Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 11

Do work, Son! Week 11 and it’s time for the number’s equivalent in wins.

San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-3):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Jaguars are the better team here. They are the home team. And the only reason they aren’t favored by more is that they have absolutely no hype. Well, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew may not be LT, but the duo makes a damn good rushing attack. Also, David Garrard returns for the Jags, and the kid just doesn’t make mistakes. Also, the Chargers have a tough defense, but they aren’t the best against hard nosed physical offensive attacks. That’s what the Jags have. One more thing? The Chargers won last week against Indy, but they barely did. They got 6 interceptions given to them, and Sproles returned a kick and a punt for a touchdown, and they still needed Adam Vinitieri to miss a gimmie field goal to win the game. Doesn’t sound much like a killer instinct to me. I’ll take the Jags.

Kansas City Chiefs (+15.5) @ Indianapolis Colts:
(Line: Wednesday, 3:00pm EST: Bodog)

The Colts are missing a lot when Dwight Freeney isn’t in. He allows the team to get pressure without blitzing. He makes other pass rushers better, because he requires a double team, and special attention. Without him in the game, the Chiefs won’t have to game plan around an automatic speed rush from his side. The Colts will still win, but the Chiefs defense is pretty solid, and Ty Law has been kryptonite to Peyton Super-Man-ing for some time now. I hope Priest has a big game, but either way, I think this one should be a low scoring closer affair.

Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers (-9.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Packers are legit. They DE-Stroyed the Vikings last week, and shut down Adrian Peterson even before his injury. Defensively, the Packers have enough talent to keep them in any game. My only worry here is that the Panthers defense also steps up away from Carolina, seemingly feeding off the away crowd. Green Bay is a great place to play if you like that stuff. The main thing steering me away from Carolina is their quarterback play. They are either too young or too old at the position, and that leaves them hurting considering they need to get the ball to Steve Smith to win football games.

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (-10.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Washington Redskins are starting to show their real colors now. Dallas is a dominant force that will most likely find themselves dueling it out with the AFC’s best in the Super Bowl. This game is in Dallas, and I can’t think of one reason why the Cowboys would be slipping into this game with any sort of lull. They are just a win away from keeping pace with the Patriots team that they insist they are better than. Dallas is bigger, better, and wants to win more than the home team Redskins – that’s a recipe for a blowout.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Jets (+10):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bodog)

I think the Steelers are one of the best teams in football, but after big wins they seem to take a step backward. Maybe it’s their comfort level with their new coach, or the feeling that they are unbeatable after a nice home stand. Either way, they struggle on the road, and struggle after big wins. They nearly lost last week to the Browns, but pulled it out late. They play a “seemingly easy opponent” this week, which leads me to believe that they’ll come out slow. Kellen Clemens opens up a lot of things for the Jets, and in his second game starting, he’ll be ready to attack the Steelers’ secondary. Big things. Big upset? I’m not so sure, but I’ll take the home team with 10 points.

Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati Bengals (-3):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Bengals haven’t turned it around, don’t be confused. They still stink on defense, despite allowing just one touchdown last week, they still stink. Those were the Ravens, for god’s sake, they’re brutal. This week the Cardinals strong offensive attack comes to town, and they’ll have to put up points to win. Luckily, and the reason I’m taking the Bengals to cover, Chris Henry is back in action, and his speed and length gives the entire Bengal offense more room to run. He needs to be accounted for, and if you pay too much attention to any one of the three dynamic pass catchers in Cincinnati, the other two will hurt you. Look for the Bengals to get their rushing attack going as well, for the Cardinals defense isn’t half as good on the road as they are at home.

Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles (-10):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bookmaker)

The Eagles are back, but don’t tell anyone. More importantly, don’t tell them. As long as they think nobody respects them, they’ll come out and smack opponents in the mouth. Donovan McNabb looks healthier and healthier as the season goes forward, and Brian Westbrook is magic. More importantly, key defenders such as Mr. Dawkins, are getting healthy, and that makes the Eagles a scary team. The kicker here, though, is John Beck starting at quarterback for the Dolphins. If starting a rookie at quarterback doesn’t spell “building for next season” I don’t know what does.

Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos (-1.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: Bodog)

The Titans aren’t as good as everyone believed after a very good start. Vince Young is struggling, and more than a few key players have been hurting for the Titans. The Broncos had a big week against the Chiefs last time around, and as I said last week, they seem to be building a stronger and more consistent team as the season moves forward. I like them this week, and expect a little run at the playoffs from the Broncos.

2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 11

This Week’s Top Team: Still going for 140+ – Damn! Just missed it, 138 points this week. Crapperoo!QB: Carson Palmer vs. Arizona: “Palmer is a very good and accurate quarterback” but apparently he forgot that on Sunday. 4 interceptions, 3 to one guy, and 2 returned for touchdowns. Needless to say, Palmer didn’t have a huge day. He did manage a couple touchdown passes and over 300 yards though, which gave him 17 fantasy points. It could have been so much better if he just stopped throwing the ball to Antrell Rolle.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT’s 21 fantasy points rated him 2nd amonfst running backs. That’s what I like to see. Only Chester Taylor’s huge day one-upped the best running back in the game.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. Miami: Westy didn’t score, but his 148 rushing yards still managed him 14 points for me. Not bad for a guy that went without a touchdown.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Cincinnati: 93 yards and a touchdown catch… Not to bad for one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers in the game. It was only the 7th best day for a receiver, but it was still a nice 15 point effort. I’ll take it.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Buffalo: “Randy hasn’t had a 3 touchdown day in a while, and I know the Patriots had a bye last week, but he’s probably pissed he didn’t get a TD during the off-week. I expect him to use the youthful secondary in Buffalo.” Would you consider 4 TDs and 128 yards using a defense? That’s what I’d call it. And I’ll take every single one of those 36 fantasy points.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. New Orleans: 54 yards and a touchdown. He was 3rd behind Cooley and Donald Lee, two guys who each caught a pair of scores. Still, Gates remains a threat even with Phillip Rivers’ down season under center. 11 points for Gates.

