box, making running room tough to find for LenDale White. Vince Young is a spread killer, so don’t say I didn’t warn you, but I like the Raiders to cover the 9 point spread in this one.

Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers (-10):
(Line: Monday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

I’m not sure how this line will change, or what will happen to my bet at the beginning of the week, but on Monday this game put the Chargers in as a 10 point favorite, something I like against a defense that probably won’t be able to slow down LaDainian Tomlinson. LT looks to be back at his best, and the Texans secondary isn’t strong enough to make Rivers fit the ball into tight spots. The addition of Chris Chambers will open up the field for Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, and LT – that being said, be careful with this game, the fires around the San Diego area could effect where this game is played, and where the minds of Chargers’ players are at.

New Orleans Saints (-2.5) @ San Francisco 49ers:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:30pm EST: Belmont)

I don’t like the Saints, I just like the 49ers less. The Saints have dug themselves a hole deep enough that they can’t walk into any game thinking they can skate and win. So, they’ll come in and fight the 49ers long and hard, and win by 3-7 points as the game will come down to the last drive. But if that’s the case, I like Drew Brees to find himself again, Reggie Bush to make a big play, or Marques Colston to snap out of his sophomore funk. I like those 3 options a lot more than I like Alex Smith walking out of the training room or Trent Dilfer grandfathering the offense to lead the 49ers to a win. Give me the Saints, but I don’t love it as much as you’d think.

Washington Redskins @ New England Patriots (-16):
(Line: Monday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

First of all, I don’t think the line has good value in this game, but I have to take the Pats. I think the Redskins have the best defense the Patriots have faced thus far, but that doesn’t mean they will have trouble scoring. New England has made it look easy this season, and while this game might have a few more twists and turns, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots held the Redskins to 7-10 points. That means the Patriots would have to score 27 points to surely cover, something I think is very possible, especially with such a young quarterback running the show for the Redskins. New England’s defense is so tactical that they always seem to take the strongest part of opposing offenses out of their game. That means the Redskins’ rushing attack will have to go through walls to succeed. That puts a lot of pressure on Campbell. Yes, the Patriots are this good.

Indianapolis Colts (-6.5) @ Carolina Panthers:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:30pm EST: Bookmaker)

I don’t usually like the Colts as big favorites, but against the WAY overrated Panthers, a team starting either Vinny Testeverde or David Carr at quarterback, yeah, I’ll take my chances with my #2 team in football. The Colts are very good, whether you or me or anyone else wants to except that, I don’t care. They are one of the best teams in football, and Bob Sanders is the most dynamic safety I’ve seen since Ronnie Lott hit the field back in the day. Yes, he makes plays faster than everyone else on the field. The Panthers are too slow (besides Steve Smith – who will get special treatment) to compete in this one.

2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: I didn’t top 129, but 116 points is pretty good from my team of Fantasy Studs for Week 8.QB: Tom Brady vs. Washington: 41 points for Tom Brady. That’s what I’m talking about. Weird, he was once again the highest scoring playing in fantasy football. Like I said, I have to pick this guy.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT had 90 rushing yards, but his low scoring day was the fault of the Chargers defense, a unit that scored all day, and gave the Chargers no reason to use their best player and risk an injury after half time.

RB: Brandon Jacobs vs. Miami: Brandon Jacobs had 131 rushing yards, just like I had predicted, but none of the scores I thought I’d be getting. He was the 5th overall RB during a slow week for running backs, something that’s becoming more and more of a consistent reality with all the huge passing numbers this season. Still, 13 points isn’t all that bad.

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Carolina: Just like I expected, Reggie exploited the Panthers’ secondary, this time to the tune of 168 yards and 24 fantasy points in my league. Thanks Reggie! Reggie tied with Colston for 1st overall for WRs.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Washington: Randy only had 47 of Tom Brady’s 300+ yards passing, but he did catch one of Tom’s 3 touchdown passes, giving Moss 10 fantasy points for Week 8, good for 10th amongst WRs.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. St. Louis: “Winslow is a sure thing for 8 fantasy points from the TE.” He wasn’t the best option, like say Antonio Gates, but like I said, Kellen got his 8.

K: Robbie Gould vs. Detroit: “I’ve been struggling with kickers (fade me) so I’ll be going with last years’ top guy. Yhatzee!” Talk about nothing. Dude had one extra point. Thank you, Brian Griese, for throwing interceptions right before each chance for Robbie to kick a football.

D: Giants vs. Dolphins: The Giants allowed a late touchdown, which hurt my overall score, but New York put together a decent day, good enough for 13 fantasy points.


Brian Griese: Griese was once again stymied by the Lions. I just don’t get it, maybe the Lions just aren’t as bad in the secondary as I thought they were. 6 pts – F

Alex Smith: He didn’t look good, but he tallied up 14 fantasy points in the process, not bad. I think Smith will play better and better as the season moves forward, but for now, I’ll take a B for his performance.

