Ask Papa Weimer: Week 6

I’m back fellas, and with better advice than ever before. I got a hair cut (just the sides, don’t grow it up top anymore – know what I mean Lucky? Haha – haha) and a massage so you can only imagine how ready I am to share my fantasy knowledge with the rest of you. Let the games before the games begin!

Tory Mills from Sanitary Service says, “Papa, sorry to bother you with TE advice, but I was just wondering, which guy do you think would do the best work for me until Shockey returns to the Saints? I am thinking that my four best choices are John Carlson, Dustin Keller, Daniel Graham, and Zach Miller. You have a lean on any of these?”

You bet Tony, I like Miller. I think the Raiders are going to play worse without Kiffin running the show, because now it means that Al Davis is completely running the team, and that’s never a good thing. However, that means more passing, and while Davis would love to see Russell toss the ball 60+ yards on every single play, the truth of the matter is that Russell’s favorite target is a big sure handed tight end by the name of Zach. I think Keller has lots of upside, but the fact that he has to compete for touches with the “starting” TE in New York makes him a chancey start any given week. John Carlson started off really well, but with Engram back and Branch probably back for good here in a week or so, I think he loses his targets a little. Still, I expect him to be the 2nd best option in the group you listed. Graham is an interesting one, I’ve always liked Daniel, and his great blocking means that defenses can’t put good coverage guys on him all the time. He has all the ability to be a Top 10 TE, so if Scheffler is out for an extended time, he’s worth a shot. Still, I like Miller the most, and Carlson and Graham are close at 2 and 3. Keller’s upside is the greatest, but he’s a back-up TE that gets half the TE throws if he’s lucky. Good luck Tony.

Tom Thumb from the State of Shatty Sports Teams asks, “Should I pick up Bobby Engram, really, or will he just get injured in a dominoes accident? There are three other receivers I kind of like out there, but Engram seems like the best value in a PPR league. Let me know what you think, here are my other choices. Steve Breaston, Dominek Hixon, Javon Walker. Thanks in advance…”

Tom, I’m guessing of Washington State, it’s not easy being rained on all day and then dealing with the Hawks, Mariners, Sonics… err… Thunder, Huskies, and Cougars, I know, but you have to hold on tight, Western Washington, or anywhere on the West Coast for that matter, is a bad place for sports. People have better things to do than follow a bad team out there, and thus you get bandwagon monkeys every single year. I know, I’m from there – well I live there anyway. As for your question, yeah, I think I’d risk my waiver wire money on Bobby Engram. He’s a good receiver, especially good in that check down short pass go nowhere frustrating to watch take no chances play not to lose offense they run in Seattle. IF he stays healthy, I think he’s the best option here. I like Breaston, and think he has decent season long value as the #3 in Arizona, and more value as the #2 until Boldin gets back. But, I think Engram will get more looks than him, and in a PPR league those catches get big. Hixon has a lot of talent, but with all those options in New York I don’t see him getting the ball all that much. He’s a great get if Burress gets hurt, and just wait for that to happen. Javon, well, I don’t know what to say except I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. I hope he turns it around, but until he shows some sign of a heart beat, I’d let him rot in Oakland where receivers often go to die.

Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 6

Week 5 wasn’t bad, but I’ve yet to hit a week right on the head. I have a feeling this is going to be that week. I haven’t changed anything up, and I’m sticking to my rules, which means I’m about to get right back on track. Follow my games, and if my Free Picks aren’t enough, dial up my Elite Action for this Sunday’s games.

Minnesota Vikings (+6) @ Chicago Bears:
(Line: Tuesday, 6:00pm EST: Bodog)

I think the Vikings and Bears are right about equal. Before the season, I didn’t think the Bears looked as good as they have been, and then injuries flooded that secondary. The Vikings are pretty healthy, and come in with a formidable rushing attack that will definitely put pressure on the Bears’ defensive front. Adrian Peterson (the Vikings version, not the Bears’) is an absolute beast. The Packers showed that the Bears can be run on, and I think the Vikings will take note. With Chester Taylor working in tandem with Peterson, they’ll both stay fresh and pound this game to a close finish.

St. Louis Rams (+10) @ Baltimore Ravens:
(Line: Tuesday, 6:00pm EST: NewBodog)

I think Gus Frerote can lead the Rams to enough scoring drives to put pressure on the Ravens. The Ram O-Line seems to be playing better together, and that is what this game will rely on. I like the Ravens to win this one, but giving Baltimore a 10 point hole to dig out of seems like a poor wager. The Ravens have been bad (at least) offensively, and touchdowns have been very hard to come by. 10 points, even the pathetic Rams can give than spread a test. I like them to make a play late to finish just within the spread, giving me a big underdog win.

Tennessee Titans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5):
(Line: Thursday, 5:00pm EST: BetEd)

After getting embarrassed last week by the Colts, Tampa should be back in full force on Sunday. I like all aspects of the Bucs’ team. They have a defense that hustles to the ball and makes tackles. They have an offense that doesn’t do anything great, but holds on to the ball for long periods of time, and Jeff Garcia is a leader. He makes very few mistakes, and accurately throws the ball. Tennessee has been doing well lately, as their only loss came against Indy. This game means something to both teams, but I’m going with the home team to cover by a field goal.

Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers (-3):
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

This is a very tough game, one of those I wouldn’t pick if I didn’t pick every single game. I think the Packers and Redskins are basically the same team. They both have tough defenses and thus far have been pretty one-dimensional offensively. The Packers pass the ball successfully, while most of the Redskins’ yards come on the ground. Over the last 2 games, Campbell has cut down on mistakes, but the Packers might just force him into an interception or two. The Packers didn’t run the ball well to start the season, but they’ll have Jackson, Morency, and Wynn healthy for the first time this season. I think this game goes to the Packers at home, but it’s a tough one to call, one I’d stay away from.

