Free College Football Picks Week 14 2005

If USC Loses… Right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always a strong believer in a chance to dethrone the kings of college football, but there is no way Reggie Bush allows his California squad to go down to the “other” Cali team. Plus, I really don’t want the Trojans to lose and find themselves in the National Championship game anyway. That would really chap my balls. I’m going for my third winning week in as many tries. 9-0 would be nice, but I’ll settle for 8-1… 7-2? That’s my last offer.

Louisville Cardinals (-15) @ Connecticut Huskies – This would be one hell of a basketball game. Unfortunately the football teams aren’t as evenly matched. Louisville should slaughter the Huskies in this one. Louisville didn’t go undefeated as many experts predicted, but they’re still a solid team. I expect this game to be a blowout. The fact that Connecticut can put together a winning season makes me wonder why the Blue Devils of Duke can’t improve. It’s a mystery to me.

UCLA Bruins @ USC Trojans (-20) – Something tells me that UCLA starting linebackers won’t be telling everyone that Maurice Drew is a better running back than Reggie Bush after the game on Saturday. Do you really need to say stupid shit like that to get Reggie more excited to play football? Not to dog Maurice, he’s a very good back, but Reggie Bush is the most dominate college football player I’ve ever watched. He’s amazing. He is steps ahead of everyone. He always breaks tackles, and his vision is stellar. Did I mention his speed? He has “faster than everyone else” speed. A game breaker. The game breaker. The Trojans will walk to an undefeated regular season.

Colorado Buffaloes (+28) @ Texas Longhorns – I think the Longhorns will win this game on way to play the Trojans in the National Championship game, but it won’t come as easy as 4 touchdowns. With everyone in the Nation questioning who Texas would play in the Title game if USC loses to UCLA, it is possible that the Longhorns will be looking ahead as well… for one half of football. The Horns will pull away with Vince Young leading the way in the second half, but the Buffo’s will give Texas a run for their money.

LSU @ Georgia (+1.5) – This game should be a defensive show. The Bulldogs are basically at home in the Georgia Dome, so I have to give them the upper hand. Don’t count out the Tigers though, they’ve played like warriors all year long. This is a team that has thrived in the face of adversity. Possibly one of the years’ best sports stories. Take DJ Shockley’s Bulldogs to out last the JaMarcus Russell’s Tigers in a thriller.

Tulsa Golden Hurricanes @ Central Florida Golden Nights (-1) – Steven Moffett has passed for nearly 2,500 yards on the year while tossing 18 touchdown to only 6 interceptions for South Florida. Kevin Smith looks to eclipse the 100 yard mark in Saturday’s game against the Hurricanes. Brandon Marshall and Mike Walker combine to make the best 1-2 receiving punch in Conference USA. Each will most likely eclipse 1000 yards on the season, while both will come dangerously close to 10 touchdowns. Look for South Florida’s offensive playmaking ability to outlast the Hurricanes. George O’Leary’s return to college football has been incredible, as he’s turned around South Florida’s losing ways. Look for O’Leary to continue his triumph.

West Virginia (-10) @ South Florida – Although this game is almost meaningless to the Mountaineers, as they’ve secured a BCS Bowl Bid, no game is meaningless in college football. It’s about pride. You play for your school, your teammates, your coaches, and yourself. And for all those people, you play to win football games. With their only loss coming to the Virginia Tech Hokies, the Mountaineers will show they’re worthy of their BCS Bowl game by taking down South Florida in a bashing.

San Diego State Aztecs @ Hawaii Warriors (-3) – Hawaii is better than their record shows. Second to Notre Dame, the Warriors have played one of college football’s toughest records. Losses to USC, Michigan State, Fresno State, Boise State, and Wisconsin riddle their record with losses. But they’ve played tough all year. Colton Brennan has passed for nearly 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. The Warriors will shred an Aztec defensive unit that is known to give up points.

Navy Midshipmen (-6) @ Army Cadets – I usually always take the underdogs in these rivalry battles, but the Midshipmen are that much better than Army. Close losses to Stanford, Maryland, Rutgers, and Notre Dame have taken the Midshipmen to 6-4, but they’re a much better team because of their tough schedule. Navy should blow the Cadets out of the water in this military mismatch.

Florida State Seminoles @ Virginia Tech (-14) – The Hokies are going to kill the Seminoles because they are a much better team than FSU. FSU has shown their weaknesses in past weeks and Virginia Tech will exploit them. Marcus Vick needs to step up in the final month of this season if he wants to head to the NFL in the early part of the 2006 draft. He’s a Vick. He’s wanted. An extra year would be great for Marcus, but if you can go, go… right? Look for the Seminoles to lose their 3rd straight game. The Seminoles obviously don’t play well when something is on the line or they would have won one or two of the last three. Tech won’t let FSU steal their spot in a BCS Bowl Game.

Free College Football Picks Week 13 2005


I knew I could do better than 0-10-1. For God’s sake. A chicken’s tits could do better. That was the plan in Week 12, eat a bunch of chicken and make good picks. All right, this week it’s turkey, let’s see if it’s a bird thing.

Toledo (+6.5) @ Bowling Green – I know my boy Omarr Jacobs is back in action, and I never bet against the best athlete on the field, but maybe that’s my problem lately. I thin Toledo will surprise Bowling green at home. This game would place Toledo in a respectable Bowl Game if they could come out on top. Bowling green will be ready to take down the Rockets, but a surprise is on the fence.

Arkansas @ LSU (-17) – LSU will dominate this game. Absolutely devastated by their early season loss to the likes of Tennessee, the Tigers will attempt to finish the season with the strength of a million bulls. Okay, what am I saying, LSU is going to crush the likes of Arkansas. I’m talking about Roseanne on top. You get me? Crush!

Wisconsin (-7) @ Hawaii – “Sconsin finds themselves a long way from home this weekend in Hawaii. But maybe that’s good. In fact, I’m betting on a trip to Hawaii fixing the Badgers problems on both sides of the ball. There’s something to be said for hot Hawaiian girls in grass skirts, just ask the Vikings. There like 4-2 since their little love cruise. The Badgers take down Hawaii in Paradise.

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech (-23.5) – The Tar Heels have utterly disgusted me of late. Okay, they just disgusted me last week. I guess a wins a win, but when Duke only loses by three it’s like a win for them. That just shows how pathetic they are, but still. Virginia Tech saw their National Championship hopes disappear when Miami came out and kicked them in the face. Marcus Vick needs to have another huge comeback game to get him on track for the Bowling season, and the ACC Championship game. Look for him to do it here.

Maryland @ NC State (-2.5) – NC State has crumbled from their preseason rankings, but they aren’t finished just yet. They’ll be bowling come December. State has beaten the likes of Florida State and Georgia Tech. If they take down Maryland, they’ll get their 6th and most important win of the season. Bowl Eligible with quality wins. This season might not be a complete disappointment after all.