Fred Taylor: Fred had 24 carries, but for only 68 yards. That was good for 6 points, but not too good for fantasy owners. D

Brandon Jacobs: He did alright, I ended up using him as my top pick, and a sleeper – kind of ridiculous, I know, so I’ll take a C+ here.

Steven Jackson: Jackson did all his damage early, 8 carries for 41 yards and a touchdown, and it looked like the Rams were back offensively. Then the stud running back went down, the running threat crumbled, and the Rams lost. Still, Jackson’s 10 points were good enough for 8th amongst running backs. B-?

Hines Ward: “Hines “I’m gonna kill the Bengals’ secondary” Ward is going to show us why his middle name is an entire murderous phrase.” 2 touchdowns, that’s the kind of performance I was looking for. I should have picked Hines in front of Randy Moss for my top pick, oh well, I’ll take a solid ‘A+’ here.

Lee Evans: It’s about time, Lee did up the Jets to the tune of 138 yards and a long touchdown, hooking me up with 21 fantasy points from my sleeper who has been dropped in many a league. Good deal. A+

Greg Olsen: Olsen ranked 3rd amongst tight ends, catching a few balls for 59 yards and a touchdown. 3rd overall? I’ll take my A.

Titans DST: 3rd overall this week with 21 fantasy points in my league, not too shabby for my sleeper D of the week.

LUCKY’S Week 8 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: Campbell’s 5 points weren’t quite as bad as how he played, but he did throw a last quarter meaningless touchdown with his Redskins down 52-7. I have to say, this wasn’t too difficult of a prediction.

Clinton Portis: Clinton had 11 carries for 27 yards, yes, normal teams can’t run against the Patriots. He did catch a handful of balls for 50+ yards, though – so his 7 points weren’t as bad as I thought, but they were still bad enough for you to thank me for telling you to sit him.

Cedric Benson: Benson didn’t have too bad a day, considering he only carried the ball 13 times. He had 50 yards rushing and 10 receiving, good for 6 points. Good enough to start? No, but not as bad as say, Lamont Jordan’s 12 yards rushing.

Donald Driver: 28 yards, two measly fantasy points, and his quarterback threw for 331 yards… looks like I lucked out with this one. Oh well, I’ll take it, he probably had Champ on him all night. That’s kind of what I figured. Pat on the old back, that’s right.

Marques Colston: This pick killed my whole “perfect” bench ’em section. Colston caught 3 touchdowns, killing the stupid fantasy owners who dropped the young touchdown maker. Silly fantasy owners. Silly me for doubting this sophomore star.

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: Lets see if I can’t 1-up my 129 points from last week (thanks for all those points Tom).

QB: Tom Brady vs. Washington: Is it fair to pick anyone else? This guy is unreal right now, and I don’t think even the Redskins stout secondary can run his show. We’ll see. If Brady costs too much this week, roll with Eli Manning, Big Ben, McNabb, and even Brian Griese.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT’s back on his high horse, and you can bet he’ll be running to put out that fire for all those people back home in San Diego.

RB: Brandon Jacobs vs. Miami: Zach Thomas is out again, and you know what that means, another “Raider” day for Miami. Derek Ward is most likely out this week, leaving Jacobs to do most, if not all of the heavy lifting. 130 yards and a couple scores is what I’m looking for, here.

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Carolina: The Panthers are way overrated, and their secondary is a weak link. Manning will exploit that, and why not go to old dependable, Reggie Wayne.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Washington: I have to ride this guy – he’s been amazing, unstoppable, and Brady is starting to realize how good Moss really is. If Tom wasn’t a shoe in for MVP – Moss would be getting lots of votes. At least from the DB sector of the panel.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. St. Louis: The Rams actually have a very stout rush-defense – and thus the Browns won’t be able to run much. They will score, and that means passing, and Winslow is a sure thing for 8 fantasy points from the TE. A score, and he’s a top flight guy this week.

K: Robbie Gould vs. Detroit: I’ve been struggling with kickers (fade me) so I’ll be going with last years’ top guy. Yhatzee!

D: Giants vs. Dolphins: The Dolphins suck and they just lost their best player (by far) so I have to take a Giants’ team that makes the most of big plays.


Brian Griese: The Griese-ball goes heads up with Detroit, and I’m sure they’ll limit a bad rushing attack from the Bears. So, Griese will be passing a lot. I like my chances at a big day.

Alex Smith: He’s probably out there to be had, and Alex has been brutal when he’s played this year, but they’re going up against the Saints for God’s sake, how easy can it get?

Fred Taylor: Fred’s almost become a fantasy afterthought, but with Garrard out, there’s going to be plenty of carries for the running backs in Jacksonville. With Jones-Drew hurting a little bit, I imagine that Fred will get around 20 carries. He’s good enough to do damage with that many looks. Give him a shot.

Brandon Jacobs: I love Jacobs against Miami this week, especially without Zach Thomas playing linebacker – but this is hardly a sleeper, Jacobs is a stud. Last week here for him.

