2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 12

This Week’s Top Team: 100 on the dot – not good, but with some injuries and only 7 points from Randy Moss and Andre Johnson, it could have been a lot worse. Thanks to Tom Brady, I just reached the century plateau.QB: Tom Brady vs. Philadelphia: Tom wasn’t the best option in Week 12, but he still put up 380 yards and a touchdown. And he was good for 22 fantasy points. Still, there were 9 guys that finished higher than Brady, including AJ Feeley and Trent Dilfer…

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Atlanta: Addai was out for about half the game, but he still came back in to post a touchdown that upped his ranking this week. 5 points from yards and a touchdown for an 11 point week.

RB: Steven Jackson vs. Seattle: Jackson was held in check for most of the day by the Hawks defense. He broke one huge touchdown run, but besides that he didn’t do anything. He still posted 93 yards rushing, 15 receiving, and a long touchdown good for 18 fantasy points for me.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Philadelphia: 43 yards – Randy’s worst day of the year. Schucks auto supply!

WR: Andre Johnson vs. Cleveland: Andre only had 3 fantasy points this week, which really stunned me. I thought he was one of the best options this week.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Houston: “This Soldier will have close to 100 yards against the Texans.” How about 107 yards and a touchdown. Big day for the Soldier… 16 fantasy points from my tight end.

K: Rob Bironas vs. Cincinnati: “Does it matter? I just pick terrible kickers every week. I’ll guess I’ll go with the team I want to lose – hmmm…. I doubt they’ll lose, but maybe my bad kicker luck will keep them down against the Bungles.” YEAH! I have a tactic these days… Bironas had 6 fantasy points, but the Titans lost big to the Bungles, and I think I’m on to something here.

D: San Diego vs. Baltimore: 18 fantasy points for the Chargers this week, as they pretty much shut down the Ravens. It was a must win for San Diego, and their defense stepped up their game.


Kellen Clemens: 3 fantasy points for Kellen, and his Jets got destroyed by the Cowboys. So I was right and wrong, right that he had to put points on the board to give his team a chance, and wrong that he’d have a decent day. F

Earnest Graham: 75 yards and a score, Earnest finished just behind Chester Taylor, and once again put up a solid week filling in for the injured Caddy Williams. B

Chester Taylor: Taylor ran the ball for 77 yards on 31 carries. He did, however, put the ball in the end zone during the Vikings destruction of the Giants. His totals were good for 14 points on the day, and he was a Top 15 start. B

Edgerrin James: Edge had 8 fantasy points in an absolute shoot out. He posted solid numbers, 78 yards on 17 carries, a catch for 11 yards, but the fact that he didn’t reach the end zone hurt his total. Still, 8 points was in the Top 25 this week for running backs. C-

D.J. Hackett: D-Jack had 4 catches for 40 yards before he went out with an ankle injury. I’ll leave this one ungraded, but realize that an injury hurt my cause.

Donte Stallworth: Stallworth got the win against his former team, but he didn’t get involved that much. Wes Welker was the guy Philly left open, and he ended up killing the Eagles. Stallworth had 50+ yards, not a terrible day, but nothing to write home about either. D+

Tony Scheffler: “Against the Bears, I expect Scheff to get 60 yards and quite possibly a touchdown. He’s a tough match-up for that questionable secondary in Chicago.” Scheffler had one lucky ass touchdown grab, but what a job of grabbing it when he had his chance, great concentration. The Scheff had 20 more yards than I expected, putting up 16 fantasy points for me this week. A+

Chiefs: Just 8 points for the Chiefs, and they lost despite a 150 yard day from Kolby Smith… Are you kidding me? F just for that loss.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: JC still put up 301 yards this week, and he was ranked 18th amongst signal callers with 12 fantasy points, but he didn’t have a good day. All in all, he was mediocre, and I finish middle of the pack on this one.

Travis Henry: Didn’t play.

Wes Welker: Most catches and most yards ever for the little guy? You bet, I couldn’t have been more wrong unless he put a couple in the end zone. As it stands, I was just pretty wrong.

Roy Williams: Well, I hope I helped you out here. Roy had 34 yards and no scores once again. Has anybody realized that Roy hasn’t done shit since the Lions started losing? Maybe they should try to get him the ball next week against Minnesota.

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 12

This Week’s Top Team: Still going for 140+ – not an easy feat, but if I do it right, it’s possible.

QB: Tom Brady vs. Philadelphia: Lets be honest, he’s Tom freaking Brady – isn’t that a good enough reason to go with this Patriot?

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Atlanta: Last week, the Falcons poor run defense lost both their starting tackles. Two weeks ago, they cut one of their stating tackles. The Colts try and try to run the ball whenever they can. Touchdowns and yards, here J Addai comes.

RB: Steven Jackson vs. Seattle: I’m going out on a limb here and am saying the Hawks will have a tough time with the Rams, and one of the biggest reasons will be the physical running of Ste-Jack.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Philadelphia: Tom Brady throws him the ball, and he’s Randy freaking Moss – that’s solid, right?

WR: Andre Johnson vs. Cleveland: Andre kills it whenever he plays, and on Sunday he’s going heads up against he Browns absolutely pathetic pass defense that allowed a ton of yards to Kyle Boller of all people. Big day for AJ.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Houston: This Soldier will have close to 100 yards against the Texans. 10 points from a tight end is a beautiful thing.

K: Rob Bironas vs. Cincinnati: Does it matter? I just pick terrible kickers every week. I’ll guess I’ll go with the team I want to lose – hmmm…. I doubt they’ll lose, but maybe my bad kicker luck will keep them down against the Bungles.

