Free College Football Picks Week 14 2005

If USC Loses… Right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always a strong believer in a chance to dethrone the kings of college football, but there is no way Reggie Bush allows his California squad to go down to the “other” Cali team. Plus, I really don’t want the Trojans to lose and find themselves in the National Championship game anyway. That would really chap my balls. I’m going for my third winning week in as many tries. 9-0 would be nice, but I’ll settle for 8-1… 7-2? That’s my last offer.

Louisville Cardinals (-15) @ Connecticut Huskies – This would be one hell of a basketball game. Unfortunately the football teams aren’t as evenly matched. Louisville should slaughter the Huskies in this one. Louisville didn’t go undefeated as many experts predicted, but they’re still a solid team. I expect this game to be a blowout. The fact that Connecticut can put together a winning season makes me wonder why the Blue Devils of Duke can’t improve. It’s a mystery to me.

UCLA Bruins @ USC Trojans (-20) – Something tells me that UCLA starting linebackers won’t be telling everyone that Maurice Drew is a better running back than Reggie Bush after the game on Saturday. Do you really need to say stupid shit like that to get Reggie more excited to play football? Not to dog Maurice, he’s a very good back, but Reggie Bush is the most dominate college football player I’ve ever watched. He’s amazing. He is steps ahead of everyone. He always breaks tackles, and his vision is stellar. Did I mention his speed? He has “faster than everyone else” speed. A game breaker. The game breaker. The Trojans will walk to an undefeated regular season.

Colorado Buffaloes (+28) @ Texas Longhorns – I think the Longhorns will win this game on way to play the Trojans in the National Championship game, but it won’t come as easy as 4 touchdowns. With everyone in the Nation questioning who Texas would play in the Title game if USC loses to UCLA, it is possible that the Longhorns will be looking ahead as well… for one half of football. The Horns will pull away with Vince Young leading the way in the second half, but the Buffo’s will give Texas a run for their money.

LSU @ Georgia (+1.5) – This game should be a defensive show. The Bulldogs are basically at home in the Georgia Dome, so I have to give them the upper hand. Don’t count out the Tigers though, they’ve played like warriors all year long. This is a team that has thrived in the face of adversity. Possibly one of the years’ best sports stories. Take DJ Shockley’s Bulldogs to out last the JaMarcus Russell’s Tigers in a thriller.

Tulsa Golden Hurricanes @ Central Florida Golden Nights (-1) – Steven Moffett has passed for nearly 2,500 yards on the year while tossing 18 touchdown to only 6 interceptions for South Florida. Kevin Smith looks to eclipse the 100 yard mark in Saturday’s game against the Hurricanes. Brandon Marshall and Mike Walker combine to make the best 1-2 receiving punch in Conference USA. Each will most likely eclipse 1000 yards on the season, while both will come dangerously close to 10 touchdowns. Look for South Florida’s offensive playmaking ability to outlast the Hurricanes. George O’Leary’s return to college football has been incredible, as he’s turned around South Florida’s losing ways. Look for O’Leary to continue his triumph.

West Virginia (-10) @ South Florida – Although this game is almost meaningless to the Mountaineers, as they’ve secured a BCS Bowl Bid, no game is meaningless in college football. It’s about pride. You play for your school, your teammates, your coaches, and yourself. And for all those people, you play to win football games. With their only loss coming to the Virginia Tech Hokies, the Mountaineers will show they’re worthy of their BCS Bowl game by taking down South Florida in a bashing.

San Diego State Aztecs @ Hawaii Warriors (-3) – Hawaii is better than their record shows. Second to Notre Dame, the Warriors have played one of college football’s toughest records. Losses to USC, Michigan State, Fresno State, Boise State, and Wisconsin riddle their record with losses. But they’ve played tough all year. Colton Brennan has passed for nearly 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. The Warriors will shred an Aztec defensive unit that is known to give up points.

Navy Midshipmen (-6) @ Army Cadets – I usually always take the underdogs in these rivalry battles, but the Midshipmen are that much better than Army. Close losses to Stanford, Maryland, Rutgers, and Notre Dame have taken the Midshipmen to 6-4, but they’re a much better team because of their tough schedule. Navy should blow the Cadets out of the water in this military mismatch.

Florida State Seminoles @ Virginia Tech (-14) – The Hokies are going to kill the Seminoles because they are a much better team than FSU. FSU has shown their weaknesses in past weeks and Virginia Tech will exploit them. Marcus Vick needs to step up in the final month of this season if he wants to head to the NFL in the early part of the 2006 draft. He’s a Vick. He’s wanted. An extra year would be great for Marcus, but if you can go, go… right? Look for the Seminoles to lose their 3rd straight game. The Seminoles obviously don’t play well when something is on the line or they would have won one or two of the last three. Tech won’t let FSU steal their spot in a BCS Bowl Game.

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