2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 15

This Week’s Top Team: Okay, so LT instead of Rudi would have gotten me a monster score, but I’ll take 108 with a terrible defensive performance, 3 points from Chad Johnson, and 0 points from Antonio Gates. A special thanks to Peyton and Frank Gore.

QB: Peyton Manning: Mr. Manning busted out a top quarterback performance, making me smile, and proud, of my firstborn… err… Anyway, he did well, posting 36 points for Ol’ Lucky.

RB: Frank Gore: “Gore loves to torch Seattle… The Niners would love to oust the Hawks, so expect Coach Nolan to let Gore do what he does best. The Hawks don’t tackle well, and Gore runs very hard. That’s a good combo for Gore owners, bad for Seahawk fans.” I was on the money with this one, so I had to reprint it. #4 running back, with 23 points.

RB: Rudi Johnson: Rudi did alright, but the Colts pretty much did a damn good job against the Bengals offense. Rudi was 4 yards shy of 100 yards from scrimmage, and his 2nd quarter touchdown gave him 14 fantasy points on the night.

WR: Terrell Owens: 5 catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a pussy who spits in people’s faces. Haha. To was 3rd in the receiver category with 18 points.

WR: Chad Johnson: Chad had really cool shoes in warm ups, and that was about it. Like Sampson after his hair was snipped, Chad played poorly without his shoes. 3 points.

TE: Antonio Gates: Nothing for Gates, but what can ya do? The cat is still the best TE in the game.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff had two field goals and 2 extra points as the rams ousted the Raiders. 8 points for Jeff.

D: Bears: 6 points. Against the Bucs. Pull your heads out fellas.


Matt Hasselbeck: Matt had 10 points and the rest of the Hawks, sans Julian Peterson, looked absolutely terrible.

Jay Cutler: Jay through up his gloves and brought it in the head to head match up with the man picked just in front of him. That’s has to feel nice. Jay made me look real good, posting 21 fantasy points, throwing for 2 touchdowns for the 3rd straight time in his career.

Ahman Green: Ahman had 120+ total yards from scrimmage, and broke out 11 points in his contest this week. I have to say, he was a good sleeper here.

Maurice Drew: Mo got his touches, 28 from scrimmage, and he produced, 145 total yards, and a touchdown. The yards per carry wasn’t where I thought it’d be, but you can’t argue with the production, 19 fantasy big ones.

Javon Walker: “Walker hasn’t benefited from Jay Cutler’s move to starter yet, but this week might be another story, as Shanahan has to be emphasizing getting his biggest offensive playmaker the ball.” Walkers deep touchdown catch got me a couple extra points, and J-Walk finished in the top 5 with 16 points.

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry couldn’t find the endzone against Champ Bailey and the rest of the Broncos, but he didn’t leave without points, as he had 77 yards receiving on the night.

Vernon Davis: Davis only had 15 yards receiving, but his touchdown grab made him a Top 5 tight end.

St. Louis Rams DST: The Rams made me look like a genius. I picked them up in my fantasy playoffs and sure enough, they produced 34 fantasy points. Brilliant. Championships here I come!

LUCKY’S Week 15 Moss’S

Brad Johnson: “This guy isn’t a good starting option. Don’t start him. I’d rather start Chris Weinke. What does that tell you?” Apparently, the Vikings finally realized this after this weekend’s contest, as the young rookie, Mr. Jackson, will get the nod in Week 16. And he’ll be a sleeper candidate.

Travis Henry: 12 carries for 37 yards and no scores. Well, I’m getting pretty good at these crafty Moss’S.

Lee Evans: I was wrong, Lee had a good day for the Bills, grabbing 3 balls and making the most out of them, averaging more than 20 yards a catch and scoring 1 touchdown.

Randy Moss: Did he play? I wouldn’t know. I know he didn’t do much offensively, but then again, his heart probably wasn’t in it this game, Oakland’s bad.

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