Week 7 College Football Picks Review

Double Up 8-4-1
I doubled up my wins over losses in a big winner week for Lucky. I plan on many winner weeks to come as I feel like I have this college thing down. Those Trojans broke my heart by taking down the Irish with a little reversal of Irish Luck. Even with a broken heart, a new fat wad in my wallet felt pretty good… who said money can’t make you happy?

Push Me

Toledo couldn’t get me one more point. They did everything but. And what can I say, I was meant to win twice as many games as I loss and no less.


South Florida couldn’t pull this one out, so I started my Saturday with a loss… luckily the losses would come few and far between. Let freedom ring.
Bowling Green could only muster up 20 more points than Buffalo. I’ll stick with my guns though, and bet on my main man Omarr Jacobs on any given Saturday.

The Indianna game was tough, I lost the spread by 2.5 points. I thought the Hoosier defense would play better… guess I was wrong.

UCLA couldn’t pull the spread out. I knew Washington State was going to choke, they’ve made a career of it. Unfortunately they didn’t choke until late, too late for me to win.


Washington tried to joke around and hold on early, but the true purple and gold came through with a nice and dissapointing loss. Oregon is one of the best teams in a weak Pac 10. The Huskies are one of the weaker teams in the NCAA. Another loss of the Dogs is another win for me.

Penn State couldn’t pull off a win that would have kept them in the National Title hunt. On 4th and goal, with time running out, Michigan State got a touchdown to win by 2. Did I say 2? Luckily for me, I had 3. Winner!

Florida couldn’t win the big game, but LSU coldn’t finish off the Gators. Meyer’s team hung around long enough to cover the spread and make my money.

Mo money, mo money, mo money….. Notre Dame was out to make me look like a genius before the luck of the Irish reversed and broke my heart. A little mending with the cash I pocketed made me feel a little better.

Georgia Tech was much, much better than those horrible Blue Devils. The Yellow Jackets stepped up and took the Devils by 25, giving me my first of many wins on the day.

Weird, Colorado couldn’t compete with Vince Young and the rest of the Texas Longhorns. I called this one right on the dot. I’m getting used to picking these Longhorn games.

Ohio State was a touchdown favorite and they deserved to be. Michigan State is a good football team, and they had control, but Ohio State can score at any time on any play. They did, and they came back to beat the Spartans easily.

Northwestern is a damn good squad, and they came out and took advantage of a Purdue Boilermaker team that is out of their conference race. Basenez is a good quarterback, one of the toughest leaders in the college game. Look for Northwestern to make some noise.

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