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (-9.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

I just think LT has an LT day against the Raiders, and the Chargers win 28-14. That covers, not by a lot, but a cover is a cover. Phillip Rivers has looked decent enough lately to keep the Raiders’ honest, and Oakland’s defense hasn’t been as good this year as they were last time around. I know its hard to justify taking the Chargers after just one good game, but defensively they were so much better last week. Plus, I wasn’t one to buy the Chargers’ demise quite yet. A win here puts them back in first place in the AFC West.

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

This Sunday Night game won’t quite have the hype it looked like it would have coming into the season. The Saints have been pathetic when compared to pathetic teams, and thus are winless coming into Seattle. I was convinced that New Orleans would start to play better, but after last week’s lost to the terrible Panthers, I’m not so sure. And coming into Seattle where the crowd always makes it tough on opposing offenses, plus they have to go up against a very tough defense led by Julian Peterson and Lofa – yeah, I have to take the Hawks here, even with that near-touchdown cushion they are giving.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-6.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

The Jaguars are the better team here. They make fewer mistakes, they run the ball better, and their defense is more of a force. I know Houston started out hot, and this game is usually close, but because of the way Houston has been playing, I don’t see the Jaguars looking past this game like they have in the past. David Garrard may not be flashy, but he wins football games. A 10 point win here looks like the right choice. Andre Johnson isn’t back yet, so that’s one more thing going right for the Jaguars.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 6

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Amongst many NFL players, these were the guys ripping tears from my eyes like they were playing some sadistic roll in the next Saw movie. Pull! Nice.

Kurt Warner: Injuries never make it on the Tearjerkers list, but I started Kurt in more than a couple leagues expecting huge things from the former All-Pro. Well, he was 2-2 for 21 yards before he fumbled and reached in for the ball like he was going to pry it away from a defensive tackle. With all the times Kurt has fumbled, you’d think he’d know that he never wins that battle. Either way, Kurt busted my fantasy hopes, the drained the chance of me covering my bet (Zona -3.5) because Tim Rattay wasn’t going to come in and win any battles. Overall, Kurt was stealing tears this week. Hope you get better, old man.

Rudi Johnson: Rudi’s 4 carries for 8 yards wasn’t what his fantasy owners were hoping for with his return on Sunday. Talk about a kick to the groin. Rudi didn’t do jack, the Bengals lost to the Chiefs, and Chad Johnson looks like he’s about to blow a fuse any time now. All in all, Rudi’s value took a big hit in this one, and one can only hope that he returns to the back he once was, or starts getting regular reps at the position.

Brett Favre: Okay, Brett looked old this week against the Redskins, but Washington has been money on defense all year long, so this might have been coming. Either way, those who started Brett thinking they were getting a renewed gun-slinger that had tossed for 300 yards in 3 straight games ended up getting 188 yards and two interceptions with nary a touchdown. That’s a tearjerker if I’ve every seen one.

Phillip Rivers: Rivers continues his up and down life, playing well and being a fantasy factor when I don’t start him, and delivering painful kicks to the caucux when I do start him. Well, I started him last week against the Raiders, thinking he’d have to throw because the Raiders would put 9 in the box, but I was wrong. LT went bananas with 198 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Phil mostly just handed the ball off and watched in tearjerking admiration.

Shaunna Alexander: My favorite quote of the week from ESPN’s finest. “Shaun doesn’t run tough. He runs soft and falls down to easily. He doesn’t look like he’s giving much effort. He’s not going to like that I said that, but that’s what I see. He’s making me see that. It’s not like I’m making it up or saying it just to get to him. He’s running the way he is, and I’m just seeing it.” (or something close to that – said by Mike Ditka) Overall, I’ve been saying this for the last 2 seasons. As a Hawks fan, I’d have to say, Shaunna is one of the toughest running backs in the league… To root for. He runs like a damn roll of toilet paper, and I’m sick of it. Thanks for 3 points, 35 rushing yards, against the Saints’ terrible defense, by the way, nice work!

Tory Holt and Donald Driver: Neither had a good match-up, but Holt and Driver both scored 3 measily fantasy points. These guys are both #1 receivers. The other thing is, neither team had much of a rushing attack on Sunday, either. Starting these two All-Pro receivers just killed my fantasy team this week.

(Also considered; – Chad Pennington and Warrick Dunn, but then I realized that neither is worth having on my fantasy team, anyway – also, Bryant Johnson (but he had Tim Rattay throwing the ball over his head, so can’t really blame him – also any Falcons receiver (they all dropped passes, from Crump to Joe Horn, Mike Jenkins, Laurent Robinson, and Roddy White – nice work fellas, way to make Joey look worse than he is – and last but not least, the Dolphins defense – what a bad, bad unit.)

Week 6 College Football Picks Review: 2007

Umm… Yeah, 0-5 in my free picks. If you happened to be the guys who purchased my Elite Picks, you went 4-1 on the week. But if you just took my free picks, and wagered on them, like I did, then you probably came out with some bruises and a hatred for this guys’ college picks. Ah, that guy is me. Here’s a review of the worst of weeks for my free picks.

LUCKY LESTER’S Free NCAA Football Picks

Georgia Bulldogs (+1) @ Tennessee Volunteers:
(Line: Tuesday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

This was the worst week every, and it doesn’t help that I won 1 pick in my free section last week. In this game in particular, I looked like an absolute dumby. The Bulldogs were dominated in every phase of the game, and Eric Ainge looked like Peyton Manning picking apart the Bulldogs’ defense. I sucked this week.

