Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 12

Fantasy Football Know It All

I took a little break from my Tear Jerkers because I was just downright too sad to continue. However, here’s my Week 12 gut busting tear jerkers that irked me out of the playoffs.

DeShaun Foster: How nice of you to show up and play, DeShaun. 9 carries for -5 yards, huh, well that’s not much of a yard per carry average. I’m not sure how that’s possible, and while I have game film, I’m not sure I want to even see hwo that was possible. Gross. Oh, and nice fumble, too.

Ricky Williams: -1 fantasy point, and out for the season, you know what Ricky, I still dig you anyway. Smoke that tree, man! I hope you get traded somewhere and get a chance to play next season, I’m interested as to how well you can play with as much time out of the league as you’ve had.

LenDale White: 8 carries for 27 yards , 2 catches for -1 yard. Ugh. Not really what you expect from a running back against the freaking Bungles… Wow the Titans are falling – just like in Greek Mythology. Ah, I can’t back that up, looks like I need to get back to my studies.

Travis Henry: Get on the field! Hurry, before you get suspended for the rest of your career!

Santana Moss: After a big week, Moss is back to bogus numbers, posting 35 out of the 301 yards his quarterback threw for, Moss also fumbled, bringing his total to 1 fantasy point. At least you’re in the positive.

Lee Evans: Somebody buy this guy a quarterback! Quick! Evans has so much ability, but he is in the same position Steve Smith is in. There isn’t anyone to throw him the ball, and thus he gets a couple catches for 19 yards, and gets my team 1 fantasy point. This has been a bad year for Lee.

(All Steelers and Dolphins, I don’t care what numbers you put up, 3-0? One field goal with less than a minute left – you’ve got to be kidding me)

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