Steven Jackson: Haha… Yeah, I’m using the consensus 2nd round pick as my sleeper, but he hasn’t played all that well when healthy, and he’s been out forever. He’ll come back and have an immediate impact on a terrible Browns defense, one that allows the most yards per game in the entire league.

Hines Ward: Hines “I’m gonna kill the Bengals’ secondary” Ward is going to show us why his middle name is an entire murderous phrase.

Lee Evans: It’s time for this gamebreaker to start breaking open some games. Why not against a brutal Jets defense? Good question. He’ll put up points this week.

Greg Olsen: I like Olsen to find the end-zone this week against the Lions. That would make him a top tight end. He’s a good sleeper, and still available in most leagues out there.

Titans DST: I’m not too impressed with Oakland’s offense lately, especially up against a good run defense. So, I have to love this match-up this week.

LUCKY’S Week 8 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: With Jason and Clinton on my bench him section, you’d think I don’t see the Skins having much of a chance this weekend against the Patriots – yep, that’s about right.

Clinton Portis: If this game is anything like all of the Patriots’ games, they’ll be up so fast that running will become a non-factor for the Redskins. That spells trouble for Washington. Portis will almost certainly struggle this week.

Cedric Benson: Even against the Lions, I still don’t like Benson. Detroit has a better run defense than advertised, and open spaces in their secondary that will cut down on the Bears’ rushing numbers.

Donald Driver: Driver is a stud, but I think he’ll struggle against the Broncos secondary in Denver this week.

Marques Colston: Colston has been bad all season. He hasn’t gotten much help from his offense, but the sophomore slump is busting his balls. Nate Clements and the Niners defense shuts down the #1 receiver on opposing teams, so don’t expect much from Colston in terms of a better week this time around.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 8

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Back pain and all, Older Papa Weimer is back with his Tear Jerkers for Week 8. There’s only so much you can do, start the players you have and hope for the best – if you happened to have this group of donkeys on Sunday (or Monday) than you are SOL this week.

Lamont Jordan: Where have you gone, buddy? You had everyone and their mother convinced that last years’ terrible totals were an aberration, nice trick. Again you struggled, and made those same owners sick that had gloated after the first two games about how great you were, and how they were so cool for stealing you late and picking WRs and QBs early. Well, screw them.

Frank Gore: 4 points for this Top 5 pick, ouch, it’s getting ugly in San Francisco – so much for competing for the top spot in the West, eh? The 49ers are dip sixing it as we speak. The 49ers are getting killed by everyone, and Frank Gore isn’t getting the ball enough. Everyone can see the kid is frustrated, and I believe he’ll have about 5 big games to finish off the season in fine fashion. But this week, Gore was a tear jerker.

Donald Driver: 28 yards on a night where Brett threw for 331 and two scores… Ugh. I watched the game with about 6 die hard Packer fans, and I realized something; Brett Favre never makes a bad throw – for example, the one ball Driver lunged for in the end zone, the one that barely skipped off his longest finger tip, to a Packer fan, that was a ball Driver just couldn’t hold on to, “God, Driver, hold onto the damn ball.” Wow. Anyway, regardless, it was Jennings and Jones having big days for Green Bay, and Ryan Grant as well. Not Driver.

Brian Griese: 204 yards, 4 interceptions, and 1 touchdown…. Gross. That’s 6 points for a quarterback playing against the Detroit Lions. That’s not the first time Griese has thrown bad picks against the Lions. They must have his number – unfortunately for them, the only quarterbacks number they have is Brian Griese’s, and they’re done playing him for the rest of the season.

Matt Schaub: I don’t like putting injured players in here, but Schaub threw for 77 yards and 2 picks in his limited action. That’s a nice -2 for the day in my league. Not necessarily a good score for a starting quarterback, now is it? Nope. If you started Stump the Schaub, you were definitely crying after Sunday.
(Congratulations to Lee Evans for playing well enough to be in consideration for a fantasy tear jerker award next week, it’s about time little man!)

Week 8 College Football Picks Review: 2007

There we go! 4-1… It’s all coming back around. I had a big week, and I hope you did, too. This is how I took home four out of five.
Free Picks: Week 8

Oregon Ducks (-11) @ Washington Huskies: (winner)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00am EST: Belmont)

“The Huskies are a great first half team, but the Ducks are a great every down team. The Dogs should be close at half time, but with a defense that breaks down the stretch, I expect a Ducks team that can put up points in a hurry, to win without much trouble. Dennis Dixon is magic.” What can I say? I called this game to a T. The dogs played well for just around 3 quarters, but their defense spent too much time on the field, and in the end, their offense couldn’t go blow for blow with Oregon. The Ducks won by 21.