Florida State @ Florida (-4.5) – Florida State isn’t the better team in this game. The Gators have struggled, but they’ll be up for the task against a very average Seminoles team. An midseason loss to Virginia, teaming with the consecutive losses to NC State and Clemson have the Seminoles on their way out of the Top 25. Hooray! Down with Florida dominance! Wait a second… shit, either way Florida looks good in this one. You can’t win in the polls, you might as well win in the bank!

Georgia (-3) @ Georgia Tech – Georgia faces a tough Yellow Jacket team on a high after pummeling the Seminoles in Florida last week. But they’ll be up for the task. Georgia, who has lost two games this year by a combined 5 points, has seen the hopes for a BCS Bowl Game tumble into the ground. But, D.J. Shockley is still on of the most talented players in the Nation, and he’ll be ready to send Tech back down to where they belong. In a big battle of Georgia’s, the winner will most likely play in a better bowl game.In
other words, Dick Vitale likes to say, “To the Victor goes to the spoils.”
Yeah, what he said.

Notre Dame (-18) @ Stanford – The Irish aren’t about to let their BCS Bowl hopes die with a tumble in California. Look for Stanford to appear as a mosquito flying too close to the freeway and disappear in the same fashion. Squish! The Irish have one of the Nations best teams. A fluke loss to Michigan State and an unlucky fall to the #1 boys at USC as the Irish with two losses on the year. They won’t get a third, in fact, they won’t even get close against Stanford.

Fresno State (-16) @ Nevada – The Bulldogs really brought their A game to the USC game. They came out a play or two short, but that’s what Reggie Bush will do to a squad. Fresno comes to play, and they will be out to win this game and hopefully sneak into a New Years Bowl. Don’t count out the Bulldogs against big time football programs. Their coach has always said they’ll play anybody anywhere, and they play with that type of attitude.

Oklahoma State (+20) @ Oklahoma – OK State is in for a battle. This game will be closer than 20 points, there’s no doubt in my mind. Oklahoma is always a powerhouse, and usually State doesn’t have a shot in hell. This
year is different. Kick the Sooners when their down. The Cowboys have a
chance to really stick it to Sooners with a season ending upset on the road. Look for this upset to happen.

Tennessee (-9.5) @ Kentucky – Don’t invite me to this game. I could give a rats mustache if Tennessee beats Kentucky. I’m sure it will happen, I mean, I know the Vols have been horrendous, but they still had enough fire power to take down the likes of LSU, they’ll have to blow it like Puff the Magic Dragon to let this one slip away. Don’t expect the Vols to leave this year a loser.

Free College Football Picks Week 12 2005

Rivalry Week Heroes

This is the week where bragging rights are bountiful throughout the sport of college football. Nothing is more exciting than the unranked fighting off chance and probability to annihilate their highly rated cross state rivals. Will there be upsets? Oh, yes, believe it! This is one of the years’ most exciting weekends. Lock your doors, give the wife your credit card (with proper limit restrictions), and send the kids off to Disney Land (or Tube Time if you’ve had a recent betting problem like myself), and watch college football games until your eyes hurt. Then take a time-out to buy some eye drops, and get back to the games. Rivalry Weekend is upon us!

Duke @ North Carolina (-24) – In the match-up of the “biggest basketball rivalry schools” Duke can’t even compare to North Carolina. The Tar Heels have trumped solid teams like NC State, Boston College, and Virginia. Duke has taken down… mmm… VMI. That’s my favorite Blue Devil gridiron team. No matter how well they play hoops, I can always bank on the fact that their football team will continue to suck on the asses of every other team in the ACC. Take the Tar Heels to bully the Blue Devils in hopes of sneaking into a bowl situation. ?

Minnesota (+5) @ Iowa – The Hawkeyes are tough at home (4-1), but they’ve lost to average teams more than once, (Iowa State, Northwestern). The Golden Gophers have only faltered against the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, who have all shown off their power on a weekly basis. Basically, I think Minnesota is just flat out better than Iowa. This is a big rivalry, so almost every analysis can be thrown out the window, except mine. With three running backs who can punish opposing defenses, Minnesota has the advantage over the Hawkeye defensive front.

Ohio State (-3.5) @ Michigan – The Buckeyes took a little while to find themselves, but consider this game of hide and go seek over. The Buckeyes are here, solid, and dominate. Michigan has played better of late, but they don’t match-up with the speed in Ohio State. Look for the Buckeyes to do their damnedest to get into a BCS bowl by taking down the Wolverines at home.

Washington State @ Washington (+3) – The Huskies always seem to upset the Cougars. I realize the Coug’s have been leading every single PAC-10 game, but that just shows how good they are at Couging it. Yes, the Cougars manage to screw the pooch time in and time out, this time it will result in a loss to the Huskies and a winless Pac-10 Season. Awesome!

Oregon State @ Oregon (-14) – Those rascally Beavers don’t have their starting quarterback for this contest, so expect State to get their teeth kicked in quite painfully. Think American History X. Ouch! The Ducks have a chance to skip-to-my-lou right into a BCS Bowl Game where they will be severely outmatched by whomever the competition may be. Roll on rubber duckys!

Clemson (-2) @ South Carolina – South Carolina and Steve Spurrier will have a let down against the youngest Bowden and his Tigers of Clemson. The Tigers have played solid football all year long, culminating with a shocker last week against the Seminoles. Both teams should have a bit of a let down, but I think the Gamecocks will struggle more. Plus, the Tigers haven’t lost a game by more than 6 points all year long. They are the better team. Lets see if it transfers over on game day.

California (-4) @ Stanford – This game shows how much the Pac-10 sucks. Seriously, take a look at this match-up; the Cardinal are terrible, yet they are 5-4 because of the conference they are in. Cal, who was supposed to compete for first place, has a quarterback whose thrown twice the amount of interceptions as he’s thrown touchdowns over the past 4 games. Pathetic. Can I bet on both teams to lose? Either way, and especially if Cal sits their struggling starting Q, the Bears will win easily in this rivalry game.

Alabama (+6.5) @ Auburn – Alabama is coming off their most disappointing game in some time. The Crimson Tide will be at their best trying to prove themselves against an Auburn team whose been as tough as nails lately. Auburn is coming off of a huge win against the Georgia Bulldogs, so a let down might be in their near future. If Auburn isn’t all there, they’ll finish this game on the short end of the stick. But, it all comes down to the Crimson Tide. If ‘Bama is one of those teams that will sulk about their lost chances at a National Title, than they’ll be trampled by the Tigers. I get the feeling Alabama isn’t that type of team at all, in which case they’ll upset Auburn on Saturday.

Virginia Tech (-7) @ Virginia – After falling apart in the game against Miami the Hokies were given an honorary week off by the NCAA. In that week, the Hokies were allowed to sit down at a team meeting and think about everything bad about the Hurricane game. They’re still in the damn meeting. The Hokies are one of the Nations’ top 5 teams. Will they be done thinking about the seasons’ largest failure by the time they kick off against Virginia? I think so. I think Marcus Vick is the type of athlete that takes advantage of redemption. The Hokies will manage another victory against their cross-state rival, moving them into a big Bowl Game in the BCS category.

