NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 5

Lucky is still reeling from all the upsets of last week. Hopefully things return to normal this week and Lester is spot on with the winners once again so he can keep the name; Lucky! Just kidding, Lester is always lucky, just not always right. Now if I could only get a little coffee with all this humble pie! Click here if you want to read my review of how the previous week played out against my picks and my power ratings for the first quarter.Week 5 Super Picks

Cardinals (+1) @ Niners – Cardinals get a point, so that’s cool. Both teams are bad but the Cardinals have Dennis Green, and the 49’ers Have Dennis Erikson. Emmit Smith has been having a kick ass year and it’s about time to once again appreciate Mr. Smith.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Bills @ Jets (-6.5) – Drew Bledsoe has been dreadful and don’t expect that to change against the talented Jets team. Jets Quarterback Pennington will not turn the ball over and less than seven points is a bargain in this one. Game Date: 10/10/04 16:05 ET

Jaguars (-2.5) @ San Diego – Okay, okay, so the Chargers have overachieved and the Jaguars have barely won three games and just lost one. Only 2.5 to the Chargers…Jump on this free boat! The Jags shut down the stud running back in San Diego and then what, Drew Brees beats them??? As Barb would say…”Yeah Right!”
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:05 ET

Ravens (-1) @ Redskins – The Ravens defense was humiliated last week at Kansas City. Ray Lewis is pissed and Clinton Portis has been fumbling. This is a lethal combination for the Redskins. Redskins are struggling to pick up Coach Gibbs schemes and the Ravens defense pounces without any hesitation. Game Date: 10/10/04 20:30 ET

Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Five
Dolphins @ Patriots (-13) -Thirteen is a huge number but I have to take the Patriots here. The Dolphins hope to keep it close with their defense but the Patriots ability to pass and run will prove it decisive. Dolphins are disorganized and their moral is low on offense no matter who is quarterbacking their team. Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Browns @ Steelers (-6) – Okay, I know the Steelers need to win by more than six but they are better than the Browns. Rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been exceptional and Deuce Staley has restored the fear factor in their running game. Browns running back Lee Suggs could have success against the Steeler defense. The Browns defense has been decimated by injuries and will be unable to slow the Steeler attack.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Raiders @ Colts (-9) – After a last minute win last week against Jacksonville with help from a questionable call, the Colts will be out to prove that they are one of the dominate teams in this league. Marvin Harrison is overdue for a monster game. Raiders have injury concerns on offense (QB, RB) and showed little last week.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Lions (+7) @ Falcons – The Falcons are not good enough yet to get seven points over a exciting, young Lions squad. The Lions showed earlier this year in Chicago that they are finally able to win on the road. The Falcons are inconsistent throwing the ball so maybe unable to take advantage of Detroit’s sub par pass defense.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Bucks @ Saints (-3) – Both of these teams have been especially disappointing this year. The Saints QB Aaron Brooks usually steps up against good defenses. Look for the Saints to rebound at home saving their season and pushing the Buccaneers to 0-5.
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Giants (+3) @ Cowboys – Kurt Warner and Tiki Barber, two notorious turnover artists, have only turned the ball over twice between them this year. The Cowboys are really hurting at right cornerback and the Giants have enough good receivers to exploit that. Look for Michael Strahan to blow by Cowboy Right Tackle Torrin Tucker and lay some big hits on Testaverde. Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Vikings (-4) @ Texans – The Texans have won two in a row and could hang with the Vikings for a while, but the Vikings superior firepower will prove too much in the end. Take the Vikings only giving four in this one. It sucks but oh well!
Game Date: 10/10/04 13:00 ET

Panthers (+5.5) @ Broncos – So the whole “Quentin Griffin is a stud” thing is over and done with and Jake Plimmer isn’t anything big to get excited about so why do the Broncos give almost six points? Oh that’s right, the Odds Makers are Crazy! Panthers expect to get Steven Davis back this week and will ride him to victory.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Rams @ Seahawks (-7) – Seahawks are finally balanced as their much maligned defense is playing even better than their vaunted offense. The suddenly old Rams just can’t hang with the speedy, young Seahawks, especially in Seattle. Expect Seattle running back Shaun Alexander running behind Seattle’s elite offensive line to dominate the undersize Rams defenders.
Game Date: 10/10/04 16:15 ET

Titans @ Packers (-3) – This match up on Monday night features two teams that are a very disappointing 1-3. This is a must win situation for both teams to stay competitive for the playoffs. It turns out that injured Brett Favre is healthier than injured Packer Quarterback, Steve McNair. The Packers will not lose three in a row at Lambeau Field. Take the Packers giving only 3.
Game Date: 10/11/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester

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