K: Neil Rackers vs. Cincinnati: Neil’s team put up tons of points against the Bengals, but my kicker bad luck followed him into the game, and his only points came off 5 extra points. Gross. He did miss a field goal. Sorry, Neil, I won’t pick you anymore.

D: Green Bay vs. Carolina: The Packers had a nice pooch punt return for a touchdown, and they put up 19 points while picking off the Panthers a few times with a couple sacks, and a fumble recovery. It was a good day to be a Packer fan.


Jeff Garcia: Garcia put up the 11th best fantasy day for quarterbacks, finishing ahead of Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Jon Kitna, Derek Anderson, Drew Brees and more. I’d give myself an A for this call, 18 points for Jeff.

Earnest Graham: 102 yards and a touchdown, that’s yet another consistent week from Earnest. That’s what I’m talking about! A

Chester Taylor: I don’t know what I can say, Taylor put 164 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground, and had 30+ receiving yards. I hope you heeded my advice and used Taylor to get a big W this weekend. A++

Edgerrin James: 52 yards and a touchdown, the Edge just might be losing a step or two – in fact, he may “no longer have the edge”. Yeah, that was pathetic, but his 11 fantasy points were worth a C+

D.J. Hackett: Huge day for this kid. He’s a dandy, the best receiver on the Hawks squad. He was the 3rd best receiver catching a bunch of balls for 136 yards and a touchdown. 19 fantasy points – A+

Ike Hilliard: 1 catch, 14 yards = very bad day for Ike, very bad pick by Lucky – F

Todd Heap: Heap was out with vaginitas in his ankle – so I once against expected too much from the fragile Ravens tight end. F

Eagles: Held the Dolphins to 7 points – and that was a kick return. 0 offensive points given up by the Eagles D – They only put up 12 points, but I’ll take that for a team that was ranked in the bottom 6 teams in the league.

LUCKY’S Week 11 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Vince Young: VY had a huge day, 300+ yards for the first time ever, 70+ rushing yards, and a score on the ground and in the air – err – I missed this one by a couple hundred yards or so… F

Jamal Lewis: Lewis had an even better game against his old team this time around. Apparently he’s trying to prove something, and almost single handily willing his Browns to victory over the falling Ravens. F

Justin Fargas: Fargas was mediocre at best. He managed just 60 yards on 22 carries, but caught a few balls for 29 yards as well. His 8 points made him not a great start, but not the worst option either. I’ll take a C for this one.

Lee Evans: 4 fantasy points – 2 more than I figured from the extremely talented wideout. Evens got 40 yards on 4 catches, but needless to say, I was right about the Pats shutting the Bills’ star down. A

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 11

This Week’s Top Team: Still going for 140+ – not an easy feat, but if I do it right, it’s possible.

QB: Carson Palmer vs. Arizona: Palmer is a very good and accurate quarterback and the Cardinals defense doesn’t show up on the road. The Bengals haven’t gone off in a while, so I imagine it’s bound to happen this week in Cinci.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. New Orleans: Tomlinson is about do for a fantasy football Jesus game, and he’s going up against Houston. Good luck Texans, I’m sure Tomlinson is going to try to take his “best back in the league” crown back this week against you.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. Miami: Westbrook is one of the 5 most dangerous offensive players in the league. He goes up against a very, very bad Dolphins defense this week at home in Philly. Westy killed it last week, and I expect a repeat in Week 11.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Cincinnati: Larry has been balling it up, and is on pace for just about 1400 yards and 7 touchdown passes. I believe he’ll eclipse both of those numbers, which means he has to have some huge games. Hold on to Larry’s superman cape, because he’ll take you to the fantasy promise land.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Buffalo: Randy hasn’t had a 3 touchdown day in a while, and I know the Patriots had a bye last week, but he’s probably pissed he didn’t get a TD during the off-week. I expect him to use the youthful secondary in Buffalo.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. New Orleans: Phillip Rivers has been bad, but he’s young, and I think he’ll pop back into his accurate throwing ways here late in the year. Gates will find wide open spaces in the Texans’ secondary, so expect a big game from him.

K: Neil Rackers vs. Cincinnati: Is there anyway he’ll have less than a couple field goals and extra points against Cincinnati? I sure hope not, but knowing my kicker luck, he’ll go 0-2 and get maybe one extra point. Damn kickers!

D: Green Bay vs. Carolina: The Packers are a very good young defense that forces turnovers, shuts down the run, and causes good things to happen for their team. The Panthers are brutal in all those areas offensively. Good match-up, big points.


Jeff Garcia: The Falcons have won 2 straight, and they are way too poor of a team to win 3. That being said, I imagine Jeff will have one of his big days to lead the Bucs in a must win game for the NFC South leader.

Earnest Graham: Believe it or not, I also like Graham against the Falcons. Grady Jackson’s been cut, and he was a key run stuffer for the Falcons. I think the Bucs will out pass and muscle the Falcons.

Chester Taylor: Starting in AP’s place, Taylor walks right in to a pretty favorable match-up. The Raiders aren’t tough against the run, and they aren’t good enough to limit Taylor’s touches. Chester is no Peterson, but he’s definitely good enough to torch the Vikings behind his stellar offensive line.

Edgerrin James: Edge hasn’t done big things lately, but he’s consistent, and consistency goes a long way against the Bengals.

D.J. Hackett: Finally healthy, and in my opinion, the best receiver in Seattle. With that new throw it often approach, he should post good numbers for the rest of the season, with Deion Branch in or not.

Ike Hilliard: It’s something I never thought I’d say, but Ike is probably a good play this week against Atlanta. Opposite Joey Galloway, Ike will get the 2nd corner and he’ll do enough to justify a play if you’re in a pinch.

Todd Heap: What a crappy offense. But with Boller, at least the Ravens will have a shot to get some offense going. Yes, Steve McNair has been that bad. Heap should be back to 100% or close, and that should be enough to get 60+ yards and maybe even a score.

