2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 15

This Week’s Top Team: 140? Not quite, but I had a few guys that did some damage. 82 whole points… Okay, so I had a down week.QB: Kurt Warner vs. New Orleans: 233 yards and 3 touchdowns for Kurt – If I would have listened to myself, I would have started Kurt over Tony Romo and Tom Brady and won my fantasy semi-final game. As is, I just have to play in the 3rd place game. Cool, $40! 23 points for the old guy.

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Oakland: 9 points… The Raiders held the Colts pretty much in check, as Indy just didn’t show up. 44 rushing ayrds, 33 receiving yards, and 1 two points rush that almost got one of the most consistent backs in the league to double digits. Good lord, 9 points.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Detroit: 23 fantasy points for my man LT, in just over a half of football. That’s what I like to see, his backup ended up with more fantasy points that he did. Either way, 23 is nice.

WR: Terrell Owens vs. Philadelphia: 37 yards receiving, all in the last quarter I think. Definitely the last half. How can the Cowboys be this bad in a pretty important game? Well, I blame that hot girl in the box seats. 3 points for Too…

WR: Greg Jennings vs. St. Louis: 66 yards receiving and a 44 yards (long) touchdown for a total of, 14 points. You bet. Jennings has turned into quite the catch, and I love it.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. Detroit: Gates put up 1 catch for 8 yards. If you do the math, carry the 1, yes, that’s 0 points for the big guy, and his team put up close to half a century. Pass? Anyone?

K: Phil Dawson vs. Buffalo: 2 field goals, 7 points, once again, not a big day, but I couldn’t jinx the Browns into losing – a total failure once again.

D: Vikings vs. Chicago: 13 points from the Vikings, and had they given me 14, I would have won my semi-final game in my fantasy league. Jerks.


Trent Edwards: 5 points for Trent, and it was definitely my bad playing the youngster in a big ass snow storm that was almost painful to watch. 8-0 was the score – yikes. F.

Kenton Keith: This pick didn’t pan out as the Colts looked terrible, their running game looked terrible, and they barely beat the Raiders, so Keith didn’t get many carries. Damn. F

Frank Gore: 129 rushing yards for Frank, and so many people sat him because of his poor season. This kid is good, and he put up some solid points for me. B

Shaunna Alexander: 17 carries… 17 yards… Yeah, that’s one of those things you don’t want to match up. I hate watching Shaunna run, and I was definitely tricked into this sleeper selection. FFF

Lee Evans: He played in a snow bowl for a team that scored 0 and he still ended up with 40 yards – not too bad considering, but another bad choice by me. C-

Roddy White: 0 yards and 0 points for the top Falcons wideout – yes, the Bucs put a lock down on Roddy. F

Tony Scheffler: 100 yards and a touchdown, that’s what I’m talking about, finally! A+

Anthony Gonzalez: 86 yards and a touchdown for the rookie out of Ohio State – don’t be surprised when this kid steps right in and takes Marvin’s spot when Harrison is done. A

Buccaneers: The Bucs put up 26 points for me, and if I would have started them over the Vikings in my fantasy league, I would have won instead of losing in the Semi’s because of a tie-breaker… A+

LUCKY’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Eli Manning: He’s still bad.

Samkon Gado: 18 carries, 43 yards, a touchdown that helps his 0-for team get a win – I’ll just praise the young kid and say this, he scored more points that I thought he would, but 18 for 43 seems about right.

Laveranues Coles: Coles ended up playing like a snap, and broke my heart in more than one situation. But at least I was right on here.

Todd Heap: That whole, “He’s going to play” skit was a just a slap in the face for any fantasy owner that picked Heap high, held on to him all season long, and played him in the playoffs. He ended up not playing. What a sandy-panties.

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 15

This Week’s Top Team: The search for 140…. I was sooo close last week, and AP pulled a 0… Lets see if I can’t get it done.

QB: Kurt Warner vs. New Orleans: How about the idea that the Saints would be the worst rated defense in the league if they didn’t play 6 games against Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Carolina – you bet. The saints give up points like they’re free, and Kurt will dominate the world on Sunday.

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Oakland: Oakland’s offensive line is terrible and you can bet Addai will get the rock plenty with Indy being careful for the playoffs. I don’t know how many looks he’ll get in the 2nd half, as I imagine this game won’t be too close for too long, but I’d imagine 3 quarters of work will be just what I was looking for in terms of fantasy production.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Detroit: I have to ride LT’s hot streak out. He’s the best player in the league, and he’s trying to get his team going into the playoffs. This is a closer for them, and Detroit hasn’t been stellar at stopping anyone lately.

WR: Terrell Owens vs. Philadelphia: I know the Eagles will be hell bent on doing up TO after Owens torched them for a billion yards last time these two met up, but I just don’t think you can stop TO when he’s focused, and with all the Keyshawn talk, the Bill Parcells chatter, and the fact that he’s playing Philly this week – huge stuff, son.

WR: Greg Jennings vs. St. Louis: Jennings is in a tough situation with a platoon, Brett throw to everyone, scheme – but I like his chances against a mediocre Rams secondary in a game that the Packers really want to win. Jennings is tough, and knows how to make touchdowns happen.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. Tennessee: I have to love Gates against he Lions, even with Phillip powder-puffing him the ball. He’s always open this guy, even with a strained groin.

K: Phil Dawson vs. Buffalo: He’ll have a bad day, because I picked him, but the question is, can I jinx the Browns into a home loss to the Bills?

D: Vikings vs. Chicago: The Bears have gotten worse and worse against the run, and they play the best rushing team in the NFL this Monday Night. Chicago just lost two more defensive lineman to the IR, but their offense is even more questionable. They can’t really run, and now Kyle Orton is under center – the 3rd option in Chicago for God’s sake. What does that tell you?