Stanford Cardinal @ USC Trojans (-39.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 2:00am EST: Bet-Jam)

This was the worst week every, and it doesn’t help that I won 1 pick in my free section last week. Not only did USC fail to cover that huge spread, but the Trojans just flat out lost to the Cardinal. I didn’t think that USC had one of the best defenses in the country, like everyone else thought, and last weeks game at UW worried me a little bit. But I thought they’d come back strong and beat a terrible Stanford team whose coach, Jim Harabaugh, had been talking a little too much about USC all summer long. I was dead wrong – but at least #2 got upset, I always love that!

Virginia Cavaliers (-10.5) @ Middle Tennessee State:
(Line: Tuesday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

This was the worst week every, and it doesn’t help that I won 1 pick in my free section last week. The Cavs thought this was a gimmie just like I did. I don’t really get it, as I’ve never gone into a game taking it easy on a team. However, it looked like Virginia came to play the Bad News Bears, or I guess football’s version, the Little Giants. Well, Mid-Tenn ran The Annexation of Puerto Rico on the Cavs, and almost came out with a win. The 23-21 score was too close for me to pull out of Tennessee with at least one victory. Dang!

Ohio State Buckeyes @ Purdue Boilermakers (+7):
(Line: Tuesday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

This was the worst week every, and it doesn’t help that I won 1 pick in my free section last week. Purdue didn’t do anything against Ohio State, and the 23-7 score actually wasn’t that close. I expected a lot more out of a decent Purdue defense and a passing attack that had put up 16 touchdowns before the Ohio State game. I expected too much. Damn it all to hell.

Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Texas A&M Aggies (-6.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 2:00am EST: Bookmaker)

This was the worst week every, and it doesn’t help that I won 1 pick in my free section last week. My last hope was Texas A&M, and naturally, they let me down. A few weeks ago they led me off with a huge disappointment loss to the Miami “Lost to North Carolina this week and sucked in the process” Hurricanes. This week, they finished off my winless free picks, and now I hate them even more. Yeah, they won the game in the end, but they needed a late surge to do so. Down 17-0 at half (what I didn’t predict), A&M came back and put up a 24-6 2nd half (what I actually thought would happen in this one) for the one point win. Nice win! (Sarcasm)

2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 6

This Week’s Top Team: What a week. I went straight Rambo-style racking it up (130) fantasy points on the afternoon.

QB: Rex Grossman: Minus 8 points… My good lord. I can’t believe my quarterback had negative points, freaking 8 of them, and I still scored 130. Amazing.

RB: Clinton Portis: Clinton’s 58 yards rushing weren’t as many as I figured, but his 2 scores, and 17 yards receiving added to the yards slammed me 18 fantasy points on the afternoon.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: Mr. (L) T – In all his glory, not only brought me loads of points, but an absolutely brilliant victory in my fantasy league. Championships are built on stuff like this. LT smashed around for 4 touchdowns against the 49ers. With 71 rushing and 64 receiving, plus those 4 scores, LT snaked me 37 big fantasy smackers.

WR: Terrell Owens: Only to be outdone by LT in the touchdown book of Week 6, TO snagged 3 touchdowns. Total, he caught 4 balls for 45 yards, but those touchdowns bring in the fantasy points. 22 points for me.

WR: Laveranues Coles: Master Vernes also came to play on Sunday, tallying 105 yards on 5 catches. Did I mention the 2 touchdowns? Ah yes, 2 scores, and one was 58 yards, which gives me a two point bonus. 22 + 2 = 24 fantasy big ones.

TE: Antonio Gates: Mr. Gates is finally coming to play. With another score today, and 78 yards from the TE spot, Gates brought me home 13 fantasy points.

K: Jeff Wilkins: The Hawks allowed nothing but scores, and for the first time, a low scoring game out of my Fantasy Hero brought me tumbling down in my Dynast league. The 4 points here didn’t help either.

D: Broncos: Allowing only 3 points and 244 total yards, with an interception a fumble recovery and 4 sacks, those pesky Broncos rolled in a grand total of 20 fantasy points. Making them the 4th Sunday position with 20 points or more. Yeehaw!


Joey Harrington: So, as a stop gap, you have to admit, I was right about Joey. He had 2 picks, but, His 266 yards passing and one touchdown in the air looked a lot better than Andrew Walter’s stats. 12 fantasy points – Gotta get a “B”.

Tatum Bell: Finally, as I predicted, Mr. Bell had a touchdown on Sunday Night, his first of the season. With 83 yards on the ground, and 11 receiving yards, Mr. Bell totaled me 15 fantasy points. I’ll take another “B”.

Julius Jones: Julius had the better yardage total, but the fact that he didn’t score made him a worse play than his backup, Marion Barber. That being said, I still had 10 points from the guy. I’ll take a “C”.

Michael Turner: Flunk me here. All the rushes went to LaDainian, as Turner didn’t see much time on the field. I took an “F”!!!

Lee Evans: Evans had a decent game. 8 receptions for 82 yards got me 8 fantasy points. However, the Bills lost to the freaking Lions, giving me a big fat loss on my bet sheet. “C”.

Jericho Cotchery: 6 damn yards? Damn it all to hell! “F”!!!

Jeremy Stevens: Fantasy Points? What are those? Stevens has no idea. I get an “F”!

Redskins DST: I don’t even care how many points the Skins scored, I’m not even going to check, what I do know is they lost to the Titans. What does that mean? I get another F!!!


Jake Delhomme: Jakey was no wussy against the Ravens. Baltimore got their 2nd straight loss, and Jakey went for 365 yards and 2 scores. Take away 4 point for two picks, and Jake hit up the 18 point mark in Week 6.