Eagles: Can the Dolphins put up points on the Eagles? Maybe with Cleo Lemon in, but not with new starter John Beck. He’s still raw, and word out of Miami is that he hasn’t looked good in practice. That means good things for Eagle owners, and if they’re on the free agent list, pick them up for a big week.

LUCKY’S Week 11 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Vince Young: He has to be benched, in my opinion, even against a less than stellar Broncos team. His passing has been poor, and overall, his touchdowns are just too low to play him.

Jamal Lewis: Lewis goes up against the Ravens, and this time they won’t allow any touchdowns, I can all but guarantee it. Expect very little from this former Raven.

Justin Fargas: Fargas has put together a couple good games, but a week after the Vikings were torched on the ground at the hands of Ryan Grant and the Packers, they will be pissed, and most likely dominate anything the Raiders run at them.

Lee Evans: As talented as he is, the Patriots know how to eliminate him from the game. It’s obvious, but sit JP Losman, too. I almost get the feeling that the Bills kept Losman in there just so they could see him fail and put Edwards back in next week. Do NFL teams really do that? Maybe I’m seeing too much conspiracy theory.

Week 11 College Football Picks Review: 2007

11 is hardly even, but 1 and 1 is even, and that makes 11, and 5-5 is the same as 1-1 as both are .500… Thank you sadistic number crunching version of John Madden. The way it goes, I finished the Week at .500 with my free picks, as my 5 free dogs did the most damage, pulling me even on the week. This is how it went down.

LUCKY LESTER’S Free NCAA Football Picks

Free Picks: Week 11 (2-3) (3-2) (5-5)

Michigan State Spartans @ Purdue Boilermakers (-4): loss
(Line: Thursday, 2:00am EST: Belmont)

Michigan State looked pissed off about last week’s loss to the Wolverines, and probably more importantly Mike Hart’s comments about them being the little brother. Well, they stepped right back up and put the Boilermakers in a strangle hold, which helped me toss my money out the window.

Indiana Hoosiers (-2) @ Northwestern Wildcats: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

In another huge surprise for me, the Wildcats actually won a football game against a solid opponent. The Hoosiers were stuck admiring their success from last week’s game, and crumbled in this one. A game I thought was a sure win ended in blood and tears for Ole Lucky Lester.

North Carolina @ North Carolina State (-3.5): win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

North Carolina fought hard after falling way being early in this game, but they couldn’t get close enough to bust my balls, losing by 4 to the Wolfpack. NC State just can’t finish off games, even when their very well being depends on it. They managed a win here, but didn’t impress me much, and nearly gave me a heart attack while doing so. In the end, they gave me a much needed win.

South Florida Bulls (-16) @ Syracuse Orange: win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

Weird, the Bulls absolutely destroyed, sausage rolled, or straight train wrecked the Syracuse moldy Orange. South Flordia was just too good, and they put up 40 points. No way the Orange were about to get close to that number. A big win for me.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+9) @ Clemson Tigers: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: BodogLife)

Despite my hopes that Clemson would fall back to their losing ways, the Tigers stepped up in a must win game to smash the Deacons of Wake Forest. This game wasn’t close, ever, and Wake Forest just looked outmanned and outcoached from the very get go. Like I said, I knew Clemson was the better team, I was just expecting the implosion that usually comes late in the season from the Tigers. Maybe next week?

Five Free Dogs! 3-2

Alabama Crimson Tide @ Mississippi State Bulldogs (+5.5): win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Bodog)

Michigan Wolverines @ Wisconsin Badgers (+3): win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Bodog)

Illinois Fighting Illini (+15.5) @ Ohio State Buckeyes: win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Bodog)

Connecticut Huskies (+6.5) @ Cincinnati Bearcats: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

Texas Tech Red Raiders (+6.5) @ Texas Longhorns: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:00pm EST: Belmont)

5-5 Even Steven!

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 11

This Week’s Top Team: Lookin’ Bad. How’d I do? The points say, 80 something, I stopped counting at my donkey 0 point having kicker whose supposed to be my MVP!

QB: Carson Palmer: Carson blew up on Sunday, taking down the Saints with a little help from his number-named friend at the WR slot. Palmer’s 3 touchdowns and 275 yards passing had him good for 3rd in the QB list, with 27 fantasy points.

RB: Thomas Jones: TJ had a nice game, but like many of my other picks, he couldn’t find the end zone, so his 120 yards were only good for 12 fantasy points.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Westy had 140+ total yards without a score, good for 14 points, unless you were in a reception league, then Westy broke out another 12 for you. Either way, not a bad game for the man whose going to be the focal point of the offense for the rest of the season. Or as long as he can stay healthy.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had 4 catches, but couldn’t find the end zone on any of them, and only carried them for 70 yards. Good for, or bad for, 7 fantasy points.

WR: Steve Smith: S-Squared had a nice game, 90 yards after 4 catches and a touchdown. Stevey ranked out it he Top 10, good for 15 points on Sunday.

TE: Kellen Winslow: KWII only dug in for 3 fantasy points after catching 4 balls for 36 yards in a losing effort against the Steelers. Thanks soldier!

K: Jeff Wilkins: Zero? No fantasy points, not even one. Gross. Jeff, I know it’s not your fault, but kick the ball at your teammates next week in practice, or I’m not picking you again.

D: Eagles: The Eagles could only manage 7 points, and unlike the offensive unit, they can’t blame their struggles on Donovan McNabb’s injury, so this performance was gross.


