2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: I didn’t top 129, but 116 points is pretty good from my team of Fantasy Studs for Week 8.QB: Tom Brady vs. Washington: 41 points for Tom Brady. That’s what I’m talking about. Weird, he was once again the highest scoring playing in fantasy football. Like I said, I have to pick this guy.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT had 90 rushing yards, but his low scoring day was the fault of the Chargers defense, a unit that scored all day, and gave the Chargers no reason to use their best player and risk an injury after half time.

RB: Brandon Jacobs vs. Miami: Brandon Jacobs had 131 rushing yards, just like I had predicted, but none of the scores I thought I’d be getting. He was the 5th overall RB during a slow week for running backs, something that’s becoming more and more of a consistent reality with all the huge passing numbers this season. Still, 13 points isn’t all that bad.

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Carolina: Just like I expected, Reggie exploited the Panthers’ secondary, this time to the tune of 168 yards and 24 fantasy points in my league. Thanks Reggie! Reggie tied with Colston for 1st overall for WRs.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Washington: Randy only had 47 of Tom Brady’s 300+ yards passing, but he did catch one of Tom’s 3 touchdown passes, giving Moss 10 fantasy points for Week 8, good for 10th amongst WRs.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. St. Louis: “Winslow is a sure thing for 8 fantasy points from the TE.” He wasn’t the best option, like say Antonio Gates, but like I said, Kellen got his 8.

K: Robbie Gould vs. Detroit: “I’ve been struggling with kickers (fade me) so I’ll be going with last years’ top guy. Yhatzee!” Talk about nothing. Dude had one extra point. Thank you, Brian Griese, for throwing interceptions right before each chance for Robbie to kick a football.

D: Giants vs. Dolphins: The Giants allowed a late touchdown, which hurt my overall score, but New York put together a decent day, good enough for 13 fantasy points.


Brian Griese: Griese was once again stymied by the Lions. I just don’t get it, maybe the Lions just aren’t as bad in the secondary as I thought they were. 6 pts – F

Alex Smith: He didn’t look good, but he tallied up 14 fantasy points in the process, not bad. I think Smith will play better and better as the season moves forward, but for now, I’ll take a B for his performance.

Fred Taylor: Fred had 24 carries, but for only 68 yards. That was good for 6 points, but not too good for fantasy owners. D

Brandon Jacobs: He did alright, I ended up using him as my top pick, and a sleeper – kind of ridiculous, I know, so I’ll take a C+ here.

Steven Jackson: Jackson did all his damage early, 8 carries for 41 yards and a touchdown, and it looked like the Rams were back offensively. Then the stud running back went down, the running threat crumbled, and the Rams lost. Still, Jackson’s 10 points were good enough for 8th amongst running backs. B-?

Hines Ward: “Hines “I’m gonna kill the Bengals’ secondary” Ward is going to show us why his middle name is an entire murderous phrase.” 2 touchdowns, that’s the kind of performance I was looking for. I should have picked Hines in front of Randy Moss for my top pick, oh well, I’ll take a solid ‘A+’ here.

Lee Evans: It’s about time, Lee did up the Jets to the tune of 138 yards and a long touchdown, hooking me up with 21 fantasy points from my sleeper who has been dropped in many a league. Good deal. A+

Greg Olsen: Olsen ranked 3rd amongst tight ends, catching a few balls for 59 yards and a touchdown. 3rd overall? I’ll take my A.

Titans DST: 3rd overall this week with 21 fantasy points in my league, not too shabby for my sleeper D of the week.

LUCKY’S Week 8 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: Campbell’s 5 points weren’t quite as bad as how he played, but he did throw a last quarter meaningless touchdown with his Redskins down 52-7. I have to say, this wasn’t too difficult of a prediction.

Clinton Portis: Clinton had 11 carries for 27 yards, yes, normal teams can’t run against the Patriots. He did catch a handful of balls for 50+ yards, though – so his 7 points weren’t as bad as I thought, but they were still bad enough for you to thank me for telling you to sit him.

Cedric Benson: Benson didn’t have too bad a day, considering he only carried the ball 13 times. He had 50 yards rushing and 10 receiving, good for 6 points. Good enough to start? No, but not as bad as say, Lamont Jordan’s 12 yards rushing.

Donald Driver: 28 yards, two measly fantasy points, and his quarterback threw for 331 yards… looks like I lucked out with this one. Oh well, I’ll take it, he probably had Champ on him all night. That’s kind of what I figured. Pat on the old back, that’s right.

Marques Colston: This pick killed my whole “perfect” bench ’em section. Colston caught 3 touchdowns, killing the stupid fantasy owners who dropped the young touchdown maker. Silly fantasy owners. Silly me for doubting this sophomore star.

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