Larry Johnson: Would you say LJ struggled? He scored once, but 26 yards rushing and 6 yards receiving aren’t Larry numbers. 8 fantasy points from a number 1 pick is wussy-royal!

Santana Moss: Moss only had 50 yards receiving, but his 33 rushing yards pushed him out of Wussy status right into the mediocre “I wouldn’t chose to start him but if I did, he didn’t lose me the game” label.

Rudi Johnson: 52 yards on 17 carries, no scores, no receiving yards. The “Toughest guy in the league” had a fantasy wussy day. 2 out of 4 ain’t bad! I’d be a millinaire on the baseball diamond!

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 6

My best week of the season came just in time, making amends for my strugglesome week 5. 9-3-2 is a nice record, one I’ll take week in and week out. But I’m not going to settle for nice, I want perfect. Over the next 12 Weeks I’ll be on the ball attempting my 2nd perfect week in as many seasons. Check out my picks for this week, and let me know which ones you like the best. Keep it Championship! In the NFL’s first 13 game week since Houston entered the fray, and the Week of Friday the 13th, this should be one hell of a week.Buffalo (-1) at Detroit: I’ve seen a lot of Sports Books change this spread throughout the week. Detroit started out favored, but now the Lions have turned into the underdog, just where they belong. If I’ve learned anything over the last couple weeks, its that the Lions really know how to lose. I’m sure they’ll stay close in this game, but ultimately, they’re 0-5 for a reason. And where the hell is Mike Williams? I want to see him on the field, throw him some balls, and show me that he can’t play. He’s a playmaker.

Carolina (+3) at Baltimore: The Panthers love to be underdogs. Their record as an underdog in the last 3 seasons is amazingly good. Baltimore will struggle to score against a solid defense for the second week in a row. How poor will McNair have to play to remove blame from Kyle Boller’s shoulders over the past few seasons? Here’s a hint, it’s the coaching staff. Carolina has enough speed and playmaking ability to score on any defense in the league. They’ll show that against one of the leagues’ best in Baltimore.

Cincinnati (-5) at Tampa Bay: The Bengals will blitz Tampa Bay into oblivion. The Bucs have been my most disappointing team of the season, and I don’t see how that’s going to change this week at home against the Bengals. Carson Palmer needs to find Chad Johnson more often; get the ball to your playmakers. After getting throttled Week 4 against the Pats, everyone on the Bengals is ready to take steps in the right direction. Lucky for them they play the Bucs.

Houston (+14) at Dallas: Everyone and their mother has the Cowboys in this one, but don’t be confused, the Texans aren’t the Titans, and you can damn well bet that these two Texas teams will be battling it out down to the wire. Dallas isn’t that good, and Houston isn’t that bad. TO’s antics and Drew Bledsoe’s demise will have Dallas wondering what happened when the Texans nearly take them out.

N.Y. Giants (+3) at Atlanta: The Giants are the better team here. Finally New York is starting to play up to their talent level, and in this game their secondary won’t be tested. The Falcons don’t often do well in highly televised games, which this one definitely will be. Eli Manning will have a nice game against the Falcons, but ultimately, it will be Tiki Barber who steps up in Week 6.

Philadelphia (-3) at New Orleans: The Eagles, right now, are my pick to show up in the Super Bowl for the NFC. I know, with Kearse out, and Brian Westbrook a hit away from a 3-4 week injury you think I’m crazy. But with this team, and the players that are healthy now, the Eagles are much better than the Saints. Expect Drew Brees to get his hits as Philly blitzes early and often.

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis: With nothing left to do but sit and think about how horribly they played against the Bears, the Hawks had a bye week to think about what they had done. And after a week or two, they’ve realized that they did dick. Matt was terrible, the O-Line was bad, and the defense was downright pathetic. Expect Matt to have a 2 touchdown 0 interception game against the Rams while Seattle’s D takes a couple away from a Rams offense that has hardly turned the ball over all season. Basically, Marc Bulger is due.

Tennessee at Washington (-10): Even at 10 points, I will be rolling with the Redskins all the way. The Colts had a hard time with the Titans because they couldn’t run the football. If the Redskins can do anything, they can run. Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Roc Cartright… I don’t care, one, two, all of them will get touches and bring the ruckus against the Titans. I love Tennessee in the future, but right now is a whole different ball game.

Kansas City (+7.5) at Pittsburgh: The Chiefs are better than the Steelers right now. I told all y’all in my season preview that the Steelers would struggle after their Super season in 2005, but just now are you starting to believe me. Ben Roethlisberger will play better in this one, maybe even complete his first touchdown pass, but it won’t be enough to cover against a rejuvenated Chiefs team. Larry Johnson is an absolute beast, he’ll prove it by running on one of the leagues’ toughest defenses in Week 6.

Miami at N.Y. Jets (-1.5): With Joey Harrington at the helm, I just can’t admit that the Dolphins have a better chance to win. Everyone can throw on the Jets, but Joey will test that theory this week. Will we see the difference between Joey and everyone else? Hmm… Chad Pennington on the other hand, should have an easy time completing passes at home against the Dolphins. His accurate arm should pick apart one of the most porous secondaries in football.

San Diego (-10) at San Francisco: I can’t justify picking the 49ers here. Teams just can’t run on the Chargers, and if the 49ers try to pass, San Diego will go buck wild rushing them. Phillip Rivers will show his growth this week against a 49er team that allows big points to everyone they play. LT will have his best game of the season, and he’ll only play a little under 3 quarters of football. SD will cover the 10.

