2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 15

This Week’s Top Team: 140? Not quite, but I had a few guys that did some damage. 82 whole points… Okay, so I had a down week.QB: Kurt Warner vs. New Orleans: 233 yards and 3 touchdowns for Kurt – If I would have listened to myself, I would have started Kurt over Tony Romo and Tom Brady and won my fantasy semi-final game. As is, I just have to play in the 3rd place game. Cool, $40! 23 points for the old guy.

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Oakland: 9 points… The Raiders held the Colts pretty much in check, as Indy just didn’t show up. 44 rushing ayrds, 33 receiving yards, and 1 two points rush that almost got one of the most consistent backs in the league to double digits. Good lord, 9 points.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Detroit: 23 fantasy points for my man LT, in just over a half of football. That’s what I like to see, his backup ended up with more fantasy points that he did. Either way, 23 is nice.

WR: Terrell Owens vs. Philadelphia: 37 yards receiving, all in the last quarter I think. Definitely the last half. How can the Cowboys be this bad in a pretty important game? Well, I blame that hot girl in the box seats. 3 points for Too…

WR: Greg Jennings vs. St. Louis: 66 yards receiving and a 44 yards (long) touchdown for a total of, 14 points. You bet. Jennings has turned into quite the catch, and I love it.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. Detroit: Gates put up 1 catch for 8 yards. If you do the math, carry the 1, yes, that’s 0 points for the big guy, and his team put up close to half a century. Pass? Anyone?

K: Phil Dawson vs. Buffalo: 2 field goals, 7 points, once again, not a big day, but I couldn’t jinx the Browns into losing – a total failure once again.

D: Vikings vs. Chicago: 13 points from the Vikings, and had they given me 14, I would have won my semi-final game in my fantasy league. Jerks.


Trent Edwards: 5 points for Trent, and it was definitely my bad playing the youngster in a big ass snow storm that was almost painful to watch. 8-0 was the score – yikes. F.

Kenton Keith: This pick didn’t pan out as the Colts looked terrible, their running game looked terrible, and they barely beat the Raiders, so Keith didn’t get many carries. Damn. F

Frank Gore: 129 rushing yards for Frank, and so many people sat him because of his poor season. This kid is good, and he put up some solid points for me. B

Shaunna Alexander: 17 carries… 17 yards… Yeah, that’s one of those things you don’t want to match up. I hate watching Shaunna run, and I was definitely tricked into this sleeper selection. FFF

Lee Evans: He played in a snow bowl for a team that scored 0 and he still ended up with 40 yards – not too bad considering, but another bad choice by me. C-

Roddy White: 0 yards and 0 points for the top Falcons wideout – yes, the Bucs put a lock down on Roddy. F

Tony Scheffler: 100 yards and a touchdown, that’s what I’m talking about, finally! A+

Anthony Gonzalez: 86 yards and a touchdown for the rookie out of Ohio State – don’t be surprised when this kid steps right in and takes Marvin’s spot when Harrison is done. A

Buccaneers: The Bucs put up 26 points for me, and if I would have started them over the Vikings in my fantasy league, I would have won instead of losing in the Semi’s because of a tie-breaker… A+

LUCKY’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Eli Manning: He’s still bad.

Samkon Gado: 18 carries, 43 yards, a touchdown that helps his 0-for team get a win – I’ll just praise the young kid and say this, he scored more points that I thought he would, but 18 for 43 seems about right.

Laveranues Coles: Coles ended up playing like a snap, and broke my heart in more than one situation. But at least I was right on here.

Todd Heap: That whole, “He’s going to play” skit was a just a slap in the face for any fantasy owner that picked Heap high, held on to him all season long, and played him in the playoffs. He ended up not playing. What a sandy-panties.

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