Fresno State (+24) @ USC – USC won’t get upset this week at home against Fresno, but State will play tight with the Trojans for the better part of the game. 24 points is a lot to win by against a team as scrappy as the Bulldogs, so look for SC to get covered. USC could get caught with their jocks around their knees, looking forward to their big rivalry game next week vs. UCLA. Could Reggie Bush really allow that to happen? Who knows, this is college football for Pete’s sake.

Penn State (-8) @ Michigan State – The Nittany Lions are the best one-loss team in the Nation, don’t be confused by that #5 ranking. They lost their only game on a last second, 4th down, lucky ass touchdown pass by the Wolverines. That’s the lone game separating them from an undefeated season. The Lions are winners, where MIchigan State has proved over the last 6 games that they are in face not winners at all. Early season trickery. Watch the Lions maul the Spartans in an exciting touchdown scoring festivity.

College Football Picks Week 11 2005

A winning week is in the cards. I’ve gone back to the pattern and process that brought me three straight weeks with a winning percentage over 75%. May the outcome remain the same in week 11… I sure hope not. 75% isn’t good enough anymore, oh no, I want a perfect week in the college ranks. This is how I will master the betting world!

TOP 5 Bets

1. Oklahoma Sooners
2. Maryland Terrapins
3. Fresno State Bulldogs
4. Vanderbilt Commodores
5. Cincinnati Bearcats

Louisville Cardinals (-6.5) @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights: After watching Louisville dismantle the Mountaineers last Thursday, I don’t know how I can bet any other way in this one. Like I said last week, 2 undefeated teams are always tough to gamble on, but if I had to, I’d put my money on the Cards and one hell of a coaching staff.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-13.5) @ North Carolina Tar Heels: The Yellow Jackets should step up and dominate the Tar Heels in North Carolina, if only because they know damn well this will be the last time their school is favored over the Heels throughout the rest of the school year. Basketball is coming up, and, ah, good luck Jackets. No, but honestly, the Jackets have a bowl bound football team with a few special players that should have their way with this basketball school in Carolina.

Cincinnati Bearcats (+19.5) @ West Virginia Mountaineers: You never can tell how a team will respond to being eliminated from Championship play. I love West Virginia, but if they think they’re going to suit up and win just because on Saturday, the Bearcats have something for West V. Nati has been solid all year, Pitt, Louisville, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech are responsible for the Bearcats’ only losses this season. Tough schedule. Cinci has played tough, and against Westy’s generous defense, they’ll give the Mountie faithful a scare.

Wisconsin Badgers @ Iowa Hawkeyes (+1): The Hawkeyes have won 4 straight in this rivalry, and are very tough at home. All signs point to Wisconsin, but lets not forget the importance of home field advantage in a divisional rivalry like this one. Iowa has struggled lately, but a big win over Wisconsin here would get them right back in the Bowl picture. Look for Iowa to surprise a lot of people on Saturday.

Vanderbilt Commodores (+2.5) @ Kentucky Wildcats: I love betting on the Commodores. (6-3 ATS) You can see why. The Wildcats are coming off a huge win over Georgia, so they should struggle out of the gates. The Commodores love to take advantage of squads who expect an easy win when they come to town. Vanderbilt will win this game in Kentucky!

Miami Hurricanes @ Maryland Terrapins (-2.5): The Terps just aren’t getting any love here because they aren’t a Miami school. In a tumultuous year for the Canes, you’d think things couldn’t get any worse. The Murder of defensive end Bryan Pata has put everything into perspective. As the Saints proved last season, its almost impossible to go in to games week in and week out with so much regular life draining your system. I’m not trying to take advantage for Miami here, I would have taken the Terps either way, but these kids can only worry about so much before it starts to really catch up with them.

New Mexico State Aggies @ Fresno State Bulldogs (-11): The Bulldogs aren’t even close to as bad as their record insists. The Aggies, they’re just as bad. New Mexico won’t stat close in this one, as finally the bounces will play fair with the Bulldogs as they dominate from 1 to 4. Since 1987 the Bulldogs haven’t beaten the Aggies by less than 2 touchdowns.

Oregon State Beavers (-2) @ UCLA Bruins: California schools are front runners, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. That’s why most of them schedule easy folks early in the season. That’s what UCLA did, but, lately it hasn’t worked. The Bruins have lost 4 straight while Oregon State has won 4 straight, including games over USC and Arizona State. I don’t think this is a fluke as finally the Beaves are starting to play up to their potential. We’ll see if I’m right come Saturday.

Washington State Cougars (-1) @ Arizona State: The Cougars have to get ready for a very disappointing loss to the Huskies next week in Pullman, because that’s what they do, so they should get an easy victory here over an Arizona State team that has struggled this year after their coach allowed the players to decide who their starting quarterback was going to be. The Cougars are tough, and although the Sun Devils do well at home, this time of year, WSU players are happy as hell to go on the road.

Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Oklahoma Sooners (-8.5): The Sooners have done well without their start player, Adrian Peterson, while the Red Raiders have had a down year on each side of the ball, but still have managed to put up some pretty solid numbers going 6-4 overall. The Sooners should return to dominate this series, after losing last year by two points. Oklahoma’s only home loss this season came against Texas, so expect them to hold their ground in front of the home crowd. Only two of OK’s 7 wins this season have come by less than 9 points.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+9) @ Florida State Seminoles: I don’t know how the cappers came up with this number, but honestly, lets look at some game film. Lets see, yes, that’s right, ah, there it is. The Seminoles haven’t beaten any of the Top 5 ACC teams this season, while their only wins have come against Miami, Duke, Troy, Rice, and Virginia. The Deacons have yet to get any street credit from going 8-1 on the season, with their only loss coming in a close one against Clemson. Yeah, after review, I’ll roll the dice on the Deacons and 9 freaking points. Unbelievable.

Tennessee Volunteers @ Arkansas Razorbacks (-5.5): The Razorbacks haven’t lost since an opening whooping put down by the USC Trojans. You can understand why they started off kind of slow, they’re a team with a new offense and a freshman quarterback. He’ll only get better. Darren McFadden has been great this season, averaging over 100 yards per contest, and scoring 11 touchdowns. The Volunteers are a great group of kids, and they are undefeated on the road this season, but Arkansas keeps finding a way to win. Something they’ll continue to do this week at home, where they too are undefeated thus far.

Free College Football Picks Week 9 2005

Hello loyal readers. Most of you will be delighted to know Lucky Lester returns from New Zealand next week. But hey, old Uncle John did deliver five out of six winners last weekend. Smoking!

Oklahoma +2 @ Nebraska
Jump on this one! Nebraska was abused by Missouri’s Brad Smith last week and faces a healthy Adrian Peterson this week.

Michigan @ Northwestern +3
Northwestern is the better team this year and are getting points at home. Northwestern quarterback Brett Basanez is worthy of Heisman consideration.