D: San Diego vs. Baltimore: The Chargers will put the Ravens back into their pathetic offensive state, sack Boller more than a couple times, and cause a couple turnovers. I like the Chargers’ chances to put up 20 here.


Kellen Clemens: This kid is getting better every week, and if the Jets want to compete with the Cowboys, they’ll put the ball in the air for some big plays. They’ll have to score points, and I believe Kellen will help get that done.

Earnest Graham: I like Earnest as a sleeper every single week – he doesn’t get near the credit he deserves.

Chester Taylor: I like CT Scan again as well. Chester may not have the best match-up this weekend, but with that offensive line, a big day is very, very possible.

Edgerrin James: Edge has had some questionable performances lately, but if you can get him, you’d have to think against the 49ers will mean good things for the Edge.

D.J. Hackett: Hopefully you have Hackett, and honestly, I don’t think there are 10 receivers I’d start over this talented touchdown threat from Seattle. I know I started him over Tory Holt last week, and I’ll do it again when the Rams and Hawks go at it. Or maybe I’ll play them both, anyway, D-Hack’s a great option.

Donte Stallworth: This is a shove it in your face season for the Patriots, and when they play the Eagles this weekend, I’m sure Brady will try his best to get Stallworth the ball against the team that didn’t even try to resign him. Donte is a good play this weekend.

Tony Scheffler: Against the Bears, I expect Scheff to get 60 yards and quite possibly a touchdown. He’s a tough match-up for that questionable secondary in Chicago.

Chiefs: Going against the Raiders, and the Chiefs defense is way better than people give them credit for. Daunte and company will have a tough time putting up points on Sunday.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: Two big weeks in a row have him climbing to where I expected him to be this season, but Jason has a tough match-up against the Bucs’ cover 2 scheme. Mistakes could mean trouble for the Redskin signal caller.

Travis Henry: So many questions surround this guy, sit him until answers come to the forefront.

Wes Welker: I know this is considered blasphemy in some circles, but Wes should be an option that doesn’t get used all that often against the Eagles. 50 yards, maybe?

Roy Williams: This uber-talented WR hasn’t been getting the ball, and I don’t see why that would change against the Packers solid secondary.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 12

Fantasy Football Know It All

I took a little break from my Tear Jerkers because I was just downright too sad to continue. However, here’s my Week 12 gut busting tear jerkers that irked me out of the playoffs.

DeShaun Foster: How nice of you to show up and play, DeShaun. 9 carries for -5 yards, huh, well that’s not much of a yard per carry average. I’m not sure how that’s possible, and while I have game film, I’m not sure I want to even see hwo that was possible. Gross. Oh, and nice fumble, too.

Ricky Williams: -1 fantasy point, and out for the season, you know what Ricky, I still dig you anyway. Smoke that tree, man! I hope you get traded somewhere and get a chance to play next season, I’m interested as to how well you can play with as much time out of the league as you’ve had.

LenDale White: 8 carries for 27 yards , 2 catches for -1 yard. Ugh. Not really what you expect from a running back against the freaking Bungles… Wow the Titans are falling – just like in Greek Mythology. Ah, I can’t back that up, looks like I need to get back to my studies.

Travis Henry: Get on the field! Hurry, before you get suspended for the rest of your career!

Santana Moss: After a big week, Moss is back to bogus numbers, posting 35 out of the 301 yards his quarterback threw for, Moss also fumbled, bringing his total to 1 fantasy point. At least you’re in the positive.

Lee Evans: Somebody buy this guy a quarterback! Quick! Evans has so much ability, but he is in the same position Steve Smith is in. There isn’t anyone to throw him the ball, and thus he gets a couple catches for 19 yards, and gets my team 1 fantasy point. This has been a bad year for Lee.

(All Steelers and Dolphins, I don’t care what numbers you put up, 3-0? One field goal with less than a minute left – you’ve got to be kidding me)

Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 12

Week 12 starts early, and I’m going for 3 big winners is a row with my Free Picks. All the Thanks Giving Day games are free for your wagering pleasure, good Luck to you all! Check my current records, and reviews, I’m rocking it lately!Thanks Giving Day Games – Home field advantage? I sure hope not, or I’m going to look silly this Thursday! 3 Free games on a day where most of you go to family gatherings and plunder free eats – you have to feel good about that!

Green Bay Packers (-3) @ Detroit Lions:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

I know Brett doesn’t play well in Domes, and the Lions should step up their game after a couple losses leave them reeling. I also know that the Lions “need” this game a whole hell of a lot more than the Packers. However, because I’m sick of reading too much into games, I’m going to go ahead and take the team I think is way better than the other team. The Packers have moved up a notch since they found their consistent rushing attack. And while Ryan Grant sprained an ankle in the Packers last game, it looks like he’s going to play. Overall, the Packers have a better offense, a stronger running game, and a much more potent defensive unit. I’ll take the Packers as a field goal favorite on Turkey Day.

New York Jets (+15) @ Dallas Cowboys:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: 5Dimes)

My first gut feeling was to take the Cowboys in this one, but the spread moved over two touchdowns, and I think the Jets have been playing good enough ball to give the Cowboys a scare in the holiday game. In the end, the Jets defense will be too porous for Dallas, but this game just has the feel of an odd game. The Jets have to have more confidence after their overtime win over the Steelers, and I believe they are a much better team than their 2-8 record indicates. Clemens opens up their offense and gives more room to their running game. Thomas Jones should have a decent day against Dallas, something that the Cowboys rarely surrender.

