2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: “The way I see it, this is the fastest way to 140 fantasy points.” Well, I got 145 points, thank you L- T&J…

QB: Matt Leinart: God I’m stupid. I don’t know what I was on writing this pick… 8 fantasy points for Matt and he played like a pile of poop.

RB: Larry Johnson: 155 yards rushing, 27 receiving yards, and 4 total touchdowns. Go ahead and notch that up as 41 fantasy points. Championship!

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: Not to be outdone by the other top running back in the NFL, LT produced just as many points as LJ. 240 combined yards, and 3 touchdowns.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had a nice game, 107 yards and a 2pt conversion for a 12 point game at WR. Not too shabby, just not game-breaking by any means.

WR: Anquan Boldin: Boldin’s 40 yards didn’t impress me. Wish I would have taken Reggie Wayne at this spot? 4 points is not good.

TE: Kellen Winslow: Kellen had 13 fantasy points, which, coming from a tight end other than Antonio Gates is a success.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff Wilkins had a field goal and 3 PATS for a fat 6 points.

D: Pittsburgh: Pitt plays Oakland. 20 points! 6 sacks and an interception. The Steelers, however, lost like a bunch of chumps anyway.


Rexxy Grossman: 252 yards and 3 touchdowns, this week Rexxy was definitely bringing sexy back to the bears offensive attack. A

Travis Henry: Do I smell Travis’ second straight 150 yard+ week in a row? You bet your ass I did…. However, with my senses as off as they were this weekend, what I thought was a flowery aroma ended up wreaking of dog poop. 29 yards, 2 points. F

Tatum Bell: Apparently, Tatum Bell has turf toe in both feet. I have a feeling, Mike Shanahan gave Tatum smaller shoes so he’d struggle, and his horse Mike could take the job. Whatever happened, the Bronco’s running game blew up, but Tatum only acquired 2 points this Sunday. F

Reggie Williams: Where oh where has the Reggie gone? He’s disappeared into the type of production that had deemed him a bust for the first two years of his career. Enigma, or QB challenged wide receiver? Either way, 1 fantasy point makes me look bad. F

Keyshawn Johnson: Rolling right along with my “very bad to listen to Lucky” weekend, Keysh could only manage 1 fantasy point after catching one pass, on way to helping his Panthers get whomped by the Cowboys. F

Heath Miller: 2 catches this time, but still only 10 yards, giving me yet another pass catcher with 1 point. Crapper. F

Saints DST: I’m not even going to look up the point total, I watched the game, and I can tell you right now that the Saints didn’t do jack shit on defense, and they gave me 3 points. I’ll take yet another F, what the hell?


Steve McNair and Brad Johnson: McNair had a stellar day, while Johnson had just about the worst day of his entire career. So I guess I’ll take a C here.

Cadillac Williams: Caddy did very little, just as I had suspected. 5 points from a starting running back is wussy-ish, no doubt about that. 20 rushing 34 receiving, sounds like a Reggie Bush kind of effort. A

Marvin Harrison: Marvin took one for the team on Sunday Night. Harrison demanded Champ Bailey in coverage, leaving Reggie Wayne matched up against a youngster on the other side. Harrison struggled to get 3 fantasy points, while Reggie Wayne had 3 TD’s. A

Algae Crumpler: Crump had another big day in the ATL, taking the rock 4 times out of Vick’s hands for 72 yards and a score. 13 points from a tight end is dinomite. So I’ll roll an F here.

All in all, boy am I glad this week is over.

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