UCLA -7 @ Stanford
Puny spread for a UCLA squad that has scored 40 or more in six of their last seven games.

Georgia @ Florida -4
Take a rested Florida team in the Swamp against the Bulldogs who will sorely miss starting QB D. J. Shockley

Wake Forest -14 @ Duke
As an old Duke alum, I know that you can count on the Blue Devils to lose by more than 2 TDs against any quality ACC opponent.

Washington State + 29.5 @ USC
The Cougars have played tough for three quarters each game. It would take four quarters of sucking for them to be buried by thirty points!

Free College Football Picks Week 8 2005

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Northwestern +12.5 @ Michigan State
True freshman running back sensation Tyrell Sutton has a huge game and Northwestern wins out right.

Nebraska @ Missouri ( pk )
These are not your father’s Cornhuskers!

Washington State +12 @Cal
Cal has struggled against the run all year. Stud RB Jerome Harrison will expose Cal at home.

Texas Tech +17 @ Texas
This one should be a blast to watch. The over/under is seventy!

Oregon State @ UCLA -9
UCLA should rebound from their huge scare in Pullman.

Purdue @ Wisconsin -8
Brian Calhoun has rushed one hundred yards in every game save one. He gets his and Wisconsin wins

Tonights Pro Game
Kansas City PK @Miami
Jump on the Chiefs at a very affordable price!

Free College Football Picks Week 7 2005

USC’s ND Day
My first winner week will be followed by a dominate week 7 performance. That’s right! USC Finally takes a defeat as Notre Dame does their best to propel themselves into a BCS game. Some comeback performances will put naysayers to rest as Ohio State, Georgia Tech, and Florida will al step up big. Listen close; at least nine away teams will break their home foe on week Seven’s big Saturday.

South Florida (+1) @ Pittsburgh – South Florida has played one of the toughest schedules in the nation, and they’ve come away with some close losses and big victories. A huge win against Louisville put them on the map where a 10 point loss to Penn State and a hard fought battle with Miami gave them their only two losses. Look for SF to pick on a Pittsburgh team that was obviously overrated to start the season. Pittsburgh will take their 5th loss of the season.

Georgia Tech (-20) @ Duke – Calvin Johnson will put his dropped touchdown pass behind him when the Yellow Jackets come to Carolina to stick it too the Blue Devils. Calvin is one of, if not the Nation’s best wide receiver. He kept his Jackets in the game against NC State and he’ll pull them right through the Devils. Duke can’t compete, so they won’t.

Colorado @ Texas (-17) – The Buffaloes don’t belong on the field with the Longhorns. Texas is too good to look over average teams. They showed that last week with the demolition of their rival Sooners. Watch and appreciate Vince Young’s superstar ability take his Longhorns too their first undefeated season in years. No mercy on the Buffs.

Indiana (+14.5) @ Iowa – The Hoosiers are better than the Hawkeyes. Yes, you heard that right, the two touchdown underdogs are going to win this game in Iowa. Blake Powers will bring his A game, passing touchdowns to 6’4″ James Hardy early and often. Look for Hardy to take advantage of the Hawkeyes’ worst defense in years.

Michigan State @ Ohio State (-6.5) – The Spartans have had two weeks to think about their big loss to rival Michigan. That was too long. Ohio State has already lost two more games than many people predicted, as they lost their second to the Penn State Nittany Lions last week in Columbus. The Buckeyes won’t lose again. They’ll take down the Spartans easily at home.

Northwestern (+7.5) @ Purdue – Northwestern showed me they can play football last week scoring 51 points against a good Wisconsin team. Oh, and they won too. Make it two in a row against top conference talent as the Wildcats get their fourth win while dealing the Boilermakers their fourth loss.

Bowling Green (-24) @ Buffalo – Omarr Jacobs. Omarr. Jacobs. Kid is ridiculous. He’ll throw for over 400 yards against a below average secondary. This game will come easy to the Falcons of Bowling Green.

Toledo (-20) @ Ball State – Toledo is an offensive machine and Ball State’s defense is more sieved like than anything else. Look for Toledo to outscore Ball State by over 20 in the first half, and hold on in the second. Toledo should cover that 20 points like Ty Law.

Penn State (+3) @ Michigan – Just in: the Nittany Lions are good. That’s right, Joe Paterno is coaching a winner once again. I haven’t heard many people spouting off about how he should retire lately. Only praises will be sung as Penn State plays the roll of upset once more, this time taking down the Wolverines in Michigan. Who said Freshmen can’t make a difference?

Washington @ Oregon (-16) – The Oregon Ducks are an average team that looks much better than they are because they’re stuck in the Pac 10 where mediocrity will get you second place. Fortunately for them, and me, they play the Washington Huskies this weekend. If the spread isn’t 50 its too little. The Huskies will be embarrassed in Oregon on Saturday.

Florida (+6) @ LSU – How will the Gators and Urban Meyer cope with their first loss of the season? With a huge victory over division rival LSU. LSU is playing at home, where they are at their best, but Florida won’t be had for the second game in a row. Chris Leak is too good, and Urban Meyer coaches well enough to teach his kids how to learn from their mistakes. Especially if he has two weeks to do it. Florida upsets LSU in Baton Rouge.

USC @ Notre Dame (+11.5) – USC falls to the Irish of Notre Dame. Are the Trojans really as good as everyone has said they are? With the way they played against Oregon, Arizona State, and especially Arizona, I have to say no. Remember a couple weeks back when I said USC will get beat by a good second half team if they continue to doodle around in the first half? This is that good second half team. USC takes their first loss in over a year. Notre Dame looks ahead to a BCS Bowl game.

UCLA (-5.5) @ Washington State – The Bruins are one of the best teams in the Pac 10. Washington State isn’t very good, and they’ll prove it in Pullman when UCLA prances in and destroys the Cougars. Take this one as quick as you can. The odds makers might realize what they’ve done and pull the game. Honestly.

Free College Football Picks Week 6 2005

A Huge Upset on the Horizon!!!

It’s the second week of October so I picked 13 games. Try and figure out the correlation between those two… Yeah, I don’t have a clue either… Holloween’s coming?? Anyway, last week I finished 6-8. That made me decide that even numbers were bad, so I took one less game this week. Leaving the chances of a push nearly impossible. I predict a big week out of myself. There are more upsets on the horizon.

North Carolina State @ Georgia Tech (-4.5) – The Yellow Jackets took their first loss of the season last week when they got destroyed by a very good Virginia Tech football team. Georgia Tech didn’t like the taste that game left in their mouth. They’ll be out to prove they are better than that game, and they’ll do exactly that against a Wolfpack team that has won one game thus far. NC State hasn’t been embarrassed, losing a tough game against the Tar Heels last week, and a four point loss to the same Hokies that destroyed Georgia Tech. My prediction is that Georgia Tech QB, Reggie Ball has a much better game this week than he did last. The Yellow Jackets will have a big bounce back game at home, taking the Wolfpack by a touchdown. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina State Wolfpack 27 – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 34.