Oakland at Denver (-15): The Raiders will never be picked by me as long as the Walter shall Q, the Shell shall coach, and the (whose the damn O coordinator) shall call plays. This team is bad. Defensively, the Raiders are pretty solid, but they’ll be on the field a lot against Denver. In fact, a couple defensive scores out of the Broncos wouldn’t surprise me one bit. What has gone so wrong with the Raiders to be 15 point dogs against the Broncos? Thank goodness this game is on Sunday Night football so all can see it.

Chicago (-10) at Arizona: Once again, like the 49er game, I just can’t justify picking the Cardinals, even if the spread was 20. I just don’t see the Cards doing anything against the Bears’ defense, and Chicago should be playing with Arizona defenders like cats play with mice before they claw them. It’s only a matter of time before Dennis Green puts Kurt Warner in just to see what it looks like when Kurt gets decleated by Brian Urlacher. I can see it now…. Kurt Warner came in for one play and got… JACKED UP!!

Here’s to building on a big week 5. Perfection here we come!

Week 6 College Football Picks Review: 2006

Its not 8, but 7 wins in Week 6 had me breaking out a little dance in celebratory fashion. 15-5 during Week 5 and 6 has me right back on track in the NCAA. How did I get my 7 wins? Read more and find out.

Florida State Seminoles @ North Carolina state Wolfpack (+10.5): And the Wolfpack won this game, putting an end to any predictions that they wouldn’t cover. I like it, I love it, I wanted more of it. Guess what… I got it.

Arkansas Razorbacks (+16) @ Auburn Tigers: Another underdog I picked came out on top as the #2 Auburn Tigers tumbled at home to the Razorbacks. Like I said, Arkansas has been getting better with each passing week, so don’t expect this win to be a fluke. They aren’t championship material just yet, but a BCS game isn’t out of the question.

Penn State Nittany Lions @ Minnesota Golden Gophers (+3): My favorite uniforms in sports (Penn State) pulled out a big win after the Gophers’ kicker missed an extra point in overtime. The one point win made the Gophers a loser, but with 3 points to play with, my 3rd win was graciously accepted.

Clemson Tigers @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+17): It looked as thought the Deacons were going to continue their defensive dominance, even over the high-powered Clemson attack, but, ah yes, but, the Tigers roared back in the 4th scoring 24 unanswered points to hand Wake Forest their first loss of the season. Luckily for me, I had 17 points to ponder, 6 more than I needed for my 4th win of the weekend.

Vanderbilt Commodores (-1.5) @ Mississippi Rebels: Vanderbilt disappointed once again, handing me my first loss in Week 6. What can you do?

Kent State Golden Flashes (-23.5) @ Temple Owls: Temple was actually up after the 1st quarter, something that obviously shocked them into their 5th loss in as many games. Kent State pulled away at the end, but the 23.5 points were way too many for me, as I lost my 2nd straight game.

Stanford Cardinal @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-31): Remember when I said I wouldn’t bet on the Irish games anymore? I think I’m 0-3 in Irish games since then. Damn me all to hell. They will not make the list next week, I guarantee you that. My 3rd loss in a row was my last.

Washington Huskies (+20.5) @ USC: I don’t know what happened in the Husky game toward the end for sure, because I was listening via the radio, but it sounded like a douche-bag Zebra had his head all the way up his own ass, forgot to wind the clock like a real referee, and the Huskies didn’t get a chance for on last play, 15 yards out. The Huskies lost by 6, so I won by 14… I guess I’ll take it.

West Virginia Mountaineers (-23) @ Mississippi State Bulldogs: 42 minus 14…. 28…. Yep, covered by 5… YES! My 6th win of the day came easy as the Mountaineers built a lead early, and then came on even stronger late, with 21 points in the 4th to cover me like a blanket.

Oklahoma Sooners @ Texas Longhorns (-3.5): The Sooners walked into half time with a 3 point lead, then never scored again as Colt McCoy passed for 2 touchdowns and Aaron Ross recovered a fumble for the Longhorns’ final score. 21 unanswered 2nd half points gave Texas their 5th win of the season. Their 5th win meant my 7th, and 15th in the last two weeks. Lets see if I can’t have another big winner in Week 7.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 6 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 6

QB: Rex Grossman: Rex has nice stats this season, and while some QB’s have rated out better, none of those guys run up against the Cardinals this week. ‘Nough said!

RB: Clinton Portis: The Titans showed they can defend the pass alright last week against the Colts. This week a team with an actual running back comes to town with the Redskins. CP is going to blow up the first half of this game. Bet your balls!

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: LT has been held in check each of his last two contests. Don’t expect that here. It’s time for Tomlinson to blow up, and unfortunately for the 49ers, San Fran is going to be the victim in this one.

WR: Terrell Owens: Terrell has to blow up one of these days, I’m betting on this day against one of the league’s worst pass defenses. TO is a gong show, full blown, but don’t be confused, if he gets the rock; then fantasywise, I’d still rather have him than any receiver.

WR: Laveranues Coles: Coles was a little frustrated with his lack of playing time in the Jets most recent destruction at the hands of the Jaguars. This week he’ll get plenty of looks, and against Miami’s secondary, that translates directly into big points.

TE: Antonio Gates: It’s time for Gates to have a Gates game. 80 yards, touchdown… against San Francisco, you can bet that’s the least Gates is looking for. Expect a nice game from this Charger.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Seattle’s D struggled in their last game against the Bears but they’ll be back for this contest. St. Louis’ offense is just good enough to move the ball against Seattle, but fail to score touchdowns. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilkins busted 4 field goals in Week 6.

D: Broncos: Usually the Broncos’ solid defense doesn’t translate into Fantasy stud-hood, but this week it will. Yes, Oakland is coming to town. Walter throws interceptions, the Raiders’ O coordinator is wasted, and hell, the Raiders just suck.


