Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 8

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Back pain and all, Older Papa Weimer is back with his Tear Jerkers for Week 8. There’s only so much you can do, start the players you have and hope for the best – if you happened to have this group of donkeys on Sunday (or Monday) than you are SOL this week.

Lamont Jordan: Where have you gone, buddy? You had everyone and their mother convinced that last years’ terrible totals were an aberration, nice trick. Again you struggled, and made those same owners sick that had gloated after the first two games about how great you were, and how they were so cool for stealing you late and picking WRs and QBs early. Well, screw them.

Frank Gore: 4 points for this Top 5 pick, ouch, it’s getting ugly in San Francisco – so much for competing for the top spot in the West, eh? The 49ers are dip sixing it as we speak. The 49ers are getting killed by everyone, and Frank Gore isn’t getting the ball enough. Everyone can see the kid is frustrated, and I believe he’ll have about 5 big games to finish off the season in fine fashion. But this week, Gore was a tear jerker.

Donald Driver: 28 yards on a night where Brett threw for 331 and two scores… Ugh. I watched the game with about 6 die hard Packer fans, and I realized something; Brett Favre never makes a bad throw – for example, the one ball Driver lunged for in the end zone, the one that barely skipped off his longest finger tip, to a Packer fan, that was a ball Driver just couldn’t hold on to, “God, Driver, hold onto the damn ball.” Wow. Anyway, regardless, it was Jennings and Jones having big days for Green Bay, and Ryan Grant as well. Not Driver.

Brian Griese: 204 yards, 4 interceptions, and 1 touchdown…. Gross. That’s 6 points for a quarterback playing against the Detroit Lions. That’s not the first time Griese has thrown bad picks against the Lions. They must have his number – unfortunately for them, the only quarterbacks number they have is Brian Griese’s, and they’re done playing him for the rest of the season.

Matt Schaub: I don’t like putting injured players in here, but Schaub threw for 77 yards and 2 picks in his limited action. That’s a nice -2 for the day in my league. Not necessarily a good score for a starting quarterback, now is it? Nope. If you started Stump the Schaub, you were definitely crying after Sunday.
(Congratulations to Lee Evans for playing well enough to be in consideration for a fantasy tear jerker award next week, it’s about time little man!)

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