Indianapolis Colts (-11) @ Atlanta Falcons:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

The Colts are missing more than a few key players, and no, I don’t think Magic Marvin will be back to help his quarterback for this one. However, I do know that even on a bad day with a few backups in, the Colts are two touchdowns better than the Falcons. Atlanta’s win streak is over, and I’m sure Peyton Manning is waiting to shut all these idiots up that are saying, “All you have to do is pressure Manning, and he’ll have bad games.” He’s played poorly of late, but I just have a feeling, he’ll turn things around against the hapless Falcons in the late game this Thanks Giving.

The rest of the Free Picks to follow shortly. I hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family this thanksgiving and a special shout out to the troops who can’t make it home in time for this thanksgiving, I know what I will be thankful for once again this year.
Week 12 Free NFL Picks

I’d love 12 wins in Week 12, for my wallet, and for the cool 12 in 12 reference. Anyway, this is what I have, and that’s already 2 wins from Thanks Giving’s games – so 10 more to go. 7 more picks for Sunday’s action, making that 10 free picks this week. Enjoy, and lets have another big week!

Sunday’s Games

Denver Broncos (+2.5) @ Chicago Bears:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: SBG Global)

I like the way Denver is moving, and I’m not sold on the Bears attempts to revitalize their season. Defensively, they just aren’t good enough. Offensively, they still aren’t running the ball with much effectiveness, and that combination of things probably won’t get them too many wins as the season wraps up. The Broncos are now right in the chase for a playoff spot, and this is a team that is improving. I don’t like the fact that they gave up 300+ yards to Vince Young, yikes, but I’m going to have to take them over the Bears here.

Tennessee Titans (-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Belmont)

Please, this game might as well be a freebee. The Titans are much tougher than the Bengals. They’ll run all over them, and Vince Young will probably have a decent day through the air. More importantly, unless the Bengals morph into a different team, I don’t see their offense putting up many points against the Titans, either. Cincinnati is consistently mediocre at home, and this game will be no different. Take the Titans to win here, most likely in a very comfortable manor.

Minnesota Vikings (+8) @ New York Giants:
(Line: Thursday, 11:50pm EST: 5Dimes)

I don’t like the Giants, and I think the Vikings powerful rushing attack will finally give other teams the recipe to make the Giants defensive front full of defensive end speed rushers suffer. Call it hopeful thinking, but the Giants haven’t played well enough to be 8 point favorites over anybody. I know, I know, their record is good – give it up, the dream is dead, and when they sneak into the playoffs, they’ll lose early. Take the Vikings here.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Bills have begun their fade into obscurity, and no, it’s not JP Losman’s fault. Marshawn Lynch looks like he’s going to miss his 2nd game this season, and that’s not helping the Bills’ cause. David Garrard is a winner, and the Bills have proven, that if opposing offenses don’t make big mistakes, they can rarely put the ball in the end zone. Well, unfortunately for them, and fortunately for me, David Garrard doesn’t make painful mistakes, and the duo of MJD and Fred Taylor might just run roughshod on the Bills front 7.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

This game stinks. LJ is out, Priest retired agains, and Marcus Allen has long since retired… Needless to say, this game is tough to pick. I have to take the Chiefs at home if only because of their famed home field advantage and the fact that Oakland shouldn’t be abel to win anywhere. There’s not much firepower on either of these teams right now, bu thte Chiefs have a very underrated defense, so I have to roll the dice on them.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New England Patriots (-22):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

I had to say it out loud in front of the mirror 3 times, but I will not bet against the Patriots. I’ve never wanted to go the other way more than I do right now, 22 points is absurd – I can never remember a spread being this high in my entire NFL capping career. But then again, this game throws up some interesting questions for me. I either think the Eagles will get absolutely destroyed, making the spread look realistic, or play the Patriots down to the last snap, losing or winning a final play-type thing. Will McNabb play? Will he sit? Will the Patriots continue their offensive relentlessness? Or will they tone it down on the holiday weekend? I’m putting my money on lots of Eagle turnovers, no rushing attack, and a Tom Brady highlight film. If that’s the case, why not a 4 touchdown victory? Still, there is no value in taking the Patriots here. But I have to.

Monday Night Football Game

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-16):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Steelers have to be sick to their stomachs that they lost to the freaking Jets last week. They are a much better home team than they are on the road, and I’ll even go as far as to say they could play the Patriots tough on a good day. They’ll be playing on Monday Night, with a chance to show the Nation that last week’s stumble was a fluke, and that they really are a championship caliber team. The Dolphins, as unfortunate for them as it is, will be the whipping boy in this one, and I wouldn’t be even a little bit stunned if the Steelers pitched a shutout in this one, in the 35-0 model. 16 points is a Patriot spread, but I think the Steelers, at home, deserve that against the pathetic Dolphins.

Week 12 College Football Picks Review: 2007

A couple games under .500 this time around, this is how a half a point here, and a half a point there took me under the parallel bars.

LUCKY LESTER’S Free NCAA Football Pick Review

Free Picks: Week 12

West Virginia Mountaineers @ Cincinnati Bearcats (+6): win
(Line: Thursday, 2:00am EST: SBG Belmont)

They didn’t quite get the win, but my 6 points were just enough to cover and get me a much needed NCAA win to start off my week. The Mountaineers were too fast offensively for Cinci when it came right down to it, and with a win, they kept a fat chance open for a National Championship run if the right dominoes fall.

Pittsburgh Panthers @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights (-11.5): loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

So, I was wrong about Pittsburgh. I thought they’d mail it in after a loss to Navy, but they’ve played pretty well late in the season, including a close loss to the Knights on Saturday. Rutgers didn’t dominate like I thought they would, something that has happened once or twice already this season.