Iowa Hawkeyes @ Purdue Boilermakers (-7): (winner)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00am EST: Belmont)

“I like Purdue to be too offensive for the Hawkeyes. I know that’s what I expected last week when I had Purdue taking down Ohio State, but this week it will come true.” The Boilermakers scored a touchdown or more in every single quarter, and easily beat the Hawkeyes 31-6 – as their defense stepped up and allowed only two field-goals. And how about that offense? Just like I predicted, Purdue ran the Hawkeyes off the field. 315 yards passing for Curtis Painter, and three touchdowns to boot. Easy win for me.

Michigan Wolverines @ Illinois Fighting Illini (+3): (loss)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00am EST: Belmont)

This game was a bit of a joke. The game was tied at 17, and Michigan was driving, well, kind of. What actually happened was Michigan cashing in on personal fouls, late hits, and face mask penalties all the way down the field. But that still wasn’t enough, and they had to punt anyway. However, Illinois bailed the Wolverines out when they muffed a punt and soon after that the Wolverines scored an easy touchdown on a reverse pass.

Arkansas Razorbacks (-4.5) @ Mississippi: (winner)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00am EST: SBGGlobal)

“I know they’re favored on the road, which is rarely a good thing, but the Razorbacks have too much talent in their rushing attack for the boys from Mississippi to handle. McFadden is a beast, probably the scariest weapon in all of college football. I like his chances to fight back and have a big game after a sub-par performance last week.” McFadden and Jones rushed for 100+ yards each, and the Razorbacks didn’t allow a point until the 4th quarter. This game was too easy. The talent on Arkansas showed up when it was most important, converting on 66% of their 3rd downs, and reeling off big plays. Another easy win.

Kansas State Wildcats (+3) @ Oklahoma State Cowboys: (winner)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00am EST: Belmont)

I was wrong about this game – but I still covered. I thouh K-State would run through the Cowboys and OK State would be lulling. Well, they pulled off 17 4th quarter points and ended up taking the crown by a deuce. It was one hell of a game, and like I said, the Cowboys played much better than I imagined. But hey, a cover’s a cover – and a win is a win is a win.

4-1… That’s been along time coming.

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: “The way I see it, this is the fastest way to 140 fantasy points.” Well, I got 145 points, thank you L- T&J…

QB: Matt Leinart: God I’m stupid. I don’t know what I was on writing this pick… 8 fantasy points for Matt and he played like a pile of poop.

RB: Larry Johnson: 155 yards rushing, 27 receiving yards, and 4 total touchdowns. Go ahead and notch that up as 41 fantasy points. Championship!

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: Not to be outdone by the other top running back in the NFL, LT produced just as many points as LJ. 240 combined yards, and 3 touchdowns.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had a nice game, 107 yards and a 2pt conversion for a 12 point game at WR. Not too shabby, just not game-breaking by any means.

WR: Anquan Boldin: Boldin’s 40 yards didn’t impress me. Wish I would have taken Reggie Wayne at this spot? 4 points is not good.

TE: Kellen Winslow: Kellen had 13 fantasy points, which, coming from a tight end other than Antonio Gates is a success.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff Wilkins had a field goal and 3 PATS for a fat 6 points.

D: Pittsburgh: Pitt plays Oakland. 20 points! 6 sacks and an interception. The Steelers, however, lost like a bunch of chumps anyway.


Rexxy Grossman: 252 yards and 3 touchdowns, this week Rexxy was definitely bringing sexy back to the bears offensive attack. A

Travis Henry: Do I smell Travis’ second straight 150 yard+ week in a row? You bet your ass I did…. However, with my senses as off as they were this weekend, what I thought was a flowery aroma ended up wreaking of dog poop. 29 yards, 2 points. F

Tatum Bell: Apparently, Tatum Bell has turf toe in both feet. I have a feeling, Mike Shanahan gave Tatum smaller shoes so he’d struggle, and his horse Mike could take the job. Whatever happened, the Bronco’s running game blew up, but Tatum only acquired 2 points this Sunday. F

Reggie Williams: Where oh where has the Reggie gone? He’s disappeared into the type of production that had deemed him a bust for the first two years of his career. Enigma, or QB challenged wide receiver? Either way, 1 fantasy point makes me look bad. F

Keyshawn Johnson: Rolling right along with my “very bad to listen to Lucky” weekend, Keysh could only manage 1 fantasy point after catching one pass, on way to helping his Panthers get whomped by the Cowboys. F

Heath Miller: 2 catches this time, but still only 10 yards, giving me yet another pass catcher with 1 point. Crapper. F

Saints DST: I’m not even going to look up the point total, I watched the game, and I can tell you right now that the Saints didn’t do jack shit on defense, and they gave me 3 points. I’ll take yet another F, what the hell?


Steve McNair and Brad Johnson: McNair had a stellar day, while Johnson had just about the worst day of his entire career. So I guess I’ll take a C here.