Joey Harrington: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Joey’s a nice sleeper candidate this week. I was going to put more of a sure thing down here, but sleeper is supposed to be someone others aren’t surely giving tick to. Well, against the Jets secondary, even Joey should be a nice option.

Tatum Bell: Okay, Bell’s starting in most leagues, but he should start in every league. With his Raider match-up win Week 6, a week after Frank Gore went for 134 yards, Tatum looks like a sure thing here. Maybe even a touchdown out of the guy?

Julius Jones: Julius is a great play here. Those of you who aren’t starting Julius because of Marion Barber are flat out crazy. Jones is the guy, look at the touch numbers. He’s hardly even a sleeper. In fact here’s a real sleeper.

Michael Turner: Turner will get his carries in this one. With a huge lead early, big Mike in the Wood might even score himself a better game than the starter for the Chargers, some guy named LT…

Lee Evans: Yeah, this is just a flat out great play, hell, I might play Jones over Owens or Coles for that matter. This kid is straight explosive and against the Lions, oh my god.

Jericho Cotchery: Coles and Cotchery are two huge plays on Sunday. Cotch had a huge start to the season, and I expect his play to continue against a horrible Miami secondary.

Jeremy Stevens: For a guy coming off a long break from the game, a guy who is known for dropping balls, this might not be the best play. But JS is a stud, and he can make a difference for the Hawks against the Rams.

Redskins DST: The Skins have too good a defense to be scoring like they are. You might be able to snag them off the waivers. If you do, remember match-up is everything, and this weeks showdown against the Titans looks great for this defense.


Jake Delhomme: Its hard now that I can’t just put Kurt Warner’s name up here. But I can’t imagine Jake will have a nice game against Baltimore. The Ravens are too good, and after tallying their first loss last week, they’ll be out to prove their worth.

Larry Johnson: I’m sure he’ll have at least 10 points, because he always does, but if you are expecting a mammoth game form LJ, think again. No one needs a win more than the Steelers, and you can bet they won’t let Larry beat them when Damon Huard is calling the plays.

Santana Moss: He’s a stud, and if this game was going to be close, he’d be a nice play, but the Skins should be so far ahead of the Titans by half time, and the running game will be on point, so there’s not going to be many chances for the little firecracker.

Rudi Johnson: My bet is that the Bucs sunder the Bengals running game. Carson has struggled since his return from the knee injury, and Chad Johnson hasn’t done dick. This week Tampa will make Palmer beat them by shutting down Rudi.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 6

Last week was another push for Lucky Lester. I picked some great victories, but couldn’t find a happy place with those tweener games. This week I went all the way to the boondocks of Montucky for my week Six insight. That’s right, my famous professional card playing Aunt P and Uncle Bruceage have been obliterating the books in their pick’em league, and taking home the cash pot with sweet grins. We disagree on some games in week 6, but you can’t argue with success. Follow along as I do my damnedest to make sense of Auntie P’s Picks.New York Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys – I couldn’t agree more. The Cowboys are getting way too much credit for the Eagles tumble off the sanity tree. Don’t be confused, the Cowboys aren’t that good. Eli Manning has had two weeks to prepare for Bill Parcells’ average defensive unit, and he’ll make the best of it. Jeremy Shockey loves to bring it to the Cowboys, and especially to Bill Parcells. Tiki Barber will have one of his better weeks against a secondary that should be scared of Shockey and Plaxico Burress. The Giant defense will do just enough to upset Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys in a big divisional game.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Carolina Panthers (+1) @ Detroit Lions -Neither Aunt P or I can imagine how the oddsmakers came up with this joke of a spread. Those Lions haven’t sucked since the Chicago Bear game in Week 2. We both agree; they’re due! Look for the Panthers to take a week off from their bad habit of playing to the level of their opponents and kick the Lions right under the tail. Don’t expect much from Joey Harrington without Roy Williams in the lineup. Do, however, expect the Panthers to shut down Kevin Jones, using 8 and 9 players in the box. Jake Delhomme will find Steve Smith again and again on route to a big point differential. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Atlanta Falcons (-5) @ New Orleans Saints – Can the Saints rebound against a good Falcon team who almost took down the defending champs without Mike Vick to lead them? P says, “No chance in Hellgate!” and I couldn’t say it better myself. Mike Vick might be back for this game, but even if he doesn’t make it, Matt Schaub will have his way with the bandaged up New Orleans squad. Watch Warrick Dunn run wild in San Antonio.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Chicago Bears – I think Penny Auntie took a shot in the dark with this one, though she says this pick is as good as gold. She hates the Vikings and Culpepper more than anything, yet still can’t imagine the Vikings losing to the Kyle Orton led Bears. P thinks Daunte will play better, and Mewelde Moore will out perform 1st Round Pick Cedric Benson as he starts with Thomas Jones on the mend. I think she might be on to something, and you can’t really argue with Aunt P anyway; she slaps harder than Rick James. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) @ Pittsburgh Steelers – The Jaguars in Pittsburgh? “The Steelers are ready to lose,” says Aunt P. I think the Jaguars are one of the best teams in this league, but so are the Steelers. The Jaguars always play tight with good teams, so the spread is on my side… I like that. With Big Ben unsure if he’s going to play or watch, Byron Leftwich might be ready to take advantage of this chance to prove he’s one of the league’s best young guns. Fred Taylor needs to find room for this upset to take place. Take the Jaguars and the points in Pittsburgh.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) – The Redskins were three points away from going 4-0, but they couldn’t convert the two-pointer. Mark Brunell threw for 322 yards. He won’t approach those numbers in Kansas City. Look for the Redskins to take a step back toward reality this week as they get tortured by a tough Kansas City team that looks hungry for a win after their bye. The Chiefs have to win this game if they want to be taken seriously. Tony Gonzalez will have his best game of the year against the tough Redskin D, putting rumors that he’s washed up to rest. Priest Holmes is ready to explode, so watch the Chiefs dominate.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) @ Tennessee Titans – The Bengals are P’s pick in this one. I’m with her. How can the Titan defense stop Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, and Rudi Johnson? Let me take a page out of Chad Johnson’s book… they can’t. They can’t guard him. My hope is that Adam Jones has to guard Chad. You’ll see Jones’ mouth moving before the play, then Johnson will catch a touchdown pass, then Adams mouth will take a nice little rest with his ass on the bench. Take the Bengals in a blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5) – I have to be honest I kind of like the Browns in this one. I’ve lost all hope in the Ravens, but as Penelope says, “Lester, you give up on teams too early.” She’s got a point. All she says is, “The Browns suck,” but maybe she sees the same Ravens I’ve been trying to see since the season started. Maybe she sees Jamal Lewis finally starting to play like the 2000 yard back from two years ago. Maybe she sees a Cleveland Brown team who game up 295 rushing yards to Lewis in one game. She probably sees a defensive unit with Ray Lewis, Chris McCallister, Ed Reed, Deion, and a plethora of great supporting players like Suggs and Kelly Gregg. And she’s right, if that team comes to play on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns don’t stand a chance. I’ll take that bet!
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took one on the chin when Vinny Testeverde walked onto the field and gave them their first defeat of the season. Well they’re going to be back in full force against Miami. Do you think Cadillac Williams wants to show up his former teammate at Auburn, Ronnie Brown? Brown was picked ahead of Williams, but it was Williams who burst onto the scenes the first three games. The last two weeks it’s Brown who has been running the ball well. Who will it be? Brown or Williams? I think Gruden does a great job of finding places for Carnell to succeed. He’ll continue that when Williams returns to the field this weekend. This game also marks the return of Ricky Williams. The Buc’s should shut the Miami offense down. Look for Gus Frerotte to have a tough go as Tampa Bay controls this game from the get.
Game Date: 10/16/05 13:00 ET

