Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 15

After two straight weeks of winning records, I seem to be making a push back towards the green, and we’ll see, as will the Steelers, if there’s still a chance for a salvaged season. Pay special attention, as I feel a big week fluttering in the wings.Gimmie-Games

Rams over the Raiders
Jaguars over the Titans
Broncos over the Cardinals
Cowboys over the Falcons
Bengals over the Colts


San Francisco 49ers (+11) @ Seattle Seahawks: I just don’t trust the Seahawks anymore. After playing very poorly for at least 40 minutes of the Bronco game, and then losing to the Cardinals, I think Frank Gore will give the Hawk defense fits, if not enough to win in Seattle, at least enough to cover the 11 point spread.


Dallas Cowboys (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons: This is where the Cowboys reassert themselves as an NFC powerhouse. Last weeks loss to the Saints was demoralizing enough to light a fire under Parcells’ ass and get the rest of the Cowboys back out of the Never Never Land dream world of NFC Champs that everyone has been predicting. They’ll actually play this week, and physical freaks (Like TO on offense and Demarcus Ware on defense) will slang the Falcons from the playoff picture


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-10.5): It’s all up to the Ravens here. Cleveland won’t be able to do donkey turd against the Ravens defense, that’s a given, 10 points at the very most. So, it’s up to Steve McNair, and more likely, Jamal Lewis, to get the spread covered. I loved the way Lewis was running last week, so I’ll take the Ravens to cover at home.
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (-4.5): The roar in Detroit has been pathetic lately, making me think the Raiders will have some competition for that top pick. Jon Kitna hasn’t shown anything to sway the Lions from taking Brady Quinn if they win the spot, and Green Bay has proven they can hog tie lesser teams. I’m not sure many squads are lesser than the Packers, but without Kevin Jones, you can bet the Lions are.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) at Tennessee Titans: The Titans sure have impressed me, none more than Vincent Young. Kid is legit. But, the Jaguars are in the hunt for the playoffs, and sooner or later, even this stellar ROY candidate will have a tough game running the show for these young Titans. But the last few weeks from Vince have shown me that the Titans aren’t very far away from the playoffs.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots (-11): I don’t know if the Texans are talented enough to take advantage of the Patriot short-comings, so I have to take New England, Tom Brady, and the rest of the Patriots in a rebound performance against Houston.

New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings (-3): Honestly, if I didn’t pick every stinking game, I’d stay away from this one. The Vikings have disappointed all year while the Jets have just struggled lately. Minnesota still has a good running attack, something the Jets can’t manage to stop. That fact alone has me taking the Vikes at home. But I still think Brad Johnson is holding this team back. Hell, I can throw farther than Brad.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (even): My first instinct was to take the Dolphins, because their defense has been filthy, and JP doesn’t play well against solid defensive squads. Then I realized that the Dolphins only have Sammy Morris at RB, while the Bills have McGahee and Anthony Thomas, plus a score from anywhere guy in WR Lee Evans. So, after further review, I’d like to reverse the call, and go with the home team.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) at Carolina Panthers: I’ve lost all hope in the Panthers and still think the Steelers have a pulse. Fast Willie Parker came correct last week, and the Panthers’ defense hasn’t shown me anything lately that would make me think Willie won’t hound the cats in Carolina. Big Ben is back to his old self, and the Steelers defense will only make plays if Chris Weinke is QBing for Carolina. Take Pittsburgh in a big road win.

Washington Redskins (+10.5) at New Orleans Saints: It’s tough to jump off the Saints’ big win over Dallas last week, but a let down against a sub par Redskin team is on the Horizon. I just feel it. Everyone has been playing perfect football for New Orleans, but they’re bound to have an off game. Ladell Betts is a down hill, rough and tumble runner. He’ll keep the Redskins close, and Jason Campbell will make a big play late to help the Redskins cover.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (-13): I really don’t like the Bears (-13) against anyone but the offensively challenged Buccaneers or the Oakland “Terrible” Raiders. As the schedule staggers into week 15, the Bucs come to Chicago. That can only mean one thing. A low scoring, painful to watch, Chicago 17-3 (or shutout) win. Either way, I’ll take home the victory.

Denver Broncos (-1) at Arizona Cardinals: I know things haven’t been great for the Broncos, and Arizona beat the Seahawks last week, but this game shouldn’t be close to even. With Cutler struggling, the Broncos are still a touchdown better than Arizona, just wait and see.

Philadelphia Eagles (+6) at New York Giants: Like I said last week, I have a funny feeling, that even without Donovan McNabb, the Eagles might just sneak their way into the playoffs. What’s the first order of business to make that dream a reality? An enormous win over the Giants in New York. And, oh yes, it’s possible. Jeff Garcia can pick apart a porous Giant defense, (yeah – I said it), and Eli Manning will find trouble in an Eagles secondary that’s starting to step up and make plays. Only Tiki stands in the way of an Eagle victory. Stay tuned.

St. Louis Rams (+2) at Oakland Raiders: How in God’s good name did some bunch of know-nothings come up with this spread? I often hate betting with the public, or at least it makes me worry, but I’d like to slap the mental munchkins that make up the 20% of the betting population that took Oakland. Steven Jackson and the Rams’ receiving corps will obliterate any Raider hope for victory. Sure, lightening strikes, but it sure as hell never makes an appearance in Oakland.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers (-8): The common consensus seems to be that San Diego doesn’t really need this game, and if you look at it in a comparison fashion, yes, the Chiefs need this win more than San Diego. But the Chargers have Shawn Merriman back, and that’s that. That guy won’t make life easy on Trent Green. The Chiefs back to back losses to Cleveland and then Baltimore may have doomed their playoff hopes. I don’t think they have the firepower in the passing game to keep San Diego honest.


Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5) at Indianapolis Colts: This will be the last game in the streak of losses for the Colts. But this week, on Monday Night Football, Chad Johnson will pull out the disappearing football trick as his end zone dance, not once, but twice, as his need-to-win Bengals hobble the Colts in Indy. This should be a great game, but the improving Bengal defense should be the difference, as Indy doesn’t look like they cans stop Rudi Johnson or Carson Palmer, and definitely not Chad Johnson.

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