Cadillac Williams: Caddy did very little, just as I had suspected. 5 points from a starting running back is wussy-ish, no doubt about that. 20 rushing 34 receiving, sounds like a Reggie Bush kind of effort. A

Marvin Harrison: Marvin took one for the team on Sunday Night. Harrison demanded Champ Bailey in coverage, leaving Reggie Wayne matched up against a youngster on the other side. Harrison struggled to get 3 fantasy points, while Reggie Wayne had 3 TD’s. A

Algae Crumpler: Crump had another big day in the ATL, taking the rock 4 times out of Vick’s hands for 72 yards and a score. 13 points from a tight end is dinomite. So I’ll roll an F here.

All in all, boy am I glad this week is over.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 8

It’s been made clear to me by some of my readers that it’d be helpful if I gave up some of my Top Bets of the week. I like giving my thoughts on each game, and I’ll keep doing that, but if I like my chances a little more on certain games, I’m going to put a (*) in my write up. Hope that helps. A week after finishing in the green with an 8-5 record, I’m coming right back at my goal to get another perfect week. Follow along as we’re back to 14 games this week. Just one more for me to win.Arizona (+4) at Green Bay – (*) I know Green Bay has won a couple lately, and Arizona is down in the dumps, fired their offensive coordinator, has a rookie at QB, and might not have Larry Fitz for the 3rd straight week, but I’ll take the Cardinals to win in Green Bay. Like Isaiah Thomas once said, “It’s crazy enough, it just might work.” Okay, so I have better reasoning than that, but if I’m ever getting paid millions of dollars to sign overpriced babies, I might think along the same lines as Ike. The Packers haven’t given up less than 23 points all season long, while even with all the turnovers from their offense, Arizona has been pretty stingy on defense. Chicago didn’t have an offensive touchdown. This will be Edge’s best game of the season. 100+ yards? You heard it here. With a new offensive look from Dennis Green, I expect a better plan on O. It looks weird now, but the Cards are a safe bet here.

Atlanta at Cincinnati (-4) – The Falcons have looked pretty good offensively, but as Mike Vick has shown, he’s anything but consistent. Hell, 4 touchdowns last week makes him a numerical lock for none this week. No, but honestly, Marvin Lewis will have a nice plan to detain the Mighty Falcon, and Chad Johnson and company will have a nice outing against a lack luster pass defense from Atlanta. By the way, it’s nice to see Chad back running his mouth in Cinci!

Baltimore (+2.5) at New Orleans – (*) As much as it’d be great to see New Orleans finish the season undefeated at home, I think that dream will end this week against the Ravens. New O has a nice shot at hitting the playoffs, but their defensive difficiencies will catch up with them sooner or later. The Ravens don’t have much punch on offense, and I don’t trust Brian Billick to do much better than Jim Fassell, but I have a feeling Baltimore will get their running game together against the Saints. If and when that happens, Baltimore could trot or with a win rather easily.

Houston (+3) at Tennessee – (*) The Texans are getting better, and they are better than their record. Coach Kubiak is a very smart man, and a great running teacher. With David Carr starting to find his timing and accuracy, I think we’re going to start seeing a lot more of the Texans who beat the Jaguars last week, and a lot less of the Texans that got the number one pick last season. I like the Titans young club, but I don’t know how much a bye week is going to help them. If anything, it cut their streak short of 2 straight solid football games.

Jacksonville (+8) at Philadelphia – The Jaguars are a very good football team, still on their way to the playoffs. 7 points is too many. Philly hasn’t held down a score all season, sans the 49ers, and even in that game I was frightened for my spread. Jacksonville had a head gasket blow last week against the Texans, and their the type of team that comes back stronger after a loss like that. I think the Eagles will pull this out by a point or 3, but that’s why I have to roll with the Jags and that touchdown on their side.

Seattle (+7) at Kansas City – (*) It’s nice to see everyone giving up on Seattle now that Matt is out with a bum knee. Look for Seneca Wallace to impress the football world with a solid performance against the Chiefs. I don’t think the Hawks will pack it in like everyone else is trying to say. Maurice Morris needs to play better, and he will. Wallace will use his feet a little more this week, and with a week of taking all the reps under his belt, he’ll run the team more efficiently. Wallace is talented, but even more importantly, so are the Seahawks. Don’t forget that.

San Francisco (+17) at Chicago -The 49ers will give the Bears a run in this one. I think Chicago is much better than they showed two weeks ago in Arizona, but not nearly as good as they were against Seattle. You know, the game before everyone and their mother wanted to call them the best team in football. The 49ers get two starters on their offensive line back this week. They’ll pound Frank Gore all day, or until he fumbles. Don’t expect him to lose the rock. I’m not supporting a 49er upset, but 17 points is a lot, too much to handicap the Bears.

Tampa Bay (+10.5) at N.Y. Giants – I like the Buc’s defense. I’ve liked them for a few years, and I like them this season. The Giants beat the Cowboys, so what, Dallas hasn’t looked good. Tampa struggled early, but they’re starting to pull it together. Their rushing attack is solid with Caddy, and their rookie QB makes just enough plays to give them a chance to win. That means they’ll be closer than 10. That half point makes me feel that much better. Expect a let down from New York after a big win last Monday Night.