Illinois @ Indiana (-6) – The Hoosiers were beaten by a much better team last week in Wisconsin. This week the Illinois Fighting Illini and their three straight losses come to Indiana to prove they still have fight. Illinois has looked silly in their last couple games, (14-61 vs. Michigan St. and 7-35 at Iowa) The Hoosiers have a good young team led by Blake Powers and James Hardy. Powers is a solid young quarterback who will get better each week he plays. Hardy is as tall as a tree and blazing fast. These two future stars will hook up early and often as the Hoosiers move to 4-1. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Illinois Fighting Illini 21 – Indiana Hoosiers 38.

Wisconsin (-7) @ Northwestern – The Badgers are very, very, every bit as good as they’re said to be. Brian Calhoun is dominant, and the Badger offense doesn’t stop there. John Stocco doesn’t have great numbers, but he knows how to run his football team as well as anybody in the land. Last week Brandon Williams showed me he can be a big time playmaker for the Badgers, making them even better than I thought. As always, the Badgers can control the clock while keeping their defense fresh. Look for that trend to continue at Northwestern on Saturday. The Wildcats are no pushovers; they won two games early and played Penn State tough. However, if the Badgers play like they can, this contest should be out of hand early. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Wisconsin Badgers 31 – Northwestern.

Virginia @ Boston College (-7) – After three early wins, the Virginia Cavaliers had high hopes. There was no good reason for that. The Cavaliers played Western Michigan, Syracuse, and Duke to start the season. That’s not exactly top tier talent. A 12 point loss at Maryland was more like it, and another big loss to a solid Boston College team is right up Virginia’s alley. Expect the world from BC after a big win at Clemson and a trouncing of Ball State. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Virginia Cavaliers 13 – Boston College Eagles 28.

Oklahoma @ Texas (-13.5) – Oklahoma always takes care of the Texas Longhorn National Championship run. Not this year Mr. Stoops. Mack Brown is out for redemption when the Longhorns host the Sooners on Saturday. Do you think Brown will hold back at all when the Longhorns are up big early? I think not. Expect Vince Young to showcase every single ounce of his ample ability, picking apart a sub par Sooner defensive unit. The Longhorns will stack the box against the Sooners, making them pay for all those times Bob Stoops’ squad took down Texas. The real Heisman star will show up in Texas! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oklahoma Sooners 17 – Texas Longhorns 48.

Maryland (-28.5) @ Temple – The Maryland Terrapins are big point-scorers when they play bottom of the barrel teams like the Temple Owls. I don’t mean to pick on Temple, but they’re one of if not the worst team in college football. There are many D-2 teams that would give the Owls some tough run. Maryland will score upwards of 55 points holding the Owls to their season average of around 12. I’d like to thank Temple for giving me another win. Thanks! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Maryland Terrapins 55 – Temple Owls 14.

Minnesota (+7.5) @ Michigan – I think last week was an aberration, for both these teams. The Wolverines walked into Michigan State an underdog and out of the AP’s Top 25 for the first time in many years. They walked out with a big shit-poked grin on their faces, a win, and a brand new AP Rank of 21. The Golden Gophers (ranked 18) went to Pennsylvania to play the Nittany Lions and got absolutely obliterated by Joe Paterno’s boys. This week will show me the true identity of both these teams. I don’t think Laurence Marooney will ever have a game as poor as the Penn State loss. I don’t think the Wolverines will beat another team like the Spartans all year. Take the Golden Gophers to upset the Wolverines and take their top 25 ranking for the second time this year. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Minnesota Golden Gophers 38 – Michigan Wolverines 24.

Air Force (+1) @ Navy – Air Force started out the season with two big wins, then promptly lost three straight. Don’t write them off. Two of those three losses were by 3 points or less. Navy got their first win of the year against Duke, after losing two tough games early. This will be a dogfight, there’s no doubt about it. But the Air Force Falcons are the better football team, and Saturday’s contest will show that. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Air Force Falcons 28 – Navy Midshipmen 24.

Arizona @ USC (-37.5) – The Trojans have been playing like dog crap in the first half of late. Don’t think for a moment that Pete Carrol will continue to let that happen. Look for USC to take advantage of the 1-3 Wildcats, come out and absolutely dominate. USC doesn’t like pulling games out in the final minutes. USC will be done with this game after half time. But they don’t stop there. The Trojans have too much talent to finish this game anywhere close to Arizona. Look for an old fashion stomping. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Arizona Wildcats 3 – USC Trojans 49.

Georgia (+3) @ Tennessee – Tennessee doesn’t even know which of their two quarterbacks gives them the best chance to win. I’d say the answer is whomever doesn’t start for the team. This week, Erik Ainge will come in late and try to down the Bulldogs. But he’ll fail. Georgia hasn’t dominated their opponents like they should, but they win, and they’ll win this weekend. Luck has gone the way of the Vols too often this early season. Look for the luck to change when the Bulldogs come to town and outplay the Vols in every aspect of the game. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Georgia Bulldogs 24 – Tennessee Volunteers 14.

Ohio @ Bowling Green (-22.5) – Bowling Green has one of the most dominant players in college football. Omarr Jacobs is his name, and if you haven’t seen him play, you’re missing out on a truly special youngster Jacobs will shred the Ohio defense for big plays all day as Bowling Green wins a high scoring game big. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Ohio Bobcats 30 – Bowling Green Falcons 57.

North Carolina (+13) @ Louisville – Beware of the Heels! The Tar Heels are much better than people are giving them credit for, as they proved last week taking down NC State. Louisville has had a tough time of it since they were touted as a National Championship hopeful. Carolina plays tight with every team they play. They haven’t lost a game by more than 9 this year, and have only lost to G-Tech and Wisconsin. This has the makings of a huge upset if Louisville overlooks the Tar Heels for even a second. Tough Tar Heel D will keep this one closer than 13. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina Tar Heels 31 – Louisville Cardinals 28.

Oregon @ Arizona State (-10) – The Sun Devils already have two more losses than they thought they’d have all year. Watch them take their anger out on the Oregon Ducks who haven’t beaten anybody of note. The Ducks will be breathing hard against Sam Keller and the Devils in Arizona. It will be a hot one the Ducks wish they had back. This is a good match between two teams that had USC on the ropes before the Trojans snuck back into victory’s path. Take the much better Sun Devils to outlast the Ducks in Arizona. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oregon Ducks 17 – Arizona State Sun Devils 45.

Free College Football Picks Week 5 2005

A Huge Upset on the Horizon!!!

I’ve got fourteen games for you to feast your eyes on. First, let me tell you, I’m not much for picking college upsets. And for the most part this week is no different. Besides the biggest upset of the week, maybe the year. Will the blessed ones fall? Who else thinks the number one team in the nation is going to get speared on the road? Read on and mark the words that fall from my page! Lucky’s about to be granted fortune teller status!

