Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 6

Last week was another push for Lucky Lester. I picked some great victories, but couldn’t find a happy place with those tweener games. This week I went all the way to the boondocks of Montucky for my week Six insight. That’s right, my famous professional card playing Aunt P and Uncle Bruceage have been obliterating the books in their pick’em league, and taking home the cash pot with sweet grins. We disagree on some games in week 6, but you can’t argue with success. Follow along as I do my damnedest to make sense of Auntie P’s Picks.New York Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys – I couldn’t agree more. The Cowboys are getting way too much credit for the Eagles tumble off the sanity tree. Don’t be confused, the Cowboys aren’t that good. Eli Manning has had two weeks to prepare for Bill Parcells’ average defensive unit, and he’ll make the best of it. Jeremy Shockey loves to bring it to the Cowboys, and especially to Bill Parcells. Tiki Barber will have one of his better weeks against a secondary that should be scared of Shockey and Plaxico Burress. The Giant defense will do just enough to upset Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys in a big divisional game.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Carolina Panthers (+1) @ Detroit Lions -Neither Aunt P or I can imagine how the oddsmakers came up with this joke of a spread. Those Lions haven’t sucked since the Chicago Bear game in Week 2. We both agree; they’re due! Look for the Panthers to take a week off from their bad habit of playing to the level of their opponents and kick the Lions right under the tail. Don’t expect much from Joey Harrington without Roy Williams in the lineup. Do, however, expect the Panthers to shut down Kevin Jones, using 8 and 9 players in the box. Jake Delhomme will find Steve Smith again and again on route to a big point differential. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Atlanta Falcons (-5) @ New Orleans Saints – Can the Saints rebound against a good Falcon team who almost took down the defending champs without Mike Vick to lead them? P says, “No chance in Hellgate!” and I couldn’t say it better myself. Mike Vick might be back for this game, but even if he doesn’t make it, Matt Schaub will have his way with the bandaged up New Orleans squad. Watch Warrick Dunn run wild in San Antonio.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Chicago Bears – I think Penny Auntie took a shot in the dark with this one, though she says this pick is as good as gold. She hates the Vikings and Culpepper more than anything, yet still can’t imagine the Vikings losing to the Kyle Orton led Bears. P thinks Daunte will play better, and Mewelde Moore will out perform 1st Round Pick Cedric Benson as he starts with Thomas Jones on the mend. I think she might be on to something, and you can’t really argue with Aunt P anyway; she slaps harder than Rick James. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) @ Pittsburgh Steelers – The Jaguars in Pittsburgh? “The Steelers are ready to lose,” says Aunt P. I think the Jaguars are one of the best teams in this league, but so are the Steelers. The Jaguars always play tight with good teams, so the spread is on my side… I like that. With Big Ben unsure if he’s going to play or watch, Byron Leftwich might be ready to take advantage of this chance to prove he’s one of the league’s best young guns. Fred Taylor needs to find room for this upset to take place. Take the Jaguars and the points in Pittsburgh.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) – The Redskins were three points away from going 4-0, but they couldn’t convert the two-pointer. Mark Brunell threw for 322 yards. He won’t approach those numbers in Kansas City. Look for the Redskins to take a step back toward reality this week as they get tortured by a tough Kansas City team that looks hungry for a win after their bye. The Chiefs have to win this game if they want to be taken seriously. Tony Gonzalez will have his best game of the year against the tough Redskin D, putting rumors that he’s washed up to rest. Priest Holmes is ready to explode, so watch the Chiefs dominate.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) @ Tennessee Titans – The Bengals are P’s pick in this one. I’m with her. How can the Titan defense stop Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, and Rudi Johnson? Let me take a page out of Chad Johnson’s book… they can’t. They can’t guard him. My hope is that Adam Jones has to guard Chad. You’ll see Jones’ mouth moving before the play, then Johnson will catch a touchdown pass, then Adams mouth will take a nice little rest with his ass on the bench. Take the Bengals in a blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5) – I have to be honest I kind of like the Browns in this one. I’ve lost all hope in the Ravens, but as Penelope says, “Lester, you give up on teams too early.” She’s got a point. All she says is, “The Browns suck,” but maybe she sees the same Ravens I’ve been trying to see since the season started. Maybe she sees Jamal Lewis finally starting to play like the 2000 yard back from two years ago. Maybe she sees a Cleveland Brown team who game up 295 rushing yards to Lewis in one game. She probably sees a defensive unit with Ray Lewis, Chris McCallister, Ed Reed, Deion, and a plethora of great supporting players like Suggs and Kelly Gregg. And she’s right, if that team comes to play on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns don’t stand a chance. I’ll take that bet!
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took one on the chin when Vinny Testeverde walked onto the field and gave them their first defeat of the season. Well they’re going to be back in full force against Miami. Do you think Cadillac Williams wants to show up his former teammate at Auburn, Ronnie Brown? Brown was picked ahead of Williams, but it was Williams who burst onto the scenes the first three games. The last two weeks it’s Brown who has been running the ball well. Who will it be? Brown or Williams? I think Gruden does a great job of finding places for Carnell to succeed. He’ll continue that when Williams returns to the field this weekend. This game also marks the return of Ricky Williams. The Buc’s should shut the Miami offense down. Look for Gus Frerotte to have a tough go as Tampa Bay controls this game from the get.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos (-3) – Let me say this, I hate the Broncos. I don’t see them winning this game. I don’t see them making the playoffs. Now let me say this. They are 4-1. They get Champ Bailey back in full health this week. Since their loss to Miami, they haven’t lost another game. Jake Plummer has played like chicken feed all season and they’re still on top of the league. Maybe I’m wrong! P thinks the same old same old will continue this week. “The Broncos will be 5-1.” Is it possible for the Broncos to have more wins than their quarterback has touchdowns? The Patriots pulled out a big one in Atlanta… but maybe they’re too banged up to play that way every week. Tom Brady will have a big game, but we’re taking the Broncos to shut down the Patriot rushing attack and cause turnovers often. Those Broncos are always tough at home.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