St. Louis (+10) at San Diego – The Chargers showed last week that they can be passed on. Last year was the same thing. Against the run, San Diego is as good as it gets, but through the air, they are susceptible to a solid passing attack. Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Steven Jackson… Anything starting to click? Yes, the Rams have All Pro talent in the passing game. The Chargers are the better team, but St. Louis is a tough match-up for the Chargers. 10 points is too many. The Rams 5-1 ATS record makes me feel all cushy inside as well.

Indianapolis (+3) at Denver – The Colts as an underdog. Yep, in almost every regular season situation I’ll take them Indy boys. But this should be one hell of a test for the run-struggling Colts. They’re missing Edge nearly as much as James misses them. Rhodes averaged 2 yards a carry last week, allowing me to ponder Addai’s growing roll in the Colts offense. I think this will be his week. Against a defense that is sure to donate more time to stopping Peyton, Wayne, and Harrison, Joseph will get his shot to take advantage. Nothing has been said about the Broncos’ ailing defensive line. After this game, that topic will be more talked about.

N.Y. Jets (+2) at Cleveland – Offensive coordinator issues, like the Browns OC quit after last weeks terrible performance against the Broncos, have me steering clear from taking the Browns. The Jets aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be, and the Browns just haven’t been able to put it together. I like what the Browns are going to be, but New York should take this game in Cleveland.

Pittsburgh (-9) at Oakland – I just can’t take the Raiders. They got their win, they still wreak of a solo win season, and unlike the other three teams that needed to fire their Offensive mind, the Raiders are sticking with their guy. The story on the street is, Ben might not play. Charlie Batch has played well enough to oust the Raiders by a touchdown and a field goal. Walter and the Black and Silver will get sacked and smashed all game long. Oh, and mark my words, Ben will play if he’s even close to full speed.

Dallas at Carolina (-4.5) – If Dallas doesn’t know what to do with Plaxico Burress, I can’t even imagine how dumbfounding practice is going to be all week as they prepare for Steve Smith to come in and single handily beat them in Carolina. The Panthers haven’t really impressed me all year, but I’m sticking to my guns with them. Defensively, they are very, very good. Offensively, they haven’t clicked yet. Expect that to happen at home this week in Dallas. Another loss in Big D would make things a lot more fun anyway.

New England at Minnesota (+3) – (*) Minnesota just flat out covers spreads. 5-1 ATS this season, and I know they had a nice record last year as well. The Vikings are tough, way tougher than a 3 point underdog at home to an overrated Patriot team, I’ll tell you that. It wouldn’t surprise me if Minnesota came out and shut down Tom Brady and the Patriots, while rushing to run the clock. This one will be close, but Minnesota should win this game.

Week 8 College Football Picks Review: 2006

I didn’t get 8 wins in Week 8, in fact I only tallied half that many in my first down week this month. I’ll come back swinging next week, but as far as Saturday was concerned, this is how I got three black-eyes… 4-6-1

Iowa Hawkeyes (+14) @ Michigan Wolverines: Those bloody Wolverines stold this game from me when they scored 10 4th quarter points to push this game. That’s what I get for changing the channel thinking I had this game in the bag.

SC Fighting Gamecocks @ Vanderbilt Commodores (+3.5): Vanderbilt couldn’t even get their feet off the ground before SC was whipping them good. For the first time this year, the Commodores were dominated from start to finish. Luckily I took them. Ugh.

North Carolina State Wolfpack @ Maryland Terrapins (-3): The Terps covered even though they gave up 2 4th quarter touchdowns. What can I say? College football is interesting, and that’s never more true than when Maryland is holding a big 4th quarter lead. Their 4th quarter field goal was just enough to give me the win.

West Virginia Mountaineers (-22) @ Connecticut: WV won by 26 points as they ran all over the UCONN Huskies on Friday Night. It’s always nice to walk into the weekend with a win under your belt.

Texas Longhorns (-6.5) @ Nebraska Cornhuskers: A nice 2nd half for the Cornhuskers took me out of the cover running. However, a big mistake late allowed the Horns to claw back for a game winning field goal. It wasn’t enough for me, the Longhorns win and I lose.

Indiana Hoosiers (+31.5) @ Ohio State Buckeyes: Indiana just didn’t have a chance. I thought they’d score a couple times late, and that would have gotten me the W, but OSU was on the ball, hustling until the very last play of the game. Needless to say, I didn’t win this one.

Wisconsin Badgers @ Purdue Boilermakers (+6.5): 24 unanswered points by the Badgers took me down kicking and screaming. I couldn’t believe how easily the Badgers shut down the Boilermakers regularly efficient offense, but that’s exactly what happened. Next week must be the week Wisconsin starts to tumble…

Illinois Fighting Illini (+18) @ Penn State Nittany Lions: PSU ended up taking this game by 14, not enough to cover, and a much bigger final score than it seemed. This game was tight throughout, especially in the 1st half, but Penn’s big second half got them the win.