Iowa State Cyclones @ Kansas Jayhawks (-26): win
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: WSEX)

“The Cyclones are one of the worst teams in college football, despite playing well in a big game or two this season (close game against Oklahoma and a win over Iowa come to mind) but they have also absolutely sucked against superb offenses (which the Jayhawks definitely have).” The Cyclones continued their trend, and the Jayhawks once again dominanted a lesser opponent. It will be interesting to see what happens when they play the Tigers this coming weekend.

Kentucky Wildcats (+7.5) @ Georgia Bulldogs: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

This half point loss wasn’t what I needed. I thought the Wildcats would have too much of a passing attack for the Bulldogs, but in the end, Georgia’s pressure off the edge put the Wildcats in one too many long yardage situations, and Georgia won by 8.

Duke Blue Devils (+6) @ Notre Dame: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: BodogLife)

The dream died, and in quite possibly the game that decided the worst team in college football, the Blue Devils once again stepped up to prove that they were the proud owners of that Burger King Paper Crown. The Irish won big, and let me tell you, that will be the last time that happens this season.

Five Free Dogs to Walk!

Maryland Terrapins (+7.5) @ Florida State Seminoles: loss (half point)
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: Belmont)

Oklahoma Sooners @ Texas Tech Red Raiders (+8.5): win
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: Bodog)

Tulane Green Wave (+2) @ Rice Owls: win
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: Belmont)

Northwestern Wildcats (+13.5) @ Illinois Fighting Illini: loss
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: Belmont)

Idaho Vandals (+34.5) @ Boise State Broncos: loss
(Line: Thursday, 4:00pm EST: Belmont)

Two half a point losses turned what could have been a 6-4 into a 4-6. There’s always next week! A 3-2 record with my elite picks made me feel a little better, but 7-8 overall isn’t much to be excited about.

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 12

This Week’s Top Team: 117 points, not 140, but not too shabby either. Needed a big defensive day, and I got the Panthers. A loss to the Redskins of all teams. Expect a big fantasy point day next week.

QB: Tony Romo: A huge day, 300 yards+ through the air, and 5 touchdown passes in a Thanks Giving feast. 32 points for ToRo. #1 quarterback by 5 points over the next guy (Vince Young).

RB: Larry Johnson: LJ stuck it to the Broncos, slanging up 157 rushing yards and a touchdown in Jake Plummer’s last game as a starting Bronco, assuming there’s not going to be an injury to Jay Cutler. Anyway, bye Jake, and LJ, thanks for 21 points, and a 6th running back ranking for Week 12.

RB: Brian Westbrook: “I know the Eagles will have a tough time against Indy, but Westy will get the most carries in the 1st half that he’s had all season.” Westbrook had 124 yards rushing, 46 yards receiving, and a touchdown for Philly. He’s dang good, good for 4th running back overall this week, and 22 fantasy points.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had a solid day in the Cowboys victory, tallying 107 yards and a touchdown good for 16 fantasy points, and a tie for 6th in the WR rankings this week.

WR: Braylon Edwards: Edwards struggled, then ran his mouth, then got 29 fantasy points, errr, yards, to stick out like a sore thumb on my roster this week. Thanks for 2 BE.

TE: Kellen Winslow: Captain Winslow had 52 yards and 5 fantasy points. Not too shabby, but not even in the top 10 for this struggling position.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Thanks Jeff, now I can stick with you. Jeff put up 10 points, good for a tie for 4th in the kicker ratings.

D: Panthers: Damn Panthers. They picked up 9 fantasy points, but God knows they should get 0. I knew I should have taken the Ravens (lets see 45 or 9?). Dang. 9.


Jake Delhomme: Jakey has struggle all year. The struggles continued on Sunday. Luckily for him, his back up is Chris Weinke, or he might have the same feeling in his gut as Jake Plummer, Kerry Collins, Drew Bledsoe, and Kurt Warner. Wait, what the hell is Kerry Collins’ name doing in there. Nobody feels like him, I’m sure. Anyway, Jake had 6. F

David Carr: I like what Carr did on Sunday. Kid didn’t have a running game, so he just through the rock. To the tune of 321 yards and a score, David busted out 17 fantasy points. A

Marion Barber: This back up had 20 fantasy points, 83 yards, and two scores. Yeah buddy. Nice day. Tied for 7th among RBs. A

Maurice Drew: This rookie back-up busted out 78 yards on 8 carries, and 47 yards on 5 catches. And a score. If the Jaguars want to win, they’ll find more ways to get Drew Drop the ball. 17 points. A

Arnaz Battle: 36 yards, a fumble… a point. Nice. F

Michael Jenkins: Two catches, 6 yards. Z

Owen Daniels: OD had 34 yards, good for a little more than nothing, and 18th overall in TE rankings.

San Diego Chargers DST: Dang, a point off of my prediction. The Chargers rated out as the 4th best defense with 19 fantasy points.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Moss’S

Aaron Brooks: 9 points for Brooks isn’t what anyone wanted when they started him this week, but that’s not as bad as I thought he’d do. He’s still a Moss, though.

Edgerrin James: 4 carries, 15 yards. Well, on the bright side, that’s probably his best YPC average of the season. Don’t make me change this to the James’.

Eddie Kennison: 1 catch, 16 yards. Nice Ed.