Kansas State (+7) @ Oklahoma – Talk about a fall from grace. This match-up used to play a huge roll in the conference’s champion. Although the Wildcats are 3-0 this year, they still aren’t expected to chase the title. But than again, the pathetic excuse for football the Oklahoma Sooners have been playing have slipped them from the top 25. Too bad Josh White couldn’t come back for his 8th year… Seriously, this game isn’t what it used to be. But even more than the Kansas State Wildcats, the Sooners just flat out suck. TCU, UCLA, these teams aren’t supposed to stand a chance against mighty Oklahoma. Look for State QB Allen Webb to do just enough to compliment the heavy rushing attack from Kansas, as the Sooners lose their 3rd game in this young season. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Kansas State Wildcats 21 – Oklahoma Sooners 20.

Notre Dame @ Purdue (-3) – The Irish ran into a very good Spartan club last week in Notre Dame. This week they travel to play the underrated Boilermakers of Purdue. Purdue lost a heart stopper to the Minnesota Golden Gophers in double overtime as Laurence Maroney stated his claim for the Heisman. This week Purdue gets the Fighting Irish at home after each team stumbled from the undefeated ranks a week ago. Brandon Kirsch is good enough to test the Irish secondary, while Jerod Void and Kory Sheets are tough enough rushing the ball to clobber the front seven of Notre Dame. This should be a very good game against two teams who will do all they can to keep their loss column to a single game. In the end it will be the team who comes to play with fire in their eyes and snot in their nostrils that comes out on top. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Notre Dame Fighting Irish 23 – Purdue Boilermakers 30.

Temple @ Bowling Green (-28) -Temple is very, very, almost as bad as Duke. (0-4, can it get any worse? yes, say 0-5) The Bowling Green Falcons only have one win to show for their first three games. But they’re better than that. They ran into a tough Wisconsin team in week one. Omar Jacobs was amazing in that game. In their second game, the Falcons took it to Ball State. Boise State hosted the Falcons last week, whooping them bad 20-48. Have you noticed anything? Sure, the Falcons haven’t beaten anybody special, but they haven’t been doormatted like the Owls either. Look for the Temple Owls to make a swift return the door of the heavy footed Bowling Green team for their 5th loss of the season. Are you interested in an offensive show of dominance? Try to buy a ticket to this game and watch Omar Jacobs wow you as well as Owl defenders. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Temple Owls 13 – Bowling Green Falcons 49.

Washington @ UCLA (-21.5) – Those pesky Huskies were back in fine form last week, giving me another win after stunning me with their first win of the season two weeks ago against Idaho. Unfortunately for the Dogs, good things only come one at a time for them. Oh, and UCLA is for real. The Bruins have taken it to every single team they’ve come up against. This kid Maurice Drew, who often runs in the shadow of fellow California rusher Reggie Bush, is one hell of a runner. Returning Husky defenders remember him well from his past exploits of the weak Husky defensive unit. New Coach Tyrone Willingham has the screws and bolts tightened up in Washington, but there is no question in my mind that Drew will find the right tools to pull the Huskies apart. The Bruins come into this game 3-0, looking good in each win. They’ve yet to score under 41 points, and yet to give up more than three touchdowns in a contest. Don’t be surprised if this game is over by half time. UCLA loves to finish off lesser opponents early, and Washington fits right in to that category. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Washington Huskies 17 – UCLA Bruins 50.

Utah @ North Carolina (-3.5) – The North Carolina Tar Heels may be 1-2. But close losses to Georgia Tech (21-27) and Wisconsin (5-14) make the Tar Heels look worse than they really are. Last weeks big win at North Carolina State is a better judge of what we should expect from the school known more for there hoop program. Starting quarterback Matt Baker won’t light up his opponents, but he doesn’t need to. These Tar Heels have the offensive line and running backs to smack you in the mouth when they have the ball. This is a tough nosed offensive unit who will wear the Utes down over 4 quarters of football. Their toughness doesn’t stop with their O-line. The Tar Heel defense is one of the best in the nation. They will keep their team within reach early, allowing them to build momentum and take the game over late. Take the Heels at home, and expect some intensity after a big win a week ago. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Utah Utes 17 – North Carolina Tar Heels 27.

USC @ Arizona State (+16.5) – USC is the best team in the Nation. Any team who comes to play the Trojans doesn’t have a chance. Lets give matt the Heisman right now! Give me a break! Matt Leinart is quoted saying “It was fun being behind against the Ducks.” Well I hope he likes losing for an entire game. The Trojans are one of the best teams college football has ever had, and they’re going to tumble down like Humpty Dumpty in Tempe. That’s right, you heard it here first. In fact I told you this was going to happen before the season even started. I’ve been waiting for this game since every stupid sports magazine in the country took the Trojans to win it all once again. To finish the season undefeated. For Matt Leinart to win the Heisman two years running, get drafted number one, and take Coach Carrol with him to the pros. This is no fairy tale world folks. Sam Keller and his 1443 yards passing and 16 touchdowns are here to make a mockery of preseason polls, and thoughtless predictions. Like my good buddy always says, “College is meant for underdogs to defy the sure thing!” No better time than now, Arizona State, no better place than here! Take the Sun Devils and the 16.5 points they’re getting. I’m not sure they’ll need it, but I like to have the security! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: USC 37 – Arizona State Sun Devils 42.

Minnesota (-2.5) @ Penn State – This is my first of four big match-ups between the undefeated. Minnesota has a much better team than Penn State which is why they are favored going into Pennsylvania to play the undefeated Nittany Lions. I love Joe Paterno, and those Lion uniforms and lids are classic. But Maroney is my favorite back in college football. You’ll never see Laurence Maroney tip toe under a pile, or escape contact via out of bounds. The Kid runs with a passion! He drives his feet, lowers his head and sinks his shoulder pads into would be tacklers. Roney has nearly 700 yards after 4 games, the last being a double overtime boiler against Purdue. The Gophers pulled out a huge victory, setting up an dual against undefeated conference rival Penn State. Maroney will continue his surge into the Heisman Voting with a giant game on Saturday. Look for Laurence to carry the rock for upwards of 200 yards. But it won’t be Laurence who wins the game. With the defense set on stopping the Gopher rushing attack, Brian Cupito (whose already racked up 900 yards) will throw over the top of Nittany Lion defenders on way to a rout of Paterno’s finest team in some years. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Minnesota Golden Gophers 46 – Penn State Nittany Lions – 27.

Florida (-4) @ Alabama – This is one of four games between undefeated teams that I picked this weekend. In each one I took the favorite to win big. The Gators are better than the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Their records are the same, yes, but don’t let that catch you off guard. ‘Bama’s biggest win was the lonely Arkansas Razorbacks. Florida beat Tennessee to get one of their 4. Chris Leak has been everything I thought he would be. He leads his team with limited mistakes, making big plays when he’s needed most. Does anyone think he’s going to get worse? Will he regress the more he practices Urban Meyer’s schemes? No way in hell. The same “no way” the Crimson Tide take down the Gators, even if the game is in Alabama. Take the high-powered Gators to disrupt and upend the Tide. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Florida Gators 32 – Alabama Crimson Tide 20.