Miami Hurricanes (-17.5) @ Duke Blue Devils: The Hurricanes were basically covering at the half, up 17-0 on the hapless Blue Devils. In the 3rd quarter the Canes didn’t come out to play, but still had the game covered after only giving up a safety and scoring a field goal. Then their was 4… Quarters that is; In the 4th, Duke rolled out 13 points to cover easily, blowing what I thought was a sure win.

UCLA Bruins (-13.5) @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish: UCLA couldn’t pull it out, as the luck of the Irish took them out late in the 4th. You could almost feel it coming. UCLA easily covered though, giving me what I think is my first Notre Dame game win since opening week.

Washington Huskies @ Cal Bears (-22.5): The Bears didn’t look nearly as good as they have all season, while UW looked solid without their fearless leader, Isaiah, at QB. It wasn’t enough to take down the Bears, but UW sent the game into overtime, easily covering and marking my 6th loss of Week 8.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 8 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: You can’t get better than these fellas in week 7…

QB: Brett Favre: After promising myself never to pick Rex Grossman here again, I’d say Brett Favre is a nice pick here… It’s ridiculous to go with the same guys week in and week out, so rolling the dice with Old Gray Beard as my fantasy stud in Week 7 feels like a winner.

RB: Kevin Jones: This might have the backfire of a Rex Grossman on Monday Night, but how can I go away from the runner facing the Jets? Two words; Ronnie Brown! The Dolphins looked like they couldn’t get the runs if they ate sloppy joes all week, but sure enough Mr. Brown ran all over NY. This week it’s KJ’s turn to run amuck.

RB: Clinton Portis: I’d love to roll with LT every week, but that’s basically cheating, plus I think Clinton’s ready to explode against the Colts. This game will be closer than expected, at least I better hope so, I’m taking the Skins and the points. Portis will score a couple times, as Indy has proven that stopping the run isn’t their bag baby.

WR: Plaxico Burress: Plax will have a chance to get Monday Night Player of the Week when the Giants trot into Dallas this week. Dallas can’t cover for crap, and Eli will need to go up top early and often if he wants to keep the Cowboys run defense honest. A couple big plays on 1st and 2nd down will have Burress racking up some points.

WR: Anquan Boldin: If Boldin can do the Bears like he done, you can count on him doubling that production against the hapless Raiders. Leinart is a smart kid, hence his trust in Quan. Boldin is a borderline Top 5 receiver in the league, actually bunk that, he is Top 5!

TE: Randy McMichael: Yeah, Gates is a great play here, so if you have him, play him. But I’m trying to take some time off from my norm this week, so I’ll take Randy McMichael against the Packers. Green Bay can’t stop jack, and Randy has led the Dolphins in receiving each of Joey Harrington’s two starts. The trend shall continue!

K: John Kasey: Kasey’s crazy leg should be on automatic mode in Cincinnati. The Bengals have a decent defense, but all of Carolina’s offensive weapons should get them down the field. Kasey will capitalize with 3 or 4 field goals on Sunday.

D: Broncos: Who plays Oakland this week? Arizona… Yikes… Hey, I said it, I might as well follow through. I’ll take the Cardinals. The Raiders are brutal, watch, even the Cards will D them up.


Joey Harrington: I’ll roll with Joey again. Not just because it’s easy to keep his name up on the board, but the Dolphins are rolling at home against the Packers, quite possibly the only secondary that can compete with theirs for biggest baddest donkeys around. Can he have more TD’s than picks? That is the question.

Chester Taylor: Chester isn’t the stud Minnesota thought they were getting, but he’ll be benefiting from Steve Hutchinson mauling his old teammates on Sunday. You can bet Hutch will get plenty of opportunities to run block against his old squad. Chester will have his best game of the season.

Dominic Rhodes: Rhodsey hasn’t done quite enough to make him a must start, but a week after Travis Henry broke the donkey’s back against Washington, you can bet your balls Peyton will give Rhodes plenty of chances to prove himself at home against the Skins. A couple touchdowns sounds just about right.

Greg Jennings: Have you seen the Dolphins secondary tackling fools left and right? Yeah, me neither. Jennings will benefit from one of the league’s worst secondaries on way to another strong week for the rookie.

Matt Jones: The Great White Hype hasn’t done much to celebrate this season, and basically nothing lately. But this week will be different. The Jaguars always beat the Texans, and with Houston keying in on the Jaguar run game 1st and Reggie Williams 2nd you can bet Byron will take advantage of the 6’6″ target running behind the defense in Houston. Matt will have his first big game of the year.

Ben Watson: Ben has too many skills to stay in fantasy purgatory for the rest of the season. When he breaks out, you can bet I’ll have him on my sleepers list. Buffalo hasn’t done well on the defensive end of the ball lately, and Bill always finds ways to dominate coming off a bye. Big Ben well help the cause.