Randy Moss: 3 catches. 26 yards, that’s why these are the Moss’S. Randy needs to move towns or something, dude looks like he’s chillin’ out there. I still think he has as much talent as any receiver in the game. He’d be filthy on the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Packers… My good God, if Moss and Brett hooked up, shit would be crazy. I’d change the name of this area for sure. Only 62 guys in the WR spot scored more than Randy this week. Not bad, puts Kennison to shame. At least he registered a point, ughm… Michael Jenkins.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 12

Championship hopes and week 12 winner aspirations…. That’s what’s on Ol’ Lucky Lester’s mind coming into week 12. No new plan or Crazy plot to take over the world, just 16 solid picks from the man with a plan.Thursday:

Miami Dolphins (-2.5) at Detroit Lions: The Lions without Kevin Jones will be a gong show against the recently revitalized Dolphins defense, so don’t even take a chance on the Lions. Miami has proven over the past few games, and ever since Nick Saban took over, that they are a second half of the year team. Look for them to treat the Lions like a Turdunkin on Bird Day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys (-10.5): The Cowboys have too many options to play around with the Bucs, whose only real option is Cadillac Williams, something the Cowboys will make sure not to allow. Joey Galloway is still a game breaker, and rookie QB, Bruce Gradkowski has been solid, but with Tony Romo and the Cowboys pushing for the NFC West title, this should be a tough day for the Bucs in Dallas.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (even): The Chiefs rushing attack should dominate the Broncos suddenly sieved-like defensive front, on way to a huge inter-conference win at home. When it comes right down to it, the Chiefs need this game more, and with both the Broncos’ running backs struggling to stay on the field, KC is the more physical team, and they are at home, where they are always good.


Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings (-6): What has Minnesota done for me lately? Absolutely freaking nothing. That’s right, since an early season burst the Vikings have been just a notch above the horrible Raiders for league’s worst team honors. But, they play Matt Leinart and the bumbling Cardinals this weekend in Minnesota, a perfect game to get back on track with. Edge won’t be able to run against the Vikings, so all the weight will be on Matt’s shoulders. He’s just a little guy, not strong enough to carry that team.
Carolina Panthers (-4) at Washington Redskins: This has to be my safest pick of the week. The Panthers are leaps and bounds and years ahead of the Redskins, who start Jason Campbell at quarterback for the second time in his young career. But the Panthers aren’t the Bucs, and young Jason will soon find that out when he’s running for his life with Julius Peppers chasing him down. Look for Jason’s second outing to be a little less successful than beginners luck was.

Chicago Bears (+3) at New England Patriots: I guess I’m waiting to see if Tom Brady and the Patriots are the team that started 5-2 or the team that started 6-1 and recently ousted the Packers 35-0… Or are they the team that lost back to back games at the hands of the Colts and Jets? Either way, the Bears seem to step up big in big situations, this being one of those, I expect them to play very well. When Chicago is at the top of their game, and Rexxy is tossing the rock with confidence and accuracy, the Bears are very close to unbeatable. The overriding factor in this game, you ask? Dillon and Maroney will have a tougher time with the Bears D than Jones and Benson will have with the Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at Cleveland Browns: Last week the Browns put up a good fight against the Steelers, but faded in the 4th allowing Pittsburgh to pull out with a lucky win. Well, all that does is crush an already struggling team. While Cinci on the other hand, is riding the Chad Johnson hot streak all the way to playoff contention. With the Browns’ season already in the tank, expect the team with more to lose, Cincinnati, to dominate the 2nd half and the scoreboard.

Houston Texans (+6) at N.Y. Jets: I don’t see why the Texans are getting the write off here. The Jets can’t stop anyone on the ground, giving the Texans, who actually have a pretty productive rushing attack, an easy way to control the clock, and win this football game. I’ll take the underdog with the points here, but an upset wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills: Anthony Thomas nor Willis McGahee if he was healthy, will be going anywhere positive against the Jaguar rushing defense. With Donovan Darius out, the Jaguars lose yet another big time playmaker on the defensive side of the football, but their big guys up front are healthy, making it easier for backers and defensive backs to make plays. Expect the Jags to make those plays and down Buffalo on the road.

New Orleans Saints (+3) at Atlanta Falcons: Mike Vick used to play very well against the Saints, but Aaron Brooks (his Cousin) has moved on to bigger and crappier things, so sibling rivalry shouldn’t get Mike pumped any more. Drew Brees is the better signal caller here, and Reggie Bush and Deuce are better running backs. The Saints defense has played better all year, and without an accurate arm to pick their secondary apart, (ala what Pitt did and Cinci did to them in back to back weeks) the Saints should be able to walk out of Atlanta big winners.

N.Y. Giants (-3) at Tennessee Titans: The Titans will have a nice opportunity to do what they do best, and run, against the Giants, but I have a feeling that Eli Manning is ready to trot out of his slump and carry the struggling Giants to a win against the up and coming Titans. Sooner or later NFL teams are going to make Vince Young beat them, and I don’t think Vince can beat the Giants quite yet.

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts (-8.5): I like Brian Westbrook as a fantasy star this weekend, but I still think the Colts will pull out of Week 12 with a double digit win over the Eagles. Peyton Manning will play better than he did last week, especially against an Eagle defense that struggles against high end quarterbacks. Without McNabb, everyone will be able to see who the MVP of the Eagles is, as if there were any question going in.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5): I like the Ravens at home against just about anybody, especially a Steeler team that till walks around like they own the joint. Ray Lewis should be back in pads this week, making Willie Parker’s, Big Ben’s, and any other Pittsburgh offensive player’s lifer more difficult. If the Ravens do one thing well, it’s capitalize on opposing team’s mistakes. Ben will make his, as will the rest of the Steelers, and when they do, McNair, and more likely, the Ravens defense, will turn those mistakes into points.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams (-5): I know, the 49ers beat the Hawks last week, and have fought their way to .500 on the season while the lowly Rams have seen 5 straight defeats on way to a 4-6 record and a 1st to 3rd fall in the NFC West. But, St. Louis will win this game, because they are the better, more talented team. I hate underestimating Orlando Pace’s effect on the Rams, because he’s out this week, and I know he’s a vital part to the whole offense, but…. Ah yes, but…. The Niners leading receiver was caught drinking and driving, Vernon Davis still hasn’t proven healthy, Arnaz Battle has a flat tire, and Alex Smith has baby hands. That combination should kill the Niners in this battle.