Tony Romo: Romo didn’t do much, he won the game for his squad, and all the intangibles were there, but the fantasy production was notta, 5 points. F

Charlie Frye: Charlie Brown got screwed out of a win over the Steelers, but maybe if he had more than 8 fantasy points, the football gods would have pushed the Brownies over the edge. Too bad for me, and my mand Charles. F

Julius Jones: JJ had 90+ total yards, but didn’t’ score once again, as Marion Barber got all the goal line touches, and ended up with 2 scores on 35 yards. Jones gets a raw deal on the goal line, no joke about that. C

Frank Gore: Can you say 212 yards and 26 yards receiving? Sure, Gore’s yardage totals without a touchdown are amazing, and his fumble wasn’t sweet, but Frank carried the 49ers in a huge win over Seattle. A

Laveraneus Coles: Coles went for 80 yards on 8 catches, but was held without a score once again. 8 points. C

Donald Driver: DD’s 44 yards made me a little sick to my stomach about almost every single one of my picks in my sleepers’ column. Besides Frank of course. Kid had a game! F

Jeremy Stevens: Jeremy needs to stop abusing women and start catching some footballs during the week. Didn’t register a point, very similar to the kicker in my starting lineup. F

Buffalo Bills DST: Only 8 points against the Texans, freaking yucky! D

LUCKY’S Week 11 Moss’S

Mike Vick: Mike had 16 fantasy points in a losing effort against the Ravens, but his 16 fantasy points made him a fantasy average player, not a Randy little moss bag.

Warrick Dunn: WD40 had 5 fantasy points. Told ya so.

Santana Moss: Moss didn’t play.

Randy Moss: Randy moss might as well have not played. And on the week when the wussies was renamed after him, what a good guy for being a good sport about it.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 11

After the worst week of my season, I’m dedicated to making it happen in Week 11, pulling myself right our of the gutter and into high society. I just keep telling myself, “Don’t fret, Week 11 sits ahead, and that is where Champions make their claim for greatness!”TOP 5 Bets

1. Indianapolis Colts (-1) at Dallas Cowboys
2. New England Patriots (-5.5) at Green Bay Packers
3. Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) at San Francisco 49ers
4. St. Louis Rams (+7.5) at Carolina Panthers
5. Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles (-13)
Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens (-4): The Ravens have found ways to win when times are tough, while the Falcons have found tough times and a variety of ways to lose. I don’t know what happened to Mike Vick, but the fact that Atlanta did this last season, and Vick often struggles when criticized, has me taking Baltimore at home.

Buffalo Bills (+2.5) at Houston Texans: David Carr is questionable, but I don’t know if that helps or hurts the Texans? What I do know is Buffalo can play tough, and even with McGahee out, the Bill rushing attack is worth something. Houston at home has never impressed me. Expect a big play from Lee Evans that dumps the non-Cowboy club in Texas.

Chicago Bears (-7) at N.Y. Jets: Chicago won’t have problems with the Jets. Thomas Jones will give them the old Wham Bam Thank You Mam, surprise, and New York won’t have a swinging chance in this showdown. Rexxy Grossman is inconsistent, but this looks like a good match up for the young gun slinger.

Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints (-3): It’s not like me to pick the Saints, but at home, and with a winner like Drew Brees, it’s time for even me to turn the corner. Against the Bengals, we might be watching Reggie Bush’s first dominate performance of his career. We also are going to see a point scoring fiesta in New Orleans, so get ready to Tivo this one, it’s going to be the Ultimate Highlight!

Indianapolis Colts (-1) at Dallas Cowboys: The Colts are better than the Cowboys, even with Drew Bledsoe stuck on clipboard duty. Dallas’ defense struggles to defend the pass, Peyton Manning is the ultimate passer. 1 and 1 makes 2 right? Peyton kills Dallas all game long and the Colts win number 10. 10 straight wins is tough to come by, but a loss against the Cowboys just won’t happen.

Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins (-3): Miami has turn the corner? I wouldn’t go that far, but the Vikings sure have. Soon to be passed up by the freaking Packers, Minnesota needs to hurry up and make a Quarterback change before Brad Johnson dies on the field of old age. Okay, seriously, I don’t know how either of these teams is as bad as they are, but Miami has shown they are a second half team, while Minnesota hasn’t shown me jack lately. Dolphins at home in this one.

New England Patriots (-5.5) at Green Bay Packers: How about them Packers? About 4 games ago, this would have been a 10 point spread, but the Pats have really struggled, and the Packers have found a couple victories. I love how that works out. Look for Tom Brady to get his “Top Quarterback” game show down, and terrorize the Packers pass defense that struggles against veteran QBs. Patriots on the road in a laugher.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-9): The Chiefs are a decent squad, and if they get back to giving Larry Johnson the ball every other offensive play, they’ll down the Raiders, even if Aaron Brooks plays quarterback. Hell, if Payton Manning played QB in Oakland, the Chiefs would still win, and the Raiders would still suck.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (+3.5): Pittsburgh found their quarterback last week, but can they put two together? Every time I start thinking “now they’ve got it” they come back and blow an easy one. This week the Browns host Pittsburgh, and Cleveland isn’t going to roll over and take it from Big Ben and his boys. The Browns will be ready, a young team, with some pesky Vets, getting better as the season goes forward.

St. Louis Rams (+7.5) at Carolina Panthers: The Panthers never cover, yet they did last week. Are they on to something? I think not. The Rams have enough fire power to stick close, and when they lose for the second week by way of a field goal, I will still win! HAHAHA!

Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles (-13): The Titans walk into Philly getting 13 points, but I don’t think tat will be enough. The Eagles usually dominate the “lesser” teams in the NFL, and Tennessee falls into that “young, maybe next year” category. Expect little out of the Titans passing game, because Philly loves to force mistakes against young hurlers. Eagles are good, they will win easily.

Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3): The Redskins are starting Jason Campbell at QB, never seen NFL action before, and lost their best offensive player for the season. Tampa Bay hasn’t played well, but it’s nice when they get to play against a Skins team that has seemingly thrown in the towel. Expect Cadillac Williams’ best game of the season.

Detroit Lions (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals: The Lions are the better team here, even on the road, and even after getting canned but the 49ers. Detroit has an explosive offense, and Jon Kitna, while the Cardinals are surprisingly pathetic offensively considering their talent, and have a rookie running the show. (Which might explain why they’ve struggled so. Expect Kitna to have a nice bounce back performance against the Cards, and a Lion win.

Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) at San Francisco 49ers: The Hawks can run their schemes with Wallace at quarterback, as they’ve shown the last few games. He brings a nice rushing component to the game, something he’ll use more against the 49ers, because they tend to leave wide open lanes while pass rushing. Don’t be fooled by the line being so close, this game shouldn’t be.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (-1): The world thinks pretty highly of the Chargers, let me tell you what. And after their trying comeback win over the Bengals, they should, but Denver only favored by a point at home. I don’t think the Broncs have played well of late, but they deserve more than that. Right now, as always, they find ways to win. Expect that trend to continue this Sunday.

N.Y. Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3): I saw the Jaguars get smacked around last week by the Texans, and their real starting quarterback is probably going out for the year, but David Garrard is a gamer, and his receivers will step up for Monday Night Football. That being said, the Giants are physically hurting on both sides of the ball, especially defensive line, and Jacksonville has plans to run all over the Giants at home.

Week 11 College Football Picks Review: 2006

I fumbled. Like Louisville, I lost my championship hopes. Like Iowa, I struggled at home. Like Maryland, I didn’t cover the close wins. And just like Fresno State, I couldn’t even cover the easy ones. It was a tough week, this is the score…

TOP 5 Bets

1. Oklahoma Sooners (win)
2. Maryland Terrapins (loss)
3. Fresno State Bulldogs (loss)
4. Vanderbilt Commodores (loss)
5. Cincinnati Bearcats (win)

Louisville Cardinals (-6.5) @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Loss. The Game I was expecting happened in the first 20 minutes. The game that gave me an early college week loss happened during the next 25 minutes. After halftime I was thinking, ha, exactly what I expected. After the game I was thinking…. What the hell just happened?

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-13.5) @ North Carolina Tar Heels: Loss! This game was disgusting. I wouldn’t take $50 in payment to watch this thing again. I don’t know what happened to Tech’s offense, but Reggie Ball isn’t a passer. He’s been brutal lately. 7-0. Gross!

Cincinnati Bearcats (+19.5) @ West Virginia Mountaineers: WIN! I just barely got by in this one, it was close, but the way the last few weeks have been going,

Wisconsin Badgers @ Iowa Hawkeyes (+1): Loss! The Hawkeyes have won 4 straight in this rivalry, and are very tough at home. All signs point to Wisconsin, but lets not forget the importance of home field advantage in a divisional rivalry like this one. Iowa has struggled lately, but a big win over Wisconsin here would get them right back in the Bowl picture. Look for Iowa to surprise a lot of people on Saturday.

Vanderbilt Commodores (+2.5) @ Kentucky Wildcats: Loss! I love betting on the Commodores. (6-3 ATS) You can see why. The Wildcats are coming off a huge win over Georgia, so they should struggle out of the gates. The Commodores love to take advantage of squads who expect an easy win when they come to town. Vanderbilt will win this game in Kentucky!

Miami Hurricanes @ Maryland Terrapins (-2.5): Loss! I should have thrown this game out the window because of the shooting, but I let it roll. The Canes came out with fury in their hearts. It was a tough game, and in the end Maryland came out on top, but not by enough to get me a much needed win.

New Mexico State Aggies @ Fresno State Bulldogs (-11): LOSS! The Bulldogs aren’t even close to as bad as their record insists. The Aggies, they’re just as bad. New Mexico won’t stat close in this one, as finally the bounces will play fair with the Bulldogs as they dominate from 1 to 4. Since 1987 the Bulldogs haven’t beaten the Aggies by less than 2 touchdowns.

Oregon State Beavers (-2) @ UCLA Bruins: Loss!

Washington State Cougars (-1) @ Arizona State: Loss!

Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Oklahoma Sooners (-8.5): WIN!

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+9) @ Florida State Seminoles: WIN! “I don’t know how the cappers came up with this number, but honestly, lets look at some game film. Lets see, yes, that’s right, ah, there it is. The Seminoles haven’t beaten any of the Top 5 ACC teams this season, while their only wins have come against Miami, Duke, Troy, Rice, and Virginia. The Deacons have yet to get any street credit from going 8-1 on the season, with their only loss coming in a close one against Clemson. Yeah, after review, I’ll roll the dice on the Deacons and 9 freaking points. Unbelievable.” It’s nice to pick an upset like this and have it go even better than ou expected.

Tennessee Volunteers @ Arkansas Razorbacks (-5.5): WIN! The Razorbacks haven’t lost since an opening whooping put down by the USC Trojans. You can understand why they started off kind of slow, they’re a team with a new offense and a freshman quarterback. He’ll only get better. Darren McFadden has been great this season, averaging over 100 yards per contest, and scoring 11 touchdowns. The Volunteers are a great group of kids, and they are undefeated on the road this season, but Arkansas keeps finding a way to win. Something they’ll continue to do this week at home, where they too are undefeated thus far.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 11 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: After a “slow” performance last week (don’t want to hurt my teams’ feelings) I’m looking for big things from this bunch of angry playmakers. Lets see how they do.

QB: Carson Palmer: I like Palmer against the Cowboys. I don’t think Dallas has enough fire power to load up and rush Carson, so he’ll have just the right amount of time to find a suddenly scary bunch of receivers.

RB: Thomas Jones: Even the Browns looked good running the ball against the Jets. Thomas Jones will get fed the rock, and I’m ready to reap the benefits of his best game of the season. Can’t pick LT and LJ every week.

RB: Brian Westbrook: He hasn’t been LT of late, but Westbrook will get the ball more with Andy Reid handing over his play calling duties. A big show from Westbrook is about to begin. If he gets 20+ touches, he’ll do huge things on Sunday.

WR: Terrell Owens: I like TO against the Colts, because the Cowboys will need to throw to stay in it, and unlike Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo knows who the best receiver in Dallas is, and Terrell will get the rock.

WR: Steve Smith: Steve is about to blow up, you can just feel it coming. This week in St. Louis, during a game that should be relatively high scoring (for these two squads) Steve will be the game breaker we all know him to be. I’m ready to catch those points!

TE: Kellen Winslow: I’m ready for Winslow to go ballistic on the Steelers this week, 100+ yards and a score or two. I’m talking old school Tony Gonzalez type shizzy. Let it ride U Soldier U.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff, my man, it’s nice to have you back. Sorry for cutting you for last years’ champ, Neil Rackers. The thing is, you’re back in the line up, and you are about to get it done this week against a defense just tough enough to allow you to kick 4 field goals.