Trent Edwards: Trent is accurate, the Browns secondary is wide open – this should be a second great fantasy week in a row for the young Buffalo Bill.

Kenton Keith: This pick is expecting that the Colts tear down the Raiders pretty easily. If that is the case, Keith will get 12-18 carries, and that means big yardage against a very bad Raiders defensive front.

Frank Gore: Against the Bengals, I think Gore will get over the 100 yard plateau. He’s a very good back, he’s tough, and the Bengals don’t tackle well. Tough start for the young 49er, but he’ll be solid in this one.

Shaunna Alexander: I hate to do it, but I’m actually expecting a decent day out of the former touchdown machine. 80 yards and a touchdown, is that asking too much? We’ll see.

Lee Evans: I’ve always thought the world of this kid, the Bills will have to put the ball in the end zone to stick with the Browns, and Cleveland’s secondary plays like they’re in the pro-bowl every week – I like this match-up.

Roddy White: If someone’s collecting catches, yards, and touchdowns in a blowout of the Falcons, it will be White. If someone is responsible for getting the Falcons a win, it will be this talented receiver. Good sleeper this week.

Tony Scheffler: I just really like this kid in Denver – he could have a big game against the Texans on Thursday.

Anthony Gonzalez: I’m sure the Colt is a popular pick this week after having a big day last week – but the key is, even when Peyton and the rest of the big names go out, Gonzo will still get his work. I like that, and I think he’ll have another nice day.

Buccaneers: The Falcons put up big points last week against New Orleans, but the Saints are terrible defensively. This disciplined Buc secondary will give the Falcons problems.

LUCKY’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Eli Manning: He’s still bad.

Samkon Gado: He may be starting for the Dolphins, but the Ravens are going to eat him alive.

Laveranues Coles: Not this week, not against this motivated Patriots team.

Todd Heap: He’s going to play! I don’t buy that for a minute. Maybe for 1 quarter until he gets hurt. I wouldn’t start him with my playoff life on the line.

Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 15

Week 15, and with only 3 weeks to go (counting this one) you can very well say that the football regular season is in the midst of it’s stretch run. Don’t fret, there’s still playoffs, and more time sensitive draft to wrap your mind around this spring. But for now, lets get at this NFL Picks thing, and see if I can’t come up with some solid reasons to take the teams I do… Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

Thursday’s Game…

Denver Broncos (+1.5) @ Houston Texans:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

This game should be an interesting one. The Broncos are fighting for their playoff lives, and even without Matt Schaub, the Texans are always trying to prove they belong. I’d like to see the Texans fight and claw their way to .500 for the season, but with injuries, and no real rushing game, I just don’t see that happening. The Broncos are freaks, and can’t figure out if they want to be good or not, but Selvin Young and Travis Henry can both be solid rushing threats against the Texans, and I honestly don’t think the Texans defensive front will do well against that chopp-em blocking scheme from the Broncos. Demecco Ryans is magic, but even he won’t be able to shut down the running game in Denver. Jay Cutler is beginning to figure it out, and seems to be at the top of that quarterback class right about now. I’m taking the Broncos on Thursday Night. (A side note, though, I am 0-2 thus far since the NFL Network took over on Thursday’s)

Saturday’s Game…

Cincinnati Bengals (-8) @ San Francisco 49ers:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

The Bengals are better on the road than they are at home, and the 49ers are just brutal. They’ll be starting… ________ (Insert name there) at quarterback, and unless you are a football savvy soldier like me, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be able to tell me much about the youngster that will be getting fed to the Tigers from Cincinnati. The bottom line is, the Bengals are bad, but can they be this bad? I don’t think so, as this game seems pretty simple to me. Take the team that can score points against the team that can’t – and don’t try to out-think yourself about which pick is “sharp” or road and home team chances, or who and why such team has more to play for. The 49ers are bad, and they won’t win another game this season.

Sunday’s Games…

Buffalo Bills (+5.5) @ Cleveland Browns:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I know the Browns were better defensively last week, but can you really count that? They were playing against the Jets, a team that was surely looking over the hill towards next week’s match-up with their divisional big brothers. Anyway, the Browns won’t be able to stop the accurate passing of Trent Edwards and will get especially diced up by the running backs in Buffalo. This is a huge game for both teams, but the Bills are playing better all around ball than the Browns right now. Gotta take them to get an upset win on the road in Cleveland.

Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams (+10):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I think the Rams could give the Packers some trouble, but only if Marc Bulger is fully dressed and his mooshy brain is ready to be productive. If he’s not starting, I’m taking no credit for this pick, regardless of how it turns out. I think the Rams aren’t a bad squad, and could even walk out of St. Louis with a win over the dominant Packers – but I’m not going that far just yet. I’m just saying, the Rams aren’t as bad as their record, and if Green Bay comes in with the mind-set that they are, they’ll take some lumps on Sunday. I’ll take the home team with 10 points.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

The Jaguars are the better team. I saw a scouting site that already has a mock NFL draft ready to go, and they said the Jaguars are looking for a quarterback early – puh-lease! David Garrard is everything this team has every wanted, and everything they need for the future. He plays ball control offense, is smart, and takes care of the football. He is a threat to throw deep, hit outs, and run the ball if need be. He’s physical and fast. Perfect for Jacksonville. The Jaguars are just playing inspired football right now, and the Steelers have been brutal the last four games or so. They didn’t have a chance last week, and while they will play better at home, I still think they fall to the Jags this Sunday. This should be a close game, and I think it will come down to the wire, but I like the 4 points with one of the best teams in football.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (-24):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I actually think the Patriots have a good chance of covering this spread. When you consider Eric Mangini’s history with the Pats, and the fact that he was the one who snitched Belichick out for “spy-gate” I’d say this line is right on the button. I hate 24 point spreads in the NFL, and I say stay away from it, but I like the Patriots chances in this one much better than I liked them against eh Eagles and Ravens (the other big spreads they couldn’t beat). The Pats are back to dominating the game, and they have a huge reason to be up and ready to poop all over the Jets. They are at home, and you can bet the Jets, no matter what they do in practice this week, won’t be ready for the Patriots. Still, 24 points, seems a little ridiculous, no?