Oakland Raiders (+14.5) at San Diego Chargers: Everyone has a down week. The Chargers, yes, even the Chargers, after two huge comeback wins, might just be too tired to dominate the lowly Raiders. I hope LT has a brilliant game, but I imagine Marty-Ball will lift its ugly head, and LT will be thrown into a run stop package put together by the only decent think in Silver and Black, a tough nosed Oakland Defense. Bad teams only have a few chances to get up and rowdy for a game, seeing a chance to stop the “All Mighty” Chargers and the leagues’ best player (LT) should get them ready to go. No crazy outcome here, just a closer game than expected.


Green Bay Packers (+9.5) at Seattle Seahawks: I don’t like the Packers, that’s for sure, but if the Seahawks expect Matt Hasselbeck to come back and make everything better, like a snoopy band-aid, then they will be stunned by Monday’s game. The Hawks problem isn’t Matt’s injury, though that hasn’t helped, it’s a bunch of guys who just expect to win on Sunday. Yeah, they have one of, if not the most talent in the NFC, especially on defense, yet they are often pathetic on both sides of the ball. They Hawks will claw back and win this game, but the Packers will teach Seattle a lesson on overlooking an opponent.

Week 12 College Football Picks Review: 2006

While Rutgers saw their perfect season fall, and the Wolverines fell just short of beating the Buckeyes, my 6-5 record was anything but perfect. A couple late scores killed what should have been a brilliant week, and then there was the Terps and Deacons that flat out killed me. But all is well as I finished 1 game up, just enough to keep me going.

West Virginia Mountaineers (-11) @ Pittsburgh Panthers: WIN! The Mountaineers were just too much for the Panthers, as Steve Slaton and Pat White showed why they are future Heisman competitors. West Virginia lost a tough one against Louisville, but don’t be confused, they’d give any top level school a fight! For the first time in a few weeks, Thursday night was good for me.

Maryland Terrapins (+7.5) @ Boston College Eagles: LOSS! Boston College just absolutely dominated the Terps. From time to time, Maryland will play a game like this, I just didn’t expect it to come against a conference rival. The Terps just didn’t show up at all.

Iowa Hawkeyes (+3) @ Minnesota Golden Gophers: LOSS! Iowa has once again disappointed me. But if any team has been more difficult to figure out, it’s those pesky and promiscuous Golden Gophers. I don’t know what these guys do the night before games, but there are some weeks that Temple would run their show, and other weeks where they can compete with the Ohio State’s of the world.

Duke Blue Devils (+26.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: LOSS! Just barely, what can I say? A point… Damn Blue Devils always messing up my city wall. South Park humor. This is the last time I roll my money on the football Dukies.

Oklahoma Sooners (-19.5) @ Baylor Bears: WIN! The Sooners did the Bears dirty and hooked me up with a much needed win. Oklahoma is a very good football team, and will only get better as their young offense grows. Oh, and if Peterson comes back for a Bowl game.. Watch out!

Arkansas Razorbacks @ Mississippi State Bulldogs (+14.5): WIN! The Razorbacks almost did me good, but the Bulldogs did just enough in the first half to pull me out a half point victory. I’ll take it, any slobbery Bulldog way I can get it, thank you.

Michigan Wolverines @ Ohio State Buckeyes (-6.5): LOSS! Entering the 4th quarter, I had a terrible feeling that this game was going to come down to a late Michigan score and an attempt at an onside kick for a chance to win or tie. Well, the sickness came true, and although the Buckeyes had the game in hand, a late score by Michigan, with 2 minutes left, did me good and the big spread was to tough to cover. But what can I do? The Buckeyes were up 10 most of this game, just not when it came down to making me money.

Buffalo Bulls (+38.5) @ Wisconsin Badgers: WIN! The Bulls covered, got their asses kicked good, but covered no problem. Hate to say it, actually I love to say it, I told ya so.

Oregon State Beavers (-14) @ Stanford Cardinal: WIN! The Beavers walloped the Cardinal, something I definitely saw happening. No way in hell the Cardinal were going to play decent football twice in a season. They are that bad folks.

Auburn Tigers (-3) @ Alabama Crimson Tide: WIN! The Tigers pulled out a quick one on the Tide, giving me a guarantee at a winning week. Neither team could score in the final quarter, but Auburn managed a slim touchdown win over their cross state rivals.

Virginia Tech Hokies @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+2): LOSS! Wake Forest finally did what everyone kept predicting they were going to do. The Hokies whooped them good, and handed me my 5th loss in as many chances. Can’t win them all kids.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 12 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: Bad, bad week in week 11, this week will be much better. On my way to 140+ fantasy points, Ya’ll!

QB: Tony Romo: Tony will dominate a struggling Buc defense while the Cowboys will ride off into the Thank Giving sunset with a big win.

RB: Larry Johnson: Denver’s defense isn’t as good against premium talent opponents as you’d think, so expect the only guy you can compare with LT to have a huge day against the Broncos. LJ will get a donkey’s load of carries and he’ll produce too.