Navy (-6) @ Duke – Two tough losses to the Maryland Terrapins (20-23) and the Stanford Cardinal (38-41) have the Navy Midshipmen ready to bumrush the Devilish Dukies in Wallace Wade Stadium. Duke is just as bad at football as they’re good at basketball. The Blue Devils couldn’t even win their first contest against the Pirates of East Carolina for God’s sake. They finally got a win two weeks ago, beating VMI badly 40-14. Well, they have their single win, might as well call the season. It’s only downhill for the University until College Hoops makes its return. The Blue Devils will get scalloped like potatoes against the Navy’s best. A measly 6 points is nothing when you have the Blue Devils on the other side of the ball. Duke: 1-10. Look at there schedule. After the sickly Devils lose this contest, there isn’t a winnable game left on the schedule. Lord have mercy on this program… Send them to the GMAC so they can win more than a game! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Navy Midshipmen 38 – Duke Blue Devils 13.

Virginia Tech (-10.5) @ West Virginia – The West Virginian Mountaineers are 4-0. But don’t be mislead, the only game WV dominated was a 35-7 win over the Wofford Terriers. (Can’t believe that mascot is real!) West Virginia only took Syracuse by 8, Maryland by 12 and the 116th ranked East Carolina Pirates by 5. Does this sound like a team that’s ready to face the Marcus Vick and Frank Beamer’s Virginia Tech Hokies? I didn’t think so. This game is a no-brainer. The 4-0 record coming from West Virginia is the only thing keeping this point spread under 30. Ten is way to little to bet against the dominate Hokies! Oh, and the Hokies are the second best team in the nation after this weekend! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Virginia Tech Hokies 49 – West Virginia Mountaineers 21.

Clemson (-7) @ Wake Forest – The only team Wake Forest has beaten is East Carolina. To put that into perspective, think of the worst team in College football, now times that by 100… Now were on the same page… DUKE! The Blue Devils nearly beat the East Carolina Pirates on opening day. So I’d rank ECU 115th in the Nation, right behind Duke and VMI. That being said, the Clemson Tigers are not a bad football team. In fact, I think they will be ranked in the top 25 by year’s end Tough losses to Miami (by 6 in OT) and Boston College (by 3) have the Tigers at 2-2 going into Wake Forest. This game won’t be close. The Demon Deacons are silly putty and the Clemson Tigers are the little kids smashing the Puddy into the dirty cracks in the sidewalk. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Clemson Tigers 45 – Wake Forest Demon Deacons 14.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-5.5) – The two big Michigan programs snap up their lids to butt heads on Saturday. So far this year, the ball has bounced the right way for the Spartans. The Wolverines can’t boast the same. Michigan has lost its championship luster, dropping out of the top 25 for the first time in seven years. What a run though. This rivalry game is always tough to pick, but the Spartans have looked very good while the Wolverines have been trouty to say the least. State takes this game by a touchdown at home against the suffering Wolverines.Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Michigan Wolverines 17 – Michigan State 24.

Indiana @ Wisconsin (-17.5) – The Hoosiers might be better than I’m giving them credit for. Heck, the Badgers might not be nearly as good as I’ve got them ranked. Either way, I’m taking Barry Alverez’s Wisconsin Badgers to disrupt Indiana’s run at an undefeated season while keeping their Rose Bowl hopes in tact. Like I said last week, the Badgers had been big money makers for Lucky Lester, so I’m coming back to the well after I picked against them last week. If the Hoosiers still had a little athlete by the name of Antwaan Randel El I might look into a Hoosier victory. Since Antwaan is balling for the Steelers on Sundays, I have to take Brian Calhoun carrying the pig to pay dirt. The Badgers win big! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Indiana Hoosiers 17 – Wisconsin Badgers 38.

Texas (-14.5) @ Missouri – Missouri lost to New Mexico in-between wins against Arkansas State and Troy. They aren’t ready for Vince Young and the rest of the tough-nosed Longhorns. Vince is the best college football player in the nation, and he proves it week after week. Missouri has had an extra week to prepare for Young and the offensive juggernaut in Texas. But it’s not going to help come Saturday. If anything the the Tigers will have shell shock from all the film of Young destroying his opponents. If I was the Missouri coach, I would… Shit! Who knows? He nor I would beat Texas on Saturday. I guess when it comes down to it, I would have recruited Vince Young. What was that guy thinking? Take the Longhorns BIG! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Texas Longhorns 56 – Missouri Tigers 17.

Free College Football Picks Week 4 2005

College Football Pick’em

The ballot has been counted, and I have 10 of the most popular games to analyze. My first week was brutal, taking only 3 wins in 11 attempts. If I was a baseball player I’d start, but as a sportswriter, I was hamster balls. My second attempt promises to turn out better. My motto for the week is… Take the winning team.

Michigan (-2.5) @ Wisconsin – The Wisconsin Badgers have been a big money maker for me so far this season. Brian Calhoun is the real deal in the back field, and the Badger defense always finds a way to play well enough to win. Last week the Badgers went into North Carolina and took down the Tar Heels without much difficulty. This week the Badgers have their toughest test yet, as they host the Wolverines of Michigan. Unfortunately for the Badgers, the Wolverines aren’t the Tar Heels, Owls, or Bowling Green. They are Michigan, 12th in the country, and their only loss came in a bar-fight against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Will the Badgers be ready when Michigan rides into town? Will the Wolverines take Wisconsin to their first loss of the year? My bet is that Michigan pulls it out on the road. The Wolverines haven’t played big competition, besides Notre Dame, but neither have the Badgers. Chad Henne will have his way with the Badger secondary, ala Omar Jacobs of Bowling Green. Michigan’s defense will have the final and deciding say, as their ability to limit the Badgers will make or break the game. Wisconsin has been good for me, but all good things must come to an end. Take Michigan in a battle of the Badger family mascots!
Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Michigan Wolverines 27 – Wisconsin Badgers 17.

Tennesse @ LSU (-6.5) – The LSU Tigers went to Arizona State and beat one of the best teams in the nation. Even if they won on sheer adrenaline, the bottom line is, they won. LSU is used to winning, and that’s just what they’ll do when Tennessee comes to town this Saturday. JaMarcus Russell gives the Tigers an offensive centerpiece in addition to a team leader. The Tiger defense is always on key. They’ll be the third team in as many games to hold the Vols offense in check. Ainge? Clausen? Neither will torture the Tigers. Joseph Addal is a good back. His explosive speed, teamed with a good Tiger game plan will have the Vols on the ropes with their second loss in three games. Take the Tigers down in Baton Rouge, their home fans will be set to celebrate for the first time in some time. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Tennessee Volunteers 10 – LSU Tigers 24.

