Free NFL Pick Week 4 Review: 2004

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Lucky roared out of the gates this week, going 5-2 in the morning games. Too bad they played the afternoon ones! Lucky Lester watched in horror as he went 1-4-1 to close out the predictions. The record for the week ended 7-6-1. The super picks were a pitiful 1-3. Lucky Lester is still up on the year at 32-24-4.

It was an unusual week with an incredible ten home game for the underdogs. These home dogs went 6-3-1. Lucky Lester, unfortunately, was down with the favored visitors, parity; the bettor’s worst enemy once again reared its ugly head. This scrambles the perceptions of the strong vs. weak in the NFL.

The season is a quarter over already! So, without further ado here is…

Lucky Lester’s Quarterly Power Ratings for the NFL

1. Patriots (3-0) – The only easy choice on the list. Eighteen wins and counting.
2. Eagles (4-0) – McNabb is a legitimate MVP candidate and a great defense to match.
3. Seahawks (3-0) – Young defense has allowed only thirteen points.
4. Colts (3-1) – Awesome offense but questions remain on defense.
5. Vikings (2-1) – Daunte Culpeper and Randy Moss are difficult to stop.
6. Jets (3-0) – QB Chad Penningotn is efficient and RB Curtis Martin is rejuvenated.
7. Falcons (4-0) – Michael Vick and a much-improved defense make the Falcons formidable.
8. Broncos (3-1) – Champ Bailey leads a retooled defense and Jake Plummer wins games.
9. Ravens (2-2) – Ravens defense was pushed around by Chiefs but should rebound.
10. Jaguars (3-1) – Young QB Leftwich continues to improve and the young defense is tough.
11. Steelers (3-1) – Duce Staley restores fear factor to Steelers running attack.
12. Cowboys (2-1) – Old man Vinnie Testaverde unlikely to last if he keeps throwing so much.
13. Rams (2-2) – Rams need a big lift with a win at Seahawks this week.
14. Titans (1-3) – McNair should be back for Packers on Monday night.
15. Panthers (1-2) – Stephen Davis could return this week, as Panthers need to return to ball control offense.
16. Chiefs (1-3) – Offensive line dominated the Ravens and defense finally woke up.
17. Lions (2-1) – Young offense should continue to improve under head coach Steve Mariucci.
18. Giants (3-1) – Kurt Warner and his teammates look for their fourth victory at Dallas this week.
19. Packers (1-3) – Favre returns as do key members of defense this week.
20. Saints (2-2) – Will improve as Deuce McAllister is poised to return.
21. Texans (2-2) – Texans put together their franchise first, two game win streak.
22. Raiders (2-2) – QB Gannon’s season may be over and reserve QB Kerry Collins threw 3 interceptions in first start!
23. Browns (2-2) – RB Lee Suggs keeps the Browns in games but defense has holes with injuries.
24. Redskins (1-3) – Have talent to move up when they embrace Joe Gibb’s system and Portis gets untracked.
25. Bucs (0-4) – Defense is solid and looks for new QB Simms to ignite offense.
26. Cardinals (1-3) – Team is playing hard for Coach Greene, just not enough talent on roster this year.
27. Bengals (1-3) – RB Rudi Johnson had big numbers last week but rest of team has little to cheer about.
28. Chargers (2-2) – Rookie QB Phillip Rivers will start soon and next year they could compete.
29. Bears (1-3) – Bears team is riddled with injuries but Coach Lovie Smith is future star.
30. Dolphins (0-4) – Too much turmoil and too little talent for this team to bounce back.
31. Bills (0-3) – Foolish, foolish Bills traded next years first round draft pick to Cowboys.
32. 49ers (0-4) – Who are these guys? Will be fortunate to win a single game!

Lucky Lester is excited about his picks for week five. Lucky intends to pad his outstanding 32-24-4 record with winners. Look for it here on Friday.
Feel free to drop old Lucky a line at to let me know of you’re success this football season.


Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
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