2006 Fantasy Football Week 12 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: Bad, bad week in week 11, this week will be much better. On my way to 140+ fantasy points, Ya’ll!

QB: Tony Romo: Tony will dominate a struggling Buc defense while the Cowboys will ride off into the Thank Giving sunset with a big win.

RB: Larry Johnson: Denver’s defense isn’t as good against premium talent opponents as you’d think, so expect the only guy you can compare with LT to have a huge day against the Broncos. LJ will get a donkey’s load of carries and he’ll produce too.

RB: Brian Westbrook: I know the Eagles will have a tough time against Indy, but Westy will get the most carries in the 1st half that he’s had all season. And when he gets chances, he uses them to show the world how good he is. Look for the Eagles to try and run clock by keeping the ball in Brian’s hands.

WR: Terrell Owens: I like Tony, and that means I like TO. No one on the Buccaneer team can get close to guarding Owens, so if he has a tough game, expect it to be because of some drops.

WR: Braylon Edwards: I love BE’s skill set, and against a chatty team like the Bengals, Edwards has never felt more at home. Expect him to work extra hard to try and prove he’s on the same level as Chad Johnson. He’s not, but look for him to have a better fantasy day than OCHO.

TE: Kellen Winslow: I like MR. Soldier boy for the 2nd week in a row. His Hurricanes finally beat a good team when they ousted Boston College on Thursday Night, so KII should play like a solider from THE U.

K: Jeff Wilkins: One more chance Jeff. You give me that 0 point effort again, I’m trading you for Morten Anderson and his 75 year old boot.

D: Panthers: Championship! Just watch this shizzy.


Jake Delhomme: Jakey has struggle all year. On Sunday, he goes up against the Redskins. Hooray for his fantasy stock. If he somehow made it to the waiver wire in your league, pick him up pronto!

David Carr: Carr has thrown the ball well, and I’m sure the Jets will try to make him beat them. He might very well just do that, and make me a smart man.

Marion Barber: I finally have learned that Barber gets goal line touches, making him more valuable in FF than the starter in Dallas, Julius Jones.

Maurice Drew: When he gets touches, he make the most of them. He’ll get his chance to carry some of the load against Buffalo, and my guess is he has a big day.

Arnaz Battle: I’m really walking on thin limbs here, but Battle has tons of skills, and his strength and size makes him a nice target against the Rams’ secondary. You need to fill a spot, take a chance on this guy.

Michael Jenkins: Mike’s not a popular start, but sooner or later, Mike Vick will have a decent game through the air, and Big Mike plans to be on the receiving end of a bomb or two.

Owen Daniels: The Jets’ defensive troubles are well documented. Daniels is one of Carr’s favorite targets. He’ll get his chances on Sunday.

San Diego Chargers DST: At Oakland… Are you kidding me? No way these guys score less than 20 fantasy points.

LUCKY’S Week 12 Moss’S

Aaron Brooks: He’s lucky Shawn Merriman is out one more week, or he could have very well not made it out of this game with all his limbs.

Edgerrin James: Edge has played better of late. He’ll go back down the hill against the Vikings on Sunday.

Eddie Kennison: Trent Green hands the ball off to LJ, that’s what he does best. A couple catches for Eddie won’t prove worthy or a start this week.

Randy Moss: He has to be on the list, it’s his list until he proves he’s not just a ball dropping extraordinaire.

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