2005 Week 11 NFL Pick Review

REDEMPTION SONG…. I need one of those.
I’ve got to be better than this. If all this reverse horseshoe, sticky
rabbit foot, mirror breaking, salt spilling, somebody peed in my beer glass but I still thought it was beer so I drank it anyway – stuff continues, I’m going to change my name. Lucky Lester doesn’t have the same ring to it when you can’t even win half your games. I mean shit, if I tried to lose 16 games I would have been 11-5 last week. This week was a little better, but just a little…

Carolina got embarrassed by the Bears, who should’ve won by more points, if it weren’t for dropped touchdown passes. Jake Delhomme looked like he thought the Bears were on his team, tossing passes off of Bear defenders early and often. Where is that Panther running game?

The Eagles played well without Donovan, but the cards weren’t aligned for me to win many games this week so they didn’t cover. They’ll get a win for me next week.

The Jags were up by 10 and I was in the money. The Titans scored a late touchdown and my money was with the bookie.

The Lions couldn’t do dick against Dallas. That pretty much sums it up. Loser!

You saw it, I saw it, the Bengals were the second best team in football on Sunday. My five points weren’t enough against the best team in the league.

The Patriots were up and covering, then they showed me why they aren’t the old Patriots anymore. Aaron Brooks fired a late touchdown pass to Donte Stallworth and the Patriots didn’t move the ball again, feeling satisfied with their 7 point win.

Arizona won by 10, giving me my first big win of the week. Hopefully there was more to come… there wasn’t much more. Kurt “I used to be really good, an MVP in fact, for the greatest show on turf in St. Louis, and I was a Super Bowl winner” Warner got his first win as a Cardinal.

Tampa Bay got me my second win of the week, but it wasn’t without a little pain. My good buddy Mikey Koenen missed a 55 yarder to tie it. He’s been awesome though, he’ll be back!

Washington played like…. Washington. What do you know. The Skins couldn’t move the ball for a single 4 down series. Gross. The Raiders were almost as bad, Kerry Collins still sucks. Randy Moss can’t even make this guy good. Tui! Tui! Tui! Show me something different then Collins to nobody off his back foot.

The Steel Show had a poop in the pants against Baltimore. And the Ravens win for the 3rd time all year… What do they win? A crap pie! And for me? A loan from the bank… ugh.

Huh… I had no idea the Dolphins could play so bad. Who would have thought that any quarterback in the league would have been such a downgrade from Gus Frerotte? They put Gus in with broken fingers for God’s sake. How bad is that? Droughns was a beast. He won the game for Cleveland. But why is Trent still in there?

The Seahawks were that far away from dominating the Niners, but they couldn’t pull the trigger. So what happened? They let San Fran hang around all day and the 49ers almost tied the game at the end of regulation. When will the Hawks ever learn?

I was reading my analysis of the Bill-Charger game and I can’t figure out why I took Buffalo. I hope my readers looked at my reasoning and decided to take the Chargers while making fun of my ignorance. That’s always a good wish.

The Chiefs game me win number 3.. 3? Fucking 3? Holy Crap! What a diarrhea week! Too much mexican food! Green Bay did just enough to lose it. That seems like an odd thing for the Pack to do this year. Reggie Bush anyone?
Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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