Steelers DST: Though not the most popular option this week, Pittsburgh has just the right kind of defense to shut down Atlanta. I know the Chiefs O-Line isn’t what it used to be, but LJ only got 26 yards on 15 carries last week. If they can do that to him, Pittsburgh should do just fine against Atlanta’s rushing attack. Shut down the run, shut down Atlanta.


Brad Johnson: You can bet the Vikings will try to slow the game down as much as possible, because no way they can gun with Hasselbeck and the Hawks. That being said, 36+ rushes won’t surprise me. That means low attempts and low totals for BJ.

Reuben Droughns: Denver will eliminate the rush from the Browns. When Denver gets ahead, they slow everything down. A fast game and playing from behind, matched up with playing against a tough defense should hurt Mr. D’s fantasy stats.

Hines Ward: He’s one of my favorite players of all time, but he should have a rough time against Atlanta’s secondary. DeAngelo Hall will have him on lockdown, not a good sign Hines. Other receivers might benefit from his attention, but Hines should falter in Week 7.

Jeremy Shockey: Don’t bet on Jeremy in prime time. Shockey, though its amazing with his ridiculously loud personality, always manages to struggle in the spotlight. His words about Bill Parcells a year ago will have him interviewed and questioned all week. That won’t help him. Don’t expect much from the U’s biggest fan.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 8

Lucky scrambled to an 8-6 record last week which coupled with week six’s blockbuster performance has me feeling optimistic about week Eight. Let’s get to the picks:Redskin’s +2 @ Giants
Giants lackluster defense will be unable to slow down the emerging triplets for the “Skins”. Brunell, Moss, and Portis should all put up big numbers against the leaky Giant’s defense. On the other side, Washington has one of the finest defenses in the league.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Packers @ Bengals -10
Even Favre cannot continue to keep the Packers competitive. The latest injuries, Ahman Green and Robert Ferguson, leave the Packers thin at the skill positions. Bengals will rebound at home after their huge loss to the Steelers. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Bears +3 @ Lions
Lion QB Jeff Garcia has Lions more dangerous on offence but Bears counter with vastly superior defense and rushing attack. Take the Bears and the points. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Vikings +8.5 @ Panthers
Vikings really pulled it together in the 2nd half against the Packers. I expect their “bunker mentality” will keep it close in Carolina.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Raiders -1.5 @ Titans
Home dogs Titans with McNair returning at QB are not talented enough to hang with the Raiders. The well coached Titans are struggling to put healthy players on field. Raiders RB Lamont Jordan is running with confidence. Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Cardinals +10 @ Cowboys
The Cowboys have played nail biters in six of seven games. Expect that trend to continue against the youthful Cardinals. Cowboys makeshift OL will struggle against Cardinal pass rush.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Browns +2 @ Texans
It is hard to fathom winless Texans favored in this contest. The Texans have shown a total inability to protect QB David Carr. Expect the Browns to pound the ball against Texans porous run defense.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Dolphins @ Saints-3
Expect emotional contest as Miami coach Saban returns to LSU. Saints playing in storm ravaged Louisiana have better tools on offense and just enough grit on Defense for a convincing win.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:05 ET

Chiefs +6.5 @ Chargers
Charger RB Tomlinson was shut down by Eagles. Expect the Chiefs to copy those tactics to try and contain him. Kansas City will control the clock with RB tandem of Holmes and Johnson.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:05 ET

Buccaneers -12 @ 49ers
Expect San Franciscos offensive woes to continue with QB Dorsey up against top rated Tampa Bay Defense. Buc star rookie RB Cadillac Williams could see first action since week four.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:15 ET

Eagles +3.5 @ Broncos
Eagles swarming defense should throttle Denver RBs. Eagle offense has sputtered but should get back on track at Mile High. Expect Eagles to run the bar to keep McNabb, 58 passes last week, fresh.
Game Date: 10/30/05 16:15 ET

Jaguars -3 @ Rams
Ram offensive injuries especially at QB and WR will hamper production. Jaguar RB Fred Taylor returns to exploit Rams beleaguered defense. Jaguars should be healthy after their bye.
Game Date: 10/30/05 13:00 ET

Bills +10 @ Patriots
Ten points is too much to lay for a Patriot team that has struggled to run effectively and conversely has been ineffectual against the run. McGahee should rebound from last weeks, 37 yards, performance.
Game Date: 10/30/05 20:35 ET

Ravens @ Steelers -11
The Steelers are separating themselves from the pack with dominant offense and defense. The Ravens cannot run, Jamal Lewis is averaging 2.9 yards per carry. God knows they sure can not throw it! Fine Raven defense is hurting mightily with both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed out. Game Date: 10/31/05 21:05 ET

Big Bet Of The Week
Take the Cardinals +330 to upset the Cowboys. This Cowboy team finds ways to keep things close. I will always take 3-1 in close games.

Bonus Big Bet
Take the Bills +325 to upset the Patriots. The Bills strengths, pass defense and rushing attack, match up well against this years Patriot squad.



Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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