RB: Brian Westbrook: I know the Eagles will have a tough time against Indy, but Westy will get the most carries in the 1st half that he’s had all season. And when he gets chances, he uses them to show the world how good he is. Look for the Eagles to try and run clock by keeping the ball in Brian’s hands.

WR: Terrell Owens: I like Tony, and that means I like TO. No one on the Buccaneer team can get close to guarding Owens, so if he has a tough game, expect it to be because of some drops.

WR: Braylon Edwards: I love BE’s skill set, and against a chatty team like the Bengals, Edwards has never felt more at home. Expect him to work extra hard to try and prove he’s on the same level as Chad Johnson. He’s not, but look for him to have a better fantasy day than OCHO.

TE: Kellen Winslow: I like MR. Soldier boy for the 2nd week in a row. His Hurricanes finally beat a good team when they ousted Boston College on Thursday Night, so KII should play like a solider from THE U.

K: Jeff Wilkins: One more chance Jeff. You give me that 0 point effort again, I’m trading you for Morten Anderson and his 75 year old boot.

D: Panthers: Championship! Just watch this shizzy.


Jake Delhomme: Jakey has struggle all year. On Sunday, he goes up against the Redskins. Hooray for his fantasy stock. If he somehow made it to the waiver wire in your league, pick him up pronto!

David Carr: Carr has thrown the ball well, and I’m sure the Jets will try to make him beat them. He might very well just do that, and make me a smart man.

Marion Barber: I finally have learned that Barber gets goal line touches, making him more valuable in FF than the starter in Dallas, Julius Jones.

Maurice Drew: When he gets touches, he make the most of them. He’ll get his chance to carry some of the load against Buffalo, and my guess is he has a big day.

Arnaz Battle: I’m really walking on thin limbs here, but Battle has tons of skills, and his strength and size makes him a nice target against the Rams’ secondary. You need to fill a spot, take a chance on this guy.

Michael Jenkins: Mike’s not a popular start, but sooner or later, Mike Vick will have a decent game through the air, and Big Mike plans to be on the receiving end of a bomb or two.

Owen Daniels: The Jets’ defensive troubles are well documented. Daniels is one of Carr’s favorite targets. He’ll get his chances on Sunday.

San Diego Chargers DST: At Oakland… Are you kidding me? No way these guys score less than 20 fantasy points.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Moss’S

Aaron Brooks: He’s lucky Shawn Merriman is out one more week, or he could have very well not made it out of this game with all his limbs.

Edgerrin James: Edge has played better of late. He’ll go back down the hill against the Vikings on Sunday.

Eddie Kennison: Trent Green hands the ball off to LJ, that’s what he does best. A couple catches for Eddie won’t prove worthy or a start this week.

Randy Moss: He has to be on the list, it’s his list until he proves he’s not just a ball dropping extraordinaire.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 12

You sucked again! Guess what you have to do?The Tossed Salad Man? No, no, I’ll pick the games better, I will! I’ll learn to pick! I don’t want to toss a salad. I’m no better at shelling greens than I have been at picking games in weeks 10-12… Last week, in light of my struggles of late, I studied team histories, wins and losses against the spread, favorite and underdog records, even rivalry records. And what did I come out with? A week 11 record only the Duke Blue Devil Football program could be proud of. Well, I’m accustomed to winning, so I won’t take it anymore. I’m going to win once and for all, if I have to go with my gut in every game, I will. Here’s my picks, reasons, and even a little humor for the start of Holiday Season. As it turns out, look for the team with the best record to find themselves on top.

Atlanta (-3) at Detroit – Atlanta only loses to teams who force the issue on the ground. The Lions couldn’t manage to rush for over a hundred yards if their contracts depended on it. In Atlanta’s 4 losses, they’ve given up loads of yards on the ground. Two weeks ago it was Samkon Gado running over the Falcons, this last week it was Cadillac Williams. Fortunately for the Falcons, they won’t be tormented by a strong rushing attack in Detroit, starting tail back Kevan Jones hasn’t eclipsed the 100 yard mark once this season. Look for Atlanta to get off the train tracks and on the right track.
Game Date: 11/24/05 12:35 ET

Denver (-2.5) at Dallas – I’ve never been more excited for this match-up. I’m guaranteed one of these overachievers will lose. Unfortunately one will win. The Broncos are much better than I could have ever dreamed (nightmare), and the Cowboys can barely slip past the Lions. That’s right, I don’t care how many games they’ve one, I have a pretty strong feeling Denver will show everyone how funny it looks when Drew Bledsoe tries to escape pressure. I see a short video of a man trying so hard to move forward on a treadmill but the forward speed is impossible to eclipse, as he eventually gives up and gets sucked under 4 defensive linemen who used to play for Cleveland. Mike Shanahan for president… shit, that asshole would be an upgrade. Game Date: 11/24/05 16:20 ET