D: Eagles: The Eagles really know how to take advantage of young signal callers, they’ll do Vince dirty this week at home against the Titans.


Tony Romo: I’ll stick with Romo as my sleeper, and don’t be surprised if he sticks with Peyton in the fantasy category on Sunday.

Charlie Frye: God knows the Steelers will easily shut down the Browns rushing attack, which means big things, or ah, lots of throws for Charlie Frye. The Steelers have struggled in pass defense… Will it happen again this week?

Julius Jones: The Colts run defense is second to none, er, I mean, second to everyone else in the league. Seriously, if the Cowboys know what’s good for them, they’ll feed JJ the ball and watch him slam the Colts defense. DO they know? That is the question.

Frank Gore: Gore is a flat baller ready to tap into the Seahawks defense for yards by the bundles. Seattle loves to give up the big play, Frank will find a way.

Laveraneus Coles: Coles hasn’t been doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well for the last few games, but I have an inkling, a crazy Lucky feeling, that against the Bears, Coles will boast a big total.

Donald Driver: DD Driver has been hooking it up over the last few weeks, expect more of that against a suspect Patriot secondary. A big game for this DD is on the road right ahead.

Jeremy Stevens: Girl beater finally caught a touchdown pass last week, very different from drop TD pass, which he had done a few times thus far. Stevens will get in Wallace’s good graces this week with a couple more key catches.

Buffalo Bills DST: The Bills will put it all together this week against the Texans.

LUCKY’S Week 11 Moss’S

Mike Vick: Sure, with his rushing yards, he’s always a decent play, but I’m putting him here thinking he might not touch 15 fantasy points, so put your back up in if the match up is right.

Warrick Dunn: I was going to put Rudi in here, but I remembered my promise, and Dunn is a better option for a tough week anyway. Vick hasn’t been throwing well, which means the Ravens will come out as honest as a hooker in church. Yes, they’ll be ready for Mr. Dunn.

Santana Moss: With Jason Campbell in, I think Moss’ production will be effected in a bad way.

Randy Moss: Randy against Ty Law. Boy, I just don’t think Randy is on his way off my wussy list, I’ve got to be honest. With a ‘tude like that, this donkey might change the name of this section, what do you think, “Lucky’s Week 10 Moss’s”. I like it. Hell I’m doing it.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 11

Just say NO to drugs… and Week 10…With Week 10 deep down in the depths of my memory I will attempt to woo you with a much better attempt at picking the pro games this week. Check my Week 10 Review if you’re brave, but don’t be frightened off by a week I’d just as well forget. We all have weeks we’d rather not remember, like that time you woke up stark naked in bed with that girl who just happened to have noticeable back hair. Week 11 brings a new way to make up for lost picks, yes, that’s right, 16 games to pick. time isn’t on my side, so I better get right down to it. Ennie Meennie Mini Moe, My mom told me to pick the very best one and the Bears, Titans, Cowboys, Colts, etc., are not it…