Indianapolis Colts (-10.5) @ Oakland Raiders:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I have to take the big away favorite here, and I don’t like it all that much. The Raiders are just bad, and the Colts are starting to pick it up everywhere. Their defense has been pretty damn good all season long, and now their offense, behind Prince Peyton, is rolling on all cylinders (well all the healthy ones anyway). I expect a huge running day from Addai, and probably Kenton Keith, considering he’ll get about 15 garbage carries that could very well lead to a glorious day for some fantasy football risk takers. I’m taking no risks here, as I think the Raiders will be limited by the Colts defense, and they won’t be able to stop the 2nd team.

Philadelphia Eagles (+10) @ Dallas Cowboys:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I like the Eagles to keep this one relatively close. They were already beat up by the Giants in Philly, so I think they’ll come back to Dallas and put up a big fight. The Cowboys played pretty bad last week against the Lions, and Philly’s coaching staff can game plan with the best of them. My guess is they’ll learn a thing or two from the Lions ground success, and instill a little bit of their own with one of the best running backs in football. Westy should have a better day this time around, and while both teams will put up their points, I think the Cowboys will win a close one late. 10 points is pretty ridiculous in this rivalry.
Monday Night Football Game

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings (-10):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

Kyle Orton… Hmmm… He was 10-5 as a starter, but you have to think this is a different Bears defense than it has been in years’ past. In fact, if you don’t think that, you’re obviously lacing your Egg-Nog up a little too strong, and you should tone it down a bit before you get too woosy and experiment the strength of your lighter on your dried out Christmas tree. But, that doesn’t mean that the Bears don’t have a chance – in fact, I think this game just stinks as far as value is concerned. I’m taking the Vikings, because the Bears can’t really stop the run, and Minnesota has two very good options on the ground, three if you count Tarvaris Jackson. Kyle Orton won’t do much with his arm, or you’d think Lovie would have tried him earlier in the season, before he went back to the Grossman option. Anyway, We shall see. I’m betting on the Vikings here, because they can stop the only thing the Bears do even close to well, the run game. And honestly, they aren’t very good at running the ball either.

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 15

This Week’s Top Team: Okay, so LT instead of Rudi would have gotten me a monster score, but I’ll take 108 with a terrible defensive performance, 3 points from Chad Johnson, and 0 points from Antonio Gates. A special thanks to Peyton and Frank Gore.

QB: Peyton Manning: Mr. Manning busted out a top quarterback performance, making me smile, and proud, of my firstborn… err… Anyway, he did well, posting 36 points for Ol’ Lucky.

RB: Frank Gore: “Gore loves to torch Seattle… The Niners would love to oust the Hawks, so expect Coach Nolan to let Gore do what he does best. The Hawks don’t tackle well, and Gore runs very hard. That’s a good combo for Gore owners, bad for Seahawk fans.” I was on the money with this one, so I had to reprint it. #4 running back, with 23 points.

RB: Rudi Johnson: Rudi did alright, but the Colts pretty much did a damn good job against the Bengals offense. Rudi was 4 yards shy of 100 yards from scrimmage, and his 2nd quarter touchdown gave him 14 fantasy points on the night.

WR: Terrell Owens: 5 catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a pussy who spits in people’s faces. Haha. To was 3rd in the receiver category with 18 points.

WR: Chad Johnson: Chad had really cool shoes in warm ups, and that was about it. Like Sampson after his hair was snipped, Chad played poorly without his shoes. 3 points.

TE: Antonio Gates: Nothing for Gates, but what can ya do? The cat is still the best TE in the game.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff had two field goals and 2 extra points as the rams ousted the Raiders. 8 points for Jeff.

D: Bears: 6 points. Against the Bucs. Pull your heads out fellas.


Matt Hasselbeck: Matt had 10 points and the rest of the Hawks, sans Julian Peterson, looked absolutely terrible.

Jay Cutler: Jay through up his gloves and brought it in the head to head match up with the man picked just in front of him. That’s has to feel nice. Jay made me look real good, posting 21 fantasy points, throwing for 2 touchdowns for the 3rd straight time in his career.

Ahman Green: Ahman had 120+ total yards from scrimmage, and broke out 11 points in his contest this week. I have to say, he was a good sleeper here.

Maurice Drew: Mo got his touches, 28 from scrimmage, and he produced, 145 total yards, and a touchdown. The yards per carry wasn’t where I thought it’d be, but you can’t argue with the production, 19 fantasy big ones.

Javon Walker: “Walker hasn’t benefited from Jay Cutler’s move to starter yet, but this week might be another story, as Shanahan has to be emphasizing getting his biggest offensive playmaker the ball.” Walkers deep touchdown catch got me a couple extra points, and J-Walk finished in the top 5 with 16 points.

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry couldn’t find the endzone against Champ Bailey and the rest of the Broncos, but he didn’t leave without points, as he had 77 yards receiving on the night.

Vernon Davis: Davis only had 15 yards receiving, but his touchdown grab made him a Top 5 tight end.

St. Louis Rams DST: The Rams made me look like a genius. I picked them up in my fantasy playoffs and sure enough, they produced 34 fantasy points. Brilliant. Championships here I come!