Baltimore at Cincinnati (-9.5) – Baltimore’s been playing better. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers… Blah, blah, blah… Save that stuffing for the turkey. The Bengals may have fallen short in Indy, but the didn’ t give up and almost came back to tie it at the end of regulation. Cinci still possesses Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson, a combination Baltimore will find utterly impossible to slow down on Sunday. Look at the last match-up between these division foes. This one should be a remix addition on that game where Cinci was pissin’ all over Baltimore. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Carolina (-4.5) at Buffalo – Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans. These are the only teams the Panthers have failed against. This game in Buffalo is important, very important, Bambi’s dad shot by a hunter important. They won’t lose. The only time the Panthers have lost all year is when focus has been forgotten. The first game of the season against the Saints, Carolina expected to dominate, to say the least – they didn’t. Miami has no place taking out Carolina, and last week the Panther’s were riding a winning streak they thought would give them victory all by itself. Well, after realizing that they can’t imagine themselves to Wonderland like Alice, they’ll wake-up and smoke the Bills like a Clinton cigar. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Chicago at Tampa Bay (-3) – The Bucs have their running game back in tact. The bears will remove it from the field of play. Cadillac will have few yards, but a big touchdown, leading the Bucs to victory over the best defense in football. The Bears and Bucs will have one of footballs greatest defensive battles this season. Think about the Bengal – Colt game and completely reverse it. Tampa Bay will take this one by a touchdown, the only one scored all day in Tampa.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland at Minnesota (-4) – The Vikings have done something I didn’t think was possible… won three games in a row. Amazing! Brad Johnson looks terrible play in and play out, plus he’s like 50. Mewelde Moore played possessed for Minnesota. It just seems like each of the past three weeks the Vikings stumble upon victory somehow. Whose to say it will stop at home against the Browns? Not I.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

New England at Kansas City (-3) – The Patriots are still overrated. They could finish the season at 8-8 and in the playoffs in their division. That’s what’s going to happen. The Chiefs need this game a million times more than the Patriots do. The Chiefs are better than New England and they have Larry Johnson. Over 500 yards rushing in the last 3 games Larry Johnson. Kid is for real. Larry will be on his game to take the Patriot mystique down a notch Thanks Giving Weekend. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

San Diego (-3) at Washington – The Chargers are one of the leagues best teams. After a slow, luckless start, they’re back to dominating their opponents. The Redskins on the other hand, are showing the world what I had figured all along, they’re a .500 ball club at best. We’re balls deep into the season, where losses to division celler teams like Oakland destroy playoff hopes outright. Washington won’t recover in time. The Chargers are too productive on both sides of the ball.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

San Francisco at Tennessee (-7) – The Titans have some young breaths of life these days. Drew Bennett is back, taking pressure off McNair, Chris Brown, Erron kinney, and the rest of the Titans’ young receiving corps. San Francisco is starting Ken Dorsey at quarterback for the second straight week. Look for Brown to have a huge day on the ground while the Titans slow San Fran to a Drew Bledsoe like crawl (sprint) all day long. Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

St. Louis (-3.5) at Houston -The Rams played like a pile of rabbit droppings last week. Even stud runner Steven Jackson didn’t rush for more than 20 yards against the pathetic Arizona rushing defense. The Rams will rediscover their need to give the ball to Jackson over and over again in Houston. After giving up 211 yards to Larry Johnson last week, St. Louis will be looking to give it to Houston, while the Texans will attempt to change a few things. My guess is the Rams come out on top of this battle. Jackson will sing his dreadlock buddy, Bob Marley’s, Redemption Song for his Rams and Fantasy Owners alike.
Game Date: 11/27/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville (-3.5) at Arizona – The Cardinals aren’t good just because they took advantage of a Rams team that pisses the bed biweekly. They are bad. They have a bad offensive line, a bad defense, and a quarterback that doesn’t win anymore. Jacksonville on the other hand, has scored 30+ each of the last two weeks after going 58 games without reaching the 30 point plateau. They needed it last week, and they’ll play high scoring football this week in Arizona. Look for a trouncing by the Jaguars.
Game Date: 11/27/05 16:05 ET

Miami at Oakland (-7) – The Raiders will take down Nick Saban’s Dolphins. Saban’s got it right, Miami doesn’t need to win. In fact, he might be the smartest coach in the league. His team’s out of it, he’s got young players who may or may not be on the team next year, he needs to make personnel decisions. If he’s the worst team in the league he might get Matt Leinart. Who thinks Miami needs to win now? Think about it. Randy Moss will have his biggest game of the year, despite Kerry Collins throwing like a boxer on the ropes. Moss is sick of the criticism he’s been getting because Collins throws like a pussy every damn down. Moss scores more points than Miami in this one. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:05 ET

Green Bay at Philadelphia (-2) – The Eagles are led by a young gun slinger with running capabilities. Weird. Remember when Donovan used to be exactly that? McMahon gives the Eagles enough play making ability to win games. They’ll show that this weekend at home against the woeful Packers. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:15 ET

N.Y. Giants at Seattle (-5) – The Hawks are the much better team here. Their offensive line is better, their running back is better, their quarterback is better, and their secondary is better. Did I mention coaching? Much better in Seattle. The Hawks are always tough at home, and always tough against the Giants. Matt Hasselbeck will throw three touchdowns in this contest as the Giants attempt to shut down Shaun Alexander. Unfortunately, you can’t stop Shaun. The Hawks win big in Seattle. Game Date: 11/27/05 16:15 ET

New Orleans (+3) at N.Y. Jets – Yeah! Football! Everyone loves a good 1st round pick contest. To the loser goes Reggie Bush. Wait, to the loser goes Matt Leinart. Vince Young? Holy crap, either team would take a good look at me if I showed up at practice. This game will be ugly, but the Jets have the worst chance of winning football games right now. The Saints are out of any playoff or season saving chances, so they’re ready to start playing well. As it always is. That’s unfortunate for New Orleans (lower pick) but it works for me. Money in the bank! Game Date: 11/27/05 20:40 ET

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (-6) – The Colts amazed me last week. Peyton is amazing, though I still think the MVP belongs with Carson Palmer in the AFC, and Edgerrin James is dominate. What a game plan out of Dungy’s Colts. The Steelers won’t be on track quite yet with Big Ben’s big return scheduled for this Monday. They’ll be better with Ben in there, but not good enough to disrupt the Colt’s winning ways. 11-0? Undefeated? Game Date: 11/28/05 21:00 ET


Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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