2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: Lets see if I can’t 1-up my 129 points from last week (thanks for all those points Tom).

QB: Tom Brady vs. Washington: Is it fair to pick anyone else? This guy is unreal right now, and I don’t think even the Redskins stout secondary can run his show. We’ll see. If Brady costs too much this week, roll with Eli Manning, Big Ben, McNabb, and even Brian Griese.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT’s back on his high horse, and you can bet he’ll be running to put out that fire for all those people back home in San Diego.

RB: Brandon Jacobs vs. Miami: Zach Thomas is out again, and you know what that means, another “Raider” day for Miami. Derek Ward is most likely out this week, leaving Jacobs to do most, if not all of the heavy lifting. 130 yards and a couple scores is what I’m looking for, here.

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Carolina: The Panthers are way overrated, and their secondary is a weak link. Manning will exploit that, and why not go to old dependable, Reggie Wayne.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Washington: I have to ride this guy – he’s been amazing, unstoppable, and Brady is starting to realize how good Moss really is. If Tom wasn’t a shoe in for MVP – Moss would be getting lots of votes. At least from the DB sector of the panel.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. St. Louis: The Rams actually have a very stout rush-defense – and thus the Browns won’t be able to run much. They will score, and that means passing, and Winslow is a sure thing for 8 fantasy points from the TE. A score, and he’s a top flight guy this week.

K: Robbie Gould vs. Detroit: I’ve been struggling with kickers (fade me) so I’ll be going with last years’ top guy. Yhatzee!

D: Giants vs. Dolphins: The Dolphins suck and they just lost their best player (by far) so I have to take a Giants’ team that makes the most of big plays.


Brian Griese: The Griese-ball goes heads up with Detroit, and I’m sure they’ll limit a bad rushing attack from the Bears. So, Griese will be passing a lot. I like my chances at a big day.

Alex Smith: He’s probably out there to be had, and Alex has been brutal when he’s played this year, but they’re going up against the Saints for God’s sake, how easy can it get?

Fred Taylor: Fred’s almost become a fantasy afterthought, but with Garrard out, there’s going to be plenty of carries for the running backs in Jacksonville. With Jones-Drew hurting a little bit, I imagine that Fred will get around 20 carries. He’s good enough to do damage with that many looks. Give him a shot.

Brandon Jacobs: I love Jacobs against Miami this week, especially without Zach Thomas playing linebacker – but this is hardly a sleeper, Jacobs is a stud. Last week here for him.

Steven Jackson: Haha… Yeah, I’m using the consensus 2nd round pick as my sleeper, but he hasn’t played all that well when healthy, and he’s been out forever. He’ll come back and have an immediate impact on a terrible Browns defense, one that allows the most yards per game in the entire league.

Hines Ward: Hines “I’m gonna kill the Bengals’ secondary” Ward is going to show us why his middle name is an entire murderous phrase.

Lee Evans: It’s time for this gamebreaker to start breaking open some games. Why not against a brutal Jets defense? Good question. He’ll put up points this week.

Greg Olsen: I like Olsen to find the end-zone this week against the Lions. That would make him a top tight end. He’s a good sleeper, and still available in most leagues out there.

Titans DST: I’m not too impressed with Oakland’s offense lately, especially up against a good run defense. So, I have to love this match-up this week.

LUCKY’S Week 8 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: With Jason and Clinton on my bench him section, you’d think I don’t see the Skins having much of a chance this weekend against the Patriots – yep, that’s about right.

Clinton Portis: If this game is anything like all of the Patriots’ games, they’ll be up so fast that running will become a non-factor for the Redskins. That spells trouble for Washington. Portis will almost certainly struggle this week.

Cedric Benson: Even against the Lions, I still don’t like Benson. Detroit has a better run defense than advertised, and open spaces in their secondary that will cut down on the Bears’ rushing numbers.

Donald Driver: Driver is a stud, but I think he’ll struggle against the Broncos secondary in Denver this week.

Marques Colston: Colston has been bad all season. He hasn’t gotten much help from his offense, but the sophomore slump is busting his balls. Nate Clements and the Niners defense shuts down the #1 receiver on opposing teams, so don’t expect much from Colston in terms of a better week this time around.

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