LUCKY’S Week 15 Moss’S

Brad Johnson: “This guy isn’t a good starting option. Don’t start him. I’d rather start Chris Weinke. What does that tell you?” Apparently, the Vikings finally realized this after this weekend’s contest, as the young rookie, Mr. Jackson, will get the nod in Week 16. And he’ll be a sleeper candidate.

Travis Henry: 12 carries for 37 yards and no scores. Well, I’m getting pretty good at these crafty Moss’S.

Lee Evans: I was wrong, Lee had a good day for the Bills, grabbing 3 balls and making the most out of them, averaging more than 20 yards a catch and scoring 1 touchdown.

Randy Moss: Did he play? I wouldn’t know. I know he didn’t do much offensively, but then again, his heart probably wasn’t in it this game, Oakland’s bad.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 15

After two straight weeks of winning records, I seem to be making a push back towards the green, and we’ll see, as will the Steelers, if there’s still a chance for a salvaged season. Pay special attention, as I feel a big week fluttering in the wings.Gimmie-Games

Rams over the Raiders
Jaguars over the Titans
Broncos over the Cardinals
Cowboys over the Falcons
Bengals over the Colts


San Francisco 49ers (+11) @ Seattle Seahawks: I just don’t trust the Seahawks anymore. After playing very poorly for at least 40 minutes of the Bronco game, and then losing to the Cardinals, I think Frank Gore will give the Hawk defense fits, if not enough to win in Seattle, at least enough to cover the 11 point spread.


Dallas Cowboys (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons: This is where the Cowboys reassert themselves as an NFC powerhouse. Last weeks loss to the Saints was demoralizing enough to light a fire under Parcells’ ass and get the rest of the Cowboys back out of the Never Never Land dream world of NFC Champs that everyone has been predicting. They’ll actually play this week, and physical freaks (Like TO on offense and Demarcus Ware on defense) will slang the Falcons from the playoff picture


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-10.5): It’s all up to the Ravens here. Cleveland won’t be able to do donkey turd against the Ravens defense, that’s a given, 10 points at the very most. So, it’s up to Steve McNair, and more likely, Jamal Lewis, to get the spread covered. I loved the way Lewis was running last week, so I’ll take the Ravens to cover at home.
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (-4.5): The roar in Detroit has been pathetic lately, making me think the Raiders will have some competition for that top pick. Jon Kitna hasn’t shown anything to sway the Lions from taking Brady Quinn if they win the spot, and Green Bay has proven they can hog tie lesser teams. I’m not sure many squads are lesser than the Packers, but without Kevin Jones, you can bet the Lions are.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) at Tennessee Titans: The Titans sure have impressed me, none more than Vincent Young. Kid is legit. But, the Jaguars are in the hunt for the playoffs, and sooner or later, even this stellar ROY candidate will have a tough game running the show for these young Titans. But the last few weeks from Vince have shown me that the Titans aren’t very far away from the playoffs.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots (-11): I don’t know if the Texans are talented enough to take advantage of the Patriot short-comings, so I have to take New England, Tom Brady, and the rest of the Patriots in a rebound performance against Houston.

New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings (-3): Honestly, if I didn’t pick every stinking game, I’d stay away from this one. The Vikings have disappointed all year while the Jets have just struggled lately. Minnesota still has a good running attack, something the Jets can’t manage to stop. That fact alone has me taking the Vikes at home. But I still think Brad Johnson is holding this team back. Hell, I can throw farther than Brad.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (even): My first instinct was to take the Dolphins, because their defense has been filthy, and JP doesn’t play well against solid defensive squads. Then I realized that the Dolphins only have Sammy Morris at RB, while the Bills have McGahee and Anthony Thomas, plus a score from anywhere guy in WR Lee Evans. So, after further review, I’d like to reverse the call, and go with the home team.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) at Carolina Panthers: I’ve lost all hope in the Panthers and still think the Steelers have a pulse. Fast Willie Parker came correct last week, and the Panthers’ defense hasn’t shown me anything lately that would make me think Willie won’t hound the cats in Carolina. Big Ben is back to his old self, and the Steelers defense will only make plays if Chris Weinke is QBing for Carolina. Take Pittsburgh in a big road win.

Washington Redskins (+10.5) at New Orleans Saints: It’s tough to jump off the Saints’ big win over Dallas last week, but a let down against a sub par Redskin team is on the Horizon. I just feel it. Everyone has been playing perfect football for New Orleans, but they’re bound to have an off game. Ladell Betts is a down hill, rough and tumble runner. He’ll keep the Redskins close, and Jason Campbell will make a big play late to help the Redskins cover.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (-13): I really don’t like the Bears (-13) against anyone but the offensively challenged Buccaneers or the Oakland “Terrible” Raiders. As the schedule staggers into week 15, the Bucs come to Chicago. That can only mean one thing. A low scoring, painful to watch, Chicago 17-3 (or shutout) win. Either way, I’ll take home the victory.

Denver Broncos (-1) at Arizona Cardinals: I know things haven’t been great for the Broncos, and Arizona beat the Seahawks last week, but this game shouldn’t be close to even. With Cutler struggling, the Broncos are still a touchdown better than Arizona, just wait and see.

Philadelphia Eagles (+6) at New York Giants: Like I said last week, I have a funny feeling, that even without Donovan McNabb, the Eagles might just sneak their way into the playoffs. What’s the first order of business to make that dream a reality? An enormous win over the Giants in New York. And, oh yes, it’s possible. Jeff Garcia can pick apart a porous Giant defense, (yeah – I said it), and Eli Manning will find trouble in an Eagles secondary that’s starting to step up and make plays. Only Tiki stands in the way of an Eagle victory. Stay tuned.

