2005 Week 6 NFL Pick Review

Aunt Penelope and ME
11-3… That’s a little more like it. After weeks at par, struggling to walk the thin line of good and bad, wondering if I would sleep with my wife or on the sofa, I went to Penny Auntie, and she came through in fine fashion. Being a football genius, it’s hard to put all your chips on a girl, especially your mom’s sister. But… as I said before… You can’t argue with success and that’s exactly what we had. This is how we did it…..


The New York Giants lost in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys, but 3.5 points never looked so beautiful. Eli Manning and the Giants turned the ball over a million times, allowing the Cowboys to win, but not by enough to take my money. The Cowboys won, but I won too. One out of two ain’t bad.

The Carolina Panthers lost Jake Delhomme, but Chris Wenkie came in and threw a touchdown pass to make the Panthers, and better yet me, a winner over the “can’t buy a W” Detroit Lions. Steve Smith is a truly great receiver: He’s a Pro-Bowler for sure!

The Chargers straight smoked the Raiders, just as Penny and I imagined. Ladainian Tomlinson brought the full house, as he ran, passed, and caught a touchdown… Filthy! San Diego wasn’t about to lose two weeks in a row with their record and talent. Look for the Chargers to go on a nice little run after this week, solidifying their place as a playoff contender.

The Seahawks did everything the Houston Texans couldn’t. They won. The Texans spent another week leading the Reggie Bush sweepstakes, or leading the “trade an entire offensive line for Reggie Bush sweepstakes.” God, and David Carr, knows they need it. Well the Texans sorrow is my bank roll… Roll on Houston!

Buffalo Bills quarterback, Kelly Holcomb, did just enough to beat the unlucky Jets. With their starting and backup quarterbacks out, they didn’t need to lose the best Center in the game, Kevin Mawae… but they did, for the year. The Bills are fighting for their playoff hopes, and as long as they have a throwing threat, Willis McGahee will throw the punches.

The Pittsburgh Steelers fought hard without their leader, Big Ben, but Tommy Maddox’s mistakes numbered too many as the Jaguars returned his last of three interceptions for the game winning touchdown in overtime. Byron Leftwich needs to produce more touchdowns, but to do so he needs his receivers to catch the ball when it hits their hands. Say what you will, I’ll take the overtime victory for a big pay out.

The Redskins had the fire power, Mark Brunell threw for 322 yards and two touchdowns, but they couldn’t stop Preist Holmes. Rather it’s running or receiving, Preist Holmes is the man. Tony Gonzalez was irrelevent for the 5th time this year, if you count the bye week. Brunell is playing similar to his Jacksonville days. If the running game could get on track, he and Santana Moss would light the world up. As of now, they’ll just make me some money.

The Bengals waited awhile to finish the Titans off, but they got the job done, assuring me a winning weekend. Carson Palmer had great numbers, just as he’s had all year. At one point he was 16/17 for 160+ yards and a touchdown. MVP numbers? Rudi Johnson pounded the Titans. Chris Brown finally had a good day for Tennessee, not good enough to make me a looser.

Penny was right about the Ravens. She saw a much better team than they had been showing, took the bet, and made me a winner. Thanks P! Everyone likes to win money. What will the Ravens show next week? Jamal Lewis continued his “blah” year, but the Defense was ready for Trent Dilfer and the Browns. A real nice thank you present for helping them win that Super Bowl.

In a Ricky Williams return, and a Ronnie Brown / Caddilac Williams showdown, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t even need Williams to get the victory. Ricky showed up to get just about nothing done, just like his teammates. The Buccaneer defense is for real.

The Broncos took down the champs with a first half flurry of combinations. Uppercut lead, with a Jake Plummer to Rod Smith follow up. A Mike Anderson jab with a Tatum Bell left hook. I’ve decided I must hate the Broncos. They won me money, and I was still pissed they won. Can’t win with these jerks!


Only two of these bad boys, so lets get down to it. The Vikings are the leagues most pathetic team, and they proved it as they lost to the Bears in an important divisional game, 28-3. C’mon Daunte!

In a surprising swing of events, the New Orleans Saints played a good game. Conversely, they still lost. The Saints played just well enough to make me a loser, while still giving Mike Vick and the Falcons a win. That’s it.

The Rams started off with a 17-0 lead, but a Marc Bulger interception followed by a shoulder spraining block, left the Rams looking a Colts score right in the face, without their starting quarterback to help them out when their offense got back on the field. After a Steven Jackson fumble in the second half, the Colts opened the flood gates and the Rams pick screwed me again. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison broke the duo-touchdown record held by Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Three losses, not bad.

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