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos (-3) – Let me say this, I hate the Broncos. I don’t see them winning this game. I don’t see them making the playoffs. Now let me say this. They are 4-1. They get Champ Bailey back in full health this week. Since their loss to Miami, they haven’t lost another game. Jake Plummer has played like chicken feed all season and they’re still on top of the league. Maybe I’m wrong! P thinks the same old same old will continue this week. “The Broncos will be 5-1.” Is it possible for the Broncos to have more wins than their quarterback has touchdowns? The Patriots pulled out a big one in Atlanta… but maybe they’re too banged up to play that way every week. Tom Brady will have a big game, but we’re taking the Broncos to shut down the Patriot rushing attack and cause turnovers often. Those Broncos are always tough at home.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

San Diego Chargers (-2) @ Oakland Raiders – The Raiders are better than their record, but not as good as the Chargers. Ladainian Tomlinson will be the first running back that handles the Raider defensive front. He’s too explosive for those old farts. Aunt P says the Raiders have a running shot it this one, but she has to go with the Chargers to rebound from their Monday Night defeat. I’m with her. Randy Moss will explode as will Jerry Porter. But it will be the Chargers who find themselves on top by games end. Kerry Collins will help the cause with a couple turnovers late in the second half.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills (-3) – The Jets can win games with Vinny at quarterback. But they won’t beat the Bills because Kelly Holcomb will make enough plays with his arm to take the game in Buffalo. This is a game between two of the leagues premier defenses. So expect a shootout! That’s right. Take the tiny over in this game and surprise the world. The Bills will score two late touchdowns to blow open the game. Willis McGahee will have a nice game against a stout Jets team, but the Bills will get their third win of the year.
Game Date: 10/16/05 16:15 ET

Houston Texans @ Seattle Seahawks (-9.5) – “The Texans? I don’t care how many points they are getting! The USC Trojans would beat the Texans!” Note to self: Aunt P can be a little violent from time to time when you ask her to think about all the points the Seahawks are giving up. Stick with the hot hand I guess. The Seahawks finally took down their arch rival St. Louis Rams last weekend, ending a season long drought that took them out of the playoffs last year. P says they’ll be fired up to continue their winning ways at home against the top-pick bound Houston Texans. “They should stop rooting for the Texans, and start rooting more Reggie Bush!” I think they should start rooting for linemen. Either way, we’re taking the Hawks in a Seattle blowout. Game Date: 10/16/05 20:30 ET

St. Louis Rams (-13.5) @ Indianapolis Colts – The Rams are pathetic, but the Colts haven’t really beat the snot out of any team this year. I don’t count the Alex Smith led 49ers. In fact, besides the Jaguars, the Colts haven’t played a good team yet. And counting the Jags, they haven’t played an explosive offensive team yet. The Rams can be explosive. Expect Steven Jackson to eclipse the 25 carries mark, with Mike Martz off the sidelines. If the Rams can do that, they have a chance to deal the Colts their first defeat. Aunt P boasts, “The Colts are ready to lose!” I don’t know if they’re as ready as she thinks, but the question may be, is their defense ready to defend the greatest show on turf? The Rams will be ready, will the Colts?
Game Date: 10/17/05 21:00 ET
Big Bet Of The Week
Take the Giants to win outright in Dallas for a nifty +150 payout. Giants are rested and ready to put down an erratic Cowboy team.

Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Week 6 College Football Picks Review

No Pushing!
Picking the Lucky number 13 games took me over the .500 mark for the first time this year. Sure, it was only a game over even, but you must crawl before you walk. Do you have to walk before you sprint? Let’s hope not! As my genius continues to expand, so does my record. Check out my 7-6 week 6 in the College Ranks.