St. Louis Rams (+2) at Oakland Raiders: How in God’s good name did some bunch of know-nothings come up with this spread? I often hate betting with the public, or at least it makes me worry, but I’d like to slap the mental munchkins that make up the 20% of the betting population that took Oakland. Steven Jackson and the Rams’ receiving corps will obliterate any Raider hope for victory. Sure, lightening strikes, but it sure as hell never makes an appearance in Oakland.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers (-8): The common consensus seems to be that San Diego doesn’t really need this game, and if you look at it in a comparison fashion, yes, the Chiefs need this win more than San Diego. But the Chargers have Shawn Merriman back, and that’s that. That guy won’t make life easy on Trent Green. The Chiefs back to back losses to Cleveland and then Baltimore may have doomed their playoff hopes. I don’t think they have the firepower in the passing game to keep San Diego honest.


Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5) at Indianapolis Colts: This will be the last game in the streak of losses for the Colts. But this week, on Monday Night Football, Chad Johnson will pull out the disappearing football trick as his end zone dance, not once, but twice, as his need-to-win Bengals hobble the Colts in Indy. This should be a great game, but the improving Bengal defense should be the difference, as Indy doesn’t look like they cans stop Rudi Johnson or Carson Palmer, and definitely not Chad Johnson.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 15

Defeated14’s monster spread differential vexed old Lucky Lester. As you can see by my Atlanta Hawkish record, (5-9-2) it was more of a three legged race to 95 than a sprint to 100 wins. At the end of Week 15 my record slid in at 95-93-3. I’ve had better days, but the best are still to come. Another 16-0 record would work quite nice. I won the lottery this week, 3$ prize, I’m letting it ride on the Chiefs to win. This week will solve much of the playoff dilemma, just wait and see. One certain undefeated team should end all the talk of a perfect season. Wins over losses, ready, break!

Tampa Bay (+3) at New England – The Buccaneers are the better team here. Everyone seems to have hopped back on the Patriot bandwagon, but it’s going to take a lot more than a win over buffalo to get me on the rusty old thing. Tampa Bay owns one of the leagues best defenses along with an offense that is run-heavy. New England will find it difficult to stop Carnell Williams, and even the young Chris Simms should find room in the Patriot secondary. Look for Tampa Bay to assist a couple wayward sports-riders off the Patriotic Bandwagon.
Game Date: 12/17/05 13:30 ET

Kansas City (+3) at N.Y. Giants – The Chiefs really dominated the Cowgirls through much of the Kansas City / Dallas match-up a week ago. Then, with 16 seconds left, the Chiefs had all but lost to the Boys. Lightening struck, a 15 yard out, a 40 yard pass to Donte Hall, and whammy, all the Chiefs needed to do was kick a 40 yard field goal to send the game into overtime. Wide right. Not Jay Feeley wide right, we’re talking Kris Brown wide right. It was terrible. The Chiefs can’t lose this game. It would all but guarantee their seat on the couch come playoff time. The Giants really don’t have room to lose either, but they aren’t as good as Kansas City, so they’ll lose. Eli Manning has shown he’s not ready to be an NFL star quite yet, and the Giant defense has shown it’s age. Look for Larry Johnson to dominate yet again. Game Date: 12/17/05 17:00 ET

Denver (-9.5) at Buffalo – The Bills are a terrible sack of rotting cow-manure. They struggle on offense, and because they’re so bad at keeping the ball, their defense struggles as well. JP Losman is young, and already people are giving up on him. This is his first year as a starter. Give the kid a break. Look at Drew Brees, it took him 4 years to contribute. The Bills aren’t ready. Their best offensive weapon, Willis McGahee, is hurting, and their best defensive player has been out since Week 4. Buffalo has nothing to play for. Denver comes into town looking to keep their division lead and possible a couple home games come post-season play. Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell should form an admirable duo in this one. Jake won’t make mistakes and the Broncos will play much better than they did last week. Game Date: 12/17/05 20:30 ET

Arizona (-1) at Houston – With the way Kris Brown kicked that field goal at the end of last weeks game, I truly can’t justify betting on the Texans to win a football game. It’s apparent that they either A- aren’t trying to win, or B- are trying very, very hard to lose. Okay, there is a C- the Texans are cursed by the the prince of darkness and they will never win another football game as long as humans rule the earth. You decide. I’ll decide this one, the Cardinals win in a game that means about as much as a regular season Major League Baseball game. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin blow up. (Figuratively)
Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

Carolina (-8.5) at New Orleans – The Panthers are levels above Atlanta. The Saints were destroyed by the Falcons on Monday Night Football. How in the hell can I justify taking the Saints in a game that isn’t even during prime time? I can’t. The Saints’ season was over months ago, just like the outcome of this game. I would be surprised if the Saints get within 20 points of the Panthers. Carolina has too much on the line, and they’ve been looking forward to this rematch since their opening day loss to New Orleans.
Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

N.Y. Jets at Miami (-9) – The Jets showed they could win a football game last week against… wait, they just beat the Raiders, that’s all. How bad is Oakland? Miami has won 3 in a row since Nick Saban told the world that wins didn’t matter for his football team. Fooled me. Miami beat the Chargers in San Diego last week. Who are they kidding? If New England loses out, (Almost impossible because NE plays the Jets) and the Dolphins win out, (possible), the Dolphins would go to the playoffs and the Patriots would sit home. Needless to say, this game means a lot for the Fins. Nick Saban will lead his team to their biggest victory since they upended the Dolphins in Week 1.
Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

