2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 12

This Week’s Top Team: 100 on the dot – not good, but with some injuries and only 7 points from Randy Moss and Andre Johnson, it could have been a lot worse. Thanks to Tom Brady, I just reached the century plateau.QB: Tom Brady vs. Philadelphia: Tom wasn’t the best option in Week 12, but he still put up 380 yards and a touchdown. And he was good for 22 fantasy points. Still, there were 9 guys that finished higher than Brady, including AJ Feeley and Trent Dilfer…

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Atlanta: Addai was out for about half the game, but he still came back in to post a touchdown that upped his ranking this week. 5 points from yards and a touchdown for an 11 point week.

RB: Steven Jackson vs. Seattle: Jackson was held in check for most of the day by the Hawks defense. He broke one huge touchdown run, but besides that he didn’t do anything. He still posted 93 yards rushing, 15 receiving, and a long touchdown good for 18 fantasy points for me.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Philadelphia: 43 yards – Randy’s worst day of the year. Schucks auto supply!

WR: Andre Johnson vs. Cleveland: Andre only had 3 fantasy points this week, which really stunned me. I thought he was one of the best options this week.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Houston: “This Soldier will have close to 100 yards against the Texans.” How about 107 yards and a touchdown. Big day for the Soldier… 16 fantasy points from my tight end.

K: Rob Bironas vs. Cincinnati: “Does it matter? I just pick terrible kickers every week. I’ll guess I’ll go with the team I want to lose – hmmm…. I doubt they’ll lose, but maybe my bad kicker luck will keep them down against the Bungles.” YEAH! I have a tactic these days… Bironas had 6 fantasy points, but the Titans lost big to the Bungles, and I think I’m on to something here.

D: San Diego vs. Baltimore: 18 fantasy points for the Chargers this week, as they pretty much shut down the Ravens. It was a must win for San Diego, and their defense stepped up their game.


Kellen Clemens: 3 fantasy points for Kellen, and his Jets got destroyed by the Cowboys. So I was right and wrong, right that he had to put points on the board to give his team a chance, and wrong that he’d have a decent day. F

Earnest Graham: 75 yards and a score, Earnest finished just behind Chester Taylor, and once again put up a solid week filling in for the injured Caddy Williams. B

Chester Taylor: Taylor ran the ball for 77 yards on 31 carries. He did, however, put the ball in the end zone during the Vikings destruction of the Giants. His totals were good for 14 points on the day, and he was a Top 15 start. B

Edgerrin James: Edge had 8 fantasy points in an absolute shoot out. He posted solid numbers, 78 yards on 17 carries, a catch for 11 yards, but the fact that he didn’t reach the end zone hurt his total. Still, 8 points was in the Top 25 this week for running backs. C-

D.J. Hackett: D-Jack had 4 catches for 40 yards before he went out with an ankle injury. I’ll leave this one ungraded, but realize that an injury hurt my cause.

Donte Stallworth: Stallworth got the win against his former team, but he didn’t get involved that much. Wes Welker was the guy Philly left open, and he ended up killing the Eagles. Stallworth had 50+ yards, not a terrible day, but nothing to write home about either. D+

Tony Scheffler: “Against the Bears, I expect Scheff to get 60 yards and quite possibly a touchdown. He’s a tough match-up for that questionable secondary in Chicago.” Scheffler had one lucky ass touchdown grab, but what a job of grabbing it when he had his chance, great concentration. The Scheff had 20 more yards than I expected, putting up 16 fantasy points for me this week. A+

Chiefs: Just 8 points for the Chiefs, and they lost despite a 150 yard day from Kolby Smith… Are you kidding me? F just for that loss.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: JC still put up 301 yards this week, and he was ranked 18th amongst signal callers with 12 fantasy points, but he didn’t have a good day. All in all, he was mediocre, and I finish middle of the pack on this one.

Travis Henry: Didn’t play.

Wes Welker: Most catches and most yards ever for the little guy? You bet, I couldn’t have been more wrong unless he put a couple in the end zone. As it stands, I was just pretty wrong.

Roy Williams: Well, I hope I helped you out here. Roy had 34 yards and no scores once again. Has anybody realized that Roy hasn’t done shit since the Lions started losing? Maybe they should try to get him the ball next week against Minnesota.

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