North Carolina State @ Georgia Tech (-4.5) – (Loser) Wolfpack 17 – Yellow Jackets 14. I had this game lost with the Yellow Jackets driving in the games final seconds. Fate would have it that I’d lose by a half a point, right? Wrong. The only player who was keeping the Jackets’ hopes alive, Calvin Johnson, had the ball bounce off his hands and get intercepted to end the game for Georgia Tech. Tough luck for both of us! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina State Wolfpack 27 – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 34.

Illinois @ Indiana (-6) – (Winner) Illini 13 – Hoosiers 36. I hit this one right on the toe. Blake Powers was solid in all aspects as he led the Hoosiers to 4-1 in an easy victory over Illinois. James Hardy had 118 yards receiving with two of Power’s four touchdown passes. Running back Chris Taylor added his fuel to the fire with 132 yards on 18 carries. This Hoosier team is tough! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Illinois Fighting Illini 21 – Indiana Hoosiers 38.

Wisconsin (-7) @ Northwestern – (Loser) Badgers 48 – Wildcats 51. I have to give it to the Wildcats, they put up 51 on the Badgers. This game was phenomenal! The Badgers were seemingly down and out until their final comeback. They came up short, but don’t look for Wisconsin to let down in coming weeks. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Wisconsin Badgers 31 – Northwestern 21.

Virginia @ Boston College (-7) – (Winner) Cavaliers 17 – Eagles 28. Got it! The Eagles were too good for the overrated Cavaliers. Boston College tightened the clamps and didn’t allow a 4th quarter score out of the Cavaliers, as they took their second straight conference game. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Virginia Cavaliers 13 – Boston College Eagles 28.

Oklahoma @ Texas (-13.5) – (Winner) Sooners 12 – Longhorns 45. Vince Young was great. The Sooners were not. Oklahoma didn’t score their first touchdown until the 4th quarter, as the Longhorns were as good as advertised. Mack Brown has a smile the size of Texas after his first victory over Bob Stoops. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oklahoma Sooners 17 – Texas Longhorns 48.

Maryland (-28.5) @ Temple – (Winner) Terrapins 38 – Owls 7. “I’d like to thank Temple for giving me another win. Thanks!”(me) I have to admit, I was a little frightened when the Owls took a touchdown lead over the Terps. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Owls never touched the end zone again, and the Terps put up their 35 plus. Another Owl game, another victory! Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Maryland Terrapins 55 – Temple Owls 14.

Minnesota (+7.5) @ Michigan – (Winner) Golden Gophers 23 – Wolverines 20. “I think last week was an aberration, for both these teams. Take the Golden Gophers to upset the Wolverines and take their top 25 ranking for the second time this year.” (me) I haven’t checked yet, but I’ll guess the Wolverines aren’t resting in the AP’s Top 25. The Gophers made me look like a fortune teller, taking the Wolverines down in Michigan. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Minnesota Golden Gophers 38 – Michigan Wolverines 24.

Air Force (+1) @ Navy – (Loser) Falcons 24 – Midshipmen 27. It’s always a tough game to predict, as great rivalries are tough to call. The boys at Navy put Air Force at 2-4 while evening out their own record at 2-2 after their 2nd straight victory. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Air Force Falcons 28 – Navy Midshipmen 24.

Arizona @ USC (-37.5) – (Loser) Wildcats 21 – Trojans 42. This game was a hell of a lot closer than the 21 point final margin. The 1-4 Wildcats were only down a 14-7 at the half and 28-21 after the third quarter. I’m sure as shit the Trojans aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are. A loss is in their near future. Next week? They sure didn’t look like winners against the sub par Wildcats. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Arizona Wildcats 3 – USC Trojans 49.

Georgia (+3) @ Tennessee – (Winner) Bulldogs 27 – Volunteers 14. It wasn’t this close. Don’t be confused, the Bulldogs put an old fashioned beat down on the Volunteers in Tennessee. Georgia was the better team, in every aspect as I predicted. The late score by the Vols just made the score closer to my prediction. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Georgia Bulldogs 24 – Tennessee Volunteers 14.

Ohio @ Bowling Green (-22.5) – (Winner) Bobcats 14 – Falcons 38. Omarr Jacobs threw for 341 yards while tossing his NCAA leading 19th touchdown of the year. The Bobcats couldn’t keep pace… big surprise. The 24 point victory took me to 7-4 going into my final two games of the week. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Ohio Bobcats 30 – Bowling Green Falcons 57.

North Carolina (+13) @ Louisville – (Loser) Tar Heels 14 – Cardinals 69. Any time you drop 69 on a team you get love. Any time you drop 69 on a good defense like Carolina you get Jenna-like love. The Cards are back! After getting so many right on the button, this one was a real reality slap in the face. Not only did I lose my bet, but the Tar Heels got lambasted by those Louisville Cardinals. Finally the Cards play like the team everyone thought they’d be, and it was the week I picked them to fail. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: North Carolina Tar Heels 31 – Louisville Cardinals 28.

Oregon @ Arizona State (-10) – (Loser) Ducks 31 – Sun Devils 17. I’m not sure what this all means… The Pac 10 sucks? I’ve been saying that all along, but I’ve never thought it more than I do right now. Maybe USC will crush every sports writer’s dream, to pick the National Champion, by losing to the Irish this week. As for these two teams, neither will find themselves in a BCS Bowl game. That’s a fact! Oregon took me to 7-6 by taking it to the Sun Devils in Tempe. Lucky’s Fearless Prediction: Oregon Ducks 17 – Arizona State Sun Devils 45.