Philadelphia at St. Louis (-3) – The Eagles played tight with the Giants, but not even a stellar first-start performance by Ryan Moats could propel the Eagles to victory. This week, the Rams will outgun the Eagles in St. Louis. Torry Holt will have a big game, he’s always wide open. Steven Jackson will bounce back from 3 consecutive weeks where he pooped the bed, to lead the Rams to victory with 25+ carries. Moats will find room to run once again, but Mike McMahon won’t do enough for the Eagles to win.
Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Minnesota – The Steelers ended the Chicago streak last week with a gutty and flawless performance by their second year signal caller, Big Ben Roethlisberger. Hines Ward fought a big fight on his way to the endzone for the Steelers’ first touchdown and Jerome Bettis rumbled and bumbled for their second. Pittsburgh’s defense wouldn’t allow Kyle Orton to get anything going through the air, and they did a nice job shutting down the Bear rushing attack. This week will be a little bit of the same in Minnesota. The Vikings will find their streak ended by the Steelers, just as the Bears did. Both teams need this victory to stay in the playoff hunt, but the Steel show will out play the Vikings on Sunday. Their will be no room to run, and Brad Johnson won’t find the same success through the air. The Steelers don’t commit turnovers, so it will be hard for the Vikings to capitalize. Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

San Diego (+8.5) at Indianapolis – The Chargers need this victory about a million times more than the Colts do. If anything, a loss for the Colts here might actually help their Super Bowl chances. A loss would put an end to any speculation on resting players, an undefeated season, what should Tony do, and all that other junk. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Colts should go for the gusto, nothing is more powerful than a perfect season Super Bowl Champion. Think about it. Everyone knows about the Ô72 Dolphins, but can you name the last 5 Super Bowl Winners? Okay, the Patriots have won three, but everyone only knows that because they won three. The other two? Exactly. Unfortunately for the Colts, a pissed off Charger team will tromp into Indianapolis with their playoff lives at stake, and come out with a huge upset. LT will show up on Sunday as the best player in the NFL, and a couple big plays on defense will surprise Peyton and the Colts. Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

Seattle (-7.5) at Tennessee – The Seahawks won’t overlook the Titans just because they play the AFC’s top team in Week 16. Mike Holmgren knows the Titans can play tough football, and he also knows that the best thing the Seahawks could do is put this game out of reach by half time like they did last week against the Niners. The Titans don’t have the firepower to hang with the Hawks, and they know it. Plus, next week might be just as meaningless for the Hawks as it should be for the Colts. Look for Shaun Alexander to score 3 times in the first half before he’s pulled for a spot on the sideline begging Holmgren to put him back in so he can run for the record books. Is it just me or does Mike enjoy watching Shaun squirm about?
Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

San Francisco at Jacksonville (-16) – The 49ers are a very bad football team with a very bad running game and a rookie quarterback who is years away from making an NFL impact. Did I mention their defense hasn’t managed to prevent Urcle from scoring? The Jaguars might not be as good without Byron in the lineup, but David Garrard has all it takes to put a lump on the Niners. He can run much better than Byron, and the Jaguars will use that to their advantage. All games from here on out are must wins for Jacksonville. The AFC is crazy. Game Date: 12/18/05 13:05 ET

Cincinnati (-8) at Detroit – The Bengals will bounce back from their most pathetic offensive performance of the season last week against the Browns. The thing that speaks volumes about the Bengals is that even in their off week they managed to come out victorious. This week Cincinnati goes to Detroit to play the red-hot Lions. Their faces are red with embarrassment, and their asses are hot from getting kicked around by every team in the league. Nothing will put an end to Detroit’s misery this season, not even that crazy fat lady from the movie Misery. Watch Carson Palmer come back in fine fashion, making a late season push for the MVP award.
Game Date: 12/18/05 16:10 ET

Cleveland (+3) at Oakland – The Browns haven’t played too shabby of late. The Raiders are worse than the Duke Blue Devil football team. I don’t think it’s right to give Tui one start and then write him off for good, but Andrew Walter is a young gun slinger who just happens to be waiting for a chance to shine. Could he do for the Raiders what Charlie ÒBrownÓ Frye has done for the the Browns? Randy Moss sure hopes so, anyone who can get him the ball would be real nice, especially for my fantasy football team. Reuben Droughns will take advantage of a tired and depleted Raider defense on Sunday. Look for the Browns to come out with much more firepower as they take down the Raiders at home. Game Date: 12/18/05 16:10 ET

Dallas (+2.5) at Washington – The Cowboys are better than the Redskins. Ouch. It hurts to say it, but the Cowboys should win this game. I’ll take a loss in the bank account to watch the Girls lose to the Skins on Sunday. The problem is I don’t see it happening. Drew Bledsoe, yes, my least favorite quarterback since Ryan Leaf, has been playing some fine football lately. I hope to God that ends sunday, mind you, but signs point to that not happening. Expect the Skins to put up a late fight, but the season sweep of their biggest rival is out of the question. The Cowboys will still find the playoffs tough sledding, but with a win here they’ll stay in the hunt.
Game Date: 12/18/05 16:20 ET

Atlanta at Chicago (-3) – The Bears lost last week, and all of a sudden their bandwagon lost a ton of weight. Well, now it has enough room for my big ass. The Bears will shut down Mike Vick and pound Thomas Jones into an Atlanta defensive front that couldn’t stop a gang of Care-Bears. The Falcons don’t match up well against the Bears, and that doesn’t bode well for Falcon playoff aspirations. Mike Vick will be at home watching this years post-season for the first time since he was hurt. Kyle Orton will do just enough for the Bears to slay the Dirty Birds. Game Date: 12/18/05 20:40 ET

Green Bay (+3.5) at Baltimore – The Packers aren’t a good football team. In fact, they’re down right pitiful. The Pack is fighting for wins that don’t mean a thing and Brett Favre is starting, getting needlessly pounded, and throwing oodles of interceptions while rookie quarterback Aaron Rodgers is waiting for his chance to show the Packers who they picked in the first round. They won’t sit Brett, though, in which case they’ll have just enough to take down the Ravens in Baltimore. But it will be Samkon Gado who leads the Packers to victory, not the old man with the gray beard. Mike Sherman has seen his last days in Green Bay, why not make them wins?
Game Date: 12/19/05 21:10 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 15