San Diego Chargers (-2) @ Oakland Raiders – The Raiders are better than their record, but not as good as the Chargers. Ladainian Tomlinson will be the first running back that handles the Raider defensive front. He’s too explosive for those old farts. Aunt P says the Raiders have a running shot it this one, but she has to go with the Chargers to rebound from their Monday Night defeat. I’m with her. Randy Moss will explode as will Jerry Porter. But it will be the Chargers who find themselves on top by games end. Kerry Collins will help the cause with a couple turnovers late in the second half.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills (-3) – The Jets can win games with Vinny at quarterback. But they won’t beat the Bills because Kelly Holcomb will make enough plays with his arm to take the game in Buffalo. This is a game between two of the leagues premier defenses. So expect a shootout! That’s right. Take the tiny over in this game and surprise the world. The Bills will score two late touchdowns to blow open the game. Willis McGahee will have a nice game against a stout Jets team, but the Bills will get their third win of the year.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

Houston Texans @ Seattle Seahawks (-9.5) – “The Texans? I don’t care how many points they are getting! The USC Trojans would beat the Texans!” Note to self: Aunt P can be a little violent from time to time when you ask her to think about all the points the Seahawks are giving up. Stick with the hot hand I guess. The Seahawks finally took down their arch rival St. Louis Rams last weekend, ending a season long drought that took them out of the playoffs last year. P says they’ll be fired up to continue their winning ways at home against the top-pick bound Houston Texans. “They should stop rooting for the Texans, and start rooting more Reggie Bush!” I think they should start rooting for linemen. Either way, we’re taking the Hawks in a Seattle blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 20:30 ET

St. Louis Rams (-13.5) @ Indianapolis Colts – The Rams are pathetic, but the Colts haven’t really beat the snot out of any team this year. I don’t count the Alex Smith led 49ers. In fact, besides the Jaguars, the Colts haven’t played a good team yet. And counting the Jags, they haven’t played an explosive offensive team yet. The Rams can be explosive. Expect Steven Jackson to eclipse the 25 carries mark, with Mike Martz off the sidelines. If the Rams can do that, they have a chance to deal the Colts their first defeat. Aunt P boasts, “The Colts are ready to lose!” I don’t know if they’re as ready as she thinks, but the question may be, is their defense ready to defend the greatest show on turf? The Rams will be ready, will the Colts?
Game Date: 10/17/05 21:00 ET
Big Bet Of The Week
Take the Giants to win outright in Dallas for a nifty +150 payout. Giants are rested and ready to put down an erratic Cowboy team.

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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