Carolina Panthers (-3) @ Chicago Bears – There are a few reasons I must take the Panthers in this match-up; the Bears are 3-5-2 against the spread (ATS) in their last 10 games, and have lost one and pushed one in their last two. When playing NFC South teams the Bears haven’t won a game against the spread in the last three years. They’re only 1-4 against that division teams since 2002, that one win coming this year against the hapless Saints. The Panthers have beaten the spread three of their last four contests. The Bears have a defense made of steel but an offense as tough as veal. The Panthers have the best of both worlds, with solid attacks on both sides of the ball. With a toned down passing attack, trying to save Jake Delhomme from throwing untimely interceptions, the Panthers will win their 7th straight game of the year. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Philadelphia Eagles (+5) @ New York Giants – Call me crazy; Gourdo, my imaginary friend, always does, but I think Donovan going down is good for this Eagle team. Remember when McNabb went down a few years ago, and Koy Detmer came in a ran the show? He played really well. Then Koy went down, and AJ Feely came in and led the Eagles to victory. Well, I think it’s going to happen again here. Without McNabb roaming the field, Andy Reid has to put a lot more thought into his game plan. McMahon will give the Eagles a threat on the ground, like McNabb used to be before his hernia, and his arm is strong enough to make all the throws. Don’t be surprised if the Eagles surprise and make a push for their Division Title.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5) @ Tennessee Titans – In their last five contests, the Jaguars are 1-4 against the Titans. Make that 2-5 after this game. The Jaguars are as good as they’ve been since they were an idea for a franchise, and the Titans are as sickly as they’ve been in years. Chris Brown has been solid, but McNair looks average at best. With trouble at the receiver spot, don’t be surprised if the Titans fail to score more than 14 points on Sunday. The Jaguars will pick on rookie Adam Jones with tall receivers Earnest Wilford and Reggie Williams. Take the Jaguars in this game, as they attempt to take down the Titans in Tennessee.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Detroit Lions (+10) @ Dallas Cowboys – In their last 10 games when favored, the Cowboys are 3-6-1 against the spread. They lucked out big time when McNabb threw a touchdown pass to Roy Williams, putting Dallas up for good, 21-20. What the Cowboys didn’t do was show me they are a dominate football team. In fact, Philly dominated that Monday Night game for 55 minutes. As luck would have it, the ‘Boys won. This week might be another victory for Dallas, but don’t expect it to be that easy. The Lions will be ready to play. With a big play defense, all the Lions have to do to win is get Joey Harrington to play like he did last week. Yeah, that’s all they have to do. Their defense will keep them close. Close enough to cover. Close enough to win? Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals (+5.5) – This year the Colts are 6-3 ATS, being favored in every single game. The Colts are undefeated. In their 10th game of the season, the Colts will walk away with their first defeat. Indianapolis hasn’t faced an offense with the Bengals firepower, consistency, or balance. The Colts will be ready for this game, but I don’t think luck will be on their side. Carson Palmer will outplay Peyton Manning like he has all year. This will be a battle of the leagues top quarterbacks, and a dandy it should be. Take the Bengals coming off a bye week. Coach Lewis will have them ready to rise at home against the Colts.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots (-10) – These are the same old Saints and the growing too old too fast Patriots. Nothing New about them besides their names. This has been a very tough year for the Saints. Think Rambo, think stale gum, think Mickey Rourke in Sin City tough. I’m talking tough here. When I say tough, I mean completely impossible tough to swallow. Here’s a little hint, there won’t be a bright spot for this team until the draft. In this fine season, the Saints are 2-4-1 against the spread as underdogs, while only winning 1 out of 6. The Pats are an even 3-3 picked to win. Tom Brady will put them one game up in that category when they take down the Saints big in New England. Aaron Brooks just isn’t consistent enough to play well an entire game against the Patriots. He doesn’t have Deuce McCallister to lean on. This should be an old-fashioned trouncing. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Arizona Cardinals (+10) @ St. Louis Rams – When picked as the favorite, the Rams are 1-3 ATS this season, and 3-7 ATS in their last ten games. The obvious pick is the Rams, who’ve played much better since Martz had to walk away because of his sickness. But the Rams are still the Rams, a team that plays to the level of their opponents. The Cardinals Kurt Warner will be out to prove he can still get the job done. He’ll look to win his first game as a Cardinal.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6) @ Atlanta Falcons – The Buc doesn’t stop here. The Buc’s find themselves atop the NFC with a much improved Chris SImms at quarterback and a struggling rookie running back at the center of the offense. Joey Galloway has played awesome, but the Bucs can still get much better. They’ll have to play better to beat the Falcons. Atlanta comes into this game with a loss to the Packers on their conscience. This is a must win for Atlanta. The Buccaneers, however, will have other ideas. Cadillac Williams will finally have a day he can write home about, as even a 1st time starter Samkon Gado rushed for over 100 yards against Atlanta. The Falcons won’t be able to stop Williams, and when they commit 8 or 9 to the line, Galloway and Simms will hookup for big scores.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Oakland Raiders @ Washington Redskins (-6) – As underdogs, the Raiders have lost every single game this season. They’re 1-5 ATS in these games. I’m taking the Redskins, I don’t know about you. The Redskins are about even this year, 3-2 as favorites. Washington showed they can put up points against the toughest defenses in the league. This week, they play a defense that is average at best. With young corners trying to keep up with Santana Moss, this should be another high-scoring affair from Washington. The Raiders need to win the rest of their games to get anywhere, the only place they’ll go is the off season. This will just be another step toward the bottom of the league and the top of the draft.
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) @ Baltimore Ravens – The Steelers will find it hard pressed to score points if Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t start on Sunday. Fortunately for the Steel Show, it will be harder for the Ravens to score with Kyle Boller calling plays against their defense. That’s right, I’d take Tommy Maddox and the Steelers against Boller and the Ravens any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Shit, I’d take the Steelers if Randel-El was running the show. In fact, the Steelers might be better off with Antwaan throwing the ball. Did anyone see that running bomb that was dropped on a dime to Hines Ward? The Steelers win football games. They always seem to find a way. The Ravens stumbled on a couple wins earlier in the year, but their glory days look to be over. Take Steel City and whoever they have taking snaps. Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Miami Dolphins (+2) @ Cleveland Browns – I don’t know how the Dolphins can be 3 point underdogs against the Patriots and 2 point underdogs against the Browns. Don’t get me wrong, the Browns play tough, but are they a point away from New England? No, no, no. The Dolphins are better than the Browns. Nick Saban has a powerful defense and an apt offense. I’ve sold the Phins short all year long, but I will be had no longer. Viva Miami! Gus Frerotte for Prez!
Game Date: 11/20/05 13:00 ET

Seattle Seahawks (-12) @ San Francisco 49ers – The Seahawks are good, and the 49ers have Cody Pickett starting at quarterback. ‘Nough said. But wait, I’ll say more; sure the Niners played tight with the Bears, but Chicago doesn’t have the offensive explosiveness that Seattle possesses. Shaun Alexander is leading the league in rushing because he is a great back with the best offensive line in the league. Matt Hasselbeck is accurate and confident, and he can make every pass in the book. Darrell Jackson won’t be back this week, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Seahawks, they’ve lost one game without D-Jack in the lineup. Look for Matt to look to D-Hack and Joe Jurevicius for big plays to balance Alexander’s running. Hawks win big in San Francisco. Game Date: 11/20/05 16:05 ET

Buffalo Bills (+10) @ San Diego Chargers – As an underdog the Bills are 1-3 ATS this season. Their single win came in a game where they were 9 point dogs. This week they are 10 point dogs against the Chargers. In their three losses against the spread, they lost by a combined 49 points. Basically their getting kicked around like the girlfriends of NFL tight ends. Yeah, I said it. The Bills are playing better, more confident, and JP Losman looks like he might get this quarterback thing down after all. I’m taking the Bills to get surprisingly close to Ladainian Tomlinson and the Chargers. The Chargers still win at home. They need this game just as bad as ever.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos (-13) – Besides the fact that when favored the Broncos have won three straight games ATS, and are 6-3-1 in their last 10, the Jets just don’t have anything going for them. Their season is basically meaningless; at 2-7 there is no chance for New York to catch the average Patriots for a shot at the playoffs. Their coach, one of my favorite coaches in the league, Herman Edwards, is in jeopardy of losing his job. Curtis Martin is getting older, and the trade of Doug Jolley for Heath Miller (Pick #22) is looking more and more like a major mistake. The Broncos, on the other hand, have overachieved all the way to 7-2. Seeing as though I didn’t pick them as a playoff contender, it’s time for me to apologize. Yeah right. Good luck losing in the first round you mile-high playoff screw-ups. Anyway, back to this game; the Broncos will have to try very hard not to kick the living crap out of the Jets. New York’s defense can only play hard for so long, especially up their in that thin air. Too much time on the field will be their downfall as Little Spencer’s Broncos win again.
Game Date: 11/20/05 16:15 ET

Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) @ Houston Texans – The Chiefs may have lost, no, got embarrassed by the Bills, but by no means are they going to lose to the Texans on Sunday Night Football, and there is no way they win by less than a touchdown. Larry Johnson is going to annihilate the Houston Texans defense, that has taken a step back from last year. Trent Green won’t have a game as bad as he had last week, and Dick Vermeil has to realize he can’t play it safe anymore. More touchdowns, more big plays, more go for it to win the game, less losing to teams like Buffalo. (The Chiefs are 4 out of 5 ATS this year when favored) Game Date: 11/20/05 20:35 ET

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-4) – The Vikings can ‘t continue to squeak by like this. Two weeks in a row, amazing! Until last week, the Vikes were 0-6 as underdogs against the spread in 2005. Nice. Randy Moss always plays well against Green Bay. Unfortunately for the Brad Johnson, Randy runs routes for the Raiders. There was 3 non-offensive touchdowns last week, and Minnesota still barely beat the Giants. The Packers have found a little trust in Gado, and they’ll continue to use him as he seems to have a knack to reach the end zone. Brett Favre continues to rifle perfect passes to his receivers. Donald Driver is underrated. Look for the Packers to even the season series on Monday Night Football.
Game Date: 11/21/05 21:05 ET

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Week 11 College Football Picks Review

Huskies win, Huskies win; promptly Hell froze over!
I had to do too many things on Saturday (aka – Recover from Friday Night), so I didn’t have much time to skip around and see what happened around the college ranks. Before I went into my deep, deep Tivo college football replay game depression, a random walker-by told me that the Huskies killed the Wildcats of Arizona. “Oh shit!” I thought, and as it turns out I had good reason to worry. Realizing that hell just froze over, I could only expect my worst set of college football picks of all time. That’s just what I got. As it turns out, I can’t tell the future. I’ll never make fun of that stupid, fat, ugly Jamaican lady again…

Fresno State @ Boise State (+9.5) – Bulldogs 27 – Broncos 7. It turns out I was wrong about a couple of things. Weird. Jared Zabransky looked like the same quarterback who intercepted the LSU game away, and the Bulldogs didn’t seem underrated one bit. Sometimes you think you have something but you really don’t, like Rosie O’Donnell thinks she has a penis.

Maryland @ North Carolina (-2.5) – Terrapins 33 – Tar Heels 30. It went into overtime, where I realized I couldn’t lose if North Carolina would just score and hold the Terps to nothing. If, again. It always seems to crap on your glasses when you figure out what you need to win. The Terps outlasted the Tar Heels in the extra session, sending me to 0-2, with the knowledge of a Husky loss on the horizon.

Northwestern (+18.5) @ Ohio State – Wildcats 7 – Buckeyes 48. Ohio State is finally playing as well as everyone thought they would all year. Sometimes it takes awhile to pull your head out of your ass, just ask the Bush family. Troy Smith is going to be a great quarterback, and State’s set of backs and receivers could probably take gold in the 4×100 at the next Olympic games. Unfortunately half of them will be making gobs of money playing professional football so they won’t have time to travel to Hong Kong to run around a track.

Michigan State (+6) @ Minnesota – Spartans 18 – Golden Gophers 41. The Spartans have now lost 5 of 6, making them almost as bad as the Blue Devils of Duke. Just kidding. State would still outscore Duke by 50 points in the first half. In this game it was Amir Pinnix and Gary Russell leading the Gopher rushing attack. Maroney was out for the day. The Gopher offensive line played at a high level, and the Gophers absolutely dominated the Spartans.

Iowa @ Wisconsin (-3) – Hawkeyes 20 – Badgers 10. Iowa led by 7 after three quarters, and their defense played stellar in the 4th, holding Wisconsin scoreless while taking home victory. The Badgers have really fallen off since their undefeated start to the season, while the Hawkeyes are playing their best football of the season. Another unlucky loss for Lucky.

Florida State (-2) @ Clemson – Seminoles 14 – Tigers 35. Terry Bowden took another game from his daddy on Saturday. The Tigers are a much better football team than I originally thought. This is beginning to look like a theme here; I think team is good, team is bad; I think team is bad, team is good.

Washington @ Arizona Wildcats (-13) – Kudos to Tyrone Willingham, he’ll end up building a solid team at the University of Washington. He got his first victory on Saturday, in response I originally thought hell had just frozen over. Especially with the way the Wildcats took down the Bruins’ hopes for an undefeated season last week. What can I say? You can’t win them all. You can’t win most of them, half of them, some of them, one of them… Can I get a tie?

Arizona State (+4) @ UCLA – Wildcats 35 – Bruins 45. The Bruins came back from their loss in a big way, taking down the Wildcats in a big-time scoring affair. Maurice Drew could only manage 88 yards on the ground, but that didn’t matter much as Drew Olson passes for 510 yards and 5 touchdowns, setting a new record for touchdown passes in a season for the Bruins. What happened to Arizona State after losing to the Trojans?

Texas Tech (-24) @ Oklahoma State – Raiders 17 – Cowboys 24. Not only did the Raiders fail to cover, but they got beat up by the Cowboys. Tech roared back with 14 points in the 4th quarter to tie the game, but a late touchdown by State took away any chances the Raiders had to pull out the victory. This is one of the biggest upsets of the weekend.

Oregon (-5) @ Washington State – Ducks 34 – Cougars 31. I’ll tell you what, the Cougars have been just good enough to lose every single Pac-10 game in the second half. This time it was the 3rd quarter that happened to be the Cougs’ undoing. Back here at home, we like to call this act, “Couging It”. It comes from all those games UW has taken down the Pussycats from Pullman. Loser = Me.

LSU @ Alabama (+3) – ‘Bama lost a heart breaker, but not without allowing me my one shot at mediocrity, allowing me a push and at least $20 left in my account. Thanks. Alas, their are only two undefeated teams left in the college ranks. And the BCS gets off again. Those Bastards!