USC (-22) @ Oregon – The Oregon Ducks plan on giving the Trojans a run for their money. Little do they know that Southern Cal is going to destroy them. The Ducks have fought themselves into the rankings with a two touchdown victory in Houston, and win against D1-AA Montana, and a slippery 3 point victory over Fresno State. And the Ducks have a chance? Against the Trojans of USC? Not a chance. If the Ducks gave up 34 to Fresno State, they’ll give up 75 to USC. Don’t think for a second that Oregon will have their way with the indestructible Trojan defense either. This three touchdown spread will look much more like last weeks USC – Arkansas game. A USC victory by a landslide, jump on for the ride! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: USC Trojans 54 – Oregon Ducks 20.

Notre Dame (-13.5) – Washington – Notre Dame had a tough go against the Michigan State Spartans last week. Their confidence was too high, as State jumped on them early in the second half. Notre Dame fought back hard, and sent the game into overtime, but the Spartan attack won out with a great option run by tailback Jason Teague. The Irish were good enough to win last week, and they’ll prove it by capsizing the Huskies in Seattle. So much for that Husky winning streak! The Dogs, who pounded out the Idaho Vandals last week, for their first win in some time, are in for an early trick or treat. The Huskies shouldn’t even be on the same field as Notre Dame. This game will have plenty of hard feelings, as new Husky coach Tyrone Willingham plays for the first time against his former team. In the end, the high emotions will end up hurting the Huskies. Mistakes and fiery tempers are always difficult when playing against a stronger opponent. The Irish defense will take advantage of a poor Husky offensive attack. Look for a tight game in the opening quarter to transform into your average blowout in the second half. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Notre Dame Fighting Irish 44 – Washington Huskies 13.

North Carolina @ North Carolina State (-10) – The Tar Heels have lost two close ones to two good teams in Georgia Tech (21-27) and Wisconsin (5-14). The only thing different this week will be the tight score. The Tar Heels have been a formidable opponent in each of their first two games, but the Wolfpack of North Carolina State will be out to prove they belong in the top 25. An early loss to the Virginia Tech Hokies dropped the Wolfpack early. But they have plenty of big games later in the season to prove they belong. This game against their rival Tar Heels will just be a building block in the right direction. NC State is better than the Wisconsin team that held North Carolina without a touchdown a week ago. I’m not saying NC will go scoreless, but they won’t find the end zone often against their cross-state rivals. Take the Wolfpack in a show of dominance against last years National Champions… in hoops! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina Tar Heels 13 – North Carolina State Wolfpack 36.

TCU (+3.5) @ BYU – Texas Christian’s upset of Oklahoma is looking less and less like a huge accomplishment. But don’t sell them short, their loss to SMU might be more telling of their lack of focus than their lack of talent. A big win in Utah took them to 2-1, which is exactly what they needed after a devastating loss in week 2. This week the Horned Frogs get hosted by the BYU Cougars. This isn’t only a battle of two football teams, but a battle of religion. Haha… That’s right! The good Mormon college faces off against the nice Christian boys of Texas in a real Holy War. Tye Gunn will shoot down the pride of Brigham Young in Utah. You heard it here first, the Horned Frogs have their loss out of the way, with nothing but winning in their future. It all starts in Utah against their arch enemies. Look for the two headed rushing attack of Robert Merril and Aaron Brown to find room to roam near the Salt Lake, as TCU will shut down the potent BYU attack. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Texas Christian Horned Frogs 26 – Brigham Young Cougars 13.

Western Michigan(-3.5) @ Temple – Western Michigan will be the third team to take down Temple since the season got underway. Western Michigan took a tough Virginia team down to the wire until they lost by a couple touchdowns late, and they actually have a win under their belt after taking Southern Illinois by 6 at home. 2 and 2 is in the future for the Broncos. Temple can’t be held too much at fault, they’re just bad. They started their season against 3 ranked opponents, which can’t do wonders for their confidence. Because God knows, the Owls don’t belong on the same field with the Sun Devils , the Badgers, or the Toledo Rockets. Temple got me last week, covering the spread by a field goal. But not this week, I won’t let the Owls get me again. Take Western Michigan easy! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Western Michigan Broncos 37 – Temple Owls 14.

Boston College (+3) @ Clemson – After losing a tight game to the Seminoles of Florida State, the Boston College Eagles have another tough test against Clemson. BC has shown over the last few years, that they play well in bounce back games. This week should be no different. Boston College played a good game against the Seminoles, but couldn’t pull it together for important stretches towards the end. Starting quarterback, Quentin Porter, was walking around shortly after his ankle injury, and the story is that he’ll start in Clemson. Will Blackmon is one of the most dangerous receivers in the country, and he’ll be showcased against a Clemson team which has given up at least 25 points in each of their first two games. Clemson is also coming off a big loss to a Miami school, as the Hurricanes took the Tigers in three overtimes, 36-30. The loser of this game will be out of the hunt for an ACC crown with two early season losses. The winner will need help, but be well within striking distance if top teams falter. Look for the Eagles to fight back for a big victory on the road. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Boston College Eagles 25 – Clemson Tigers 21.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech (-11) – The Yellow Jackets grabbed a big win against a decent Connecticut team last week. Quarterback Reggie Ball, the teams top rated passer, wasn’t available last Saturday and will be a game time decision this week in Virginia. This is Tech’s biggest game by far, and you can bet if Ball can breathe right he’ll be on the field giving it his all. Lets hope he’s well enough to play. Either way, I’m taking the Hokies to overpower the Yellow Jackets. Marcus Vick will have his first big test, an exciting thing to be a part of. I’ll be tuned in as Vick shows the world he’s for real against the 15th ranked Jackets. Calvin Johnson is a game breaker for Georgia Tech, and he’ll find room to catch passes against Tech. But the Hokies will be able to clamp down on Tech toward the end zone, causing prime time turnovers and field goals. In the battle of the top ranked Tech’s, Virginia will have Georgia’s number. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 16 – Virginia Tech Hokies 31.

Iowa (+7) @ Ohio State – Ohio State has already lost a home game… why not make it two? Iowa is better than people give them credit for, and if it wasn’t for a big time loss to their biggest rival, the Hawkeyes would be a top 10 team. This is a huge game with grand implications in the Big 10. Iowa has an average offense, but their ability to slow the Ohio State attack should pan out in the end. The Buckeyes are a little down since their loss at home to Texas, so they will be at the top of their game trying to start a new winning streak at home. Drew Tate has one of the best arms in the Big 10, and he’ll have his game tight. Look for Tate to complete right around 80% of his passes in the most important game of the year this far. Neither of these big time clubs wants to start off the conference schedule with a loss. The Buckeyes will be starting Troy Smith at quarterback. He’s fast and athletic, and his ability to run will be interesting and fun to watch. This game should be a great one, as both teams have the ability to light it up on offense and shut it down on defense. This is what college football is all about. Take the Hawkeyes against the Buckeyes. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Iowa Hawkeyes 23 – Ohio State Buckeyes 21.