Fold up the hide-a-bed, and buy the wife a pearl necklace; it’s time to move back into the Master bedroom. I went 11-5 last week. If you’ve followed my Luck at all this year, you noticed that my 11 wins in week 14 are the most thus far and pushes my season record to
103-94-6. It’s convenient that my best week followed my worst, but hey, that’s the way the pigskin bounces. Not only did I end up 11-5, I bet big on some big games. I took the Hawks to win in Minnesota at +250, the Saints to win in Dallas at +260, and the terrible Niners to beat Arizona for a huge payoff. So, with the little money I had left, I got a little redemption from my week 13 debacle. Heads up, because I’m firing up another go at a big week starting this Sunday. It’s getting down to the nitty gritty, and I’m going to take advantage of who’s tough and who’s Eli Manning, I mean… who’s not! If you listen carefully you might just come out on top, giving yourself an early return on your wife’s Christmas present.Pittsburgh (-10) at N.Y. Giants – You know I’ve got to go with the Steel City in this Saturday game where 12-1 collides with 5-8. The boys in Pittsburgh have kept up their tough play since the upsets of both New England and Philadelphia. The Giants finally get to see what they could’ve gotten without giving up next years first round pick, in the Steeler’s Ben Roethlisberger. This rookie has had his ups and downs, but the downs haven’t resulted in a single loss. This is not the week that changes. Unfortunately for Eli, his defense won’t feast on Big Ben like the Steelers will do on him. The Steelers defense is underrated, even though they are rated high. They take advantage of the ground it out running game that Bill Cower runs, and fly around the field when they aren’t watching Duce Staley and Jerome Bettis get first down after first down. The Steelers will dominate on Saturday, because that’s what they do to bad teams.
Game Date: 12/18/04 13:30 ET

Washington (-5) at San Francisco – I hate taking Washington ever, but like I’ve been saying the Niners are the most pathetic team in the league. Sure, they won a game last week, but that will be the last time that happens this year, I can almost guarantee you that. The Skins have started to realize how much they need Clinton Portis to touch the ball if they want to win games. He was throwing and receiving, as well as rushing the ball last week in Philly. Portis is the whole offense until Gibbs picks up a capable quarterback to lead his team. Luckily, the Niners couldn’t stop Drew Bledsoe quarterbacking The Replacements. Here’s to 2-12 Coach Dennis Erickson, Cheers! Game Date: 12/18/04 17:00 ET

Carolina at Atlanta (-3) – What has gotten into Mushin Muhammad and the Carolina Panthers. They’ve stopped looking like the pussycats that had been playing the first half of the year. For a team that has been decimated by injuries, they are putting on quite a show. Unfortunately, it’s going to end up all for not. Though one can argue that they are getting mounds of experience, all they are really doing is climbing down the draft order. Even though they have fought themselves into a playoff race, they have now moved behind 10 teams in the NFC alone when draft day comes around. I’d love to see them end with 8 straight wins and make the playoffs, but I don’t see it happening. With two sub par teams after Atlanta, they could make the playoffs even losing on Saturday. This week in Atlanta, the Falcons will show up for what will seem like the first time in weeks. Mike Vick should run around a defense that is still suffering from injuries, and the Falcon defense should do enough to get Atlanta the win on their home field. My heart says Panthers, my money says Falcons. Game Date: 12/18/04 20:30 ET

Buffalo (E) at Cincinnati – I’ve got to take the Buff in Cincinnati. Get this; the Bills haven’t scored less than 37 points in any game of their 4 game win streak. This is with the handicap of having Drew Bledsoe start at quarterback. In the stomping of the Browns, Drew managed to complete just 12-27 passing for 100 yards, a pick, and a TD. Luckily for Drew, his offense produced 215 yards rushing, 105 from Mr. Willis McGahee. With or without Drew, the Bills have been red hot, and are likely to shut down an offensive attack from the Bengals minus their rising star, Carson Palmer. While Kitna is a great back-up, he hasn’t played at all this year, and will struggle against a defense that allowed 14 net yards last week. Yes, 14!
Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

Dallas at Philadelphia (-12.5) – I have yet to bet on the Cowboys this year, and it’s really paid off. In fact, last week they improved my living situation all by themselves. Thanks for losing to a pitiful Saints team, Dallas. This week they won’t have to play like dog crap to lose, because they not only face Philly, a team that is known to destroy Dallas, but Terrell Owens as well, who makes his mark on the Cowboy secondary whenever he damn well pleases. Dallas can’t hang with the Eagles, regardless of a spread that nears two touchdowns. It’s good to see the Cowboys evaporating from the pathetic NFC playoff race. Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

Denver at Kansas City (+1.5) – Kansas City has ridden their running game, even without their holy man, Priest Holmes. Larry Johnson was phenomenal last week while only carrying the ball 7 times. The one-two punch of Blaylock and Johnson is turning in to a nine-punch combination. These two back-ups have shown us just how good Priest Holmes is to demand the touches he gets when healthy. The Chiefs are out of the playoff picture, but that doesn’t make them any less willing to sink the Broncos a little lower than their Shetland Pony status of late. Denver slipped past Miami last week by 3 measly points. I love the pathetic feeling I get when watching Denver. Plummer has been terrible, and their “much improved defense” has anything but. Shannahan looks to be on his way out, that’s too bad. Not! Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

