Free College Football Picks Week 13 2005


I knew I could do better than 0-10-1. For God’s sake. A chicken’s tits could do better. That was the plan in Week 12, eat a bunch of chicken and make good picks. All right, this week it’s turkey, let’s see if it’s a bird thing.

Toledo (+6.5) @ Bowling Green – I know my boy Omarr Jacobs is back in action, and I never bet against the best athlete on the field, but maybe that’s my problem lately. I thin Toledo will surprise Bowling green at home. This game would place Toledo in a respectable Bowl Game if they could come out on top. Bowling green will be ready to take down the Rockets, but a surprise is on the fence.

Arkansas @ LSU (-17) – LSU will dominate this game. Absolutely devastated by their early season loss to the likes of Tennessee, the Tigers will attempt to finish the season with the strength of a million bulls. Okay, what am I saying, LSU is going to crush the likes of Arkansas. I’m talking about Roseanne on top. You get me? Crush!

Wisconsin (-7) @ Hawaii – “Sconsin finds themselves a long way from home this weekend in Hawaii. But maybe that’s good. In fact, I’m betting on a trip to Hawaii fixing the Badgers problems on both sides of the ball. There’s something to be said for hot Hawaiian girls in grass skirts, just ask the Vikings. There like 4-2 since their little love cruise. The Badgers take down Hawaii in Paradise.

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech (-23.5) – The Tar Heels have utterly disgusted me of late. Okay, they just disgusted me last week. I guess a wins a win, but when Duke only loses by three it’s like a win for them. That just shows how pathetic they are, but still. Virginia Tech saw their National Championship hopes disappear when Miami came out and kicked them in the face. Marcus Vick needs to have another huge comeback game to get him on track for the Bowling season, and the ACC Championship game. Look for him to do it here.

Maryland @ NC State (-2.5) – NC State has crumbled from their preseason rankings, but they aren’t finished just yet. They’ll be bowling come December. State has beaten the likes of Florida State and Georgia Tech. If they take down Maryland, they’ll get their 6th and most important win of the season. Bowl Eligible with quality wins. This season might not be a complete disappointment after all.

Florida State @ Florida (-4.5) – Florida State isn’t the better team in this game. The Gators have struggled, but they’ll be up for the task against a very average Seminoles team. An midseason loss to Virginia, teaming with the consecutive losses to NC State and Clemson have the Seminoles on their way out of the Top 25. Hooray! Down with Florida dominance! Wait a second… shit, either way Florida looks good in this one. You can’t win in the polls, you might as well win in the bank!

Georgia (-3) @ Georgia Tech – Georgia faces a tough Yellow Jacket team on a high after pummeling the Seminoles in Florida last week. But they’ll be up for the task. Georgia, who has lost two games this year by a combined 5 points, has seen the hopes for a BCS Bowl Game tumble into the ground. But, D.J. Shockley is still on of the most talented players in the Nation, and he’ll be ready to send Tech back down to where they belong. In a big battle of Georgia’s, the winner will most likely play in a better bowl game.In
other words, Dick Vitale likes to say, “To the Victor goes to the spoils.”
Yeah, what he said.

Notre Dame (-18) @ Stanford – The Irish aren’t about to let their BCS Bowl hopes die with a tumble in California. Look for Stanford to appear as a mosquito flying too close to the freeway and disappear in the same fashion. Squish! The Irish have one of the Nations best teams. A fluke loss to Michigan State and an unlucky fall to the #1 boys at USC as the Irish with two losses on the year. They won’t get a third, in fact, they won’t even get close against Stanford.

Fresno State (-16) @ Nevada – The Bulldogs really brought their A game to the USC game. They came out a play or two short, but that’s what Reggie Bush will do to a squad. Fresno comes to play, and they will be out to win this game and hopefully sneak into a New Years Bowl. Don’t count out the Bulldogs against big time football programs. Their coach has always said they’ll play anybody anywhere, and they play with that type of attitude.

Oklahoma State (+20) @ Oklahoma – OK State is in for a battle. This game will be closer than 20 points, there’s no doubt in my mind. Oklahoma is always a powerhouse, and usually State doesn’t have a shot in hell. This
year is different. Kick the Sooners when their down. The Cowboys have a
chance to really stick it to Sooners with a season ending upset on the road. Look for this upset to happen.

Tennessee (-9.5) @ Kentucky – Don’t invite me to this game. I could give a rats mustache if Tennessee beats Kentucky. I’m sure it will happen, I mean, I know the Vols have been horrendous, but they still had enough fire power to take down the likes of LSU, they’ll have to blow it like Puff the Magic Dragon to let this one slip away. Don’t expect the Vols to leave this year a loser.

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