Houston (+1) at Chicago – Houston gave it their all against Indianapolis last week, but fell short to the wrecking ball that is the Colts offense. David Carr has fallen from the horse he was riding earlier in the year, but should still lead his team past an offensively challenged Chicago squad. Chi-Town has been down right ugly this year, besides the game against the Vikings two weeks ago. As I predicted, they took a tumble in week 14, and will manage the same this Sunday. Dominic Davis has been astounding with the ball in his hands the last 5 or 6 weeks, and I see no reason for that to halt. Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

Minnesota (-3) at Detroit – I don’t care if Randy, Daunte, and Mike Tice have been questionable lately, there is no reason Joey Harrington should lead his team to victory over the Vikings on Sunday. Regardless of what critics think, they are still the same team they were earlier in the year when eyebrows were raised. Can they get back to that level and make some waves in the playoffs? I don’t know. But can they beat the crap out of the Lions in Detroit? You betcha! Moss will get on track with a couple touchdowns and Harrington will get benched for somebody, anybody, to stop Steve Marriucci from poking his own eyes out in disgust.
Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

San Diego (-10) at Cleveland – The Browns have been horrendous since Butch Davis stepped down as head coach. The Chargers have gotten better and better as the season has progressed. If you are still waiting for Drew Brees to slip back to his old numbers, you need to snap out of it. Drew has been damn good, enough so, that I voted for him to go to Honolulu. Brees has lifted his team and done everything he could to make them a good ball club. They have reacted. The Brees to Antonio Gates combination has impressed everyone, and it seems unstoppable. I don’t see Cleveland stopping much of anything. I don’t see them starting anything either. For a team that lost 37-7 last week to Buffalo, the 10 points against a superb Charger team seems like nothing.
Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

Seattle (+6) at N.Y. Jets – The Hawks stole one in Minnesota last Sunday, much to my big fat grin, and a nice pocket full of cash. Matt Hasselbeck has finally found his slinger, which is good to see if you happen to be a Seattle fan like me. The Hawks are a lot more dangerous if teams have to start worrying about 334 yards and 3 touchdowns coming from Matt’s arm. Shaun Alexander will play a big role against a good Jet team, but the Hawks are back, and are fixing to be what everyone thought they would be all year, NFC Champs!
Game Date: 12/19/04 13:00 ET

New Orleans (+8) at Tampa Bay – The Saints aren’t very good, but what they did to the Cowboys last week is good enough to make me a believer. It’s time for them to win anyway. They are far from playoff contention, even in the weak NFC, and have nothing to do but climb down the draft latter. They are good at showing up when the games no longer count. Tampa Bay is also fighting for a shot at a lower draft pick, so this game should be interesting. I don’t know how I’m taking the Saints when Deuce McCallister gained only 80 yards on 30 carries last week. Ugh! Let’s just call it a hunch. The 8 points helps too. Game Date: 12/19/04 16:05 ET

St. Louis at Arizona (+3) – My brain tells me to take St. Louis here, but they seem to be doing everything they can to remove themselves from post-season eligibility. That’s tough in the NFC, but they are managing it. I’m betting on another star-choking performance this week in Arizona. I think Dennis Green always likes to win ball games, and his team will beat the odds and take out a Ram team that has lost all confidence. What will happen in St. Louis this off-season? All I know is, right now, they stink, and it will show on Sunday when they fall to a ‘Zona squad that let Ken Dorsey beat them a week ago. Yes, that Ken Dorsey! Game Date: 12/19/04 16:05 ET

Jacksonville (+3.5) at Green Bay – I haven’t done that well betting the Packers this year. Brett Favre has either stepped up and threw touchdowns in my face, or thrown more picks than touchdowns when my money was riding his arm. Either way, when they’ve won, I’ve lost, and when they’ve lost I’ve lost. So, I’m taking Jacksonville here. Byron Leftwich is a leader. His team thrives around his poise, and they need a win this weekend. While both teams need a win, a loss all but eliminates the Jaguars from a tough playoff race in the AFC. I don’t think their young leader will allow that to happen. I’m going against my Green Bay roots, and taking Jacksonville in Green Bay.
Game Date: 12/19/04 16:15 ET

Tennessee (E) at Oakland – Do I think Billy Volek will post the numbers he did last week against Kansas City? No. But I do think he will toss the ball around the field against the Raiders. Billy has shown a little flare in his recent action, leading a brilliant performance on Monday Night. Drew Bennett, your average white quarterback turned NFL receiver had 233 yards receiving last week, enough to lead the league in a single game this year. Not bad. Oakland took a step back last week getting fingered by the Falcons 35-10. If anything, I’d like Oakland to lose just to see what Al Davis does with another high pick. It piques off-season interest. Game Date: 12/19/04 16:15 ET

Baltimore (+7.5) at Indianapolis – I’m betting against the Colts again this week. They couldn’t make the spread against a feisty Houston team, and the Ravens defense is up for the Manning challenge this Sunday. I think the spread is too high, given that the Colts D won’t do much to stop the average offensive attack the Ravens have. Boller isn’t a great quarterback, heck, he’s barely average, but the Colts secondary is way below average. Jamal Lewis will be back, and his return will mark the first time Jonathan Ogden and Lewis have been healthy together for some time. I’m predicting a lot of pounding from the rushing attack of the Ravens, limiting Manning’s time on the field, and keeping their defense fresh. Baltimore will surprise this week against a team that has already clinched their division. Game Date: 12/19/04 21:35 ET

New England (-10) at Miami – Miami almost pulled one out against a fading Bronco team, but will stand no chance against a Patriot team that’s eying a 15-1 season. New England pulled out a victory last week over a Bengal team that stayed in the game even without starter Carson Palmer. Belichick won’t let that happen against a much inferior Miami team in week 15. Monday night could be a boring night to watch football, as the game should be over by half time. Miami has no chance in this game, I don’t care how crazy and unpredictable this season has been. They have no chance at all!
Game Date: 12/20/04 21:05 ET


Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester